Game Says He Isn't The Best Rapper, Speaks On Advice From Nas

Chuck Taylor explains that he would rather be comfortable in his own skin than be better than everyone else.

Game may boast in his raps, but that doesn't mean he considers himself the best rapper alive. During an interview with Sirius XM radio, the Compton, California native explained that some advice from Nas helped him understand that being the best shouldn't be a primary concern.

"I’m not [the best]. I stopped wishing to be the best, I stopped trying to be the best, because the best is what you make it," he said. "I had a conversation with Nas maybe six months ago, and he used to tell me that after Illmatic, people was calling him the illest. After that, after Illmatic dropped, he ust wanted to be the King of Hip Hop, he wanted to be number one. But as he got older and got closer to 30, he realized he didn’t want to be the best no more. He just was comfortable in his own skin and just doing him. Hip Hop was changing and he didn’t per se like the way it was going. So he could have changed and went with it, or he could have just did him and he chose to do him."

Taking Nasir's advice to heart, Chuck Taylor explained that his track record speaks for itself and that he doesn't have to assert his supremacy to be content with his accomplishments. "I felt the same way he did and I shared those sentiments. I don’t want to be the best, I’m cool with being me. I got three platinum albums, all number one in the week they dropped, they debuted. This one’s going to be number one, I guarantee it, the week that it drops. Right now, I’m just working on my legacy. I don’t want to be number one. Everybody else can have that."

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  • Brandon Payne

    haha yo that shit is true about how nas sounds when he speaks, cause on his album he's like... the quizzical ghetto scholar with wisdom and knowledge drop jewels from arabia in the palm of your daughter/ type shit and then in the interview he's' like... "yo.. it iz shun? word wha.. yo cuz it be like ... uuuuh.... yuknow nahmean.... I can haz cheezeburga?

