Lil B Responds To Game, Deems Him "Irrelevant"

After Game named Based God "the wackest rapper," the Bay Area native throws a jab back in his direction.

After Game called him "the wackest rapper of all time," Lil B has responded to the diss, paying respect to the Compton, California native but deeming him "irrelevant."

Earlier this week, Based God was caught on camera leaving Freak City in Los Angeles, California, where he addressed the comments. "Game’s talking about me, but right now, and I respect Game. I got Live From Compton 1 and 2, so Game already know he’s a legend in my book. But he’s irrelevant. Based God!" he said.

The response comes in the wake of Game explaining why he can't listen to Lil B's music. "This is crazy man, the wackest rapper [is] Lil B. He's got to get it, " he said. "I heard him on [Lil] Wayne's [mixtape] Sorry 4 the Wait [on 'Grove St. Party (Freestyle)' ], and that was it. That was it. I couldn't [listen to him again], that was it...I never heard really anything else [he's recorded] that I could even [compare it to] to call it wack, but I remember I heard [his verse] and that's what it was it." 

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  • Jay

    Lil' B called someone else irrelevant... Pot meet kettle, smh. At least Game didn't lose his dignity & creditability for street cred

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Number 1 on itunes is irrelevant #GetTheFuckOuttaHere

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    lil b has no talent at all he uses gimmicks and a talk flow which doesnt need any talent, Game outswagged him and will always outswag him, discussion closed.

  • LOOK!!!!

    LOOK AT THE PEOPLE IN THE BACKGROUND IN THAT VIDEO PICTURE THERE LAUGHING AT LIL B no one feels this dude why are some people talking bout this game kill him

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    Game is a dope artist at the end of the day, I'm a fan of his music, not his antics and name-dropping however. Lil B's album was decent, but he uses gimmicks to get attention as well, not that I have a problem wiht it

  • 4what

    Ya'll know lil gay ass b on this blog tryin 2 fend 4 himself right. The internet is this fags domain, hahaha.

  • Who am I suckin off tonight?

    Lil B can titty fuck me

  • kridd Best Leaks Watch The Throne




    RED Album of the your life on it.

  • Kendall Walters

    If game is irrelevant, than Lil B needs to sell 10,000,000 more records to become irrelevant. He is a Peon at this point.

  • JFranks

    The only reason media give a fuck about Lil B is because he mad an album called "I'm Gay." The way this dude tries to get publicity is pathetic. But at the same time, Game has been trying to too hard lately to get in the news too. With his bullshit antics with Jay-Z and what not. Just drop RED already.

  • jnr

    I'm confused here.... How can Game be irrelevant when he dissed you and it became news for reporters to even ask you about it? If anything at all Game is very much relevant at the moment and gave you a shine by mentioning your name!

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Damn, I agree with both of these fools. Game is irrelevent and Lil B is the whackest rapper alive. Not very often will I agree with one of these fools, let alone both at the same time.

  • Nas

    This website doesn't know shit about Hip-hop or Rap. Are you guys actually going to say he's better than Game? May i remind you who wrote 300 barz? Game is way better than Lil B , flow wise , skil wise and lyric wise. End of story.

    • Thomas Curry Curré

      CO-SIGN @ Mu

    • Mu

      @Nas - OK, let me break it down for you since what Kendall said obviously went over your head. This website ( is not trying to say anybody is better than anybody. The headline is referring to what Lil B said in the video dumbass. Lil B's comments do not become this website's official position on the matter just because they post a video. Geez dude, you are a RE-TARD! Lol

    • Nas

      The people on the website you dumbass.

    • Kendall Walters

      what does the website have to do with this? LOL They just showing you what happened.

  • doitmatters


  • max and poodie

    honestly both these niggas gobage (spelled garbage wrong on purpose) games an infamous name dropper and lil b is just a sad excuse for sound

    • Mu

      He spelled it "Gobage" because that is how people sometimes pronounce the word for added emphasis, dumbass. I love when people try to come at others on blogs trying to look all smart and shit and end up looking stupid as hell...

    • yo

      Why didn't you just spell garbage right the first time and you wouldn't have to write extra words in parenthesis... just some advice. Nothing wrong with intelligence my friend, now apply it.

  • jimmy

    Lil B >>>> The Gayme. If you don't agree, you're severely retarded.

