Rolling Stone Magazine Crowns Eminem The "King Of Hip Hop"

The magazine has released a list quantifying and qualifying the major players in Hip Hop.

Rolling Stone magazine has crowned Eminem the "King of Hip Hop," ranking him above Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and more.

The magazine claims that the list doesn't measure the "all-time greatest," but rather analyzes data like album sales, YouTube hits and social networking popularity to determine who has the highest index number.

Additional artists to make the final cut include Gucci Mane, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, Big Boi, B.o.B, Lupe Fiasco, Pitbull, Kid CuDi and a handful of others.

Head over to to see the full list.

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  • Anonymous

    625 posts and not ONE person read this part " naming the King of Hip-Hop we focused on the very recent past: from 2009 through the first seven months of 2011" now obviously the biggest release of that period of time was recovery. so racists take a seat haters take a seat, nas d-riders definately take a seat since he wasnt even remotely relevant at that time of the survey and has no business being mentioned in this article and will someone learn how to fucking read. SHEEESHHH!!!

  • du

    What did they do give everybody token in Poland to download M album? Use their affiliates to sell M album????? We respect the dude for wanting to eat some of the droppings, we ain't prejudice. But that's far as it goes. Rollingstone need to back the ^&%*& up go focus on the rat eating blood drinking lunatics and leave hip hop fo n!gg$z. Dig? As for as this fool goes I would never play his toilets for mah kids... Can this fool talk about the toilet the black community has to go through at the hands of his father??? Can this fool talk about how it is to be BLACK??? Mah ear cant get enough of PAC BIG DRE NAS YM DOWG, J. We've got a everlasting list to choose from, and when we want to hear more we look to the new n!gg$z to see what they got... Like Meek Mill. If rolling dust a mean stone king is free-styling over a beat at 100bpm and the DJ drop it to 85bpm that fool will still be going at 100bpm, you know why???? He can't feel the music. Hip hop, rap, this black shyt there is more to it than the numbers that you control and tweak to your likings. This go beyond stats... But you wouldn't know this rolling dust, a mean stone. Learn some step step kick routine and you think you got it... You will NEVER get it. Pac and big set the shyt so high Nas as great as he is had trouble keeping up... Now you wanna tell me this fool is better than one of Nas finger...? Not even in ten thousand years... Much less 2 PAC.So I guess rollingdust think this clown is better than the Doc himself... You can't even laugh about this shyt. The trouble is most of these rappers can't say shyt because they been brainwash to think without stats they can't make it. The rest just so timid that the plug will be pulled on them and they wont get money. Niggaz say something, your parents survived on hand out and you don't think you can tell rollingstone to fuck off and survive on the millions you made so far if you have to. Stupid as stupid!!! Where is WEST??? Speak up west. Hammer made it from his car booth. 50 made it before rap money... You'll gone just roll over like little puppy dogs and say scratch me some more... Put out a statement beanie sigel!!!! Where Beans???? We the niggaz on the streetz making noise while not a sound coming from one of your subservient ass... Now the picture gets much clearer, when pac said, "even Hollywood is trying to get a piece ah this". "Mah lyrics running all you cowards out of hip hop". Everybody too dope up to ask why? What they gone do next? Paint him black and say he's black Jesus???

  • M-Blayze

    When Jay did "Takeover", I couldn't resist this song, cause it was so slammin'!! I got love for Nas, because his "Ether" blew everyone the fuck away, but that "Takeover" song was just tooo great. Notice the song title, "Takeover" He meant taking over the world... Notice in one of his verse in "Hard Knock Life", Let's stick up the world and split it fifty-fifty, take the doe n stay real jiggy... ALL OF HIS LYRICS ARE INDIRECTLY TALKING ABOUT ILLUMINATI RULING THE WORLD... For people who has no life: you can do your own research and try to verify the theories... for people who just bitchin but aint got the time: sucks to be u! for people who's really pissed off at my comments: sucks to be u! (Laughing like Jay-Z would laugh before dissing someone)...

  • M-Blayze

    Oh fuck, you still on this dick??? Racism is so dead. You're the ones are bringing it back!! WE KNOW! WE KNOW! EM is white and he sponged off of white america, WE KNOW!! WE DONT NEED YOU TO REPEAT IT FOR US!! I'm saying, EM aint like he used to be, he seems like he regrets being who he used to be. (His old image). Let's go back to old school: the Hov was just crack-dealin', n rapping, while Em went on his rampage trip, with his drug-infused, suicidal attitude... now let's get here to 2011: the Hov is A MOTHERFUCKIN ILLUMINATI WORSHIPPER, USING THE ROC SIGN (TRIANGLE GESTURE WITH BOTH HANDS) and fooled out of every-fucking-body!! Eminem who used to be a part of the illuminati BS, he is now realizing the damage that he has done to black hip-hop and he wanted out, so thats exavctly what he's doing: RECOVERY. Jay?? he wants to rule you all, promoting illuminati, INDIRECTLY. HIM n KANYE WEST, THEY DOING: WATCH THE THRONE. (IF YOU LISTEN TO THEIR LYRICS VERY VERY VERY CAREFULLY), YOU'LL NOTICE THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT DEVIL WORSHIP, N THEY AINT INTO GOD AS YOU THINK THEY ARE OUT TO BE... EM MANIPULATING BLACK MUSIC?? THATS OLD NEWS AND HE AINT DOIN THAT ANYMORE!! THE ILLUMINATI SERVANT, JAY-Z IS MANIPULATING ALL OF US!! He is clearly one of the most domineering rappers out there, and his power has waved people into his territory... You believe whatever the fuck you wanna believe. This is research, not paranoia. IF YOU THINK IM OFF THE RAIL, THEN YOU BEST GET YOUR ASS TO WORK: RESEARCH OR IGNORE MY BLOG SHORT. ALL OF U RACIST ASS MOTHERFUCKERS OBSESSING ON THE PAST N SHIT, LET'S GO TO 2011, AFTER ALL WE ARE IN THAT!! FUCK U HATERS, I'LL SEE U LATER!! White Panther, M-Blayze

    • Will C

      So we got a YouTube scholar regurgitating other peoples' opinions/research. Can you cite your sources, sir? The "diamond" or "pyramid" symbol is of AFRICAN origin so attributing it to the "Illuminati" is the first mistake. Jay is aware of this as evidenced by his association with Jaz-O who studied some of Malachi York's teachings. Not saying Jay isn't into something foul, but to say so beyond a reasonable doubt (pun intended) without dropping some real knowledge or sources is a waste of everyone's time. People can google Black Dot and Professor Griff's videos for more info on this dude's views, but study for yourself. Don't believe ANYONE.

  • Octavian Johnson

    I love Em (no homo) but there's a difference between The Most Popular Rapper and The Best Rapper. I hate that people try to base greatness off of album sales. Nicki Minaj sold an assload of copies of her album and we all know she sucks

  • Simon Magus

    So what they are saying is EM is the most popular pop rap act. Crowning him the king of hip-hop would mean was still doing something besides hip-pop using his tried and true formula i.e. the crazy white boy with issues spitting solid bars. He recently went toward an even more pop like sound after doing the detriot acid rap tribute or theft you be the judge i.e. relapse but this new album was pop pop pop and more pop they use watch me burn in spin classes when I walk by at the gym(elevator music).

    • Simon Magus

      Also on the list Gucci Man Kid Cudi Pitbull so as you can see this is a list of most popular. Like I said watch me burn is on kids bop which is the the ultimate crossover situation i.e. so pop it can be watered down to the points kids sing it. Plus any list with Gucci or pitbull on it can't be taken seriously.

  • Real2Real

    Really, who cares about the opinions of today’s rap fans? Today’s generation are full of dick riding yes men, they’ll co-sign anything as long as it has a good beat, a bubblegum hook, and a techno like beat, don’t get shit twisted, I’m a young dude, but I really despise my generation, and the one below mine, our generation and theirs are full of idiots, who think they’re worthless two cents are valuable,, who’ll also sell their souls just to fit in. No one likes being themselves anymore, nor have any depth in their personalities, it’s all about what someone else is doing or wearing. Everything’s “swag this, swag that” hopefully as we age my generation and the one under us will mature, until then we’re fucked.

  • TripleBlackBeauty

    In the right hand column of this very article is the title of an article " Donald Trump brands Mac Miller "The Next Eminem"... And dumb ass niggers can not see how this culture is being driven into the gutter, by a racist aggresive takeover... Many of the ignorant here will "Donald Trump Don't say what is and is not in Hip Hop"... And that post will be placed HERE in the "Eminem named King of Hip Hop" by Billboard Magazine thread... Nigga need to wake the fuck up!

  • TripleBlackBeauty

    It is so sad; that blacks cannot see how RACIST Eminem's entire rise in this culture is. Everything from his praise as this Great Battle Rapper to his Career Success (Which is beyond anything any other MC will ever dream of achieving). For Racism to exist or to be a Racist one group must have or exercise their POWER over another to deny them certain rights … Eminem comes from the Caucasian / White group… Hip Hop is created, gifted to and predominantly an African or Black group culture… What Eminem’s white group of Corporations has done is exercise their POWER, in sales, popularity (among His WHITE group), coverage in the media ect… the Eminem / White group has exercised their collective power over the Hip Hop / Black Group to enforce their Racism or Racist Superiority over the Hip Hop / Black Group to deny them their true supremacy in this culture… Eminem allows himself to be used as a vehicle for White Racism to lord over the Black Hip Hop Culture or group. And has convinced the downtrodden group / in this case the Black / Hip Hop Group to accept and participate in their oppression. Why can’t Niggers see that if given the opportunity to control who wins and who looses… Caucasians will choose one of their own each and every time… especially in the case of something as cool as Hip Hop… So in the case of Hip Hop a Black Male dominated culture… A White man is the Coolest, slickest, flyest… Dopest! /

    • Anonymous

      some me. You know all this shit is propaganda to take something else lucrative from the blk community and use its power to influence a cultural takeover while geting wht kids back into feeling superior. Thats why they was pushing that Norway dudes manifesto. Propaganda to get these kids into a new Nazi movement...but they'll call it some other shit because they're too busy trying to fool everyone into thinking the Nazi's were defeated and that their not behind the scenes of a lot of propaganda shit going on these days. the truth is out there...just have to look for it.

  • TripleBlackBeauty

    Can't blacks see how Eminem and Corporations are manipulating Hip Hop culture, Influence and HISTORY... They can't just bust a King James Shakesphere move and rewrite shit, so they are manuvering Eminem into a position in History with Awards, titles, records (best Rapper alive, King of Hip Hop ect...) and Honors... And dumb niggers actually debate this shit like it's something honest and truly deserving of debate... Lies, manipulation and racist control do not deserve honest debate.

  • TripleBlackBeauty

    It is so sad; that blacks cannot see how RACIST Eminem's entire rise in this culture is. Everything from his praise as this Great Battle Rapper to his Career Success (Which is beyond anything any other MC will ever dream of achieving). For Racism to exist or to be a Racist one group must have or exercise their POWER over another to deny them certain rights … Eminem comes from the Caucasian / White group… Hip Hop is created, gifted to and predominantly an African or Black group culture… What Eminem’s white group of Corporations has done is exercise their POWER, in sales, popularity (among His WHITE group), coverage in the media ect… the Eminem / White group has exercised their collective power over the Hip Hop / Black Group to enforce their Racism or Racist Superiority over the Hip Hop / Black Group to deny them their true supremacy in this culture… Eminem allows himself to be used as a vehicle for White Racism to lord over the Black Hip Hop Culture or group. And has convinced the downtrodden group / in this case the Black / Hip Hop Group to accept and participate in their oppression. Why can’t Niggers see that if given the opportunity to control who wins and who looses… Caucasians will choose one of their own each and every time… especially in the case of something as cool as Hip Hop… So in the case of Hip Hop a Black Male dominated culture… A White man is the Coolest, slickest, flyest… Dopest!

  • Marc Wilcox

    Wow someone said i was clueless when i spit nothing but facts if thats all you can come up with after people have been spitting knowledge dude you need to go jump off a cliff with nothing but rocks at the bottom and to anonymous speaking about Outkast they are a rap duo Eminem is doing this by himself...and to the dude that messaged me on facebook about this Maxwell Smart ima put on blast and say that Em being white has nothing to do with his success its his rhymes that got him to where he is now and his rhyme built his fan base and his fan base are the reason for his sells, therefore his sells are the reason why Rolling Stones, BET and everything else is naming him the King of Hip Hop...Quit being mad be cause they not calling Lil Wayne the king...race dont have shit to do with a person success when it come to music...hell yall want to bring race into play one the biggest selling country groups had a nigga as the lead singer Hoodie and the Blowfish, you want to talk success has to do with race and this is outside of music why is the richest man in the world worth 74 billion and mexican? So everyone talkin about race need to quit tryin to speak shit you can't back up...Go suck on wayne dick since thats who yall want to be the best...

  • Anonymous

    "look at my sales, let's do the math, if I was black, I would've sold half"- Eminem on White America. People need to hop off Em's dick and ride on someone else. His time is done. I'm tired of that bullshit music he's making these days. Infinite was his debut album, and it was his only album that deserves a CLASSIC rating on it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wtf Gucci & Pitbull?!

