Will Smith Currently Working On A Comeback Album

The Fresh Prince is putting Hollywood on hold to revive his once thriving music career.

With his last studio album Lost and Found dropping in 2005, Will Smith is ready to pick back up the mic. According to 1500 or Nothin’s Mars, the Fresh Prince is currently at work on his comeback album, which he mentioned while running down a list of his production team’s upcoming projects.

“We’re working on Tip, we’re working on the High School movie with Snoop and Wiz Khalifa. We’re working on Will Smith, bringing him back,” Mars told XXLMag.com. “That’s actually him on the other line right now. Snoop’s daughter, we just put out her first single. We’re doing the whole album. Mario wants me to do a mixtape with him, we’re working on that. I’m working on Ashanti. We’re just working on as much as possible.”

As a solo artist, Smith released four albums, beginning with his nine-times-platinum 1997 debut Big Willie Style. Willenium followed in 1999, crossing the double-platinum threshold, while Born to Reign only achieved gold certification following its 2002 release. Lost and Found, also certified gold, was released in 2005.

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  • Kippers

    Ever since I heard about MIB3 being in production I was rooting for a new album. I mean, who else is going to record the movie's song?

  • namelesstherebel

    one of his kids must need a new mansion. cool

  • Ikem

    ...Was this before or after he jumped on stage alongside Nas?

  • Bet...

    bet...willow smith is featured heavy on the album...by the way...whatever happened to Willow? ROC NATION PLEDGE YOUR ALLEGIANCE...SMH

  • sircoolness306@aol.com


  • Anonymous

    If you want a real amazing cat from Philly, yall should check out The Last Emperor, he was once singed to Aftermath and dropped a classic with Music, Magic, Myth in 2003. Secret Wars shits on anything out there today.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ these wanna be tough gangstas hating on a guy who would bring positive vibes into this genre.

  • Anonymous

    Nas wrote for him back in the day.

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    All the real hip-hop heads will always respect Wills status as a legend. "Summertime" is still getting played over and over, every summer, every year. And his film-career cant change shit about that. His albums a neutral enough for radioplay and your kids listening. Plus: Women love to party on his stuff, so respect a REAL pimp.

  • Ty

    Props to whoever respects the dude. You don't have to like him or his music but look at the garbage in todays music does it really hurt to have a influential, positive album even if it turns out to be bad ? Dude is an intelligent, positive role model as an mc and actor so let him do his thing I can't hate on a dude like that. Btw, his Lost and Found album was pretty good and hella underrated. Fuck Switch, party starter etc. listen to tracks like Tell Me Why, Lost and Found...go listen to those 2 things. I hope he works with Jeff and Jill Scott etc

  • 2Da9thPwr

    I hated 'switch' or whatever that track was called but he lyrically ripped all the verses on 'party starter'. I mean he had a double rhyme cadence and a consistent flow so I dont understand people saying that his style is simple. I applaud him for keeping it clean. For God's sake he's a father of three, he cant go around rhyming about splitting wigs and acting gangster.



  • Thomas Anthony Ruch

    this is kinda funny. i bet he does alot better than tht fraud rick ross lol.

  • Diz

    While yall playing, this is the perfect climate for him to release an album. Hell, all he has to do is release singles and he'll do better than a lot of these cats out here now. He always have at least 2 hot singles that get played like the world is ending. Much respect to him though.

  • FromDat202

    I'm ready to hear Will drop a freestyle over the "Tupac Back" beat. I can hear him now: Fresh Prince back, Fresh prince back dat's all dem bytchez screamin' is Fresh prince back! I gotta brand new funk/and I'm still gettin' jiggy me and Martin are Bad Boys/not Diddy and Biggie it's Independence Day/ Jada havin' my babies wheni dropped my 1st album, it was back in the 80's Fresh Prince back, Will Smith back dat all dem bytchez sayin' is Fresh Prince back!!! LOL!!!! (Will Smith, if u use this, I'll sue!)

  • Doubl Negative

    If Will wants to leave Hollywood he should at least go out on a high. Tarantino's Django Unchained project was a great opportunity for him and this role would've taken his career to a higher echelon. QT's one of the few white dudes in cinema who writes decent parts for Brothers and I'm sure Will would garner the accolades he's been striving to get for a performance in a Tarantino picture. Not to worry, I'm sure Jamie Foxx'll do a fine job in role. Don't forget folks, Christmas 2012; Django Unchained. I'm sure it'll be another Tarantino epic.

    • Mado_Quazi

      where in this article does it say Will is leaving Hollywood? It doesn't and for $25 mill a movie or more I doubt he would...By the way hop of QT dick.