  • Anonymous

    shut up bi polar nigga u gonna flop u wack ass nigga

  • મધરપોકર રમતુડો


  • Anonymous

    1. "No beef with Jay" "one blood" 2. "Got a hook from Faith, no verse from Jay I guess on Westside Story he thought I spit in his face" "Westside Story" 3. "Dre told me he ain't doin "Detox," this his only run Ma$e comin back, and Hovi done" "No more fun and games" 4 "It's "Me & My Girlfriend" like 2Pac and them Jay-Z and Beyonce, or Bobby and Whitney "Special" 5. "Rap critics politickin, wanna know the outcome "Ready to Die" "Reasonable Doubt" and "Doggystyle" in one "Dreams" 6. "Make the club R.O.C. without Timberland boots "Higher" 7."I was gassed up, Murder Inc., Roc-A-Fella passed up" 8. "It took me a little while but I am now understandin Jay ****ed up in the first round when he picked olowankandi" "Memp Bleek Iz" 9. "Oh, that boy colder than Hova unless he sober" "300 Bars" 10. "And ain't nobody tryin to take Beyonce from Jay But I know a ***** named Superhead he ****ed back in the day" Wouldnt Get Far" 11."Took you to award shows, there go Jay right there" "One Night" 12."Bangin "The Black Album," track #1 she like that Jay ****, that's her favorite'' "Around The World" 13. "Behind the back to Nas he alley oop to Jigga" "Why U hate The Game" 14. "Niqqas show me love in the hood like i was HOV down Flushing" "State Yo Name" 15. "The day Jay retire I'ma park next to the throne, in a Maybach on gold wires, yeah "Hands On The Pump" 16. "Cuz he know Jay-Z departed And these other rap labels know don't feed they artists Talkin blueprint **** you got three garages Gettin money off Roc like little E and carter" 17. "And 2Pac was in jail the day you called to hit him up I wouldn't be outside 40/40 bumpin 'Jigga What'" 18."I'm the king, and you better respect it All I need is Beyonce, and a Roc-a-fella necklace" 19. "I'm the golden boy, and I'm making Hova noise Got the whole world clapping, just like the Nolia Boys" 20. "I told 'em bomp, slow down baby Got to get this **** firm like Foxy, NaS and AZ She said '**** you,pay me So I left her in AZ That's what I get for letting her listen to my Jay-Z" 21. "*****, I'm number one, motherfukka bar none Who else kick knowlegde outside of Hova and the God Son" 22. "U gon make me/ make Jay lose his cool" "Feel It In The Air" 23. "Too much West coast dikc lickn, remember Jay-Z? "1-800-Homicide" 24. "No Em, no Dre, I'm the hottest since Jay" "Get Up" 25. "Cause I'm the man behind the Roc like Kanye West" 26."A pimp like 50, the niqqa to leave you broke ma 6 in the mornin, you stretchin on the sofa singin ain't no niqqa like Foxy Brown and Hova" "Compton to Fillmoe" 27. "I'm runnin the ROC, not Jay, Dame Dash of Hoffa" "Jackin 4 Beats" 28. "Who the fuk holdin me? i was just waitin 'til HOVA leave wit my eyes on the thrown that belong to me" "Round Here Freestyle" 29. "yeah its me and young cass til hov come back" "Aim Ya Gunz" 30. "Throw Jay-z in the pot, mix em with ren or O.J on the rocks, mix em with gin whatchu got? the westcoast riding again" "82 Days" 31. "i found out it was a hard knock life without asking Jay" "Duck Down" 32. "Fake king of new york, U aint Jay z" "soundscan" 33. "Me, Em and 50 racin' this rap siht is basic I followed that Jay siht" "We Aint" 34. "The kings comin', no I'm not Jay-Z" "One Blood Remix" 35. "Not the rap martyr, or the second rap Carter" "for My gangstaz" 36. "niqqa I'm about a dollar, what the fuk is 50 Cent? When Jay said it, I didn't know what it meant" "100 Bars" 37. "used to push that rock like Jay Hov" "Red Bandana" 38. "then this marcy-project niqqa came and stole the crown" "Im a soldier" 39. "But Kanye and Hova killed it without a doubt" "Just a lil Bit freestyle" 40. "Who had the hottest chick in the game, wearin they chain Mr. H to the Izzo, Nas and Hurricane" "too Much" 41. " cuz ain't nobody movin units but Jay, pimp Juice and Us" - Down 4 my *****s freestyle 43. "I used to have visions of retiring like Jigga" "Du Rags 44. "He in a vest with a hoodrat from Marcy with a tattoo of Jay-Z name on her chest" "Its So Hard" 45. "Im classic like Detox & Blueprint 2" "Get Yo Money" 46."Yall thought it was over when Hova retired" "Get Yo Money" 47. "Make the world feel like the niqqas before 2pac Shakur Christopher Wallace & Shawn Corey" "Dont Push Me..." 48. "... He aint teach Jigga how to rhyme" "Juice freestyle" 49. "Im going to same place Jay-z went Fredrico & Pico" "100 Bars" 50. "Hov retired but Compton still pushin Roc" "On & On" 51. "I came to see chicks shake they ass like Beyonce so let me be Hov 4 a min." 52. "All I gotta do is hit her wit a Jay-Z line like u deserve to be my sunshine" 53. "Biggie Smalls is the illest so is pac Jay retired i wonder if nas gon drop" "Unbeliveable freestyle" 54. "i kno they sayin y u gotta mention Jay" "State Yo Name" 55. "First Jay & Beyonce then Nas & Kelis" "A Week Ago Part 2" 56."u 36 And U Still Rappin Uhh, Im 26 And Homie So Iz Da Dubz" "one Blood" 57."So I reconciled my differences like he did with Jigga" Game on 'Hustlers' 58. "Im ready to die Without a reasonable doubt" "The Documentary" 59. "In '99 i studied +The Chronic+ inside out, a Doggystyle for breakfast, lunch was Reasonable Doubt " "im A Soldier freestyle" 60. "Shouldnt been influenced by Calvin Broadus, Nasir Jones & Shawn Corey" "Pain In My Life Remix" 61. Yo Jay what it do niqqa, i done rocked enough fellas,to be u niqqa,i got the 40/40,they my 2 jigga's" Tell me that whack fuck ain't on Jay's dick.