  • M-Blayze


  • M-Blayze

    I thought Racism was dead?? AND Y'ALL gonna mouth off to this shit? So, Em is king in rolling stones, so what!? He could be the 5th in XXL magazine, he could be the 10th in The Source magazine, who gives a flying fuck!! You over-opinionated motherfuckers can't separate from music and who the best... You always have to incorporate the two, and make it all like, who's the best and all that shit, fuck all of y'all! You wanna know who the king of hip-hop?? It's Jesus H Christ!! If God could rap, he could single-handedly kill every last wigga or nigga out there who thought they was the best... You peabrains just yapping cause you're taking this "freedom of speech" too far and stating opinions that has no relevancy in its own way!! Stop wasting the blogs n lets move the fuck on!! Hip-Hop is for blacks, white, hispanics and so on and on and on... If you're gonna overlook with some dumb stats and facts: I say Dipset and Wu-Tang is the best rap group of ALL TIME, now who the fuck agrees with me?? Half of y'all must be raising your eye-brows like the Rock who can cook your ass! Only 5% of u prolly agrees with me and the rest of you begs to differ, am I wrong? Same Thing, Rolling stones said Em is #1, you disagreed, okay. Agree to disagree, because Rolling Stones Magazine doesn't exemplify what we think "Hip-Hop" is... For the haters: Deep down inside, y'all know that as much as you hate it, you know nobody can touch Eminem!! He's the white Michael Jordan of Hip-Hop!! For the Racists haters (yea you both black n white fuckers): In my damn opinion: Nobody tops Dipset (I'm talkin about Cam'Ron, Juelz, Jim Jones, Max B., Hell Rell, Freekey Zekey, etc) or Wu-Tang (I'm talkin' about the muthafuckin chef shallah raekwon, the method man, RZA, GZA, ODB, Cappachino, Ghostface Killah, Master Killah, U-God, Insoectah Deck, Ice Waters, The Cream Team, , etc.), yes, I'm saying they're all better than the Hov, Kanye West, and many countless of others!! But Em comes in third... Come on Y'all, IF U CAN AGREE WITH MY TOP 3, THEN U A HARDCORE MOTHAFUCKIN HIP-HOP FAN WITHOUT RACIST INHIBITIONS AND SATIRE!! NWA, A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, DE LA SOUL, JUNGLE BROTHERS, AUDIO 2, STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT, NAUGHTY BY NATURE, THE JUICE CREW ARE ALL WA-A-A-A-A-A-Y BETTER THAN JAY-Z AND KANYE WEST COMBINED!! THIS IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE, THIS IS HIP-HOP, BEEEYOTCH!! WHITE PANTHER, M-BLAYZE (SHUT YO' MOUTH!!)

  • GlowStreet31

    They really fucked the word hip hop. Eminem aint even the king of hip hop no more and all these young money fags shouldnt even be in this list.

  • Honest Truth

    Have you notice the pattern with Nas or Em stans or plain Jay haters that when they make a case that Jay's garbage or overrated their point of reference is always "Ether". The intriguing thing about this is that even during that beef with Nas and after "Ether" , you hardly heard words like "overrated" or "garbage" being said about Jay, because he was still in his prime. Up until the Black album you rarely or ever heard such words as "overrated" or wack or garbage about Jay. Interesting huh? What people might not know is that Jay was always battling niggas on records on the low and crushing em before he went head to toe with Nas. Most would agree they Jay won those battles, I don't know about now though because the hates pretty strong today. So the question is where did all this Jay-Z hate originate from? Jay would say it's his money, but that half-true. He was worth hundreds of millions during his Black album and Blueprint period, so that's not really the reason. He would also think because of his longevity and relevancy,but not really either. So next he would think my commercial success and iconic status, strangely nope not that either. So why did he go from the most favorite to the most hated? The real answer and the baseline of Jay's hate is KINGDOM COME. Nas had already introduce Hip Hop is Dead, but Jay clarified why it was. The younger generation were irate because they felt that he slightly put the blame on them and the third generation rap artists who were their favorites, because they looked up to him as the king. Upon Jay's unretirement their favorites kind of got put on the shelf. Now the haters from the maturer generation takes issue with is longevity,relevancy and extreme success. The still hold grudges of old feelings of Jay filling the void of Biggie and Tupac and taking off with it. They feel as though Hov shouldn't of been the anointed one to hold the game down after Biggie and Pac past. The truth is any one who filled that big of void for would have gotten the same reaction. So Nas played it safe bascially avoided that responsibility and Jay took the risk and took it on. To be totally honest Jay was the only one who could hold the crown and run the game for long periods, because he possess a lot of charisma, cool-collected,self-aware,self-assured,consistency,persistence,incredible lyricism(his double/triple entendres are mindblowing),amazing flow,overwhelming ambition,will-power,street-smart,book-smart and business-savvy. These are all leadership qualities. Know wonder he sets the most trends huh. Hov is definitely somebody you would refer to as a rare nigga. Nas wouldn't of been capable of holding the crown and being on top of the game, because he was too insecure,too inconsistent and letting his fans down too much. The bitter new school and bitter old school joined forces to give birth to the "Fuck Jazy-Z" era or better yet "Fuck that faggot ass Jay-Z" or "Fuck that pussy ass nigga Jay-Z" lol, How about the "Jay-Z shouldn't be on anybody's top 5 or top 20 for that matter, he's the wackest pop rapper ever". All of these are abusrd and asinine and uncalled for. IF you don't like some one just say, I personally don't really like him not "I hate Jay-Z", really people, is that neccessary. I mean how do you hate someone you don't know on a personal level. I swear the HateJay fan club has the weirdest impersonal-personal beef with Hov. You would of thought he fired them from their job or purposely caused their house to foreclosure lol. This level of hate definitely didn't come from vol.2, vol.3 era,the Dynasty era,Blueprint era or The Black Album era. Nas is one of the best storytellers and abstract poets, but far as all around wordplay and witty flows Jay and Em got him beat. Lets break down the battle of Jay and Nas shall we. Memphis Bleek through a shot at Nas on 'Mind Right" remix. So Nas responded with the "Stillmatic" freestyle over the paid in full beat. Throwing a shot at Bleek, then throwing a weakass one at Jay. So Jay caught wind of it and changed his last verse of the classic "Takeover" then crushed Nas. Everybody in the industry and hip hop(especially Nas fans) community thought Jay finished off and destroyed Nas even Mc Serch(Who put him on). So everybody thought at point he had no chance against Jay because Jay came up battling niggas and Nas didn't. Jay was the reigning untouchable king at the time. So Hov was the top dog and Nas was the underdog at point. So with all that underestimation of Nas he suprised attack with Ether, and people were in awe shock that he had it in him. Jay fired back with that rushed half-assed "Superugly". He should got focus and dropped a "Takeover" part 2 on him. Anyway Angie Martinez asked New York who they think one that battle at the results were Nas 52% and 48% Jay-Z. So of course Nas one the outcome. He didn't slaughter Jay because you can't destroy an ill MC. Ja Rule and Murder Inc and Benzino got destroyed though. Em ended all of their careers. Now that's being destroyed in a battle. After Ether revived Nas's career to being mentioned again, Jay went to run the game dropped few more hits and went double platinum. The next year while still running the game in 2002, he dropped the Blueprint 2 album dropped couple of hit and went quadruple- platinum. Then he announced his leaving the game, dropped the Black album bowing out on top of the game. Going triple platinum on is "so-called" last effort. See niggas Nas did leave a booboo on Jay ,because still went on to hold down the crown. I get tired of these Nas dickriders bringing up "Ether" all the damn time. Eminem was beat by Rhymefest in the 97 scribble jam. Does that mean Rhymefest is an iller and better MC than Eminem? Does it mean he could beat Em in a battle today? The reasonable answer is hell no. Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson for the title. Does that mean Buster Douglas is way better boxer than Tyson? No. All champions have lost or going to lose, because it's vital to their growth. The key to being a true champ never getting knocked down, it's your resilience from the blow. Em knows now from that day, that he should always come harder with whom ever he rap's against or with. Hov knows now from that battle with Nas, to never be too cock-sure, too relaxed and underestimate your opponent.

    • Jesse Wilkins

      lol wtf

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign. Same sword they knight you they gon' good night you with Sh.., Thats' only half if they like you That ain't even the half what they might do Don't believe me, ask Michael See Martin, see Malcolm You see Biggie, see Pac, see success and its outcome See Jesus, see Judas; see Caesar, see Brutus See success is like suicide Suicide, it's a suicide If you succeed, prepare to be crucified Media meddles, niggas sue you, you settle Every step you take, they remind you you ghetto So it's tough being Bobby Brown To be Bobby then, you gotta be Bobby now Now the question is, "Is to have had and lost Better than not having at [all]?" Everybody wanna be the King then shots ring You laying on your balcony with holes in your dream Or you Malcolm X'd out, get distracted by screams Everybody get your hand off my jeans! Everybody look at you strange, say you changed Uhh! Like you work that hard to stay the same

  • Jesse Wilkins

    haha these comments are hilarious. sure em's good, but there are tons of rappers, its all personal preference.


    That top 20 list is dumb how is 50 not there i dont really like him but in the las decade only em & nelly have sold more records than him His site gets millions of hits a month & is one of the best hip hop sites going. How on earth can pitbull & wacka get on the list & 50 cant

  • Rich Britton

    lol what y'all realize is white boys can never take basketball!!! MJ Kobe now LBJ baby!!! hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    the king of hip hop is a matter of opinion, if i had my own magazine it would say this jbird bitch is the best ever so with that said jbird bitch gettin all up in that ass the best rapper in the game now listen to my music

  • shady

    Em deserves tis cus he's a mc that dosen't gets props for having a classic album cus he's white, despite da numbers he does. Best Rapper Alive!

  • Crazysumabich

    Em IS black!!! He just got that disease that turns niggas into white people like Michael Jackson.

  • QB

    Meh.. not surprised.. and yes it IS because he's White. You have millions of White kids that don't listen to any other hip hop except him. White people are the majority in the US, so it's a no brainer they'd support him in droves. Not saying he isn't talented, but he is waay overated. He even said himself he wouldn't have sold half as much if he were Black. Black people do not listen to Em, most respect him, but we don't bump his music. He speaks to wanna bees, and angry, spoiled White kids. Rolling Stone & White America can keep their "King".. it doesn't mean a damn thing to us..

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous What you said is the most stupid thing ive ever heard. Hip hop doesnt belong to the whites. Im white and Im sayin that. Everybody knows that except of Em, the other whites are the worst rappers out there. The blacks are the best at rappin everybody knows this and if you dont care what we think you should think that if it wasnt about the blacks Eminem right now would be cookin at a restaurant. But who cares about this list, hip hop is gone.

    • Anonymous

      Who then? Jay? He cares way too much about sales.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahhaha, you fucktard. Eminem is the ONLY one who is Top 5 in EVERY category. Flow, wordplay, rhyme schemes, subjet matter, concept and social awareness. Influence, sales, discography and legacy. Nobody fucks with him out there. Point blank, period. Many rappers who care about legacy are way too scared to ever do a track with him.

    • Rich Britton

      couldnt agree more QB. Eminem was th ebest way for the white man to infiltrate hip hop and take over liek wat he does everything. Em sucks real talk. He's not top 10. He's not top 20.

    • Anonymous

      No one cares what you guys think. Hip hop belongs to the whites now.

  • Anonymous

    King of Pop = Michael Jackson King of Rock n Roll = Elvis Presly King of Hip Hop = Marshall Mathers aka Eminem

  • Marc Wilcox

    i was going to keep out of this but people bringing race into this not to mention people on here saying Rolling Stones don't know hip hop...what a lot of yall ignorant idiots don't realize is that when yall think of Rolling Stones yall think of old white rock band from the 60's and 70's, but yall fail to realize Rolling Stones Magazine knows more about hip hop than most rappers in the game right now... As far as Eminem goes he's rightfully so named the king of hip hop for a reason, no its not because he's white, it's because when it came to numbers and lyrisicm surpassed everyone...only rapper ALIVE to have a album go Diamond status, the only rappper ALIVE right now where people are still actually BUYING his music rather than just waiting for a leak, the only rapper ALIVE to reach 10 million plus sales on digital downloads...Need I say more? All you on here hating are just made it's not Lil Wayne or Drake this article is talking about, honestly Waynes era is coming to a close and his sales will never amount to Eminem heck even Jay-Z with 11 platinum albums hasn't topped Eminem...Need I Say More?

  • Mark

    well i am black and the only reason the white boy got the so called king of hip hop is because he is white.

  • Mark


  • Cealix

    You fucks don't understand what "being a king of hip hop" is, huh?? If you still believe being on top of the game means just great lyrics and amazing production(s), then you're still fucking stupid. You can add your pointless 2 cents to the argument and talk about your favorite underground artist having better lyrics than him, BUT A KING DOESN'T STAY UNDERGROUND! A king is suppose to DOMINATE, not stay with his small fanbase cause he's too afraid to venture out.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Finally someone who gets it. Impact is pretty much the most important factor. Eminem influeced almost underground rapper out there and many would name him as there greatest influence. It's hilarious to discredit him.

  • somebody

    when did he lose it?

  • Daniel Gregory

    Eminem Has been king since he dropped The Marshall Mathers LP!!

