Too $hort Responds To Messy Marv, Releases "Where You At" Diss

The saga continues, as Too $hort offers a fist-fight challenge to the Fillmore veteran, and calls his Blood ties into question.

Close to a week after San Francisco, California veteran emcee Messy Marv released a diss record aimed at Too $hort, the Oakland, California emcee responded. Short Dog released "Where You At," aimed at his former collaborator. The record is based upon Marv's absence from the Bay area. "Come to Oakland, let's have some fun / I want to fight you, one-on-one," raps Too $hort.

The longtime Jive Records star also calls into question Marv's ties to the Bloods street gang, and Short threatens to introduce the longtime rhyme partner to San Quinn to some Inglewood, California gang-members.

In an interview last week, Marv told that the beef originated due to Too $hort's ego, and a particularly disrespectful conversation the pair had several years ago. Marv said, "I'm verbally saying, 'Fuck Too $hort,' and mean it. When I see him and he decides to run up on me, we gon' lock up and its gon' go down."

"Where You At" can be heard at


  • edwin

    Too short is a real g and he make good music



  • Nico 3

    Too Short's already made his money, so in a way he had no choice but to fire back.

  • 905

    Isn't too short a little too old to be fighting.

  • lule

    Messy marv a bitch tho....h got kicked out his own hood in frisco and started claiming blood....marv used to be dope as fuck bu noww he all coked out. ...u can tell most of y'all who commented on this don't even know bay rappers other then 40 and short lol

  • Dwayne Golstein

    Ya'll missed the point. $hort ate Marv up.

  • Jav89

    yea too $hort is on legend status but he comes from an era where u actually respond to ppl wen they diss u. otherwise u look like a B***h. not like today, wen ppl praise u for being a b***h and turning the other cheek.

  • Anonymous

    fuck too short he is 50 years old and has totally no lyrical skillz. he is been rapping for 30 years with 1 topic: bitches. Too short is the most horrible rapper from the westcoast!!!!

  • markus dewilliams

    i like too shorts simplicity. and i agree too though. he should know he's established a legend status name for himself already and that Marv is just a lil bitch haha who the fuck is Marv anyway? never heard that nigga. he's definitely no where near too short. haha sounds like a gay fuck. fuck you marvin. if markus dewilliams catches you in the 213 imma punch yo teeth out. i wish a nigga would. ha ha

  • Anonymous

    No offense but Too Short should keep his rhymes to simply pimpin. No beef shit cause he rhyme too simple ("I wanna fight you, one-on-one"?). Besides Too Short should know he is a legend who is respected all over. A diss from one person won't matter.

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