    • JK

      @Bisshit Don't use the N-word when your a 20 year old white kid. You Internet Braveheart Pussy Ass Nicca!

    • bisquic

      DO YOU SEE A SIGN THAT SAYS DEAD NIGGER STORAGE!??!???...god I love that movie rofl

  • Nuno Andrade

    will smith is better mc than most of this gangsta/hustla rappers of today.........THE FRESH PRINCE IS BACK..........

  • Nick Crookshank

    I wonder if it has anything to do with Men In Black 3. He always released a track with those movies. And those tracks and movies were dope. Shit nobody remember Bad Boys 2?

  • Anonymous


  • mattiem2009@yahoo.com

    don"t be mad get glad and do your own stuff and stop hateing on will smith.

  • Sensaye252

    He should come back out as The Fresh Prince, not Will Smith. He was dope back in the day, I'll never front on his old material. His first two albums were classic. "I'm the Rapper, He's the DJ" was the first record me and my Brother ever got and we spun it 'til the wax came off that mothafucka. "Nightmare on my Street", nigga what? With that said, once he started gettin' toehr people to write his material for him, he lost me. I will never listen to a rapper that doesn't write his own rhymes, I don't care if you got Shakespeare ghostwritin' your shit. The other problem is that, even if he does write his own stuff, he's too far in bed with the hollywood crowd and white America to say anything that might stir up even a smidge on contraversy, so it's gonna be super-soft. I got mad love and respect for the big homey though.

    • Fado

      The term "white America" doesn't refer too all white people especially the ones that grew up in urban areas with blacks (like Eminem) it refers too the mainstream society of America that's white (and usually far right and conservative) that get offended by the slightest shit. So calm down black people use it all the time its not racist.

    • Sensaye252

      The term 'white america' is not a racist term, just like 'black america' or 'latino america' is not a racist term. It's just describing a certain demographic. The only thing worse than actual racists are sensitive pricks like you that think ANYTHING that has to do with race is 'racist'. Calm your punk ass down.

    • Teacher

      Listen cockwipe, what he said was pretty easy to understand yet managed to turn it into a insult on white people. If you want it, you got it, CUNT! Thanks for your input in to OUR culture. HONKY

    • Sensaye252

      The term "white america" isn't a racist term you overly sensitive prick. Calm your punk ass down.

    • Anonymous

      fuck you mean "white america" fuck outta here with that retarded racist stereotypin nonsense 2 of the most controversial rappers of all time are BOTH WHITE Vinnie Paz and Eminem both white both american thus part of "white america" and proof your statement was dumb as fuck and your retarded

  • mattiem2009@yahoo.com

    will i am waiting for any thing that you come up with,i got all your movies and your last music you made,now ready for some more.put my money to good use ok.love you will smith.

  • Willie Cedillo

    Hes always had goo rhymes, never understood why he never got no respect? Because he does not curse? Chamillionaire doesent curse as well and he at least gets respect with in some circles..

  • Javier Quevedo

    I still listen to summertime if he's going to do it he needs DJ Jazzy Jeff and nas to ghost write sum joints for him lol.

  • Anonymous

    Yo speak for yourselves y'all. Not everyone doesn't feel Will smith just because he don't cuss. But let's b real y'all this dude just ain't cut out for rap. And look at that 2005 album, if that album was pretty wack, imagine the level of wackness a 2011/ 2012 album will be. I mean, what's he gonna rap about now, what subject matter will he go on? dude is rich so if he talks about the economy and folks in the hood, he'll just sound lame so what would herap about?

  • Anonymous

    look this shit ain't just about this brotha not cussin. For one, he's old, second his rhymes are weak, and how bout his flow? I swear he's flow is repeated more than a broken record. Hell I don't even mind ol school rap, matter of fact I prefer it to lil wayne and soulja boy n all them cats but I just can't envision anything dope coming from a Will smith album, with or without cussin'

    • Anonymous

      Nas rhymes (yes rhymes, not lyrics) aren't all that, too.

    • Crystal

      What does age got to do with anything? His rhymes are good, even though they're not very complex. His storytelling abilities are fantastic. Oh, and the flow? Fuck outta here.

  • Anonymous

    look yall i kno yall hate on will but check out just crusin by him dat record is classic hands down

  • Marc Wilcox

    Wow yall are dumb, all people think about when they hear Will Smith is Gettin Jiggy Wit It and clean rap...So what ill still buy his album and honestly he still got rhymes you dont believe and this coming from a true Eminem fan that in his dis track Mr. Nice Guy he shut Em and he hasn't responded to that because what Will said was the truth...Youtube that track and he did that whole track without cussin...thats a mcee for you...and dont forget Here He Comes and Boom Shake The Room old track but still went hard on it...so im lookin forward to the new album and its somethin i can play around my son with no issue...

