Joell Ortiz Speaks On Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Watch The Throne," Slaughterhouse LP

Joell explains that he didn't fire shots at Hov and 'Ye, even though his tweets suggest otherwise.

Joell Ortiz confused the Twitter minds earlier this week with a tweet that said, “You Bitches need to get off them nigga's lap sittin on that so called throne already. Quit being them niggas court jester-monkey. #nohate.”

Calling in to Shade 45’s “Sway in the Morning” with Sway Calloway, the Slaughterhouse member sidestepped the comment and said that no shots were fired.

“That may have not been me. Yeah, my phone was dead last night,” he joked, sharing his opinion on Watch the Throne. “I ain’t get a chance to lock in on it. I heard like two or three joints, and I thought it was OK. It was cool. I gotta hear the whole project to give my full opinion. I heard two or three on the radio I belive, yesterday, and they were cool.

He also spoke on Slaughterhouse’s Shady Records debut, which is “80 percent finished.” “The things we’re doing are epic. Our album is going to be incredible,” said Joell. “I’m so excited, like real talk, it doesn’t even make sense. I don’t really care who you’re talking about. Slaughterhouse is going to be that shit.”

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  • Amarefan

    ya'll must have got the bootleg WTT or something, that album is mean. probably best of this year

  • Anonymous

    haha joell is smart,taking subliminals his music isnt well known enough to diss the oh so great jay z and kanye illuminati puppets joell can kill both of them any day in a battle but will he ever get respect for his talent, no thats why bruno mars and lilwanye and all that other bullshit gets constantly played on the radio vival la revolution all up in that ass jbird bitch takin back hip hop and originality

  • Jason Nash


  • Jason Nash

    Joell>>>>>the jay-z of today........and homo tool kanye. it takes this long to put out an album whith such high quality artist like kanye and jay-z????

  • Anonymous

    his fans dont even buy his music

  • Anonymous

    I feel him that watch the throne shit was corny as fuck!!!!

  • war22

    there is a retard among us that spreads haterism towards Joell Ortiz...i think thats Pun's wife or Cuban Link...lmao get a life bitch u aint going to get shit from Joell stop being a hoe

  • Anthony Smith

    Damn straight, there are certain people out there who hate anything that is popular. For example I have a friend who asks the attendant in a shoe store which color they sell the most of and he gets the opposite.

    • shane

      Thats a horrible example. I mean as long as the color didn't turn out to be like brown thats a smart idea because you want you shoes to stick out not be like everybody else. Thats not hating thats how you dress. If anything in a metaphorical way WTT is more like your friends style of choosing shoes because its not like any other cd's, you know they were trying to b unique. Also its funny to imagine your friend walking into a store with a color spectrum chart.

  • Logic

    So I've come to the conclusion that most people on this site hate when they see other artists start to hit mainstream. Everybody was on Slaughterhouse's dick until they signed a record deal. Now all the sudden they're garbage when in reality they still spit just as hard as they did before they just have a label backing em up. Quit hatin, and just enjoy the music and move on, or just stay underground with that stupid shit.

    • Blackbond007

      Phonte said it best: "Then I said I'd do it for the props 'Til I realized that the props always seem to stop When niggaz can't keep you all to theyself Take you home, put you in they little box"

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. That's what will happen to Kendrick Lamar or Big KRIT to if they blow up. They only gain more fans, but their music will stay the same, but that's the problem with these narrow minded fucks, they can't feel elitist and like they discovered the most skilled underground rappers before others did anymore.

  • Papi Cholesterol

    If Ortiz was smart (he isn't), he'd shut the fuck up and talk about a BOOK instead. Jay and Kanye are dogshit now but this douche shouldn't even have a public opinion except to support the industry (and by extension, to perhaps support himself if he ever gets more than 36 fans).

  • HIP-HOP Fan

    Yo I just listened to that Joell Ortiz - Stalker that's hip-hop. That throne shit is nice too, but if you put Jay Kanye and Joell all on the same track, I Don't think i'd be able to call that shit... they all kill. And stop hating on slaughterhouse you pussies you know that shit is real. You don't hear me talking shit about your favorite rapper Ace Hood do you? HA!

