David Banner Speaks On Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" Sessions

After producing 2008's "La La," David Banner tells Rolling Stone about his chemistry with Lil Wayne and working on "Tha Carter IV."

Lil Wayne’s latest album, Tha Carter IV is scheduled to hit stores and online retailers on August 29, and producer and fellow emcee David Banner is hoping to provide the backdrop for the album’s next single. Banner and Wayne worked together on Tha Carter III on the track “La La,” and Banner said he hopes to recapture their 2008 chemistry.

“Hopefully we got the next single," Banner told Rolling Stone during a recent interview. The versatile Mississippi product said he submitted an unnamed song for Tha Carter IV that was under consideration for the tracklist at the time of the interview. “It’s definitely for the club, it’s beating. It’s a bit different than the approach most producers have taken to club music, because I think a lot of producers try to stay safe and do what everyone else is doing. I don’t think Wayne accepted that at all.”

David Banner added that he usually reserves a selection of beats to submit to Lil Wayne that no other artists are privy to hear until after Wayne decides on his final tracklisting. Having heard most of the material submitted for Tha Carter IV, Banner said no two tracks on the album sounded alike. While Tha Carter III went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2009, it remains to be seen if Wayne, Banner and the rest of the album’s producers and featured artists can repeat their commercial and critical success.

“I always compare Wayne to Kobe Bryant, because of the fierceness he has for the recording process and his love for the music,” Banner explained. “He always wants to take music to the next level, from learning to play the guitar to venturing out into rock. Lyrically, he’s a beast, and he’s allowed himself to grow.”

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  • anon

    how's this dude gonna make a song like swag and then hop on lil wayne's dick spitting some bullshit to the press. and if lil wayne wins the grammy for best rap album beating out kanye's two albums, nas' new album, and common's new album well then shit his ass needs to get taylor swift'd cuz that shit would be fuckin ridiculous.

  • Vinny Mac

    I'm pretty sure David Banner did this interview while sucking on some Lil Wang. I bet he really realized Wayne was a rock star when he saw him play Guitar Hero.

  • Marc Wilcox

    Watch David Banner gon be the next producer sueing because he aint get paid, but then again David Banner a G so i know he made sure he got his money up front...the album still gon be Garbage

  • Greg Hunter Jr.

    Wanye is more like LeBron choke in the clutch but always get hyped by dummies. Honestly he's gettin old. Can he do anything without using the SAME PUNCHLINES.

  • yo

    david banner on the beat bitch!

  • Anonymous

    "a lot of producers try to stay safe and do what everyone else is doing. I don’t think Wayne accepted that at all" Yea, talking about the artist that does the same thing every song and uses the same producers and cameo's every single. GTFO of here, Wayne isn't taking any chances. Just the same old worn out lines and flow. And holding a guitar doesn't mean your a rock star.

  • Wayne

    Banner needs to stop sucking Wayne's dick.

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