Erykah Badu Responds To The D.O.C.'s Comments On Their Relationship

Fat Belly Bella clarifies their relationship after he made comments suggesting that marriage was in the cards.

Nearly two weeks ago, The D.O.C. explained that he and Erykah Badu lived together part-time and that he hoped that they would get married at the end of a reality show about their relationship.

After the article picked up steam on the Internet, Badu has responded to the claims through L.A. Weekly and Dallas Observer, explaining that the two "share parental responsibilities for their daughter" - but that's all there is to it.

"That is the full extent of their personal involvement and no romantic dynamic exists between the two," reads a statement on her behalf. "Moreover, Erykah has no plans to marry or have any sort of courtship with the D.O.C. Ms. Badu has no plans to allow a reality show to be filmed in her private Dallas residence or to include any of her children in the filming...The D.O.C.'s comments were either taken out of context, improperly interpreted, or reflective of his now, not-so-secret desires. Whatever the case, Erykah wishes D.O.C. well both spiritually and professionally."

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  • Anonymous

    woman has 3 kids an none of them have the same dad lol

  • Anonymous

    i believe d.o.c. badu backtracked

  • Zach

    Thought she was with Jay Elect now anyway?

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    She must be allergic to condoms or birth control...*shrug*

  • Anonymous

    common dodged that bullet tho....

  • Anonymous

    what im lost, its another kid out there? i thought it was andre 3000 kid, and jay E..where DOC come from? *goes to google*

  • Mu

    We've learned exactly FOUR things about the lovely Erykah Badu over the years: 1. She an incredible artist who makes outstanding music. 2. She has a weakness for rappers. 3. She doesn't believe in any form of contraception. 4. She clearly has no issue with having multiple "baby's fathers". That's what I'm talking about Erykah, FUCK tradition and marriage and all that shit!

  • Google

    another classic example of a chick selling a guy a dream and then backtracking when light is shed on the subject. Erykah is no fool Jay Elec is bout to drop his major label debut and start touring shes gon b raking in his dough. what she look like marrying DOC and his detox money is suspect? You ever notice when 3000 has a album out she doesnt put out anything? (moohlah)I bet she in DOCS,3000 and Jay Elecs pockets u gotta respect her pimp game she got all dem dudes on the track lmao!!!

    • Bowski

      @ Anonymous: Trust that she's stacking bread, she does mad shows all over the place and that (for the most part) is how artists make their money, more than album sales anyway. Erykah is a B-girl by every definition of the term, so I'm willing to bet that seeing her djing is (1) Another way she shows love for music, and (2) I'll bet you she got paid to do that Djing gig. (LMAO)I don't see how you interpreted her djing as her being broke?

    • Anonymous

      I dont know about her bread stacking...why is she doing dj gigs on the side?

    • dockevoc

      Jay Elec ain't dropping shit...erykah makes more money in a show than that dude has ever seen in his life

  • bkstylz

    I knew something wasn't right with the story D.O.C. gave. I wonder if he is really working with Dre now as well.

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