    • Anonymous

      Tell us what Hip Hop is. If Eminem ain't Hip Hop, nobody is. Not Pac, not Jay, not Cube, not L, not BIG, not Nas. Nobody. Eminem has brought Hip Hop way further than anyone could've ever dreamd of. Music genres need those worldwide icons to be respected. A King stands over everybody and Em does that since his debut was released. He DOMINATES everything. From skills to success.

    • Brutus

      Your a goof looking muthafucka lol do you know what hip hop is?

  • Anonymous

    A dope emcee isn't based on race, BUT SKILLS YOU IGNORANT MORONS.

  • Hmmm

    I love how all the comments supporting Em are labeling the haters as "You black people". WHO THE FCK SAID THEY WERE BLACK?! Get off your righteous racism, and stfu. People don't like calling Em the King because he ain't. Point Blank. Maybe in a world of super mainstream artists like Gucci Mane, Drake, and Nicki Minaj, he is. But when it comes to "real" Hip-Hop? Not even close.

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      Eminem is NOT the King of True Hip Hop... Eminem is suppose to be this great underground Battle MC... Tell how is it that a great underground battle MC from DETROIT... (RIP to a true King of Hip Hop J-Dilla ) why would Eminem leave Detroit... Fly over New York, the home of Hip Hop, Freestyle, Battle MCing and True Lyrcist to go battle in California... Eminem gets NO PROPS IN HIP HOP because he has never been tested in New York!

    • Anonymous

      Eminem IS Hip Hop.

    • Midget With A Ladder In His Back Pocket.

      I Love The Way You Lie. Pun Intended

    • Anonymous

      If you love it than why you bitching about it.??!

    • GIGO

      Than what is "REAL" hip hop? If Your ass doesn't consider em hip hop than you don't know shit about hip hop. If shady isn't hip hop than Nas, Tupac, DMX, Biggie, Big L aren't hip hop either.

    • Anonymous

      If eminem isn't real hip hop than hip hop in itself isn't real. Hip Hop = Eminem

    • Anonymous

      Explain real Hip Hop. I'm sure you're aware of the fact that Eminem was once underground himself? And please, don't list some random ass underground rappers.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is God! He's related to Jesus Christ

  • Brandon Pitts

    I just dont understand this new world. Eminem is cool and all but not the king... That's something labels like.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem> all. Even the stuff he comes out with now is still better than all the bullshit everyone else comes out with.

  • saint

    Rolling Stone doesn't know shit about hip-hop music.

    • 4real

      @Anon - he knows enough 2 know that Rolling Stone doesn't know shit about hip hop, lol. And they don't, they based the bullshit list off of categories that cater to Eminem's "strengths". Then they Nicki & Gucci make the list??? Yea, they don't know shit about hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      But you do?

  • TracerOne

    Congrats to Eminem! Sorry for all the haters..

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      Your congrats and apology to Eminem... Sounds just like the congressman that apologized to BP Oil during the hearings on how they fucked up the gulf coast. *SMH*

  • www

    Black people are so fucking racist. When Tiger Woods become no.1 in golf, WHERE 90% OF THE AUDIENCE IS WHITE, do you see them taking it away from him by saying "well... We know you're really good at this golf thing but you are not really relevant to our social type, so we'll just strip your green jacket from you :)" SO WHY CAN'T IT BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND? You fucking black racists make me wanna vomit. Fucking blacks more racists than KKK.

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      Golf is a decisive sport... either you get the holes in the least amount of strokes or you don't. Unlike Hip Hop which is subjective to the individual perspective and opinion. However... Eminem has the power of Coporate racism on speed dial... and they own the magazines and can create awards, honors and movies to say he is the King Of Hip Hop.

    • 4real

      Are Black people more racist then whites? You can read history up til now to prove this question. Secondly, the greatest artist is more so a matter of personal opinion (not record sales & You Tube clicks) whereas you can look at Tiger Woods stats or records that he broke to prove this... Besides, this is an article from Rolling Stone the same magazine that expressed hatred or bias against the culture any many articles. If we don't respect the source nor how the source came up with their bullshit title then got dammit we have the right 2 express it. Peace

    • Garrett Perkins

      Okay your jumping the gun way to much. Everybody is racist in there own way. Just remember who started racism, White people. 90% of white people listen to more Hip Hop then Black People do anyway.

    • Anonymous


  • big king kong

    first of all i was listening to rap when the leather hats were in!!!!!! eminem top of the lot no way -- eminem can spit tight but lets be real he aint in the top 100 rappers of all time. all the real ones are dead thats why these clowns got what they got acting hard with it to - jayz-emeinem-puff- these guys aint even in the same league to the rest of the cream - ps - eminem please stop acting hard with it you more pussy than daisy marie - emeniem is F?£king david beckham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Eminem used to be good, when he put out his first albums, but now? He is POP all the way, emo songs, Pop collaborations, how the fuck can u call this Hip Hop? Pathetic shit.

  • Bayareastandup

    What black people don't realize is that Hip Hop has been taken over by young white males and it's been this way for some time now. Even the so-called conscious, hard hip hop head-type of artists like Lupe Fiasco or Mos Def or Talib Kweli, when you go to their concerts and see who make up 80~90% of the audience, you truly see who owns Hip Hop now. White males are the vast majority in Hip Hop. Blacks make about 10%.

    • 4real

      Dude that doesn't even make sense... Sounds like you're referring to fans rather than hip hop artist. Of course there going to be more white fans when blacks are less than 20% of the population - whereby a percentage of our pop. don't listen to hip hop.

  • IThoughtThisIs2011

    To start off, WOOOOW at the black people acting not only acting IGNORANT, but ultra SENSITIVE over a RS mag. I'm black okay, and I feel in the CRITERIA it's in, (even though it's stupid) it would only make sense Em being "king of hip hop" (although they should change the title to popular rapper to reduce fucktards like y'all from bitching) ! All I see from black people is "oh Elvis of rap, typical white this white that" if you despise Em so much then stop being a winey (whiney?) CUNT and go BUY and SUPPORT your favorite artist! Going back to ignorant comments about "whites stealing cultures" first of all didn't whites have baseball? Jackie Robinson is named the greatest. Football was a white sport but NOW is predominately black! Basketball, MICHAEL JORDAN IS GOAT! so WTF is the problem?? Whites don't complain! (They'll get scrutinize-yet it's okay for blacks to scream wolf? Your race card has been revoked!) BLACKS WAKE UP YOU ARE KEEPING RACISM ALIVE -yet you want to be equal? Hypocrisy? Hip Hop is a universal culture-no Color lines! Hip Hop doesn't have color! Blacks preached about being equal with other races but are so quick to pull a race card when you see Eminem being praised for something he does best? The whole issue about "oh no one in my hood bumps em" well sorry he doesn't make club joints for you faggots to "ride to" he's a meticulous, versitile rapper. My favorite! This is not about color! If that's the case Vanilla Ice will be number one GOAT! Why are people upset? PEOPLE SHOULD GET UPSET AT THE FACT THAT GUCCI MANE WAS EVEN MENTION ON A POPULAR LIST!!

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      @IThoughtthisis2011... Poster like you KILL me when you come out the gate trying to chastise blacks and then you justify your position with "I'm Black" when I say your wrong it's the truth... GTFOHWTBS! Eminem is Corporate America's Manchurian MC...

    • L-Boogie

      I agree, honestly it's not a matter of race with me it's just the mainstream outlets that piss me off. Nobody is the king of hip hop, yo'd be leaving out to many great mc's to give one man that title. Fuck this black vs white shit, Eminem fell off after The Eminem Show in my opinion. I'm just tired of mainstream outlets saying what's hot and what's not!

    • Anonymous

      PREACH!!! These are the truest words in more than 570 comments. At least one human being, who is able to use common sense, sees talent and success first and then color. You silenced them with that Vanilla Ice and the Gucci Mane line. Why are people quick to criticize a guy like Eminem that has done more for the culture than anybody else instead of focusing on Gucci Mane, who personifies everything that the black race gets discredited for. Don't you know that he's a walking argument for white racits to use him against you? It's so sad to read all those comments, MLK is spinning in his grave, nothing has changed.

  • Real Talk

    How this turn into a race war? " All I need is One Mic"- Nas

  • Damien Dsoul

    Eminem being crowned the best is a statement to his hard-work and enveavour at what he's doing. It's got nothing to do with his colour of skin or what side of the road he's from. Personally you all ought to stop this nonsense about race. It's really stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is king of Music Industry he is one of the Goat (hiphop) Eminem & Royce >Kanye& jay-z

  • Gregor Scott

    If you took the time to read the Rolling Stone article you would notice this; "in naming the King of Hip-Hop we focused on the very recent past: from 2009 through the first seven months of 2011. We ranked 20 solo rappers who have dropped an album during that time. We looked at album sales, rankings on the R&B/hip-hop and rap charts, YouTube views, social media, concert grosses, industry awards and critics' ratings." On the basis of that, then Eminem is number one. No question about it.

  • Rocc

    A white boy is the king of hip hop? how you dumb monkeys like that?

  • DMAX

    Typical white lead media, they probably don't know shit about rap and just like him cause he's white. HELL.......they probably don't even know why he was respected as lyricist.

  • smh at article

    Wu-Tang, Ganstarr, Nas, Big Pun, Big L, Blackstar, AZ, Rakim, Redman, Common, Heltah Skeltah, De La Soul, Das EFX, MOP, Choclair, Tha Alkaholiks, Slick Rick, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Fu Schnickens, Lords Of The Underground, Lord Finesse, Mad Skillz, Dead Prez , Kool Moe Dee, EPMD, Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, Lupe Fiasco, The Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, The Roots, KRS ONE, Ice Cube, The Heiroglyphics, Buckshot, Masta Ace, Kool G Rap, Cypress Hill, Funkdoobiest, Living Legends, J-Live, P.O.S, The Loyalists, Slug, Brother Ali, Classified, DL Incognito, Blue Scholars, Jermiside, Mac Lethal, Grieves, J Dilla, Black Milk, Mr Lif, Akrobatik, MF Doom, Fatlip, Cilvaringz, Eyedea, Blueprint, EL-P, C-Rayz Walz, Aesop Rock, Cannibal Ox, Cage, Tame One, Yak Ballz, Doomtree, Kennstarr, LMNO, Jay Electronica, Cunninglinguist, People Under The Stairs, Royce Da 5'9, Scienz Of Life, Torae, Edan, RA The Rugged Man, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Bahamadia, Phi Life Cypher, One Be Lo, Percee P, Shad, Non Phixion, Mistah Fab, Esoteric, Sadistik, Planet Asia, Robust, Dilated Peoples, Concrete Clik, Celph Titled, J-Zone, Madlib, Supenatural, Termanology, Grouphome, The Problemaddicts, Dark Skinned Assasin, Pitch Black, Kutfather, Reef The Lost Cauze, Wordsworth, Matlock, Bekay, Insight, Immortal Technique, Tone Def, Black Ops, MC Juice, Grand Agent, Copywrite, Bronze Nazareth, Killa Sin, Saigon, Blu, Guilty Simpson, Buc Fifty, Pointblank, Vakill, Jean Grae, Rise, Oh No, Tiye Pheonix, Eternia, Kurious, Pack FM, Nappy Roots, Kev Brown, Freddy Foxx, Jurassic 5, Rass Kass, Crooked I, Killah Priest, Ten Thieves, First Platoon, Big Twan, Cella Dwellas, Busdriver, Formulation Fathers, Shabaam Sadeeq, Wise Intelligent, T-Ruckus, Grayskul, Vakill, Louis Logic, Asamov, Diabolic, Ali Vegas, Afu-Ra, Little Brother, The Beatnuts, Black Moon, Canibus, Theory Hazit, Raw Breed, Rah Digga, Organized Konfusion, R-Swift, Unknown Mizery, Darc Mind, The Hoodz, Brother Arthur, Joe Budden, Boom Bap Project, 90 Proof, Mainflow, Fashawn, Poison Pen, Hangar18, Blaq Poet, Big Shug, Phat Kat, Cormega, Jermicide, Macklemore, Arsonists, Prolific, Ground Up, Elzhi, Black Milk, Last Emperor, El De Sensei, Natural Elements, Alps Cru, Roc Marciano, Qwel, Diamond District, Woody Pak, Black Stract, Toki Wright, Shadez Of Brooklyn, Gab Gotcha, Sick Lyrical Damager, 9th Scientist, Shylow, Oddisee, Scarub, 2Pac,Sharpshooters, Aboriginals, Yelawolf, Lost Cawz, Biggie, Fat Cat Kareem, Stig Of The Dump, Jack Flash, Rugged & Raw, Hasan Salaam, Manage, Iron Braydz, John Robinson, Hezekiah, D. Black, The Saurus, Illmaculate, Dumbfounded, God Sonz, AK Skills, Slaine, The Watchmen, Soul Khan, Homeboy Sandman, MC Lyte, Wrekonize, Kool Keith, Joell Ortiz, Virtuoso, Chino XL, La Coka Nostra, Moob deep, Binary Star, Ill Bill, Necro, Mos Def, Talib Qweli, Skillz, Common, Pharoahe Monch, Atomosphere, Classified Scarface, Ghostface Killa, Guru, Ice cube, Method Man, AOTL, Naughty by Nature, Bone Thugs, NWA, Run DMC, Chuck D are all better than jay z and kanye and eminem and fucking lil wayne gucci mane waka flocka bob drake nicki minaj are all pop music fake music that is spoon feed to people and destroying hip hop....kanye isnt hip hop, he has ghostwriters, hes just a good producer but jay z and em are the only rappers you know smh im only 16 and i know hip hop..hip hop isnt about forbes list wtf people are seriously stupid..they are corporate pop, they have alienated parts of the hip hop culture in their work. i'm talking about hip hop as a culture,hip hop is a state of mind,it's something you feel every moment of your day. Hip hop is not commercial, its deep, it has a meaning for each person. it's to express not impress..its a culture that we take to heart..An emcee represents the hip hop culture, sticks to the essence of hip hop, makes times to learn the history, meaning.. corporate rap lives soley for the spotlight, money, fame and not the hip hop culture and its no..not hip hop in my book.....Unfortunately, hip hop culture has been misrepresented by the media. we shouldn't depend solely on the media for information about hip hop culture, since there have been many cases where the media has helped to promote corruption within our culture. Hip Hop Culture is recognized by its main elements: Graffiti, Djing, Breakdancing, Mcing, and Beatboxing.The element which holds the rest together is "KNOWLEDGE" These elements are forms of art designed to express a deep meaning. Hip Hop is also much more than art and entertainment. Hip Hop adds a face and a voice to those who might not have been seen or heard from in any other medium. Hip Hop gives credence to those who have been historically shunned, disregarded, oppressed and invalidated. It is joy, sorrow, pleasure, pain, victory, defeat, anger, happiness, confusion, life and everything else in between. The constantly evolving spirit and consciousness of urban youth that keeps recreating itself in a never-ending cycle. Hip hop teaches the history of the inner city. It teaches the economics of post-industrialism. The hip hop culture is a lens through which we can really analyze current events and politics in our society. Hip Hop Culture cannot be assimilated, integrated, diluted, watered-down, sold for profit, or pimped. It will always exist, in this incarnation or another. Hip Hop is more than what you hear on the radio, read in the magazines, or what you watch on TV..What the mainstream promotes as Hip Hop, is only a commercial product misleading you into believing that it represents Hip Hop in its totality....eminem is not he king of hip hop, these writers are some stupid people