    • Anonymous

      Oh shit the true sequel to "Stan" don't worry game he'll answer your letters soon, just be patient little Game. lmao Somebody get this man some help, this is sick forreal

    • Sore loser

      This nigga talks about Jay's fertility because he wish he was capable of having Jay's baby lol

    • wtf

      This nigga ride Jay-z dick more than Beyonce lol This dude ain't noting but Jay-Z groupie in disguise.

    • SKO

      This nigga is a stage five clinger LOL Game get your corny ass out of here. You'll never be able to fuck with Hov, Nas should of told you that.

  • Shawn

    Game went plat once.....LAX was a number 2 album.

  • redalbum

    R.E.D. Album August 23. cop that shit motherfukkas. gonna be sick.

  • BIgDoc

    Fuck game at least sticks 2 his shiiit unlike that ho jay z hes da biggest biter queer pop artist fuck watch the throne redddddddddddd

    • Jim Carrey

      Why are you trying to argue with retard like BigDoc? It's clear as day that his brain is not all there.

    • Anonymous

      Ahahahahaha, you're so delusional. The only pop shit is The R.E.D. album, the features say enough: Nelly Furtado, Mario, Chris Brown, Drake and Lil' Wayne. LMAO, that's what people call Hip Hop noawadys? Game is the only pop queer here. Jay would rap circles around him on his worst day, off the top.

  • Real Nigga Here

    2pac would of never worked with a bi polar obsessive liar like game. he only went platinum once...not 3 times... pure bullshit...i never bought anything from game cus i never liked dudes message, begone butterfly

    • youranswer

      Well for one thing 2pac fucked groupies, but he would never do tracks with them.

    • Anonymous

      im sorry bro. but how do u know 2pac wouldent work with him? if u dont like him why u watching this video point blank is this the game is one of the best artist if not then why is he stil selling why do people still talk bout him, infact people talk bout the game more then 50.

  • Steez

    The guy has got no lyrical talent whatsoever. He's got nothin' to talk about in his music. Documentary was everything he had creatively. Even then the Documentary wasn't no Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt or Enter the 36. It was a 4/5 stars AT BEST. This dude was never good. Nobody important ever thought he was the best.

    • Anonymous

      LOL game has nothing lyrical listen 2 letter 2 the king were him n nas are goin at it game is a lyrcist n the best rapper out rite now

    • nogamechanger

      Which explains why he says fuck Jay, because he never did a song with him. This nigga is a straight Jay-Z groupie lol "Everybody want to know my net worth/niggas wake up on my dick/eat your breakfast first -Jay

  • Gava

    Fuck Game!!! This cat is all talk and no action. The only nigga on aftermath droppin shit worth listening to is shady. These cats is all gonna flop!! Without an eminem feature on the album their shit flops. Look at Royce! His album success is certain is never gonna sell like hell: The Sequel. That shit already dropped out the top ten on the charts. Dre and Em need to drop all these niggas and sign some real talent! He needs to sign niggas that can stand on their own two feet without having to ride shadys coattails all the time. Yelawolf the only cat on aftermath that is Dope and ALSO marketable to the mainstream. Rest of the roster is just bums

  • Anon

    "So he could have changed and went with it, or he could have just did him and he chose to do him." Erong. Nas tried to sellout on I Am and Nastradamus but failed. So he basically had to just do him because he knew he couldn't sell alot of records.

    • Anonymous

      CO-SIGN THAT LAST STATEMENT TO THE FULLEST! All his albums, aside from Illmatic, ranged from complete garbage to good and overrated at best. Did you hear one Nas interview? It's absolutely terrible to hear him speak. It's like they grabbed a random street guy that hasn't read a singe book in his life. It's pathetic for someone who claims to be an avid reader.