    • Thomas Curry Curré

      Game can murder lil b with 2 bars, so stfu!!

    • Anonymous

      Oh, is that your decree, god of hip-hop? Because apparently you like to hear mentally handicapped children moan onto a mic while they clang pots and pans in the background. If you want that, go to the special olympics. But the rest of us actually want to hear music, so we'll go for Game. He's not the best, but he's not incoherent either.

  • Whatever

    I don't mind LIl B but that verse on Grove Street Party was really wack. It's like he loses his place halfway through and just starts babbling.

  • Anonymous

    lil b's new album is actually better than the red album, nevermind the stupid title, just listen to the music, seriously, thats why he only sold 1700 copies, some people get it, most dont.

  • Anonymous


  • Maxwell Harkness

    Lil B should've just not responded to Game, because dudes attempts to get publicity is just sad, but there is truth in B's words.

  • Julien Thorne

    i used to not like lil' b but he has started to grow on me. still don't know what the fuck a based god is.

  • Anonymous

    He deems you Wack as fuck!!

  • furcoats2thezoo

    stop talkin bout how many albums people have sold,dont mean ish.WTT sold mad units but its corny and wack.Game called out lil b then dissed him on a track.Lil b is blowin up and game just tryin to bite some off his steam.Listen to base for your face or R.I.P by based.the dude can spit

    • Anonymous

      Lil B is blowing up?! Really?! Huh, i must've missed that.

    • Anonymous

      As Lame as the Game is, Lil B might be one of the few rappers I hate even more If Game could find a way to put Lil B outta commission I might give him a pass on being a tongue ring wering stripper with a butterfly tattoo, all would be forgiven, just run this lil troll outta town

  • Anonymous

    any DUDE that wears the same sunglasses as my Wife is definitely a faggot.

    • jnr

      @2nd Anonymous, if so then Pac is a faggot too for having a nose ring,right? Just people finding excuses to hate on Game when all that bullshit of stripping etc is NOT true!

    • shane

      I'm pretty sure the first dude didn't say anything about game just said lil b's a homo which at this point is like fact to me. I mean yea dudes got a butterfly tattoo but atleast thats if you forget about that and the stripping he's a semi average dude. Every thing lil b ever does is in question. Dude like calls himself a princess. There both some weird dudes only games music is semi decent. Lil b stutters and cant rap on beat or rhyme enough.

    • Anonymous

      ^ haha dude just pointed out a huge hole in your logic brah.

    • Anonymous

      So the guy with the butterfly tattoo on his face isnt??

  • Anonymous

    Haha....fool did just what he needed to do. I actually got 100 say he can whip Game too.

  • Anonymous

    Lil B cant rap for shit, but this is wack nigga vs. wack nigga, the way yall showin support for that fake blood butterfly faced take it in the booty ass nigga is laughable. Wonder where game would rank in the Top 10 fakest MC's ever? Faggot aint never done shit in his rhymes. Atleast Lil B is the same retarded ass nigga 24/7.

  • thought dog

    This dudes lucky google adsense was invented otherwise he wouldnt have a name at all.

  • jr88

    Isnt he thesame guy that named his album "im gay" to make himself relevant and ended up selling only 1000 copies?...i know sales are not a good representation of how hot you are do to the fact sales for everyone suck but come on 1000 copies?

    • TellDaTruth

      Yeah it says even he knows his music is trash!!! He know ain't nobody gonna buy that shit, so he gotta give it away. Lil B = Retarded offspring of Gucci Mane and V-Nasty Dude should take a hint from Waka and retire with his wack ass!!!!!

    • markus dewilliams

      thats because he released it over twitter for free. so of course no one will buy it. he chose to give it out to his fans for free. that says something.

  • QiD Ent

    Hot Otis Freestyle. Click and Listen.

  • @LilBitchBaseGod

    Game said it himself, hes gonna whoop this guys ass. fucking wack ass lame.

  • L-Boogie

    Lil B isn't even that popular yet to be dissed lol, Lil B is wack though.

  • Dr. Phil Good

    you can be legend while being irrelevant. irrelevant just means you're not hot at the moment. elvis is a legend but is he hot at the moment? okay then.

    • yerp

      Elvis is hot at the moment, he's burning actually, haha...

