LA Sheriff's Department Accepts Game's Apology In Twitter Prank

UPDATE: After Game issued an apology, the sheriff's office says it was "relevant and well received."

Rapper Game made headlines for all the wrong reasons last week when the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department opened a criminal investigation in response to his tweeting the phone number for the sheriff's Compton station.

In response, Game conducted an interview with CNN recently to explain the matter.

"One of my boys picked up my phone and started tweeting random numbers," he explained. The tweets came sometime after an earlier tweet when Game advertised that he was looking for interns. "The tweet about the internship was earlier in that day. It got lost in the media... He never sent out a tweet that said 'these numbers are for an internship.' He just tweeted a bunch of numbers jokingly."

Game reiterated that the tweet about the internship had been made earlier in the day, and that the tweets with the phone numbers were made in the evening.

"I never want to be the source of anything wrong happening to anybody, or anyone not being able to get through to help lines at the police station. But it's a ten-digit toll-free number, and when people are in trouble, they call 911."

"I don't ever want to see anyone get hurt. I got kids at home, I got a woman at home. My sincerest apologies to the sheriff's department, but it was a joke gone wrong."

Addressing the potential legal consequences, the West Coast emcee said, "If my apologies aren't enough...If anybody wants to take it further than that, then I have to do what I have to do. I never intended for anyone to take it the wrong way or for it to go this far."

UPDATE: The sheriff's department issued a statement saying that his apology was "relevant and well received."

"His willingness to help share with the media and the community that the safety of the public is what is most important, is a great message," the department said. "Based upon our investigation, as well as consultation with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, the LASD considers the criminal investigation into this matter closed. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department will not be seeking criminal charges."

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  • Anonymous

    to the people that don't understand why they keep putting up these bullshit game articles its because they getting paid by interscope to run his banner at the top of the page. its not a true buzz that he earned based on his music. its that they are puppets and they bias toward artists that pay to run banners on hiphopdx. haha can you blame them.

  • Yayeeyayee

    I guess that Blood got punked by the other boys in blue.

  • illegal ass foo

    damn he even wants CNN viewers to buy his album

    • Anonymous

      how was that hating? what the fuck is with you calling everyone a hater? shut the fuck up you faggot. spend every god damn second calling someone a hater. learn to construct a fucking argument you loser. jesus christ... hate hate hate read a book!

    • Damn

      Don't hate the playa, hate the industry. He is NOT promoting his album, he was invited by CNN to address the issue... Why do ya'll hate on this nigga for no reason???

  • Info

    Yo, can someone tell me what game is doing with the LA Sheriff's Department number, let me see did he had it on speed dial, all that junk he be popping on got the police number in his phone so when it goes down, we already know he the first one to run, and i am guessing the first one to call the police too ha, that aint no random number nigga, your homie just pick they wrong number from your phone to tweet, that all RED nation, all these Gay nigga all need hugs

    • Idiots

      That ten-digit number is public record! Fools!

    • Anonymous

      i said the same thing can you tell me what was he doing with the police phone number. give me a good reason there isn't one hahah. like you said if something goes down them niggas will be the first one to call the police. some gangstas fake as fuck.


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  • Anonymous

    DX what's game's favorite color and what hand does he wipe his ass with. please give us a new article.

  • Anonymous

    It's offical, Game pays DX. This has nothing to do with Hip Hop, this is some straight TMZ or SOHH shit right here. Stop it or change your domain.

  • ill c

    Day 20 in a row with this website having a Game story, I never seen a non top 20 rapper get so much press. This dude is not relevant.

    • illegal ass foo

      hes talkin about that everday theres an article about him on here, ok ur a fan, so am i, but even I'm like, mmm again?, fuckin stupid,

    • Kyle Tracey

      how is he not relevant? dudes dropping a well-awaited album in days

  • Anonymous

    i forgot to say thats why i got alot of respect for dead prez, kanye west(speaking live about bush back then), dave chappelle.. and many many more.. i think im the biggest white paul mooney fan there is.. but rappers man, they let rap fans forget what its all about

  • MurderOne

    Ayo yall niggas ever gone take that nigga video down...i didnt come to yall site to help that nigga get plays.cmon son thats damn near spam...i understand the game, but damn..let the shit breath

  • Anonymous

    im white, if you black check this out: when will black people speak up on stations like cnn.. like were everybody is watching.. how are white people supposed to understand whats up, when everyblack guy who appears on cnn, is all friendly like theres nothing wrong with the police, cnn, media, and so on.. game shoulda said: yes yes but some cops shoot niggas so why dont you try to investigate whaz up there


    any thing for a buzz

  • Anonymous

    LOL I'm not a game fan but c'mon ya'll, you have to be an uptight son of a bitch to not find the humor in this whole situation

  • Adam Rapology Aldo candyman 187 diss

  • Anonymous

    That friend doesn't exist.

  • Anonymous

    The reporter comes across as a bit of a bitch. Look at her face after every question she asks Game.

  • Anonymous

    and another think just hit me. what the fuck was his homeboys doing with the police phone number hahahahahaha what would they have their number for probably information or calling them for police protection haha #realblood_lol nothing but a last ditch effort to try to get some media attension to try not to flop haha i hope he falls flat on his face lol

    • Anonymous

      As if 50 ever needs to drop an album again, the man himself is a business.

    • @ the 2nd anonymous

      considering Game's album got pushed back like 5 times and was at one point had the release date as TBA after one of the pushes, i'm not too worried about 50's album, it'll come out if he wants it to. As i recall, he said that he wasn't going to release, not interscope. Also Jeezy's album was shelved back in like March, now it's coming out Sept. something, so your logic is fucked.

    • Anonymous

      haha one question..WHERES 50's ALBUM..SHELVED BITCHES

  • to all the dumbasses

    thinking this is going to generate a buzz, how many people in Game's demographic do you think actually watch CNN? He wasn't even promoting R.E.D. nor mention it.

  • pussy...

    i knew he wasn't going to own up to it, and that he was going to use the "my twitter got hacked/someone else was using it" line. Hahaha fucker is so gangsta, then when he can actually get in trouble, he does some pussy shit. So he's saying one of his "boys" tweeted a bunch of random numbers, but somehow out of all the numbers, one of them was the Sheriff's department? Haha this fool is full of shit. Even after he got caught, he wrote, "So ya'll can't catch murderers but you can track down a tweet?"...yeah Game's a bitch now.

  • fuck a pig!

    fuck the police, shoot'em in the face till they dead!

  • hahaha

    hahaha this nigga is smart made a bigger buzz for red looking forward to the album

  • Mr.WeSt

    Let's just hope its not buzzkill for his red album sales...which track yall think is strongest and the weakest???

  • wetsnitch

    this nigga ain't nothing but a wet snitch. haha he comes on cnn to snitch on his homeboy. yeah he a real blood. i bet he can't hold water on his chest haha. and i know it sounds like i'am hating but what else can you call this ?

    • fatslob

      stfu calling people snitches ur a fat stupid geek behind a computer. Game cant be buzzin about his album putting out 100k ads n shit. Dont act like this is something hard for him to do takes 5 seconds n makes u cry like a tit

  • Anonymous


    • Pity

      Nigga u ain't a blood.....tired of all u niggaz claiming like u is....just stfu and get your Hustle like u should....nobody wants to hear some joke throwing up bullshit

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