    • Cosign

      Co- muthafucken - sign @ smh - that's real rap.

    • G-funny

      Daniel, you ignorant cunt. So white people dominate black art huh? What about black people dominate white art? I'm talking about Jimi Hendrix, Tiger Woods and besides without Dr Dre(a black man) you would never have heard of Eminem.

    • ant smith

      You have the nerve to put your ugly princess face next to that ignorant comment? How did you even get to this site? Do you not realise that 99% of the cotent on this site is about people that arnt white? God help you if you ever end up in prison. Im as straight as they come and id still fuck you in your pretty mouth.

    • Anonymous

      You don't think that naming all the underground rappers you know gets you respect, don't you? You listed some great rappers that I rate very highly, but success doesn't make Kanye or Jay-Z bad and lack of success doesn't make a rapper good. They're both talented as fuck and deserve it all. You're wrong here, it would be much better to diss people like Game, 50 Cent, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Nelly, Chingy, Flo-Rida, Rick Ross or Young Jeezy. Those are fools who don't deserve the attention they get and should be dismissed by everyone. But not Kanye or Jay, who both did very much for the progression of Hip Hop, pushing artistic boundaries and making Hip Hop accessible for everyone, they always reinvented themselves and their music could be much worse, if consider their recognition. 90% of the rappers you've mentioned would name Jay-Z as one of their biggest influences. All of them studied his work front to back. Kanye West is a dope ass producer, who's always creative as fuck and made some of the dopest beates ever. This is MASTERING of rapping in ALL aspects. You can't deny this, Jay has always had extraordinary talent it's just that he happens to be successful as fuck.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem is the King of Hip Hop!! Im sorry that you had to waste time writing such a long comment for nothing. Lol

    • asdf

      Daniel, you make a bad name for white hip hop fans everywhere. Shut the fuck up you racist white trash idiot.

    • Daniel Gregory

      Shut up fucking shit faced nigger! Mad that a white man dominated yet another "black" art form?? hahahahh you niggers create the sport, we conquer it...

    • Osiel Salas

      damn! U spent to much time on that paragraph

    • Anonymous

      NIGGA..............BE EAZY..

  • HyeongJun Park

    He is one of the GOAT but not the King of hiphop They don't have 'Nas' in the list So fuck that list but I like em. My first favorite song was 'Stan' now 'N.Y state of mind'

  • Anonymous

    oooo and im not riding b/c j cole and lupe are my fav rappers its just as of now he really does desrve it

  • Anonymous

    ummm b.o.b is nice and so is EMMM his wordplay is indenialbly good no matter what your race u cant deny em his right and yes it is true he would be less popular if he wasnt white (he said it himself) but fact is..... HE IS.

  • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

    Rolling Stone shouldn't cover Hip-hop period...This is the same mag that gave Carter 3 4 stars...obviously they know nothing of hiphop, they're just in love with the fame, cuz Nicki Minaj and B.O.B. would NEVER be in a king of hiphop debate with their wack ass rhymes

    • Capostatus

      Well said man. Rolling stones is just another white owned magazine with no ida about hip hop. Don't listen to this faggot ass Anonymous above. He's been posting comments all day cause he has no life. He is obviously on of them white Stans. Fuck Emininem, Fuck Rolling Stones and Fuck Anonymous.

    • Anonymous

      A rick ross Fan... No Point in arguing with you dimwits

  • sdfsdfsdf


  • Straight Outta Quahog

    Eminem is WORLDWIDE. A Japanese Telecommunications company recently held a poll for the "Most God-like Rappers" and eminem came in at number 4 on their list. They were Japanese so they obviously placed some japanese rappers above Em but Em was the only "Foreign" Rapper on theyre list! The rest were japanese and korean rappers.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not racist at all. I'll fuck white bitches, black bitches, asian bitches, latinas, shit anyone can get it if you look good. Same as my music I fucks with Elliott Smith, E-Z Rollers as much as someone like Lupe. But Eminem's music sounds like shit. Don't want to hear at the club or when I'm chillin. Do not feel the lyrics at all. Only popular cuz he's white.

    • Anonymous

      You need to read between the lines. You underground fools are ridiculous. Just because he doesn't throw all the things right into your face doesn't make it any worse. LOL @ rating these whack ass rappers higher because they always talk about how poor they are.

    • Anonymous

      rocc your argument would have been relevant 10 years ago lol

    • Rocc

      way more substance? what part? killing his wife, raping his mother, or constantly talking about his daughter? bitch please.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO. Eminem has way more substance than all of the concious rappers put together.

    • Anonymous

      hahhaah thats cuz Em aint a Club Rapper. You probably listen to Flo Rida, Gucci Mane and all them Club Niggas

  • sdfsdf

    eminem is the greatest rapper, and he is looking OLD in that pic

  • Anonymous

    Niggers opinions are irrelevant in hip hop. Face it. Hip Hop doesn't belong to blacks anymore. Hip Hop is now owned by the whites thanks to all you black bootleggers who never even buy albums from the artists you dickride. Why are you using the excuse of race when 90% of Kanyes fanbase is composed of Gays and White People the last 10% is Blacks.

    • Anonymous

      Kanye West doesn't care about black people. He's there to entertain rich whites and sits his ass next to them on fashion shows in Paris. Similar to Jay, who just said ''Usually you have this much taste you European'' on his white culture inspired album.

    • Capostatus

      Ha ha u r reading my comments, getting ideas then posting them as your own to support ur white garbage argument. You may be Anonymous but all ur comments sound the same. White idiot.

  • Anonymous

    fucking rick ross stans hating on Em. hahahah bunch of faggots.

  • Anonymous

    Em Would destroy Jay, Wayne, Kanye, and Nas is a One on One Cypher like the one in 8 Mile. Em is not only a Great emcee but also a fullfledged battle rapper

    • Anonymous

      That's the exact reason that makes him TRULY great and ranks him WAY ABOVE the others mentioned here. They would be standing there, decyphering his lines and be destroyed before they even comprehended what was thrown there at them. LMAO. He would expose and make them look like Gucci Mane. Eminem is the ONLY one who can fuck with all rappers, mainstream or underground.

  • James Bond

    All hail the Hip Hop Elvis, like we didn't see this coming? Not taking anything from the man, he's an incredible artist, but let's be real if there wasn't an Eminem, Rolling Stone Magazine would of crowned Vanilla Ice as the king, or any white rapper for that matter.

  • Jimmy

    Only white people think Eminem is the kig of hip hop. The truth is white opinions do not matter in hip hop. Its only black people's opinions that are relevant and reliable. White people just want a piece of hip hop through their white boy eminem. Yeah the white boy is alright i admit but he is certainly not the best. Not by a long shot. He might be the king of record sales but thats where it ends. The only reason feminem is so popular is cause he is white. Everyone knows white people are are the biggest fans of anything on earth. Thats why Capitalism works well in their nations. But when it comes to music black people doiminate. White people just enjoy the accolades more cause they promote each other. Well maybe with this whole global warming thing they will all eventually get sun burnt and die of skin cancer. Fuck Eminem!!

    • Shizzle

      You can't be an official king of hip hop unless your crowned by the streets. The streets is where crown is only valid. For the most part , we don't embrace Eminem as the king of hip hop or the greatest of all time. He can be consider among the greats, but never the greatest.

    • Me

      stupid cracker aint lying though. niggas dont buy music and niggas be kissing eminem ass up and down. now they against it. stupid monkeys

    • wisdom

      these back and forth racist insults are disgusting. ya'll should be ashamed of urselves!!!

    • Anonymous

      And your fucking race will never go away from the streets. You know what? You can put a monkey into a suit, but he is, acts and still looks like a monkey.

    • Capostatus

      Yeah commercial rappers appeal to white people but real street niggaz got love fo the hood. U cant discount that with all ur Finances and Money. The music was born from nothing on the street and that element will always be there no matter how much ur pig skinned race Finance the commercial aspect of it. Stupid ass white boy.

    • Anonymous

      White People are the ones who finance the whole Hip Hop industry. Go to a Nas, Snoop, Jay, or even a Tech N9ne concert and notice how the crowd is almost 80-90% White. You Blacks just like complaining about this issue yet none of you want to support your own movent by forking over 10 dollars to pay for an album. thats why artists now days have to cater to us because we are the ones who actually go out and buy music.

  • Anonymous


  • Llandel Malavé

    I got mad respect for Em. Congrats on being crowned king u earned it.

  • Osiel Salas

    Big Ups to Slim Shady! I love you!!!!

  • casey341

    Omg!! soo happy for Eminem!!! I LOVE HIM.♥=) hes my favorite singer ever. soo happy hes got crowned king

  • fwx

    I think Em is the best rapper alive but Nas is right behind him only because i haven't heard both rap on same track thats where you see who's better through competition so Em has murdered jay on renegade, murdered kanye, drake on forever and wayne got murdered by Em on 3 tracks. Plus have you heard the flow, wordplay, and complex rhyme schemes on hell the sequel i dont think these other rappers would outshine him on those tracks.

    • Anonymous

      God damn, thank you. Didn't know it before. WTF, that the craziest track I've heard in YEARS. It's offical, nobody can fuck with Eminem. His mastering of the english language and how he uses his voice makes it all the more impressive, it's way too crazy. How does a normal thinking human come up with this? LMAO.

    • Anonymous

      If you wanna hear Ems multisyllabic flow at its best listen to Rabbit Run off the 8 Mile Soundtrack. That track is untouchable

    • Anonymous

      Nas is also one of the greats, but you could be sure that he wouldn't have a chance against Eminem, but that's no shame. Nobody has. LMAO. Nas has other strenghts, mostly being poetical and doing cool storytelling tracks. He isn't a technical and his focus isn't to be the greatest rhymer. Nas has 1 flow, almost no wordplay (if, it's simple as fuck) and no complex rhyme schemes. I'm talking about rhyming really complicated words others wouldn't think of and not those obivious ones Nas always chooses.

  • Mr.Getright

    To the person who said race is not an issue is clearly blind. Do you not see what's going on between the Obama vs Tea Party Republicans? That's another story, but I'm a fan of Em and he definitely belongs in the list of one of the greatests emcees of all time, but he's not the king of hip hop. I know they based it off of album sales,youtube views etc. That was a real biased move on their part because they knew Em had the advantage based on that criteria. The only other person who's up there with him as far as sales go is Hov. I welcome all the hate for this, I believe Jay is the king of hip hop. Jay is the most influential MC of all time, setting trends such as platinum jewelry,cristal,maybachs,bentleys,ended throwback jerseys,affecting the sales of 4.0 and 4.5 range rovers, popularizing Iceberg,no pen,no pad writing method(The Rainman),button-ups,popularizing yankee hats,sped-up soul sampling(The Blueprint),cardigans and rosary necklaces etc. He's also the most consistent MC ever. Twelve number one albums in a row confirms that. He has certified classics and critically acclaimed albums under his belt. Also was awarded thirteen grammy awards and rap album of the year award. On top of that he's one of the best lyricist to ever bless the mic. Hov has to be the most charismatic MC of all time, the man can win over any crowd he's placed in front of(Glastonbury festival). He's the full packaged MC. Oh yeah it's obvious that I'm a fan of Jay too.

    • Trife

      Jay couldn't keep up with Royce??? Go shoot yourself with that comment. Royce is nice all, but he's not fucking with Jay. Besides Jay is one of his biggest influences and favorite emcees. So how do you sound?

