Game Begins Work On Fifth Album With 1500 Or Nothin's Mars

Chuck Taylor also declares that it's his "#LASTALBUM," a reference most likely referring to his contract with Interscope Records.

With The R.E.D. Album finally hitting stores on Tuesday (August 23rd), Game has announced that he's re-teamed with 1500 or Nothin' producer Mars to begin work on his fifth album.

Game, whose R.E.D. Album features five tracks produced by Mars, also wrote that it would be his "#LASTALBUM." As previously reported, the Compton, California native has one LP left on his contract with Interscope Records and is contemplating signing a new record deal with Cash Money Records.

The R.E.D. Album features guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and more, as well as production from Cool & Dre, DJ Premier, The Neptunes and more.

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  • TexasToast

    GAME my favorite rapper, but this album softer than my dick after i jacked off. ill get his last album on interscope but im skipping the red album and any album he releases with CASH MONEY.

  • Anonymous

    the first half of red not bad second half he went LL COOL J thug luv

  • $$mike

    just listen to it for what it is...hip hop dx board trolls are faggots

  • It's um

    Get hi-tek to do more than one track.


    Game loose all you're personalities you schizoid. You come hard on one track then come off fruity as fuck on another. Trying to emulate who you have featured on a song,and dropping 50 names is getting old. Ricky was on some hardbody shit,too bad it gets over shawdowed by that cupcake nonsense. Just another overhyped project promoted with irrelevent beefs.

    • Anonymous

      i hate the albun but i agree with ricky so 3 years and the realist song we get is ricky the premo track would have better but we all know who he sound like and no thats not a skill sounding like another rapper

  • Anonymous

    this album is only a classic on this website just wait until the numbers come in to see how many people really checkin for this album and sells do matter if it didnt this album would be free i cant wait until this shit flop so all you game riders can go away this album sucks but most of you are young or dont live in urban areas to see that this shit sucks and the majority of you are just in love with that fake blood shit just like him

  • Anonymous

    red is a very good album.u heard that record RICKY ?...shit better than the whole WTT album..amazing record by game& khalil.....conceptually its pretty good too not a compilation like his last....& too much features ? how about kanye last album...congrats game

  • Anonymous

    its obvious dre dont fuck with game 3 years no dre beats talking about leaving his mentor going to cash money because they a so called hot label aftermath not looking to good detox still 2 years away lol

  • Anonymous

    WTT number 1 again next week dut to early reports

  • Anonymous

    so whats the situation with dre? a few weeks ago game talking about leaving aftermath he only get a mixtape song with dre on the album no beats by dre the album gets leaked now he wants to hurry up and get the last album done its funny when 50 song gets leaked he got clowned on for saying it was interscope fault now nobody wants to talk about this seems like interscope aint fuckin with them and dre not fucckin with game and 50 for fuckin up the money and now he want to shout 1500 out what happened with dre?



  • QiDEnt

    Hot Otis Freestyle. Click and Listen.

  • LOL

    R.E.D was dope.. nearly just a classic but dope no doubt. GAME NEVER DIS-POINTS FUCK ALL YA

  • jr88

    how the hell can anybody say this is games wackest album?..this is his best leaving out the documentary... im not a game fan at all.personally i think he has a social disorder but good music is good music...i was not expecting a good album out of game after those aweful singles he put out earlier this year but he delivered...i hope 50 can do the same cause im actually a fan..

  • Anonymous

    i hope dre will be on it holla at 50 again

  • Anonymous

    anyone hating on the red album should really give it another listen. every record has its own flavor. game is spitting like nas, andre 3000, dr. dre, biggie, 50 cent. and hes doing it all intentionally. rapping to all kinds of beats. flipping concepts. storytelling joints, clean girl joints. straight spitting joints. ton of features but it works. i always fucked with game cuz he got so many different styles. real versatile. he can take it here, he can take it there. doctor's advocate is my favorite work, cuz that was done in homage of dr. dre. but the guy is a machine when it comes to making dope records. LAX was real dope too, don't know why that caught any hate. when all the stories go away, and all your left with is the music. game will get his just due for making dope albums. RED album is dope. huge album, something for everyone. i can jam any game album and ride. more than i can say for most rappers dropping today. he should drop a part 2 to the doctors advocate. when game is rapping like dre, over west coast bangers, its some of the best shit out there.

    • kingChronic

      i agree with u bro, game is fire all them haters will hate till they die, haters are always da 1st ones to buy da album... game is a genius, albums always on point, making ganster rap feel like a real movie, story telling always belvable... the nigga cn spit, he is a true son of hip hop

    • Anonymous

      All this rampant sonic and intellectual plagiarism in Hip Hop can be partially attributed to this constant and haphazard glut of new music. Artists, both new jacks trying get in the game and veterans clawing at relevance, are so desperate to come in clearly amidst all the static that they’ll do anything to stand out. But now a standard (and lazy) way of making a mark unfortunately includes completely emulating what worked for the other, innovative guy. The result is not only do these artists come off as hacks, but fans are left with a gang of lackluster material to contend with. More times than not, there is reason that this new to fans music never saw the light of day until now. Every single rhyme an emcee lays down or beat that a producer tracks in the studio is not going to be up to par. The solution is that fans, bloggers, critics and artists need to start policing what gets to kick it in the House of Hip Hop. Don’t post the song with the horrendous beat that sounds like a Kanye West knockoff from the rapper who sounds like a poor man’s Jay-Z with half the wordplay. Rappers, if the beat is bananas and the original emcee killed it, leave it alone. If your favorite artist is showing signs of falling off, say so, respectfully. emcees, your voice and moxie is enough, fuck a gimmick. And at all times, let it become Hip-Hop rule numero uno: no biting is allowed.

    • Anonymous

      That excusing of him stealing other rapper's styles because he has no musical identity is beyond pathetic and one of most ridiculous points I've ever heard. The things is, you niggas try to turn his biggest weakness, aside from the name-dropping, into his greatest strength. Game fans are the most delusional people on earth.

    • Anonymous


    • hiphop

      didnt even finish reading and i agree with you bruh!

  • Anonymous

    Whackest album he released so far, his music gets outplayed so fast, it has no replay value.

    • hiphop

      couple months from now after u finish usein the album as a weed plate yull listen again n be like 'damn this shit is bumping"

  • Roc

    wtf....I dont like that luv song either, but the rest of that album is str8t fire!.....please stop the hate!

  • Ed

    If Game had cut all of the soft tracks off RED then it would have been a nice album. Mars is a dope producer, sounds fresh as hell, him and Game come together nicely.

    • Mark Anthony Harris

      Its still a nice album with the love songs. Without them, though? The album would be top ten or top 20 of the best albums of this year.

  • Anonymous

    of course he is red sucks

  • SpikeSpiegel

    If he sticks with this, I'm definitely there. Mars is a very good producer. His beats seem more organic and live. They've done good work together on the mixtapes so lets see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    to many averageg songs on red, the album is good till it gets to al the songs about bitches, game bitches aint buying your album, stop doing the same formula as 50 and the documentary, make something else.

  • Guru


  • Mark

    hopefully his next album has less features

  • Anonymous

    Hope this won't be a retail mixtape.

  • shade

    Mars is a dope producer, looking forward to this one.

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