Lil Wayne Sued For Allegedly Stealing "How To Love" Beat

Weezy's legal troubles continue to stack up, as another emcee accuses him of jacking a beat.

Lil Wayne's smash hit "How to Love" may land him in hot water, as the beat was allegedly stolen.

According to TMZ, rapper Rich Rick filed a lawsuit earlier this week in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming that he purchased several master recordings between 2006 and 2008, among them the beat to "How to Love," from producers Drummer Boyz.

Rick claims that Drummer Boyz pitched the same beat to Wayne in November 2010, which Wayne acquired in exchange for a 35% royalty agreement.

Rick is suing Wayne, Drummer Boyz, and others for breach of contract, fraud, and other claims.

The claim finds itself at the bottom of a laundry list of lawsuits aimed at Lil Wayne. Among them are numerous producers, including Jim Jonsin, Bangladesh, and Deezle, all of whom have claimed Wayne didn't pay them for their beats.

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  • Flow

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  • Billy

    FUCK! This is all you God Forsaken niggers do! STEAL SHIT! Why cant yall be a bit more O-RI-GI-NAL & make your own shit & be more creative!? All (C)Rap is is a bunch of low-life nigger scum braggin about: Bitches,Money,Cars,Clothes...Bitches! FUCK! Why didnt Hitler go kill you fuckin shit bags instead! SMMFH! -.-

  • Jason

    How to love wow? i think he should sample show me how to love and rock out with AudioSlave for a rap/rock remix lol

  • Anonymous

    Yo someone need to let me know, do little lil wayne ever paid for any of his beat, someone is going to beat this nigga down for their money one day watch

  • Mista sheem

    Thats Good Now For Bangladesh To Get His Bread.... You Artist Arnt Showing any Appreciation To The Real Music Makers... all we Do Is Express Are Thoughts.. The Producers Make It Possible To actually Do So.... Mista Sheem

  • Anonymous

    I love it! Lil' Wayne keeps losing really, whenever it seems as if he keeps winning!!!!

  • Sab

    haha, does it even pay to be a producer for this asshole and his camp? No. Stop makin beats for his wack ass , matter of fact i'm tired of hearing his raspy, broken esophogus bullshit on the radio.

  • SEO Services Company

    Poor Wayne---comes with the fame!

  • Wiz Khagina

    Had Wayne bang out Amber so I could tap him from the back... He was kinda loose after the Rikers bid tho...

  • jr88

    this isnt little waynes fault. its his dumbass for passing it along....i would of thought a justin beiber producer produced that shit and drake obviously wrote that track for him.. too many people are involved in lil waynes music from writers to like 10 producers on one track. someone is bound to get sued...the carter 4 drops in like 1 more anyone excited? it seems like ever since recovery and watch the throne dropped no one is excited for these bullshit albums anymore..they raised the bar

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    • cuba

      yh someone plowed this guys ass until he started crying

    • essayfromtexas

      buddy had a rough day ^^

  • Anonymous

    buying his cd is like receiving stolen property hhah i made joke

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  • Anonymous

    Another day, another YMCMB lawsuit

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  • jason

    how dare this bitch made nigga try to get shit outta my baby boo weezy! shit just gets me so pussy hurt. is all good cuz my hot daddy weezy gon take care of this bullshit. im waitin for that C4 so I can find somethin to touch myself to on friday nights..

  • bruce

    i suggest y'all shut the fuck up and leave wayne the fuck alone! who cares about the beat if an emcee killed the song?

  • Blaze

    You Guys Just Listen To Music and Are Ignorant to what a full process of being a Artist is... rich Rick is an artist (unknown artist) he is not the producer!!! He Bought a group of beats From the production team Drummer Boys.. According to this they sold him a beat that according to Rich Rick is the same beat for the song how to love.... Lil Wayne Talked about the producer detail producing the song 'How to Love' and Detail has spoken about it too... This Whack Nigga Trying to sue Drummer Boys For supposedly selling that same beat to Wayne.. And trying to sue Wayne for using the beat..!!! In Other WOrds Wayne Didn't do anything wrong and He SHOULD BE THE ONE SUING DRUMMER BOYS / detail / and counter suing THIS FAGGOT ASS NIGGA RICK


      This unheard of rapper Rich Rick obviously isn't too damn rich if he's trying to sue Wayne as well as big name beat makers....Lame ass nigga pockets empty so that's why he coming for Wayne & them other boys it's all bout money

    • NOPE

      DUMB ASS he bought the beat from the drummer boys then a while after that Lil Wayne used it SO did he steal it YES look around how many times has been accused this more than any other rapper just cause the producer sold him beat or idea doesn't mean hes not aware of where it came from or the rights of the recordings

    • Tony Viera

      You are Right Man!!!! mouth full of truth!!

  • EEZY

    How many people have to sue for some of you Wayne stans to start to think that the charges are true? It's not like some of these producers aren't established in their own right as well....

  • hellrazor

    how many times is this faggot gonna be sued????

  • QiDEnt

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  • thought dog

    I guess Rich Rick aint so Rich these days.

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  • Kaveh Emami


    • Joe

      Haha, this is just another Indian kid obsessed with Wayne trying to act American by typing like an idiot and looking stupid I hate when foreigners do that shit, they're all over Facebook.