    • Anonymous

      Jay couldn't keep up with Royce Da 5'9'' in this form, be true to yourself. Eminem has always been the superior rapper of the two.

    • Anonymous

      It's personal preferences on this level and nothing else. What I respect about Eminem is that he just did something Jay is afraid as fuck of. He forgot that he's the biggest superstar, called a true rapper, made an album with him where they just go the fuck in and destroy everything out there with their flows and lyrics alone. Jay, while being rich as fuck, still cares about sales like he's in need of money or lives in Marcy. His home magazine just crowned Eminem as the GOAT. That's Ether Pt. 2 right there.

    • Anonymous

      this is about who can RAP BETTER not who popularized what. Even Jay amits that Em is better than him. Jay said that kanye and EM are the only Emcees that he felt have outdone him on a track.

  • Anonymous

    He earns it. Eminem is the true GOAT. He just did something Jay is afraid as fuck of. He forgot that he's the biggest superstar, called a true rapper, made an album with him where they just go the fuck in and destroy everything out there with their flows and lyrics alone. And he kept his words on the streets, singed Slaughterhouse, while Jay is looking for Pop acts that have NOTHING to do with Hip Hop.

  • Capostatus

    White Garbage Propaganda. Eminem is the king of white rappers. Black people do not listen to that drug fucked white piece of shit. Rolling Stone is a white magazine that knows nothing about real hip hop. No black man feels eminem. What the fuck does that white piece of shit rap about... All he talks about is shit that only white muthafuckas can relate to. Fuck Eminem!! He has no place in real black hip hop. White people will never ever be better than blacks in hip hop, or any music genre for that matter. They just wanna be down. Thats what happens when white corporations control the hip hop genre. The essence of the music gets lost. This is some Devil shit. Fuck Rolling Stones, Fuck Eminem and fuck Eminem fans. From the bottom of my heart.

    • Anonymous

      Imagine Jay on a track on Hell: The Sequel. LMAO. Jay is an all time great, but more on the deep side. Eminem destroys rappers off delivery alone. Jay could make a diss track and it would still sound soft like he's talking about girls.

    • Anonymous

      You're right, but Eminem HAS more skills on the mic than Jay-Z and Nas put together. He would KILL them in a live battle, with him coming off the top and they could use pre-written shit and would still lose. White people have no struggle? Struggle has no color, you worthless fucktard. I'm sure Eminem lived a harder life than you and your whack ass hood can imagine. Whites dumb? Slavery is the best thing that ever happened to you, you shitty NIGGER. We civilized you, ohterwise you wouldn't see yourself using a computer now, invented and engineered by great, white minds. Name 10 black scientists who are respected worldwide for their accomplishments to humanity? The nobel prize winners in science speak volumes about this.

    • Anonymous

      @Avon shut up u dumbass nigger trying to sound all smart yet your argument makes absolutely no sense.

    • Avon

      Sales have nothing to do with skills on the mic u dumb white fuck. And as for concerts, well the only reason why there are more white people at hip hop concerts is cause thats the only way u white fucks can feel black. Black people r in the hood all day so we have nothing to prove by attending rap concerts cause we are already comfortable with our music and who we are. U white boys have a lot to try prove thats why u always dick riding at concerts. If u wanna be black come to the hood and live like us and see if u will survive, let alone be accepted. The white race is a dumb, weak race. Eminem is wack!! He is a baby always crying about silly little issues. There is no struggle in his music cause white people have no struggle. So how is he the King?? White people are full of shit and ur opinions on hip hop are irrelevant.

    • Capostatus

      What the fuck are you white boys talking about. Firstly, its not about record sales. If it was then i would happily agree that Eminem is "king" Hip hop is about more than sales and popularity. Eminem's subject matter is garbage and i can bet my life that the vast majority of black people do not feel Eminem's garbage music. White people do. Secondly, the only reason u see a whole lot of white boys at rap concerts is cause they just wanna be down. Black people don't need to prove that they're black by attending rap concerts like white people do. White people have a lot to prove and need acceptance in order to be labelled hip hop fans. You white dogs know u cant come to the real black neighbourhoods with that nonsense so the only way u can prove yourselves is by attending rap concerts and acting black. You are a disgrace to your own race and are just regarded as white trash anyway by both your own people and by the black people u try to emulate at your so called rap concerts. Get the fuck outta here. Eminem is garbage. Never raps bout anything real. Always whining like a bitch - the same way you white people do. Go kill yourself with your garbage.

    • Capostatus

      What the fuck are you white boys talking about. Firstly, its not about record sales. If it was then i would happily agree that Eminem is "king" Hip hop is about more than sales and popularity. Eminem's subject matter is garbage and i can bet my life that the vast majority of black people do not feel Eminem's garbage music. White people do. Secondly, the only reason u see a whole lot of white boys at rap concerts is cause they just wanna be down. Black people don't need to prove that they're black by attending rap concerts like white people do. White people have a lot to prove and need acceptance in order to be labelled hip hop fans. You white muthafuckas know u cant come to the real black neighbourhoods with that nonsense so the only way u can prove yourselves is by attending rap concerts and acting black. You are a disgrace to your own race and are just regarded as white trash anyway by both your own people and by the black people u try to emulate at your so called rap concerts. Get the fuck outta here. Eminem is garbage. Never raps bout anything real. Always whining like a bitch - the same way you white people do. Go kill yourself with your garbage.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, I agree. I don't feel his music at all nor do I know any black person who does. Maybe during the Eminem Show but his music lately has been trash

    • Anonymous

      Lol, you dumb fuck. You have never been to a rap concert. Rap was aimed at white kids from the sububrs since the beginning. No black man feels Eminem? Nice statement, I'm assuming you know all the black people? Your racist bullshit influences your views. Mad that a white guy is better than all the blacks? Remember, not him took it to the whole commerical levels, black rappers did it. Go to a Wu-Tang, Nas, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco or any other rap concert and search for black people. They are, and always have been, the minority there.

    • Anonymous

      How many CD's has yo ass bought from Black Artists?? You Niggers sit here preaching about how certain artists are taking over but you bums never even buy music. smh @ this dumbass

  • Clarke

    I was upset until I looked at the writer's twitter page... he is a joke.!/cmolanphy

  • Drop!

    Fuck Eminem! The real King of Hip Hop is no other than my nigga Barrack Obama. Diz nigga right here has proven himself as the best Battle Emcee of all time! he can take even the best battle rappers and murk them in a 1 on 1 cypher. Niggas that been rappin since they were still in they moms pussy have stood no chance again my niggga obama. Fuck what you heard! Its What you Hearing

  • Anonymous

    Never hear niggaz in the hood bangin Em. How the fuck is he so popular? Oh yeah majority of the population is white. Well not going to win this battle. smh

    • Anonymous

      "he makes music for midclass americans that can afford to pay 15 dollars" So essentially what you're saying is Em doesn't make music for niggaz in the hood. Yet you wanna call him the GOAT in Hip-Hop. Need I say more

    • Anonymous

      That's cool. Z-Ro and especially K-Rino are definitely underrated as fuck and deserve much more success. True artists.

    • Anonymous

      No niggaz in my hood bang Z-Ro and K-Rino and Em can't fuck with K-Rino lyrically. But would never appeal to this white media bullshit. Em's career would be dead if he was black but fuck it like I said will never win this battle

    • Anonymous

      And Jigga, Nas or anybody else for that matter not? By your logic, the only true ones are rappers who are rapping on your block and sell burned CD's outta the back of a car.

    • Anonymous

      Last time i was at the mall i saw a rich white guy in his convertible banging Love The Way You Lie. Em doesnt make music for poor hoodrats he makes music for midclass americans that can afford to pay 15 dollars for his CDs

    • Anonymous

      thats beczause dumbass hoodrats be banging faggots like Rick Ross and Lil Wayne cuz they like how the Bass sounds in theyre cars.

  • Anonymous

    sLAUGHTER house is all talk and no action. The only nigga on shady droppin shit worth listening to is shady himself. These cats is all gonna flop!! Without an eminem feature on the album their shit flops. Lets see if Royce success is certain gonna sell like hell: The Sequel. No it's not!! That shit already dropped out the top ten on the charts. Eminem needs to drop all these niggas and sign some real talent! He needs to sign niggas that can stand on their own two feet without having to ride shadys coattails all the time. Yelawolf probably the only dope cat on shady that is ALSO marketable to the mainstream. Rest of the roster is just bums

  • Anonymous

    A HUGE L for Jigga that he ain't on top, after he licked their asses for 10 years.

    • G'd up

      Licked what asses homie lol? Jay built his empire by playing the system, not letting the system play him. Since when has Jay kissed corporate ass?? Your statement is unfounded. Hov is a hustler which mean he doesn't sitting around lazy like you, he actually makes shit happen.


    Basing a "king of hip hop" article on who has the best sales is the worst idea i've ever heard. Its a complete contradiction to hip hops true essence, thats like saying green day are the best punk band cause they sold the most records... cause both genres were built on being an outcast way of thought. So to be popular in them and base the best on this ability is a complete joke, also the fact that shady hasn't been as good in the last few years doesn't help either, hasn't bought out a brilliant song let alone decent album since 2002, The Eminem Show. However regardless of my opinion this article is logically irrelevant and complete out of context to the true nature of hip hop.

    • Real Hip Hop

      Not quite true. Eminem is not the favorite of a lot of underground emcees. He is highly respected in the community though. The underground emcees, especially the white ones prefer more of the lyricists who came before Em as they're inspiration.

    • Anonymous

      Whack ass statement. That's not true if you put the most talented on top, who unifies skills AND success. True essence? LMAO. Where do you live? Don't fool yourself, Hip Hop has been nothing more than an industry for 15 years now. And this is not the first time Eminem is being on top, he gets praised from fans, rappers (underground and mainstream) and critics alike. He would be in 95% of the lists that your favorite underground rappers would make.

    • GangstaChild

      shut up anonymous, he can post wateva da fuck he wants 2 stop being a ignorant cunt... but boss you gota good points tru

    • Anonymous

      shut up nigga you already posted the same shit 3 hours ago. STOP REPOSTING

  • asharma

    Eminem is the greatest rapper alive right now. Lyrically, he is better than Jay-Z.

  • Anonymous

    right now in hip hop......rappers that can put themselves on that thrown..... (no order) -jay-z -nas- one can top these 3 on an world wide stardom level,skill wise, classic albums, success career/record lable boss/etc.

  • Anonymous

    eminem should start wearin a Crown from now on

  • Jesus

    noone can be GOAT. to many people will hate for some reason like "hows he the best? he aint nothing like the underground rapper i'v heard two songs from but ill pretend i know him inside and out" and when the underground rapper goes mainstream the process starts over. how bout noones the GOAT and we just like what we like?

    • Anonymous

      That's so true, because Jay and Em started out as underground battle cats.

    • anonymous

      Co.Sign both of you

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign. You make it and the abilites you were praised for just a few weeks ago happen to magically disappear. LMAO. Hip Hop fans are the reason that this is going down. Nobody with a talent a chance of making it without being called a sellout. You know what they do when their favorite begins to be popular? They move to the next underground cat that not more than 5000 people are aware of. Slaughterhouse proves that, praised, being hailed for skills and now they're sell outs and pop stars because they can make a living off their talents. The fact that they all were working their asses of to get there gets ignored. Advice for a young rapper? Sell less then 1000 albums and be called the greatest rapper ever from a few fucked up internet freaks.

  • Luke Darger

    looks like someone forgot about dre.

  • Ralph Wiggum

    I'm Guessing Lil Wayne is gonna start crying to birdman when he realizes that no magazine wants to crown him the best now that his career is at its downfall.

  • xblaze

    I'm not even black/white and I am damn ashamed of how racist people are. I mean its both whites and blacks. Whites defending the great white hop and blacks saying em aint the best lmao

  • xblaze

    This list is simply bull because hip hop isnt a popularity contest. Its who spits the best not whoever gets likes on facebook. Rolling Stone should never ever talk about rap again.

  • Anonymous

    Like Rock and Roll, Elvis, which we know he stole everything from JAMES BROWN, Little Richard, just to name a few. and whites clam Elvis the king.. Now here is Hip-Hip, whites are claming EM the king. You DAMN FOOLS.... History is repeating its self again!!!

  • blazex

    This list is absolute bullshit. Rolling Stone has absolutely no credibility in rap/hip hop music. Why? You're going to tell me that the best rappers of all time consist of Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, and fuckn Diddy? The article who wrote this Rolling Stone garbage should jump off a building. Second, Eminem is not the best rapper who ever lived. That spot belongs to Jay-Z. I admit that Eminem is top 5 GOAT and definitely heading for GOAT after the release of Eminem Show, he fell of after Eminem Show. Since then, he hasnt released 1 good album and has since sold out. I mean cmon, Love the way you lie, and then lighters? While Eminem is busy getting drugged up, Jay-Z has been the most consistent and active rapper. Aside from his "retirement," he's been relevant and making hit songs from 96-2011. He's had better albums and better albums than Eminem. Jay-Z has mastered every style of rapping. He can make a cool mainstream, top 10 charts song and make a street anthem in another song. Go soulful in an album then have a loud banger in another. Point is, Jay is the most versatile rapper of all time. He can make any song hot. Eminem, meanwhile, was hot for a while, but many of his songs get so old. I get tired of him bitching about his wife and mom. We know he hates the world. We know he loves his daughter. And now hes even worse making soft shit like lighters and love the way you lie. Great Jay-Z albums Reasonable Doubt Blueprint American Gangster Black Album Vol 1 Vol 2 Eminem Great albums MMLP SSLP Eminem Show Shit, even Nas has been a better rapper than Eminem Hip Hop is Dead Illmatic It was Written Stillmatic Lost Tapes All the idiots saying that Eminem sold more albums and he has better reviews are dumb and are not allowed an opinion because theyre just plain ignorant. Who cares what the LA times,Village Voice, Rolling Stone, NY Times, etc. care about rap music? They dont fuckin know rap music so who cares about their opinion. Record sales dont show that a rapper is great either, just shows who is more popular. Dont ever tell me that Diddy is better than Nas or Wayne is better than Nas just cuz he sells more.