    • 4real

      Read a book, the meaning of irrelevant doesn't mean that someone is "not hot" lol. Here is the definition. Irrelevant - having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue. So, regardless, in this context, if Lil B is asked a question about Game then Game is relevant in the interview. Which also means, that legendary mc's will ALWAYS be relevant to hip hop because the music they create is the connection 2 the culture/genre. Get it? Got it? GOOD!

  • Dr PHiL

    he meant he's irrelevant for dissing him, dumbasses

  • Dr PHiL

    yo i fucks with lil b homeboy CAN spit but game has no right to call lil b wack wen he's listening to sorry 4 the wait lmao

  • Anonymous

    This having way more comments than Game announcing a new album proves this statement.

  • Anonymous

    Both are some of the whackest ever.

  • fcvs

    wait a second... he says game is a legend (which is hell lame) and then he says he is irrelevant? how the fuck can a legend be irrelevant? game is miles away from being a legend and lil b is stupid as fuck

    • 4real

      That's what I was trying to tell this kid below. The words irrelevant and legend don't even belong in the same sentence. That's like talking about basketball & haters telling you Micheal Jordan no longer belongs in the convo...

    • Anonymous

      fuck game and lil b nigga.

  • Anonymous

    He deems you Wack!!

  • Ridic

    This guy is so stupid. How the fuck you gon say that Game is a legend in one sentence, then say he's irrelevant in the next sentence. Is he retarded?

    • 4real

      That's what I was trying to tell this kid below. The words irrelevant and legend don't even belong in the same sentence. That's like talking about basketball & haters telling you Micheal Jordan no longer belongs in the convo

  • Anonymous

    sorry b but until you sell 5mil YOU are irrelevant

  • hell nah

    hes name should be lil bitch instead of lil b this nigga wack as fuck

  • r

    How the FUCK is this guy riding mercs n probly more n got all shit when he cant rap for shit and just straight up SHIT!? Wtf is this life

  • r

    A guys whos completely fuckin irrelevant is callin game irrelevant... check the irony

  • Rob Robinson

    people will wise up soon enuff.. and LIL B will b irrelevent. i give em like 6 more months. tops.



  • Anonymous

    Gotta give it up for Lil B All the sexually cofused kids out there needed a bi curious male role model they could ralate to Lil B was there to fill the need

  • joem

    Ain't this a bitch... a lil bitch. This dude is calling Game irrelevant? LO-fucking-L. I'm not even a fan of game but dude has talent for real.. he's fucking disloyal and bipolar but he's talented. Ain't no denying the documentary and this RED album is dope as hell. lil b.. this fucking guy. I used to think soulja boy was the worst thing that happened to hip hop.. but at least that fool could RHYME and make shitty beats. This muthafucka right here.. this dude is on some bullshit and so are his retarded ass fans. I can't believe Lupe would even mention this dude. Lately Lupe been on some bullshit too tho.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga pimped the game... not the rapper... the whole game. see that whip my nigga lol one album. thats crazy! he mite have tax problems but still.

  • Anonymous

    Lil B gettin more bitches and money than game. game just a shook nigga although games music much better


    LOL at all the comments ripping Lil B

  • Mitch 3K

    Lil B = Hip Hop's charlie sheen Just act like an idiot when the cameras are runnin and people will pay attention I couldnt even name one song from this dude but I read all about how he calls himself a "Princess" and calls his album "I'm Gay" Dudes a Message board troll with a Microphone

    • Hachitori

      I prefer Game to lil' B, but I must say, pulling a Sheen is more of a Game tactic. How can you tell Game has a album coming out, he will spout off and diss anything that moves to get attention. Lil' B is an easy target. Dissing him only makes Game look weak.

  • Sosa

    Haha i fux with lil B! Not for his music, but for his humble personality. Dude is on some positive sh*t and I respect it. This is coming from a hip hop purist whose favorite MC is Nas!

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll niggas give this lil troll what he wants by paying attention to him, check the soundscan, he dont sell no records, he has more haters then fans cause ya'll cant keep outta threads with his name in it, If all the haters started ignoring this lil troll he would dissapear

    • 4real

      Aren't you doing the same thing telling us not 2 comment on blogs about dude? Ain't nobody hating on no damn Lil B... plain and simple the lil nigga sucks & we really think he's wack. No hate, just the truth... And if we don't go to his shows, nor buy his music then I don't give a damn how many clicks he get online...eventually that buzz will surely die down & his little act will be finito.