    • truthbearer

      Nas tried to do albums with a balance of commercial and hardcore, failed miserably. He should of known only Jay can pull that off. He should just sticked to his pan-African raps. Has any one notice that Nas doesn't sound as intelligent in his interviews as he does on his albums. That's kind of odd to me personally.

    • Chimathekilla

      But even if he did try to sellout ( even though to me he didn't ) he always has amazing lyrics and he's albums always have a message that is what " The Game" and the hip hop game is general is missing.

  • cheeze

    game is all over the place, hes a loose cannon, he does crazy dumb shit routinely. but he's dropping hot music right now after a dry spell, and when its all said and done, hell always be known as an emcee that dropped quality albums. i love 50 cent, but 50 cent stopped caring about music a long time ago. game loves hip hop more than anything, and his tapes leading up to the album have been incredible. game is doing everything he can to push his project, i'll buy a copy and show the nigga what time it is. game is the dennis rodman of rap. hes a crazy ass nigga, thats flat out weird. but he can play on my squad any day, hes a gamer. the nigga got heart, he doesnt back down easy and he is gonna walk thru the bullshit. not many niggas dropped 4 quality albums from the left coast. game deserves alotta respect.

  • Real Talk

    man i`m a 50 fan, but i can`t say game is trash, he has some good records with and without 50.All those who are shouting fuck 50, 50 snitch, 5-0 or anything else went with game because when the split g-unit/game happened, the west coast didn`t have new muscle to promote and they said: "game diss 50, shit i`m down wiht game he is west coast" that`s why 50 has many haters, cuz they don`t care just yell fuck 50/g-unot

  • Jay-z nuts


  • wait a second charles

    LAX debuted at number #2 behind Slipknot's "All Hope Is Gone" in 2008 by like 13 units.

  • Ajith Kumar

    a rap contest plz vote 4 a guy dyin for his dreams plz anyone vote 4 me i worked hard on this and only 15 votes plz help

  • Dennis Dweezy Richards

    games album will easily be better than watch the throne and c4

    • Hova's groupie

      Game wish he was on Watch The Throne so he could be next to his obsession. This nigga has worshipped Jay since the day he stepped foot in the game. Don't believe me listen to his first album, listen to how many times he drops Hov name. Not to mention countless other songs after that. This nigga is a clown.

    • Oluwafunsho Andrew Ayedero



      you're fucked?!

  • Princ3 0f Th3 D

    I love when people realize their not the greatest nor will they ever be and they make up a poor excuse like "I don't want to be number one anyways, I could if I wanted to but I just don't want to." Nigga please, everyone who is passionate about something they do they want to be numero uno. They never may become number one but they knew if they could they would.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that was the lamest excuse I've ever heard coming from a rapper, especially in this type of music. That's waving the white flag. ''Be competitive coke heads and go line for line.''

    • xrated

      Why's Game taking advice from Nas? Everyone who has been a Nas Fan since Illmatic can tell Nas dosn't want to be Number 1. I've stopped listening to Nas because his music sucks. Putting out racist shit. on a few albums. Nas and Game both suck! Game trys to be to much like NWA! Listen to his music and it all says the same weak lines. It's shit

    • moneychaser

      Really, if you don't want to be number one , then what the fuck are you rapping for. The point of the hip hop game is to be the number one nigga. This dude is a straight lame. No the real reason is your not capable being number one ,because you have no damn talent.

  • Anonymous

    Barrack Obama Is the Best Rapprr alive!! Fuck Wayne and kanye! Obama be straight killin the game

  • Teddy Rumskin

    Game isn't the best rapper,No Shit,lol.