    • Anonymous

      Damn, you're such a groupie. Anything you said in favor of Jay was fucking generic and could be easily said for Eminem if you take Jigga's name out and Eminems in. You're biased as fuck, you use two different measuring sticks to rate them. One for Jay-Z(giving him all the benefits), the other one for Eminem (only looking for faults). ''Jay, meanwhile, was hot for a while, but many of his songs get so old. I get tired of him embracing his success and talking about drug deals and jewels. We know he loves world and his money. And now he's even worse making soft shit like Young Forever and Lift Off''. Eminem just did something Jay is afraid as fuck of. He forgot that he's the biggest superstar, called a true rapper, made an album with him where they just GO THE FUCK IN and destroy everything out there with their flows and lyrics alone. Jay, while being rich as fuck, still cares about sales like he's in need of money or lives in Marcy. Nas a better rapper than Eminem? Haha, what kind of drugs to you use? That's so ridiculous and outlandihs that I can't even say a thing about it. Nas on a track with Royce Da 5'9'' when they're rapping their assess of? Be glad that it didn't happen for Nas' career. The last statement that you made about sales destroyed every single bit of credibility you might have had before. Jay fans are the ONLY ones who ALWAYS bring up SALES in EVERY discussion, just the moment MARSHALL appears it doesn't matter anymore. They ALWAYS bring up there favorite line they live by ''Men lie, women lie, numbers don't''. The reason they don't do it when talking about Eminem? Because he sells more. LMAO. Jigga fans are so deluisonal, it's unbelievable. Jay TOOK a HUGE L here, that can't be denied. How long has he been sucking their dicks now? His HOME magazine crown Eminem as the GOAT. That's Ether Pt. 2 right there.

    • Dani

      " Eminem murdered you on your own shit " Nas on Jay-z ! What ur smoking on ?

    • Anonymous

      Eminem is Better than Jay Z. You mad?

    • nope

      relapse was more lyrical than anything jay z has ever put out and that was one of shadys weaker albums... most of jays albums u listed were busy bein outshined by Ems albums when they came out, Eminem has a way better pen game, the only time theyve done a track together shady murked him, and BP 3 was just as if not more pop than recovery i dont care wat anyone says.... plus did u even listen to BME besides lighters?? the MCing on that EP is incredible sounds more like an underground project than somethin mainstream

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again. History is sooo important and music history as well. whites are KNOWN to take over Black Culture. Mainly, music, EM is not the best in my BLACK LENS. RAKIM for life. Know your HIP-HOP History. You FOOLS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well, the things all of you said might fit everyone on this list besides Lupe Fiasco and Eminem. Eminem is a monster of a rapper himself, everyone who has skills himself and is respected by the hip hop community, admits that without a second thought. Remeber that Scarface said he wouldn't do a track with Eminem because he would be destroyed on his own song? That he won't make the same mistake Jay did? That he said his rapping abalities aren't human? You NEED to have huge impact if you want to be the GREATEST. He changed the landscape of Hip Hop for ever and was once like the guys you all praise (underground). The only one who mixes skills with mainstream appeal besides Jay. You can't blame him for his success, he's made it to the top off his incredible rapping ability. He just gave an old friend (Royce Da 5'9'') a much broader audience than he could ever reach alone and celebrated straight rapping with him. Who else would've done that in this business? Nas (who so much of you call the greatest, despite his lack of true skils (mulit syllabic rhyming, wordplay, flow variations, double entendres) is famous for kicking a true rapper out of his own group, because he couldn't outshine him. I could understand the hate if a guy like 50 would be number one, but Eminem has anything that defines a great MC AND the success. Yall should be glad that a true rapper is on top, someone who paved the route for many talented rappers to follow him. A guy that pushed Hip Hop forward way beyond of what was though to be possible.

    • Anonymous

      Why the long Speech bro?? its not like people are disgusted by the fact that Rolling Stone Crowned eminem as the King of Hip Hop. The Majority will Agree. Its not like they crowned Lil Wayne or Lil B

  • Anonymous

    eminem should sport a crown instead of a baseball cap

  • Anonymous

    yeah i agree with Em and all, but why are wack rappers in that list like Gucci Mane??? Why not put nas, Tupac, or Biggie on there? even some dope underground niggas like Slug from atmosphere, Tablo from Epik High, Dj Tukutz, Mithra Jin, MC Solaar, and Sam The Kid

  • Osiel Salas

    i approve this message

  • murdermitten

    hahaha goddamn all u homos care waay too much about this shit... wat the fuck does it matter to u if ur favorite isnt number 1... do u benefit from that shit or somethin... u get off to seeing another dude getting a top spot and that typa shit?? damn....sensative ass mother fuckers just listen to wat u like it aint like there takin a stab at ur manhood

  • Daniel Gregory

    I Approve this Message

  • Cannonfodder

    Found interesting that Eminem has never nominated for BET

  • Cannonfodder

    HAHA Diddy got zero awards lol

  • Tarik Tannir

    Why does ROllingstone have any right to claim someone to be the king of hip hop. As far as I know they cover like five rappers: Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Eminem. Fuck Rollingstone!

  • Cannonfodder

    I think Gucci Mane, B.O.B., Waka Flocka Flame, Wiz Khalifa, and Kid Cudi shouldnt be on the list because their just too new.

    • JasiP

      Thiz guyz a tripin.... Letz talk hip hop.. N i mean Real shit... >B.I.G >2paC. 1.NAS. 2.JAY-Z. 3.EMINEM... Who tha fuk are you 2 say that a white folk iz tha King of Hip hop... Thea aint no rapper (blak/white) who can beat Nas's Illmatic and it was releasd in 94... So thiz wack magazine shud shut tha fuK up..

    • Anonymous

      no they shouldnt be on the list because they WACK

  • Cannonfodder

    I'm glad Tip is still there

  • Cannonfodder

    Wheres Lil B? LoL @failed public stunt

  • Paparazzi

    Whole list: (A-Z order) Big Boi, B.o.B, Diddy, Drake, Eminem, Fabolous, Lupe Fiasco, Gucci Mane, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Waka Flocka Flame, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa

  • 1700 or Nuthin

    He deserves crown. In fact its worthless to put Lil Wayne, Drake and Minaj on the list because they are just working for commerical.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Jay Z! Eminem = Jehovah of Rap

  • Anonymous

    Boo to whoever thought this list made any sense... How can you call someone the King of Hip Hop off of today's album sales when most artist don't have the same budget. It's like having a mom & pop hamburger est. go against McDonalds. Just because they sell more, doesn't mean they make a better product. I guess you-all just needed another thoughtless article to put out?!? For the record! Get Em off the top of anybodies list. It should be Wayne even though I'm a Jay-Z fan for life. But let me be all the way 100% on this statement. If you're talking about money or what their career has done for the hip-hop game, you have to put Jay-Z at the top all the time...

    • wtfdude

      I said the same thing too lol You had a great stance , but a complete let down after you mention Wayne. Wayne is not deserving to be mention among the greats like Jay,Em and Nas.

    • Anonymous

      as soon as you mentioned Lil Wayne your argument lost all its credibility. Nice try tho

  • DetoxMonster

    lol I agree with the List. I mean, there's no rappers out Today. Eminem has Accomplished so much noone has ever done. RESPECT! even if he was black, brown or green I'd still give him respect!! F&ck all you Haters!

  • Dok2

    Didnt XXL, VIBE, And Billboard already name Eminem #1? why is this a surprise? Remember The jews control the media so of course they gonna choose a eminem. if they dont then they gonna get bashed by white america and then loose sales

  • Daniel Gregory

    Fuck you damn niggers. We the white men are your masters you dirty piece of shit slaves! We Control Every Aspect of Your Existence. The White Man will always be better than you 50 Cent looking scums. Eminem is the Best

    • Anonymous

      You guys aren't better.

    • DaOne

      Suck Dick white trash...

    • oakland187

      Your not even worth replying too. but if you wanna troll, dont use your facebook account. too anyone else click on that shit, this white boy is gay as fuck. wether or not he knows it, lmao, btw i'm not black. just hate racist, worthless people. you personally are a waste of life, look in the mirror long enough and realise it. it when people find out they are like you that they kill themselves daniel

    • Dok2

      Damn bruh!! you racist faggot. How can you be racist if your "white hope" Eminem hangs around niggas all his life? smh

  • Anonymous

    huh look at that list gucci, kanye, pitbull? being the best out of that list is like being a dwarf among midgets wheres the wu, tupac, immortal technique, mos def???????? i can go on and on thats a list of sell outs nothing more nothing less lets take back hip hop blowing it up from the inside who forgot about real talent, everyone did WHO FARTED check out sour diesel, lyndale and my new song shoopi doo whop if you like hip hop

    • DetoxMonster

      lol they meant Artists TODAY. I think Em deserves to be King of Hip-Hop, name another Artist who was able to have 3 albums Diamond, 'almost' undefeated in battles underground, STILL sell records till this day Grammy's & a Oscar!? G.O.A.T.

  • Fado

    After I saw Gucci mane and pitbull on the list with no mention of Nas I instantly disregarded the list altogether.....

  • Ikem

    Yes..this shit was/is a publicity ranking which Em tops. If it was a Greatest of All-Time list, Em would not be in the top 5 let alone, number 1. Nicki Minaj, Drake, Waka Flocka Lame(not a typo) and TI wouldn't even be mentioned. j/s

  • Ismael X

    Now they are trying to steal hip-hop...

  • Hip Hop Head

    Why the FUCK would Diddy & Pitbull get mentioned in Hip Hops greatest? Same with B.o.B, same with Drake & Wayne. Wtf?! This is absurd. Wow. I agree, Eminem hands down is the King of Hip Hip, without a doubt.

  • .......


  • OG bunk

    LL Cool J Tupac Biggie Bone Thugs Nas Wu tang Jay Z Snoop Outkast

  • Anonymous

    There will never be a king of hip hop

  • Anonymous

    I do agree that eminem is right up there with the best of all time. but this list is absolutely retarded.

  • jeppy345

    obviously anything talkng about king of hiphop that doesnt mention nas is irrelevant

  • fullmetal

    eminem fell off to me back in the day he was one of the best to me but now it weak kanye just had a album where most was claiming as the best album of the year

  • Anonymous

    Banks is more lyrical than most of these rappers out now, even lyrical than Ross. 50 has 2 classic albums and has sold more than Tupac BIG 50 Cent Eminem Rakim BIG L Lloyd Banks Jay z Nas Ice Cube jay z. 50 does great muzik but y'all want the GRODT Fif but 4got to know dt d game changes. thanks to 50 Cent, Eminem black fan-base increased. Every one knew Em was doing pop muzik b4 he got wit Fif.

  • Eminem

    Slim Shady says you can suck his dick if don't like his shit...!!

  • RL

    Well...there goes ROLLING STONES' Hip Hop credibility license.


    Basing a "king of hip hop" article on who has the best sales is the worst idea i've ever heard. Its a complete contradiction to hip hops true essence, thats like saying green day are the best punk band cause they sold the most records... cause both genres were built on being an outcast way of thought. So to be popular in them and base the best on this ability is a complete joke, also the fact that shady hasn't been as good in the last few years doesn't help either, hasn't bought out a brilliant song let alone decent album since 2002, The Eminem Show. But regardless of my opinion this article is logically irrelevant and complete out of context to the true nature of hip hop.


      how have I not read the article... the title is "Introducing the King of Hip Hop" then they breakdown peoples sales and youtube views... its a complete contradiction to the cultural and socially political essence of hip hop... although then again I should've expected you em dick riders to find some loop hole with what i said

    • djdjd

      You moron, it is obvious you have not read the article. Seriously wtf?

  • Be

    What the fuck is up with the pic you added with the article? That shit has Marshall looking old and all sorts of fucked up on some some not healthy type shit. Truthfully I started wondering if he was wearing some kinda mask or some shit but either way this pic is horrible.

  • Irvin Findlay

    How the fuck u based the king of hip hop off of views and album sales fuck this mainstream shit dumb ass rolling stone em is real but not king of hip hop he doesnt pass rakim or nas

  • blkmoves

    Eminem has a ton of talent, but theres no way he more influence then Jay-z. Look 10-12 years ago ppl were saying how Master P and all those dudes were selling records and they were running the game, but it all came back to the talent and the ability to stick around music and Jay has done that better then anyone. He's never let and had been on top.