  • ReaL isH

    regardless of how wack lil b is he still gettin more money den yall niggas. str8 up i agree wit game but still lil b out there gon his grind. he aint just gonna go away cause yall sayin he wack and cant rap. infact the more yall sayin how wack he is the more money he gonna make. just ignore the nigga stop clickin on links with his name in em.

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    Dont FUCK with the BITCH MOB!

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    You muhfukas aint no shit about real hip hop! You keep ridin Tupac's dead dick while BasedGod keeps takin over hip hop! Lil B, V-Nasty, Kreayshawn are about to take over BITCHES! Im A bitch im a faggot! Swag! Based!

  • Anonymous

    lil b u sold bout 2 thousand records whilst Game sold 10 million records cmon lil b ur career finished who's "Irrelevant" now

  • Anonymous

    F*ck that Lol life corny ass attention wanting wannabe Lil B. . .He's not hip hop, he's a disgrace. . .

  • c'mon son

    we all know Game is gonna get a top 5 billboard spot and sell close to gold. people aren't checking for him like they used to be but he's still gonna be one of the top 10 selling rappers.

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    OBVIOUSLY Game is mad cuz BasedGod fucked his bitch! Boohoo! TUPAC = GAYEST IG'NANT RAPPER EVER LIL B = GREATEST RAPPER IN HISTORY SWAG!!!!

    • Outlawz

      you dont know shit about rap and to say pac is gay cuz u need to suck on a aids dick with your mother for that comment DIE slow my fo fo make sure all urs kids dnt grow

    • toniomo

      You're dumb. Plain and simple. Lil B better than tupac? His album didn't do shit! Remember he said it was gonna change the world haha then he gave it out free and still couldn't sell

    • Anonymous

      Keep Trollin clown ass nigga

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    Every hater is just insecure about they selfs but being #based is confidens! Im a Pretty bitch nigger!

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    BasedGod is the best rapper in the history of music! Eminem may be called the King of Hip Hop. Elvis may be called King of Rock. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop but BASEDGOD is the King of MUSIC!!!!!!!!! BasedGod! Swag! Swag!

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    Game just ended his career! He cant fuck with BasedGod! He is way superior lyrically! He fuck with BasedGod then he gonna get fucked up by the Bitch Mob! Fuck Game! Hes irrelevant! Lil B the BasedGod is the Best Rapper in Hip Hop History! Omg! BasedGod!

  • 4real

    1. This dude crowns Game, a "legend"...smh AND in the same breath says he's irrelevant??? Am I missing somethin' here? 2. What the fuck is he on and what the fuck is he wearin? lol. The epitome of wackness. Ahh, the one time I can agree with Game.

    • Anonymous

      ''I never take shots at legends, that's just something I don't do.''

    • 4real

      @ Anon - I ain't ya "bruh bruh" and in hiphop, legends are not irrelevant. Any real hiphop head would love to see any legend grace the mic because unlike you - they respect the history of the culture. Do your homework "bruh bruh" smh...

    • Anonymous

      legends can still be irrelevant bruh bruh based for ya face

  • Anonymous

    "Irrelevant"? Game is still bringing the heat. Damn 3 of his leaked songs are top singles on this website. Obviously he must have SOME relevance. Oh yeah, Lil B, you actually do suck. You can't rap.

  • 303rst

    This clown needs to get punched in the mouth again..

  • Anonymous

    this nigga sold 1000 copies of his album ... need I say more ? maaan I don't even like Game like that but this nigga Lil B had the nerve to call somebody irrelevant.

  • Young King

    So, i guess this lil nigga pretty much just ended his own career right here smh... shoulda just stfu about it lol.

  • war22

    who's lil b ??? never heard of him before...

    • Anonymous

      You wont unless your online alot He only exists inside the computer, like them agents in the Matrix, he doesnt count anywhere else

  • V-Nasty is God

    I'm Gay >>>>>>>>>> that Red Album shit. He's right, Game is irrelevant. No one has checked for him since he was all like "One Blood" (ole fake gang banging ass). Lil B has a much bigger fan base and the only reason I'm Gay sold 1.5k copies is because he also released it for free. That takes dedication to buy an album that you can get for free. Plus Lil' B's lyrical content is far superior to that of the Game's. I'm Gay is a revolution in Hip-Hop, Red album will be long and forgotten. Do me a favor and hop off the Game's limp dick. Thank you Based God, for all that you do.

