Kanye West Brought Onstage At Prince Show

Kanye adds to his list of high-profile collabos by joining Prince onstage in Sweden.

While Kanye West is surely busy with promoting his collaborative album with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne, it appears as though the Hip Hop star does have time to work with other music legends.

On Friday (August 12), the Chicago emcee came on stage at a Prince concert at Way Out West 2011 in Sweden.

'Ye came on during the Purple One's performance of "If I Was Your Girlfriend." West's performance was essentially call-and-response, as the rapper got the crowd to wave their hands from side-to-side, and repeat several classic Hip Hop phrases.

Watch footage of Kanye's cameo below, courtesy of Rap-Up.com.

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  • MARY M

    Oh and by the way, Prince is a Jehovah's Witness. The very last person I could see bringing a person who worships Horus on stage with him is Prince. The guy has some of the strongest, and possibly strangest beliefs out of any artist in music about almost everything you can think of. But maybe Kanye converted him before the show?!?!?

  • MARY M

    Because Kanye knows anything about world history, or cares about it for that matter, he worships Horus or the devil? Really? Didn't he make Jesus Walks? Or I guess the devil worship started after that.... And what does it even matter what someone believes spiritually? It's their beliefs and their's alone. I personally could care less what a person believes spiritually and a lot of the world's problems are because of people who care too much what others believe....and that fact goes back over 2000 years.

  • Anonymous

    DC Artist THERE IS A CHURCH IN THE WILD Keep the underground moving!!!! Song: The WILD Artist: The Nevermind Brothers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x130EXNAnDo Dedicated to our loving Mother Bee

  • Kate Travis

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  • Jyeah!

    And I refuse to lose! People, realize that all the hate isn't on your part. It's being fueled by idiots, people who hate the culture and want to destroy it! I know it's far fetched, but open your eyes, think deep, why the hell are we hating Hip Hop? Why the hell are we hating our voice??? I don't give a damn if someone isn't hot! There are forces out there! Illuminati???? Fuck out of here. They are fucking with our minds. Fight back! it took me a while, but I realized it. Too many complications and for what? Because of our voice???? You are all getting played. Period! WE are all getting played!!! They are trying to destroy our culture and until YOU step up and rep, then all is lost...

  • Jyeah!

    Embrace the realness! I wish I could've been there! But fucking black folk are probably going to hate on this article too. Which is too bad! Embrace the movement people, embrace music! This is History right here. Hip Hop fans are killing hip hop with the hate. One of the only voices we have in a powerful art, but rather than reasoning you just hate. How the fuck do you sleep???? How the fuck you look i the mirror everyday??? Beats me! BME, WTT, TC4, The Red album, this is a movement, celebrate the artists. And if the artists hate, then they ain't a damn worth celebrating!!!

    • EddieMurrrphy

      @Jyeah! i see and agree about the van halens aerosmith point (even though its all bullshit) i get what you mean about not just directing the heat at hip hop. but you cant blast the dude, he is a fellow hip hop head not some cocksucker white senator trying to ban our music. and we are on hiphopdx so, you know, take into consideration where you are and stay aware of other people who are. i had respect for you. although you are too righteous to ever make a difference and i dont really agree with your argument and how you go about presenting it, but that respect was gone when you ripped off chuck d's thoughts for you passionate speech. you aint "witness" either of them do shit in your lifetime faggot. you fuckin liar. we all know elvis was the worst kind of thief but john wayne... form your own thoughts and opinions be original, best advice i could offer you.

    • Jyeah!

      So you've seen Kanye actually bowing down and offering his soul to Horus?? So why not put down ODB for repping Osiris as his name because Osiris was father to Horus? You're some white piece of trash out to obliterate hip hop. You're the poison that's manifesting in black people. And WHY THE FUCK is Kanye a deity of evil when there are other roles in other genres? Why the fuck aren't you attacking the Van Halens, the Aerosmith, The rolling Stones, Elvis (the ultimate devil alongside bitch ass John Wayne, pieces of racist trash that were ever embraced if I ever witnessed otherwise??) You are obviously a white fucking racist, or a fucking Farah Convict related Muslim. Regardless, you have no basis attacking Hip Hop without even speaking your mind on other genres, bc concentrating on this genre alone, makes YOU the devil trying to make a movement for you and yours alone. Go fuck yourself!

    • Anonymous

      Embrace the realness! Kanye worships Horus. Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in the Ancient Egyptian religion. That's history right there. Hip Hop fans aren't killing Hip Hop. The devil is. Kanye being one of the most powerful voices for these deities through art, but rather than reasoning you just hate. How the fuck do you sleep???? How the fuck you look *in the mirror??? Beats me! This is a movement, celebrate knowledge.

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