    • ghy

      What influence does Jay Z have exactly? Tell me one thing Jay Z has done to influence the industry? Jay Z is the *same* as MOST new york rappers- just more successful. He introduced nothing to hip hop. Not a new rhyming style, not new content (rapping about he good he is, bitches, how rich he is etc). Jay is talented and all but when it comes to it, he is the same as any generic rapper. You know what Eminem raps about? How he was bullied in highschool, satirizing culture, his relationship with his wife and mother, how the media is hypocritical. And most importantly, how it was growing up as a white trash kid. And that is why he is so famous and that is why so many white kids identify with him. That is why he has sold more albums than jay and that is why he is more influential. He broke barriers in hiphop. Overcame more shit because he is white and introduced rap to a lot of people who wouldn't have heard it otherwise.

  • JFranks

    Nas didn't even make the final cut? I guess the 90s was his time.

  • Anonymous

    the majority group in america is white... the majority of the people buying albums and watching youtube are white... the majority of people that vote online and stuff are white...and the people that created rolling stone are white... SO of course a white guy will have the most sales, more reviews, and youtube views...

  • Anonymous

    The real question is how come NEW white rappers aren't getting shine? You can't tell me Em is the only ill white rapper is he Interscope?

  • yep

    im sorry that yall jay dickriders are butthurt by this but Em is better at every aspect of rap... better story teller, better rhyme schemes, better lyrics, better metaphors, better substance, more record sales, better shock value, better flow, better diss records.... truth hurts... and Em aint even my favorite rapper

  • Anonymous

    Eminem bit his whole bar game from LL Cool J.

  • junior gong

    I'm pretty sure none of you fuckwits have even read the article before talking. Anyway Eminem has both outsold jay and on average has better reviews.

  • beyond therapy

    The new Elvis Presley

  • Anonymous

    you guys need to learn to fucking read it isnt saying hes the best lyrically or anything like that it adds up multiple factors over a certain time shit before you start popping off at the mouth

  • Brooklyn

    Who sold more records? Who has the biggest fan base? Who goes away for years comes back and claims the throne again? Who stops doing drugs and still make good music? Who switches their flow, style, and still kill it? Who breaks records? Who got the illest rap group SlaughterHouse under his belt? Who put 50 on? Who kills careers? The only rapper to be still fucking Dre without getting cut off? Who's a better wordsmith? Who's got better delivery? Rhyme Sceme? Flow? None other than Eminem

  • Anonymous

    jay z is the king of hiphop lol fuck rolling stones

  • BlackManG

    Pig Mentally Challenged People Get Out of HipHop Site U Faggots! SOrt your Life Out or get some SUN hahahaha

    • KO

      are you fucking retarded? "Pig Mentally"? are you fucking kidding me? there's literally no way you can be serious

  • holy whiteness


  • jayss

    i told these stupid hos when i come back ima set this bitch on fire and this time i dont mean im gonna pour gasoline on some chick and light her cuz this time when i fuck the world ima put the whole goddam dick inside her (lmao emin you the shit my boy )

  • the real

    fuck em. he ain't the king of shit in hip hop. there are better emcees in hip hop better than em. fuck rolling stone. fuckin honkeys.

  • jayss

    yo fuck all u haters em shit on all these rappers

  • ghghg

    "Some people on see that i'm white, ignoring skill"- Eminem Eminem never gets the props he deserves from black people. And white people that like Eminem are biased because he is white like them. Eminem is certainly the *biggest* artist in the world. Not in hip hop. In the WORLD. He outsells *everybody*. Many ppl who don't even listen to rap listen to eminem. He sold the most records in the last decade. His last album outsold Jay's and Kanye's *combined*. He has sold 86.5 million records- about 40 million more than jay z. It's funny that whenever i am arguing who is better between jay z and nas, jay z fans bring up record sales. But when i bring up eminem they like "naahhh, sales don't matter homie" LMAO. You do know that rollingstone just wants to generate controversy right you fuckwits? Oh, eminem killed jayz on his own shit. heh

  • SpikeyJamez

    Wise statement from Chuck D, "Don't believe the hype"

  • RedDragon

    Are you joking! Eminem the best? lol best rappers like Tech N9ne and lupe fiasco hasn't got promotions like Eminem..... Throne is still empty after Pac thats the truth


    Pitbull is better than Em His songs are all over the billboard, i can't believe he isn't in the discussion............ how many artist make hits after hits like pITBULL

  • lia

    fuck nIGgies shady all day babye

  • KapDiva

    Not to black people. 1. 2Pac, 2. l l cool j, 3. biggie smalls, 4. krs one, 5. jay z, 6. nas, 7. scarface, 8. bizzy bone, 9. t.i., 10. ice cube

    • LuniCydal

      Nah, not juz black people, lol. I'ma white boy (Lyricist az well) and at least 6 out of ur 10 artistz would b in my Top 10 too. Em iz skilled, but 2 call him tha greatest... Hell nah...

  • chrisss

    yes il admit it .hes the best

  • Anonymous

    Rolling Stone magazine has no hip-hop ties there opinion on hip-hop music has no value. Em is one of the kings of the game, just not number 1...that spot will always belong to the Mike Jordan of rap, Jay-Z...crackaperculate bitches...

  • your mama

    im so happpy hes crowned he deserves this shit so much its about fucking time he gets his credits maybe the haters equal out to 20 percent the niggers and the people who know what were talkin about love him 80 percent baby congratz em





    • Anonymous

      haha music in the clunb aint music stupid nigger hes to good for that he writes lyrics you have to catch onto and pay attention but you people just dont knwo how to his lyrics makes hair on my neck stand up all lub music is the beat and no lyrics stupid fuck

  • Anonymous

    they meant to say hip pop! If I ever get close enough to eminem I swear Im gone slap the shit out that dude just to show the world how much of a pussy he really is! Same go for kanye west, both of them dudes some straight bitches!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    Say what....? Oh I get it, he's the King of the Retards! Drake, Minaj, Pitbull, Gucci... Well done Em, you certainly are the leader in this field. And good luck with your "social networking popularity" (< that makes you the best artist for sure!!).

  • fuck haters

    shady stay creative baby hold ya head dontchu let up on one of these muthafuckin suckas your a soldier get up stand up for what you belive in as long as you breathin they jealous of you man thats the only reason they BEEFIN!

  • JuiceMan

    Common Needs To Come Back!!!! Same as Kweli... Bloody Hell.... ...

    • Anonymous

      Eminem got beat by Rhymefest at Scribble Jam 97, he's lost battles.

    • Anonymous

      they have good lyrics but cannot beat em hes to reative there not on his skill level and hasnt made it to where hes at with his success its not even a media type thing hes just the best point blank perid

    • Mike

      I like eminem but you're a fuckin' idiot steven if you think EM can shit on common or kweli lyrically...get the fuck outta here

    • steven

      its eminem pussy shit on them fags

  • chrashine

    and i dont even carry guns no more i dont got to got undercover cops that will legally pop you ( EM ) kind mathers

  • Anonymous


  • BillyJoe

    Fuck you damn niggers & your hippity-hop music. Yall mother fuckers be better off dead. All you black turds do is ruin this goddamn world! Fuck niggers. KKK White Supremacy! Remember yalls names you niggers. We the white men are your masters you dirty piece of shit slaves! Heil Hitler!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    • devon

      because he is the king thats why people like him he sells more then any artist because people support good music nigga you got shit whack he has cray mofockin amount of material this is 2011 it aint about white and black anymore he just is better

  • whoknows

    EMINEM IS KING NIGGAS im Black an can admit it

  • Anonymous


  • michael

    CROWN SHADY best of all time

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    Yall best watch out for that LIL B & JUSTIN BEIBER collab. featuring Rebecca Black! It gon' be MAD NICE!!! SWAG!

  • unorthadox

    simple and plain em's discography is not strong enough to give him such a title

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    FUCK M&M's!!!! BASEDGOD deserves to be KING of HIP HOP!!! Worst 10 rapper of the century: 1.Tupac Shakur 2.Notorious B.I.G 3.Eminem 4.Nas 5.Jay-Z 6.Eazy-E 7.Rakim 8.Mos Def 9.Talib Kweli 10.Tech N9ne Top 10 best rappers of the century: 1.Lil B the BasedGod 2.50 Tyson 3.Gucci Mane 4.Baby aka Birdman 5.Soulja Boy Tell Em 6.Flo Rida 7.Vanilla Ice 8.Gudda Gudda 9.Waka Flocka Flame 10.OJ the Juiceman "Im Gay" is the most HISTORIC ALBUM OF THE CENTURY!!! SWAAAAAGGGGG!!! BASEDGOD! SUCK MY DICK BITCH!!!

  • Anonymous

    hes made enouph material hes been long in the game this aint the first time he been crowned shady all day fuck wuthcu think pussies

  • Keeping it real

    I for one am not hating, I like Eminem alot personally and think he's one of the 10 best rappers we've ever seen. I just don't see him as the "King of Hip Hop" at this point in his career. King of record sales? Yeah. King of Hip Hop. NO! It all comes back to the music and musically every album after the Eminem show has been a disappointment. The thing is most people inside the hip hop community know this but it's a credit to his brand that he has such a mainstream following (including Rolling Stone) that it really doesn't matter.

    • Seanski

      Are you serious??? Have you heard of Blueprint which is also a certified classic.The Black Album and American Gangster critically acclaimed across the board. Remember em only has sixth studio albums and out of those only three are worth really mentioning Marshal Mathers LP,The Eminem Show, Slim Shady LP. The rest were eh

    • sjsjsj

      Who hasn't has shitty aibums really? Apart from Kanye West and Kanye can't rap for shit. He is more pop than hip hop really. You forget ppl like jay z and nas have *very* spotty track records. After reasonable doubt jay went commercial and simplified his flow, he even said it on "moment of clarity". As nas. Oochie wally. Lol. Eminem's albums have always been *well received* go check the reviews. Recovery? Positive reviews. Even relapse has positive reviews. not classics sure, but still positive.

  • unorthadox

    who named rollingstones the authority on hiphop?? em is top 5 no doubt but king?!? lol in hiphop u are judged by your albums...not in sales but in quality and em has a classic under his belt but last time i checked jay has 2 so does yezzy and nas sorry white folks you stole rock from my ppl by crowing elvis "king" after decades of calling it vodoo african music the same thing wont happen with hiphop

    • Anonymous

      They're probably your jams when they come on in the car or tv :)

    • kkjda

      Your second paragraph shows that it is racial. A white person cannot be king of hip hop/ Em's first three albums were all classics. Jay z has been shoving commercial crap in out faces all this while.

  • SuperGucciRap

    Eminem ain't no king of Hip-Hop. He is the king of faggot rap. He named himself after a fucking candy for fucking sakes. Also why are rappers like Kanye West, Drake, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, B.o.B, Lupe Fiasco, Pitbull and that faggot Kid Cudi on here? Kanye West is a racist cunt, Drake is a pussy, Jay-Z is a freemason, Snoop Dogg named himself after a cartoon dog and leads an army of gummy bears, B.o.B is a faggot nigga, Lupe Fiasco is a dumbass who made the worst album this year (LASERS was wack), Pitbull only does lame dubstep rap music and Kid Cudi is the gayest freshmen I ever heard. The most talented new rapper? My ass, that nigga mumbles when he raps and quit rap for doing tracks for twilight. Fuck that nigga. Gucci Mane is on the list and murks all these niggaz. Where's real Hip-Hop like Waka Flocka, OJ Da Juiceman, Lil B, Soulja Boy, Justin Bieber, Vinnie Paz, Slaine, Hopsin, Tyler The Creator, Canibus, and them? All these niggaz are Gucci's only competition. Fuck Eminem! It's Gucci Time!

    • ur n idiot

      gucci mane gucci hes the worst rapper i ever heard me n my boys listen to his lyrics n lauph cuz hes so garbage he hsould go down as worst rapper of all time shady all day u swamp monkey

    • iGotBitchesCuz

      Preach on brother! Preach on! Thos faggots on the list dont stand a chance! If Lil B the BasedGod & Gucci Mane do a collaboration album Hip Hop itself will be forever SAVED! FUCK EMINEM that fuckin wannabe nigger mutherfucker! Fuck Nas! Fuck Jay-Z! Fuck Talib Kweli! FUCK TUPAC & FUCK BIGGIE!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....swag swag! Basedgod!

    • nicekel_nine

      i was with you until you tried to claim gucci is hard...then went on to say waka flaka, soulja boy, and bieber are up there with him... dumb fucking faggot...

  • Josue Silva

    em is a legend and a talented mc but he is NOT the greatest of all time..

  • Anonymous

    he deserves it def. bertter than weezy and YE..dont kno why their names are even on this article

  • Yup

    We ALL already knew this, even the haters.

  • joey

    you people are all niggers and really fuckin stupid hiphop is black music how about stop being idiots and realize rap is poetry and lyrics and creativity which em has all that and some more no one will ever create shit hes made your just mad cuz hes white and a white man is being crowned so shut your fuckin mouth this isnt even about rolling stone fuck them hs been named best rapper for years now more people buy his shit cuz hes hot and pits dark crazy fucking lyrics he should be an actor on top of that and he will be soon fuck you haters shady till i die no way in hell would i listen to bullshit like lil b and all this retarted media shit cuz they talk about the same shit i can zone in eminems lyrics u blacks dont know good music at all u created it well em took it back eminem might not say nigger but i will nigger nigger nigger your all the same and stupid motherfuckers lmao this aint even about race anyways cuz em sure aint racist but i just dont like niggers but i like his rap he can spit for days fuck u haters every single one fuck you all shut up and enjoy ems lyrics zone out in it cuz if am aint spittin idk who is



  • Jason Nash

    stop hating and give credit where it's due......don't see ppl hating on the g.o.a.t basketball player or boxer. it's different when a person of black race dominates nfl, mma, or any sport......but when a person of white race really deserves their credit ......always gonna be haters.