    • V-Nasty is God

      Well if you don't give a fuck about my opinion then why continue to tell me, dumb bitch. And V-Nasty 2000000x the person your hating ass will ever be.

    • Anonymous

      @ V Nast is God I aint givin a fuck about the opinion of some Lame Duck who names himself after a walking talking Minstrel show, fuck outta here

    • V-Nasty is God

      You're all haters 1.) The red album is mediocre and will never reach the epitome of I'm Gay. 2.)My username has nothing to do with my opinion, as I know more about hip-hop than you. 3.) You're right I am Gay, just like Lil B. Couldn't be happier.

    • E

      That's right, you are gay. Just like Lil' B. Ain't no shame in the game anymore after Lil' Wayne kissed his Baby, then when asked "When you're kissing a girl.." Birdman interrupted "Hey! I'm the ONLY person he kisses" referrring to Lil' Wayne:

    • Anonymous

      LOL, your name is "V Nasty Is God" Your opinion on hip hop ia discredited

    • Ellis417

      Your kidding me... Games Red Album is sick How old are you anyway?

  • SutterKane

    Lil B defines the word irrelevant, nobody buys his lame shit, He's a Youtube Superstar like any number of random idiots who go on youtube clucking like a chicken and get a few million views so people can laugh at him 2 girls 1 cup = Lil B This lil fuck could walk past me on the sidewalk and I wouldnt know who he was

    • SutterKane

      @ Anonymous LITTLE B FUCKED MY BITCH OMG OMG THANK YOU BASED GOD THANK YOU BASED GO SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG You clowns are retarded as fuck, smh, fuck outta here troll

    • Anonymous

      you would know who he was cause your bitch would leave you on the spot to go with him, lil b steals your bitches, niggas give lil b they bitches

  • Anonymous

    LOL when lil B calls you irrelevant thats gotta sting. Not a fan of lil B because in 90% of songs he sounds like he mentally handicapped and not a fan of the game because he is a fuckin grown man drama queen.

  • Anonymous

    You people are so dumb, it IS the truth, Lil B's on the way up, while Game is on the way down. Lil B has a monemntum, something Game hasn't had in a long ass time.

    • Anonymous

      momentum my ass, game still around whether ppl want to recognize that or not, lil b trash period no way around it

    • Anonymous

      lil b fans cant be taken seriously

    • Sutter Kane

      And with all that momentum he only sold 1500 records of his album You Clowns live in a fantasy world, this lil cornball is only famous on Youtube, like them 2 girls with the cup who ate shit, he's not a real celebrity and he'll never be a factor And this is coming from a Game Hater

  • Dave


  • Anonymous

    game could drop 10,000 bars dissin this clown.

  • RED

    lol "the gay album" sold 1k or sum shit.. lil bitch shouldve kept his mouth shut

  • lmao

    Game would body this gay ass nigga so fast.

  • joell

    GAME a legend LMAO no wonder rap is so wack everybody is a legend nowadays

  • Fado

    haha he quickly jumped in that car because he didn't have an explanation too why Game is "irrelevant". I respect Game cus he speaks his mind (even though I don't like all his music). Game would destroy lil b lyrically and lil b knows that

  • Gametime

    how much this kid last album sell 1.5k? who is irrevant here!!! RED august 23rd

  • Lil Bitch

    Agree with Obi Patrick below. Everyone in the hip-hop community agrees that Lil B is the wackest, least talented in the game. corny, youtube rapper.

  • Anonymous

    No doubt lil b is a cornball,but Game's new album has mad fruity shit on it. Their both suspect right now.

  • Up North

    This dude is truly a cornball ass clown. Watch all the Lil B minions get on here and try to paint some elaborate ass picture about how he's out-smarting all of us blah blah blah and how I'm mad cause he got money. Keep telling yourselves that.

  • Obi Patrick

    Lil B is as irrelevant as the sunglasses the wearing, We all like The Game, Game was merely stating an opinion that a large majority of the hip hop community shared...

    • UrBetterJudgement

      but why state it. was he asked about it? why is lil b even on games radar. game is making himself little by talkin shit on lil b. cause lil b cant "rap rap" and he is tiny. Game can "rap rap" but hes huge (pause).

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