Curren$y Releases Cover Art For DJ Drama-Hosted "Verde Terrace"

Spitta unveils the cover art ahead of his latest project's August 23rd release.

Curren$y has unveiled the cover art for his upcoming DJ Drama-hosted mixtape Verde Terrace, releasing August 23rd.

“What you can expect from me in the future, Verde Terrace, that’s the Gangsta Grillz I’m doing with DJ Drama," he revealed last month. "Pilot Talk 3 is in the makes. And I got an untitled project I’m working on I haven’t really smoked it out yet. I haven’t smoked up the title, but it’ll be here in a few joints."

Ahead of the mixtape's release, Curren$y has warmed up fans with sanctioned leaks from the project including "Pininfarina" and "Run Dat Shit."

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  • SourHeadband

    Looking forward to Spittas new tape should b dope, although I am not looking forward to the first 30 seconds of any of these songs because we all know DJ Drama will b screaming messing up my speakers in the car. Can't wait for Pilot Talk 3 by the way. Jets foo

  • sheepareevil

    for the record this is just the album cover for Cartola's "Verde Que Te Quero Rosa" with their bullshit text added

  • Anonymous

    One tape I won't be picking up from Curren$Y. I hate DJ Drama mixtapes. Screaming all through the tapes and his voice is so damn annoying. He tries to sound hard but he sounds like a square. Can't even focus on the music with him screaming through the music every second.

  • eattherich

    Can even listen to this without cringing every fuckin time Drama's dumbass shouting intros...I dont know who worse him or Khaled... Stay up Spitta!

  • msionctrl

    still lookin for that muscle car chronicles that dames ass is holdin up cuz pitta went to W.B

  • Anonymous

    curren$y does not need dj drama on his mixtapes, dj drama ruins everything he touches, gonna have to pray for a no dj version of this

  • Eddy

    Another insanely dope cover from Spitta.

  • nuc

    prime example of over saturation by an artist.... another mixtape by curren$y......... no hate, but c'mon son, get your career moving for you in the right direction already.

    • Anonymous

      Curren$y been doing this type of releases. That type of marketing plan is what made Curren$y hot. Dropping new music every month. I love it. In this hip hop age, underground artists have to constantly drop new music. Jay-z can drop one album a year, Kenya West can drop one album a year, but Curren$y cannot.


      yet some rappers are lazy and dont do enuff homie good

    • NJ

      For an artist with his level of popularity and fanbase, Curren$y has punched well above his weight in terms of success, he sold nearly 100k records last year and is making millions from touring, JETS are signed to a major and are selling out most of their shit, the guy is a brilliant buisness man. Also the quality of his material very rarely decreases, he is constantly above average. Jeez, Hip Hop fans are awful, any artist that takes more than a year to make an album is "wack" and any artist that makes one in under is "over saturating".

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