  • Sup

    man fucc that shit this magazine is shit if is rating eminem lil wayne drake and jay z in top 10 listen to fuccing real hip hop !!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder when the white people who support Em learned what GOAt meant? Its funny to see them use our like its funny seeing them try to support Em, and pump him like he This ain't the 40s, 50s, or 60s...yall ain't stealing our shit this yall cool

    • Anonymous

      look i'm white and em would never sell if he was black , NEVER , and about the first dude , man nobody is "stealing" your shit

    • Jason Nash

      Who can fuck with Em on the mic??? there's a lot of emcees/rappers like tech n9ne, joell ortiz, banks, jadakiss, etc. but on a world wide level.......jay-z, kanye, lil'wayne ain't fucking with Em.....not world wide nor on the mic. color has to do with Em's album sales but he didn't get this far just by skin color......PURE SKILLS.

  • weswes


  • iGotBitchesCuz

    WHAT!! Eminem "King of Hip Hop"!? That is repugnant! If anyone should be King of Hip Hop it should be Lil B the BasedGod! This cracker mutherfucker only spits depressing shit and he IS from the ILLUMINATI!!! FUCK ILLUMINATI bruh! BasedGod has outdone this motherfucker 10 times over by releasing his "Im Gay" album! Lil B has changed the game completely while this cock-sucking-hob-knockin white boy sucks on Dr. Dre's old ass choad! FUCK EMINEM! LIL B the BASEDGOD is the REAL KING of HIP HOP!!!! BasedGod! Swag! Swag! Omg!

  • Anonymous

    Its the same thing that happened to Jazz and Rock. History repeats itself

    • Kareem

      Your correct about that. The worst thing about this that they uncanningly trying to put a gold standard for the excuse why they crowned him "king of hip hop". They're not slick , they couldn't wait to crown Em because white America is getting ready steal hip hop from us like everything else they've done in history.If they didn't mean greatest of all time, then why are they putting this shit out to begin with. That's what's shadowy about this. Why can't they invent something of their own, why do they prey on our shit.

  • Boss

    Basing a "king of hip hop" article on who has the best sales is the worst idea i've eve heard. Its a complete contradiction to hip hops true essence, thats like saying green day are the best punk band cause they sold the most records... cause both genres were built on being an outcast way of thought. So to be popular in them and base the best on this ability is a complete joke, also the fact that shady hasn't been as good in the last few years doesn't help either, hasn't bought out a brilliant song let alone decent album since 2002, The Eminem Show. But regardless of my opinion this article is logically irrelevant and complete out of context to the true nature of hip hop

  • Anonymous

    white power fuck stupid niggers

    • Ace

      ur a dumb ass lol smh its black music n he is inspired by all black rappers so ur white power is shot u fuck he doesn't even care bout that dumb shit lol



  • Anonymous

    white people take everything

  • Anonymous

    white people take evrething

  • weswes

    you ignorant people still bringing up color? close ur eyes and listen to music. plus!! this is popularity!!!! NOT the greatest of all time son. Although eminem does deerve to be mentioned on that list too...

    • Quest

      This is straight up bullshit. The sad part about this for me is that I'm an huge fan of Em. This is some underhanded shit. I don't give a fuck what the article reads ,they know exactly why they put this out. Eminem is not the king of hip hop or the greatest of all time. Sorry but that crown belongs to Hov.

    • weswes

      first off im not black or white. Im simply a hiphop fan. Jcruce i see your point, but remember bad meets eveil was suppose to happen back in the early 00's but him and royce fell out. kanye is creative and one day he'll get his props. Im just tired of all this race latino and im not trippin because latino rappers are never mentioned.

    • JCruce

      Usually I would agree and tell people to calm the fuck down... but i gotta agree here, its like rolling stone is just creating these bull shit columns for the sake of having something eminem can win... tired of this guy getting over praised... hasn't had an original idea in years, jay and ye decide to do watch the throne, he calls royce up for the barely above average hell: the sequel, that "beautiful" song off relapse was just a ghetto version of that christian aguilera track from years ago, and that "love the way you lie" don't get me started... he doesn't take any risks musically, rihanna is popular so is he, course the tracks gonna bank... kanye does track with bon iver and even fergie, thats risk... fuck em, fuck his fans, and fuck the dick riders, its not about colour, its about bars, and he aint got none.... and if anyone calls me a hater you can get fucked, i love his old shits but the mans washed up

    • Anonymous

      fuck u nigger

  • Anonymous

    Its sad he tops in sales, and got only about 100 million....his contract is shitty...smh..they been robbing dude for a while

  • Anonymous

    SMH...rolling stone has been pulling some funny shit this whole week and a half. Idk whats up but I've been peeping they actions lately...they must be looking to make some controversy...they sales must be low...its always a business move oh yeah this list is shitty....Em nice and all but he ain't no king of anything. I'm from Detroit and we know that ain't been nice since Eminem show...all this new shit is just him fishing for checks

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. I've been telling people that for the longest. Em is not the same no more he's not witty or charismatic like you use to be. The fans know damn well that the Eminem Show Em would rap circles around today's Em. Don't tell me charisma don't matter because that's one of important ingredients of an MC.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem and Nas. /end discussion.

  • Anonymous

    pac, nas, masta ace, rakim, gza, scarface, immortal technique, krs one, kool g rap, az, oc, ice cube, outkast, gang starr, biggie

  • Anonymous

    Compare watch the throne with bad meets evil. Its not even close. Eminem is far and away the GOAT. I know lots of people wont admit it because he's white and rap is at its origins a black thing. But listen...the metaphors, the word play, the structure. Theres nobody like him. "I'll be around as long as you let me get to you Long as I got two balls to palm, I'll be the bomb, you're just a false alarm Get scared little pissants, and see if I don't come along and stop your farm Thunder and lightning, rain, hail, sleet with a tornado's the kind of brainstorm I get So when the wind starts blowing, shit, talking about goin' in? Goin' insane's more like it! Wizard of words when he he spits hazardous with it Like a disastrous blizzard so you better listen quick fast don't miss it Yeah go ahead little prick bastard, diss it But when you get hit with a sick ass explicit flow Don't ask how much of his passion is it that goes Just know, that all he knows is this It's better to kick ass than kiss it Dick dastardly of audacity mental capacity Unmatched it has to be stopped But it can't be, but man I can't just keep doing them like that Or no one will rap with me SICK AS FUCK...same song... Back to badge her skull again, push a bitch out the aston until I get the fuck outta dodge Shouldn't have to explain my metaphors?, color books that ain't colored in Second and third, fourth wind, gotta another win Here they come again, none other than, bad and evil Also known as sadam and osama bin It's been a long time, but I bet neither one of us have felt as sick as we do right now And we only get iller with time, me and nickel fucking shit up on the grounds Tellin' us to pipe down, it's like talking to a meth head (get it? pipe? meth head? oh hilarity!) Bruce willis on his death bed, last breath with an infection Fightin' it while he's watching internet porn, about to meet his death with an erection My god, what I mean is, david carrideine jacking his penis in front of his tripod Choking his own neck, what part you don't get? I'm saying I die hard! Ive heard this CD over and over again, still picking up on his word play...



    • alfytitos

      It's true eminem is one of the best to rap but Nas, Jay-z, big L, biggie, pac, Rakim, andre 3k all of differnet styles of rap and have golden flows and verses just like eminem does. i understand he's your favorite rapper but to say there's no one like him is overlooking many many rappers. Not that the article has any relevence there is no king of hip hop eminem would be the 1st to say when your a real lyrcist it's like you join a league. When your a rapper like jay-z, eminem or nas your as big as it get's and neither of them would ever say there better then the other because they are real artists and understand how the game is.





  • chilleymost

    only in america can a culture started by a jamaican,,,,be so called dominated by a white person,,,,because of sales,,,,not positive impact on a community,,,,but sales,,,,,,not the continuation of that culture in a healthy way,,,but sales,,,,,,,not the enlightenment of a generation,,,,,,but sales,,,,,,,I REMEMBER WHEN WHITE PEOPLE HATED BLACK ANYTHING,,,,,,BUT THEY SURE LOVE OUR MUSIC,,,,AMONG OTHER THINGS,,,,,THE MORE THINGS CHANGE THE MORE THEY STAY THE SAME,,,,,,,,,,,,,DONT LET SOCIETY WILLIE LYNCH YA,,,,,,,,STAY ABOVE THE CLOUDS,,,,,WATCH IT ALL,,,,,

  • Saad R. Rajabali

    Haha Nicki Minaj is on this list? Tells me a lot about its credibility. Drake? Gucci Mane? B.o.B???? Rolling Stone needs to stick to pop shit.

  • kuku


  • hnic

    what's all that noise for??? they're talking record sales

  • Nuno Andrade

    what they know bout hip hop..?????

  • Dub_Es

    this list is bullshit. how is lil zane not up there?

  • Gerard

    Ummmm....No and I'm pretty sure Eminem doesn't consider himself the king of Hip-Hop either because he's always been humble.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • b


  • The truth

    People take Rolling Stone more serious than any one of you on this site. Shut the fuck up.


    Earl Sweatshirt is next to claim the throne.

  • jason

    Eminem and Lil Wayne are the 2 kings of hip-hop. Deal with it, haters! hahahahahaha

  • jb23452345

    pittbul ?? wacka flocka ?? gucci mane ?? yo what the f. where is the game? nas ? and if we mention pitbul, why not damian marley? this SUCKS

  • Anonymous

    a white man magazine crowns a white man as King of a hip hop.. Thats fucked up.

    • John

      I aslso agree with the first.

    • wat?

      wat does u bein white have anything to do with anything... dumbass.... they based everything off numbers fuckin deal with it Em has had the most successful career in hip hop out of anyone.. him and jay-z are leagues ahead of anyone else when it comes to a successful career

    • Anonymous

      im white and i agree with first one

    • Anonymous

      Dummiesy comment ever. Read fool, Read !!! It's base on album sales, social networking, radio spins, tours, album reviews, #1 records..etc etc. And Em completely tops all those categories...READ READ READ !!!!!




    1)Name a rapper better than Jay-Z. 2)Now think of who murdered Jay-Z on Renegade. 3) Think of who else has ever got on the track with Jay-Z and murked him like Em did. 4) There. In 5 seconds I proved why Eminem is the greatest of all time. Damn. And I'm a Jay-Z stan.

    • Brian

      @Chilleymost I don't agree with that.Nas is superb storyteller and abstract poet, but Jay is a better lyricist point blank period. He has all kinds of flows,Double/triple entendres,crazy wordplay and wittiness. Nas hardly has wordplay and his flow don't match up to Jay's. Jay is the essence of versatile MC the battling aspect and lyricism.



    • bkstylz

      They both did their thing on Renegades.

  • LOL

    Shut the fuck up Rolling Stone How the fuck is Pitbull even considered

  • mic

    hahaha they should of never realesed this list cause i knew the so called "hip hop heads" would have straight het for this


    All these comments are the same. Save your time people. We get it, he's white.

  • Super Megalomaniac

    Hip Hop shouldn't be associated with that list.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry we aint feeling dude over here overrated white rapper praised by majority of white media plus a terrible actor yeah 8 mile was good but his acting was really bad

  • jason

    Em gets me sooo hot. I jus love touchin myself while listenin to recovery from time to time. Of course he don't hold a candle to my baby boo weezy n his sexy ass dreds. cot dayum im getin so hot jus thinkin about it...

  • Anonymous

    Em is garbage with his blah blah blah ugh ugh ugh raps i had a white friend that was saying man em is the best rapper i was like cool opinion then i ask him about other rappers he didnt even kno who ace hood, AZ, nipsey hussle or J cole was at that point i his opinion was trashed

  • lois

    My G.O.A.T LIST Tupac BIG 50 Cent Eminem Rakim BIG L Lloyd Banks Jay z Nas Ice Cube

    • lois

      Banks is more lyrical than most of these rappers out now, even lyrical than Ross. 50 has 2 classic albums and has sold more than jay z. 50 does great muzik but y'all want the GRODT Fif but 4got to know dt d game changes. thanks to 50 Cent, Eminem black fan-base increased. Every one knew Em was doing pop muzik b4 he got wit Fif.

    • Anonymous

      lol loyd banks had me laughing too.. wtf man this guy says nothing

    • Project

      how can you even have a list with Lloyd Banks alongside Rakim lol

    • chilleymost

      your list is cool,,,,however lloyd banks and 50 gotta go,,,,take away the vitamin water and 50 is a one hit wonder one classic non the less

  • Anonymous

    1. eminem 2. jay z 3. biggie 4. nas 5.lil wayne 6. lupe 7.fabulous 8.cassidy 9. kanye 10.50 cent

  • Anonymous

    Nope rolling stone kick rocks this is a real hip hop site u cant fool us with the bullshit Em aint the king of shit and we broke so we aint buying it real niggas in the hood dont even listen to em at all