    • Irv

      @ The 187Worm lmao co-sign @ other dude no its cuz that nigga broke or because of birdman ymcmb sucks shit n so do u for saying he best alive u dont no real hip hop


      lmao..greatest rapper alive?? U sir are remedial...Fuck YMCMB...i can name 100 artists betta then them

  • Anonymous

    That She Will beat was stolen to.

  • Alexander Foes

    Fuck Wayne, if he doesnt have respect for original producers, no wonder he doesnt get any hot ass beats anymore. If he ever stole my beat, id fucking murder his little 4 foot 9 ass


      Fool sho ya right lmfbao...Ya needa murda yourself fo' flossing in that fucked up looking ass what ya call swagged out gear maine your an fashion fail to the fullest degree but wanna say if Wayne jack your beat fool please this clown entertainment at its best

    • VOR

      You would suck him off if he ever stole your beat. Oh My God Wayne thank you so much for stealing my beat, you don't have to pay me anything, in fact I'll pay you ;)

  • Anonymous

    when you the get sued..RICH RICK?? WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ i agree 100%

    • Anonymous

      thats what i hate about music. just cause someone is unknown you groupies think it means they deserve nothing. stealing from an unknown is still stealing. who cares if you dont know him. if it was you and someone ripped you off on your come up how would you feel if people ignored you just because you're not famous? asshole

    • Anonymous

      nobody can do what kanye does. if you sued kanye people would laugh at you.

    • Anonymous

      I don't hear jay Z gettin sued over beats, kanye ain't definitely getting sued, Eminem don't be getting sued, only nigga getting sued for jacking beats is Wayne. Wayne is garbage

  • truth nigga

    1st off detail produced the beat, 2nd HOD

  • Anonymous

    One day wanye is gonna fuck with the wrong one and he is gonna end up dead for not payin.

  • Anonymous

    Every fucking beat is stolen by him lls always getitng sued

  • Anonymous

    All this nigga know how to do is still other peoples shit Wayne's battle plan for every album 1. Hire Ghostwriter 2. Jack beats 3. Slur words like a retard 4. Kiss Birdman for luck

  • Drake

    Lil Wayne is a faggot. He tried to hook up with me the other day. I would have came unto him If I wasn't already dating Tyga though.

  • youmad?

    @rickross the bawse how you talking shit to HER with a name like that . he was a fucking c.o. in jail lmao stfu dude.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Nigga stfu up, lame ass nigga. i aint speakin to you. Rozay hottest nigga in the game. fuck what you heard. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • britt504

    i said the same thing to myself stacy detail said he produced this not n damn drumma boyz. something aint right with this whole story. i think this clown just tryna find a quick buck

  • kevin

    who cares it's better off being wayne anyway. plus i dont think wayne should be the one being sued if they "pitched" it to him first then SOLD it to wayne then it's waynes. but if something is worng why not take it up with the PRODUCERS/ he just see $$ in wayne thatsall

  • hiphopson

    all of you are idiots its not rick ross theyre talking about, there really is a rapper by the name of rick rick smh...morons

    • Irv

      @ Rick Ross the Bawse for once u make real sense

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      It's Rich Rick not Rick Rick. Only dumbass niggas who couldn't read thought it was Rozay. Anyway C4 is gonna go blow big chunks cuz all the songs so far other than John have sucked major ass. Fuck Cash money them niggas is garbage. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stacy

    i could have sworn detail made that beat. thats what he said on twitter. and i agree he picked a mighty odd time to talk about it was his first. people need to stop with tha b.s.

  • dfgdfg

    Dumbasses can't read. Tell me where it says "Rick Ross" It says "Rich Rick"

  • josh gates

    hold up this nigga waited alllllllll this damn time to say "hey that was my beat first" ? yeah i see what he tryna do. wait until the record is months old and hot then wait until he about to put his album out to sue! smh #thirsty!!

  • joke

    This guy is such a tool. Not only is he the most ovarated rapper of all time, but he steals beats from anyone than doesn't pay them royalty? I hope this piece of shit goes back to jail and gets raped by every convict. Lil Wayne is a faggot!

  • kris

    i agree with @yunglo he should sue drummaboyz then not wayne. they the ones pitching the same beats to niggas. thats messed up

  • yung_lo


  • LMAO


  • ka-as

    lol just more shit letting us all know that he is nothing that people think, he is just a face and not a good one haha, people write his lyrics and make his beats and he uses a vocalizer so after all those expenses must be hard to pay ur fuckin bills

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    @Aish Thaks what a faggot puttin a picture of Wayne as your avatar. ur a fuckin bitch made nigga. it aint even Rick Ross suin this nigga. Anyway these cash money niggas sheisty as fuck, stealin beats, not payin producers, robbin they own artists. how do niggas keep workin wit these lames. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aish Thaks

    I Think Rick Ross is Bankrupt due to his unpaid bills of Burger King...Weezy Throw Some Cash Money to His Fat Ass Face..That Fat Ass Mother Fucker Need Some Money...

  • Aish Thaks

    Rick Ross is the Mother Fucker Fat Ass Moron....Hip-Hop Dx is the Worst Hip Hop Website Ever....Man Fuck All Haters ... TEAM WEEZY F. BABY Bitch....

  • Aish Thaks

    Fuck Rick Ross ,Fuck Hip-Hop DX....LIL WAYNE is Tha Best Rapper Alive

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