Z-Ro Reveals Cover Art, Tracklist For "Meth," Features Bun B, Slim Thug & More

Z-Ro also taps Wacko, Dallas Blocker, Just Brittany and Willie D for his Rap-A-Lot Records release, dropping September 20th.

Z-Ro has revealed the cover art and tracklist for his upcoming album Meth, releasing September 20th via Rap-A-Lot Records.

The album, the fourth in a series of albums including 2008's Crack, 2009's Cocaine and last year's Heroin, features guest appearances from Bun B, Slim Thug, Willie D, Wacko, Dallas Blocker and Just Brittany.

Check the tracklist below.

1. Got 2 C U feat. Wacko
2. Never Had Love
3. Z-Ro & Bun feat. Bun B
4. Southern Girl
5. Pig Feet feat. Dallas Blocker
6. H-Town Kinda Day feat. Slim Thug
7. Murderer feat. Just Brittany
8. Real Or Fake
9. No Reason
10. We Ride
11. 3 Way
12. One Mo Time feat. Willie D
13. Razor Blade

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  • l loc

    u cats are soft must not be from the hood or have a brain to not understand the cover must be to hard core for soft ass niggas z-ro is the shit the fucking truth so he is going to keep it real from the music all the way to the album cover

  • Anonymous

    Some people don't get it. The album is not intended to say he uses "METH". It is his music that he is talking about. Makes you addicted like meth does. IDIOTS!!! With that being said, at one point I thought Z-Ro was a Down South 2Pac. BUT NO!! He is OK, but he talks about the same s**t ALL THE TIME. There will be at least 2 songs on the album he has done before. LET'S SEE GROWTH Z-RO. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. "I'LL BOW MY HEAD LIKE A NUMBER 2 PENCIL AND ERASE A HATER"

    • Anonymous

      Your crazy. Z-Ro is the most talented and multi-dimensional rapper in the game. He does not talk about the same s**t ALL THE TIME, you have him mistaken with the mainstream suckas who rap about meaningless bs.. get your mind correct! your talkn bout the greatest of all time kid. And those songs that will be re-runs on his album is because Rap A Lot is screwing him over, that's why this is his last album through themk n his contract is up.. respect The King!

  • Anonymous

    His music is addictive like that Meth!!! Z-Ro the crooked the Mo City Don Bitch!!!

  • Mastadon

    My question, is this actually Z-Ro putting this out or is it Rap A Lot? I know Z-Ro has had a lot of issues with the label and James Prince. Z-Ro is the shit though. Doesnt get a whole lot better than him

  • Anonymous

    you guys really think that this album cover is bad??? wow....you guys are really fuckin soft. yall better google this black metal band, Mayhem, and their album "Dawn of the Black Hearts." now do you think Z-Ro's album cover is all that bad anymore??? yea, it's a metal album, not a hip-hop album, but it's still music. smh...

    • Anonymous

      Umm correction: it's not a crack pipe!!! That is a light bulb that they use to smoke meth out of!!

    • Anonymous

      did you even see the cover of the metal band? it shows a picture of one of their own band members dead after blowing his brains out with a shotgun lol. that cover is waaay sicker than Z-Ro's cover with a guy smoking thru a crack pipe

    • Anonymous

      its still a bad cover, just cause some metal band put out a bad cover doesnt take away from the badness that is someone smoking meth out of a crack pipe

  • Anonymous

    LOL, that dudes hittin th bubble on the cover SMH, I live in florida man them Iceheads are everywhere out here, motherfuckers staying up for 3 days at a time lookin like "Night Of The Living Dead" and shit, I bet this album hits #1 at all florida record stores

  • OG

    Fuck the cover its Z-RO which means its gonna be some real shit some you niggas would go buy a jay z or em ablum if it had a dick on the front of it

  • Anonymous

    salute to z-ro... judge a book by its cover

  • Anonymous

    Ignorace at it's finest. Nothing about this is cool.

  • GipTheClip

    this album cover is just plain stupid. what an idiot.

  • idkboutthat

    i understand the whole drug theme album title but i dont think he shoulda put a dude twirlin a bowl on the album cover. idk how many people would buy it cuz of that, meth isnt a good look lol

  • Eric C Baker

    Z-ro go hard pause, great southern rapper that spits the realest, very underrated, Trae the truth and Z-ro are top rappers out of Texas, and I'm a Chicago N¡gg@

  • gangsta paradise

    this nigga is a meth head i tried listening to him but he sucks annoying ass nigga only niggas from texas dat i fucks with are slim thugga motherfucka,trea tha truth,paul wall,mike jones who mike jones cross that shit out,bun b a sell out ,RIP PIMP C realest nigga from that bitch

    • Dionne

      Agreeing with ES: you ain't neva lyin, and dis ho ass nigga actually had the nerve to say he fucks wit Dike Jones???? Really nigga?? When was the last time you heard from Jones? Exactly, nigga washed up. Ro talks about real shit for real niggas, apparently yo ass ain't so stop hating like a bitch

    • ES

      @gangsta...hmm i smell a fuckin hater!! hatin on someone at gonna get u no where so just shut ur damn mouth on our TEXAS RAPPERS! You don't know a damn thing about good music.

    • Anonymous

      @gangsta paradise Please explain to the masses on how Bun B is a sellout. Fucking ignorant bastard.

    • Rival X Jordan

      Bun B a sell out. Get the hell out of here with that shit man.

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