  • Kanye East

    Finally! I've been waiting for him to do another album since 2005! Always been a big fan of Will.

  • Nico 3

    Maybe he can do a posse cut with Jaden Smith, Justin Bieber and the cast of Glee lol

  • stephan

    People dont take him serious because he doesn't curse in his songs and because of his show. I think people forget that their track was the first grammy winning hip hop song

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Will Smith actually is a good rapper in my opinion, but of course some folks aren't gonna gravitate towards him because he doesn't curse, call women bitches, talk about cars, cash and he actually has some intelligence. Also he isn't a wannabe thug nor does he try to be. Anyway I can't wait to hear some good ish from him....

    • Anonymous

      That's the reason these fools won't appreciate it, the old albums were fucking Hip Hop and way better than almost all the music that's gets released today. But they prefer the non lyrical Game who acts like the toughest gangsta in the media.

  • Twan

    No Please No!!!!!! Will should just stick to the acting thing. He would make far more money and he is a way better actor than rapper.

  • Gangs of NY

    Will was just at a Nas show in Philly the other day. He introduced Nas and danced a little on stage for Made You Look. lol From what I heard Nas called him "The King of Philly". The footage is YouTube I think.

  • Anonymous

    Compared to the trash thats out here now will smith looks like Kool G Rap

  • Crystal

    The Fresh Prince! Damn, can't wait to check out some new Big Willie. He's mad under-rated, people only hate on him cause he don't curse in his lyrics. He's flow is so smooth it's ridiculous.



  • id listen

    lost and found was dope, id check out a new album from will.



  • Kashif Ilyas

    Lost and Found was dope. I am interested to hear of a new project.

  • beezlebud

    doooopppe news love his music hasnt put out a wack album yet born to reign was his weakestn even that had some solid songs on it n he made up for that shit with LOST and FOUND

  • Phil House

    please no will you are garbage you did summertime and parents just dont understand that is it there is no market for your poilte ass raps stick to makin movies

  • idntknow

    Will Smith got paper way more then these wappers he makes 25 mill a movie, so he can drop a 1 million for each song and think nothing of i, but he to clever for that he just needs Jazzy Jeff back and that it, I aint ganna lie Summertime, parents dont understand, boom shake the room, just cruzzin, miami or just the ones I like but he just needs to have fun with it, and not put pressure on himself but if you do not put pressure on yourself you do not get a good album... its simple all rappers have come up strong and gone down fast and yeh jay-z is lame and always be lame and people who like his music are a lost in sight cause when pac use to diss him he use to say quiet and now games disses him in every interview and he stays quiet... nas destroyed him.... please name me a song where jay-z doesnt talk about girls, money and cars... and he ditched his crew and sold his soul to the devil.. As a man dude may have the money but as a person dude is lame#

    • idntknow

      This is hiphop, it was never about how many records you sold back then it was about the music and I will buy an album who makes good music.... let me break it down I brought the NWA, the snoop dogg albums, the master P albums, the ice cube war and peace disc, the chronic and chronic 2001, hell I even had will smith big wille style and his older cds, oh yeah and puff daddy forver cd, about the bejamins, list goes oh nas, dmx albums, ludacris albums, scarface albums... come on son real albums. All people say is about jay-z album is raasonable doubt ... like wow... shit is wack! and overated!

    • Anonymous

      The person above me is right and the Jay z fan needs to stuff a dick in his / her mouth. Everyone knows that Jay z is just OK not a fucking God of hiphop, he's better than wacka flocka n gucci of course but other than that he's pretty much an average rap, the same as all those overrated rappers out there.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with everything you said up until you started dissin Jay. Are you a personal friend of his? If not, how can you make references about him that only personal aquaintances would know? Because he doesn't respond to rappers, that makes him lame? Him and Nas had their beef. Why should he waste time responding to Game? Game disses everybody when he has an upcoming record in the mix. Also, all this talk about Jay and the devil needs to stop. You punks can't even make up your own minds. Rap fans can't even support our own people. Quick to shake em down, but slow to support the rise to the top. GTFOH!

  • thought dog

    Do we really need to continue with this trend of famous peoples kids buying their way into music careers?

  • Fado

    too me will smith is underrated. Does he have the most hard hitting punchlines?, no. But he has a smooth flow and his voice sounds different... I want him to make more songs like summertime.

    • beezlebud

      word, highly under-rated he's actually got more solid albums than alot of the cats kids on here call the illest

  • Anonymous

    throw nas some money and maybe he will write it (again)

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