  • NAS


  • EEZY

    I wonder if he knows that LAX didn't debut at #1 and I'm not even sure it went platinum....maybe worldwide. His first album sold so well because he was riding a HUGE wave of success that 50 Cent created 2 years earlier. Even Young Buck & Tony Yayo were going platinum or coming close!! Kinda hard to believe RED is going to be album of the year material when the label sure didn't seem to think so for a year or so. Won't matter come Grammy time anyways, Kanye should finally get his album of the year award and win almost every other award My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy gets nominated for.

  • Anonymous

    The first smart words I've heard from Game over the last time.

  • Anonymous

    I was waiting for the new album, but I can't respect a real album after 3 years that has so many features. I want to hear Game If I buy an album from him and not 20 other people.

  • kingChronic

    i respect the game, his music is always quality, the mixtapes r fire, this nigga is just having a time of his life. the reason y he has so many haters is becos they r seeing him and his success. i understand y so many features on his album, diff variety of music in one albm is somthing nice.

  • LOL@Article_Title

    "Game Says He Isn't The Best Rapper" Anybody ever say he was?

  • trap

    Game's so humble.. lil wayne needs 2 take notes cuz Game is way better on a lyrical tip and so is Nas

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    he's being a real artist no money concerned a**hole like the most of the rappers out there

    • bullshit

      Don't buy into that shit all of them are in it for the money. If not why are they signing with labels and putting album after album out promoting it. Just like he is here. He knows he's not going to sell that's why he's saying this shit and that's his excuse.


    this nigga too modest. he ATLEAST top 14 dead or alive

  • Anonymous

    this dumb ass say the his red albume was gone be the album of the year yeah right this wack bipolar faggot neds to make up his mind red album will be garbage, gay as fuck...

  • Anonymous

    for someone to be at hip hops core like game im just dissapointed in some of the joints on red after not learning his lesson from lax.

    • Kareef

      Hip Hop's core?? Please don't play yourself and never type that again. What do you expect from this album, he has more pop acts on his album then a NOW CD.

  • Anonymous




  • Anonymous

    He really needs to cut down on name dropping. He Is a good rapper but the name dropping needs to stop. Also WTF is up with the compilation album that's he's trying to say is a solo album. I swear it looks Like a dj Khaled album

  • google

    I wish his album would come out stay on the top 200 for 4weeks and flop so we dont have to hear more of the name dropping bullshid...



  • Anonymous

    listen to red album samples it is fire cant deny that

  • Anonymous

    hate all you want but the mans last 2 free mixtapes were better than most albums comin out just now

  • lmaoooo

    he talks abouts jay-z being 40 but nas is 38

  • Anonymous

    Haha this 32 year old gangbanger talked so much shit in the last 2 weeks.he probably cried himself to sleep after he listened to watch the throne he know his album full of fake bullshit cant fuck with it

    • Anonymous

      He listened to WTT in his car, moving his lips to the music, thinking he's HOVA, til he looked in to the mirror. LMAO.

    • paperchaser

      Your comment is wack as the nigga with the tatted face nigga in this interview. Let's see if this nigga stay relevant 15 years straight in the game like Hova. Wait a minute he's irrelevant now my bad. Game is always going to be Jay-Z's groupie, he probably can't wait to leave the interview and pop on the Watch The Throne at home or in his car, so he can here Jay's voice lol Clownass nigga, GREAT HOVA!

    • Anonymous

      watch the throne is wacknessss broooo broooo turn off your speakers and sign out.

  • Killmatic

    Waiting on that Life is good....cmon Nas,and you Game if you followed Nas's advice you wouldn't have 18 features on RED with most of them being wack. Still I hope you at least came correct on RED.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is kiilin himself at a slow pace

  • pap

    LAX isnt certified platinum n The Documentary had 50's throwaway tracks (which were still bangers) so dude is actually 2 albums in

  • Anonymous

    it was all good just a week ago niggas feel theyselves and then watch the throne drop niggas kill theyselves LMAO HAHA SO TRUE

  • Anonymous

    WOW he need to stop now he just happy being him sounds like he nervous about his album his summer just got tucked in

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