Jay-Z And Kanye West Open Pop-Up Store For "Watch The Throne"

Jay and 'Ye continue to roll out their album in grand fashion with a dedicated store in New York City.

The extravagance of Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne marketing campaign is still full-steam ahead, as a pop-up store dedicated to the album has appeared.

The store, which features the same gilded cover (designed by Riccardo Tisci) as the album art, has set up shop on 201 Mulberry Street in the SoHo section of Manhattan.

The store's main attraction? The deconstructed and suped-up Maybach from Hov and 'Ye's "Otis" video.

"That's the first thing you see when you get in the store is the Maybach, and it's all tore up," said a fan to MTV News, who was on site at the store. "The engine's exposed, the doors are ripped off, the trunk's split open so you can see the inside of it."

As the end of the "Otis" video suggests, the car will be auctioned off to benefit the East African drought disaster.

Reportedly, the store will have also have deejay sets throughout its run. And, of course, fans can pick up copies of the album at the store for $15.

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  • Anonymous

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  • nikl

    Tthe album is fire, just left mulberry st looking at the car in person, they really did a number on that....this aint no bubble gum rapping ass album like 97% of the shit out...so stop the hating and stay off this thread..

  • Devante SoFresh Spence

    the people who are talking shit about the album. DONT. BOTHER. GETTING. IT. if you dont like it, then dont get it, simple as that. holy shit. and even if u guys dont get it, ther styll goin to be popular soooo.... stop trolling? lol

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Nigga only reason you consider that album classic is cus you spend all yo time listening to Britney spears and lady gaga which made you forget what real hip hop sounds like. You a soft nigga you have no knowledge of real hip hop

  • Anonymous

    Hahha it's funny how they hyping up their album like it's the best thing since illmatic. At the end of the day when you unwrap all that shinny gold foil off of that 15 dollar CD you will come to realize that the album is filled with pop singles not hip hop. Album is a disappointment but the "fans" don't want to admit it.

  • Anonymous

    15 bucks for that overhyped piece of garbage lol

  • tyrone t. birdie or john stikelton

    yall niggas all dumb im going to harvard and i still move them birds step ya game up bitches

  • WAYS


  • Nuno Andrade

    good for them , but i still not gonna cop the album............

  • Gregor Scott

    pics or it didn't happen

  • Ajith Kumar

    a rap contest http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/a7ec2010f89647446018c96e392d25fd/220 plz vote 4 a guy dyin for his dreams plz anyone vote 4 me i worked hard on this and only 15 votes plz help


    LOL 15 DOLLARS FOR THAT TRASH? imma buy 7 swishers and flush them and buy some random african cd LOL! fuck that and their illuminati maybach, like anyone cares? couldve done that to a honda but no use the Germans propaganda

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