Bail Denied For Lil Boosie Associate In Drug Case

A man accused of trying to smuggle drugs into prison for Lil Boosie was ordered held without bail.

Louisiana State District Judge Trudy White denied Titus Franklin's request for bail in the face of accusations that he tried to smuggle drugs into the state penitentiary at Angola for rapper Lil Boosie.

Bail was denied after prosecutor Dana Cummings noted that Franklin has posted bail totaling nearly $450,000 in six drug cases in the past two years, according to local paper The Advocate.

“He’s spittin’ in the face of Lady Justice,’’ said Cummings to the judge. “He’s a danger to the community.’’

Boosie is currently awaiting trial on a first-degree murder charge in an alleged hired hit. He was indicted last month, and accused of trying to get codeine into the prison. He is currently being held without bail.

“He was given his chance again, and again, and again, and again — if that was enough agains,’’ she said.

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  • Anonymous

    Really? in jail over drugs... Fuck diz country and the laws, and the ppl protectin it... Real Talk... #AlkebulanAmri!!

  • Ashley Redd Williams

    FREE BOOSIE!!!! The Illuminati is doing this because they know Boosie has a huge influence on the society, especially the BLACK society... If they can get him to use subliminal messages and satanic signs, they will have it made smh...

  • jrboy225

    they dont wanna give him any bail cus they still tryin to keep him. that murder shit aint gonna really work.

  • Liyah

    I send my prayers to Lil' Boosie and his family. Stay up my nigga these prosecuters will do anything to put a nigga in jail. Imma keep yah name alive out here in the dfw. Miss you and hope you make it home safe :)

  • anonymous

    illuminati!!!!! they did this to boosie

  • Bill

    Some niggas never fucking grow up. SMH

  • Zen

    Im glad...thats just one less poison off the street...this dude has no regards for humanity...

    • Cracka

      fucker it coulda been any race that said that. "white people" as in all white people? so your tryin to say that every white person thinks that boosie is poison? and that we think that because he is black? you are one ignorant mother fucker. racism goes both ways. a 17 year old white kid

    • Anonymous


    • Capo

      nigga fck u hoe ass nigga i wish u was wea im at rite now i would slap da shit outta yu pussy!

    • Anonymous

      What the fuck are you talking about????? Did you see him do anything????? White people!! I swear!!!

  • tm check it out support boosie he's innocent

  • Anonymous

    Boosie didn't tell Marlo Mike to kill his cousin Darly "Bleek" Milton so I don't believe the police's account.

  • Anonymous

    Shits crazy. I don't think Boosie has a chance. This system is not geared in our favor at all. 10 years for marijuana??? Come on....what you think he gonna get for the murder wrap???

    • 4real

      Yea, that's more of a reason why Boosie should of known to stay out them damn streets. I knew Booise was a fool when he admitted that he we still in the streets selling keys to stay afloat until he blew in rap. He stated this in an Ozone magazine interview a couple of years back. Any hustler bragging to the media about selling dope is just begging for a jail cell. The problem is youngins looked up to Boosie while Boosie idolized cats like Meech (real gangstas/dealers doing time behind their acts).

  • SutterKane

    Anybody who feels sorry for this waste of flesh is an idiot Dude had money, made it out the ghetto, he had a choice as to whether or not he wanted to live like that, he made the wrong decision now he deserves to suffer the consequences They should add a charge of "Aggravated Stupidity" to the list, "With the intent to be an ingrate bastard who threw away a chance that tons of people would have sold their souls for" SMH, but watch a bunch of clowns come up here and be like "Free Boosie!!!!"

    • Cracka

      yeah and you dont kn either so get your racist fuckin mouth outta here why does it gotta be a white person that said it you are racist towards whites and thats the truth. equality goes both ways, practice what you preach and keep it fuckin real from a white 17 year old dude

    • Anonymous

      Y'all don't know if Boosie did those crime so shut the fuck up. I swear white people are nothing but racist

    • Terrancw

      Your an idiot if you believe everything the media posts....whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty ??? Everyone deserves their due process. This is fundamental right in America. I highly doubt you know anything about this case besides what you read on blogs and what you have heard on TV. So sit down and shut up !!!!


      Anybody who feels sorry for this waste of flesh is an idiot

    • Anonymous

      well said i totally agree

  • P

    Wheres The Evidence? WHat Evidence

  • 4real

    What the hell kind of professional jargon is the lawyer talking in? Sounds like the judge didn't need much convincing lol

  • Anonymous

    lol this nigga self snitched on his songs dumbass

    • tm

      what has he been been convicted of ? you idiot the man is innocent ... and he hasn't been convicted for murder yet ... the man was sent to prison for 10 years for marijuana SMH and he wasn't even a convicted felon .. check it out support boosie he's innocent .. Louisiana has a messed up system

    • Anonymous

      how do you think he got convicted from the song ive done it all. lol "keep it closed" you scarying me son

    • TEXAS


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