    • Anonymous

      What's a Laughterouse? Are they the * 1/2 Black * 1/4 House Negro (Royce Da' 59 IQ Gotta Ask Massa Em if it's OK first) * Whiny 1/4 Fake Latino, Fake Nickname version of Army Of The Pharoahs? Funny how heads say yeah"Bodega" was aiight and that record was FOUR fucking yeas ago. Even for turtle Ortiz had been in slow self-destruction mode ever since.

  • Anonymous

    I don't see why he's afraid to admit it. They've put out a track that is ok. Nothing special. Nothing we haven't already heard. The girl who's throwing in some trite slang cliche's to test Joell is probably insecure for being the only female in and is throwing in her two cents linearly to suggest she's a credible Hip Hop head. But in all sincerity, if she's defending the idea of not letting a person express their genuine opinion on whether or not the "Watch The Throne" shit is hot? Then he didn't get a fair chance to express his opinion let alone defend it. So I'll leave it at that. I truly believe that Jay-Z is falling off slowly and is using Kanye is a crutch as Kanye uses other eh-okay rappers as crutches. So it's counterintuitive on their part. Politically, cause this is politics as this entire world, it doesn't look good on their part. And I agree Joell shouldn't have gotten in to the idea of resurrecting Big Pun for his own publicity but, and I will say this, he is one of thee most talented emcees that doesn't spit superficial recycled lyrics. And that's what Slaughterhouse does have to offer. They're all killing it. Hate it or not.

  • Anonymous

    Fake Latino = only time he talks about it when he wants to suck Pun's dead cock. Has Obese Ortiz repped ANY other Brooklyn Latino, either music, literature, art-- even a good P.R. tire shop? "The Brick" was four fucking years ago now, whatever he had is waaaaay over.

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait for the Slaughterhouse album, they showed incredible potential on the first one. This will be a classic with the right produciton and if Joell stops the awful pronunciation he's doing lately. As for his solo work, it's complete garbage besides Bodega Chronicles. So, I can't take his opinion seriosuly on a topic like this.

  • Anonymous


  • cold 187

    Who the Fuck is Jay Z!!!!

  • Azhar

    I'm a big SlaughterHouse fan... But truthfully speaking Joell's Free Agent wasn't as good as Bodega Chronicles.. I copped Watch The Throne and Success is Certain... Success was very disappointing. Stop sending hateful tweets and put out that new SlaughterHouse joint... But Joe Beezy and Joell are the standounts from the group... just hate to see rappers hating for no reason if you don't like just say it aint for you all the other comments about sitting on niggas laps and shit is corny!!!

  • Anonymous

    rap niggas feeling the burn from WTT. Making the shit they recording sound old as fuck. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Jigga & Gay West, that is all.

  • Anonymous

    free agent was a sick album + battle cry is the gem out of the whole album

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that was the only good song, which made it seem even better, despite being released over 6 months prior.

  • Anonymous

    LAUGHTERHOUSE was, is and always will be SHIT, fatso got that right.

  • Anonymous

    Uh... I have no use for Jay or Kanye 2011 and even less for that fat fake Latino Joell Ortiz. Who could possibly care what he has to say about ANYTHING? "The Brick" was alright (3.5/5) and he's been whiny dog shit ever since... No amount of idiotic My Manager Told Me I Needed A Nickname special pleading can change the truth Joell ain't built for show biz.

  • Rich Britton

    who is Joell Ortiz?

    • Anonymous

      Industry rapper who thinks because he's from the hood, he has rep. This nigga is "one of them dudes in the hood", you know, they lived around violence so now they're a thug? yea that's Joell Ortiz. Corporate thug rapper. Right.

    • Anonymous

      hes a somebody since you spelled his name right and gave proper annunciation

    • Anonymous

      who is jay-z? never heard of kanye west either

    • Anonymous

      Never was Brooklyn rapper, more legit than Papoose, less than anyone in Stetsasonic. Battle rap nerds say he's "the truth" but they're liars or ignorant. Joell Ortiz has dropped more verses than Biggie, Big L, Big Pun and Big Daddy Kane combined; and what the fuck does he have to show for it? I mean quality, not fat rolls.

    • Esteban Faundez

      you're joking right?

  • dockevoc

    Free Agent and Apollo Kids are the best albums of the year so far. YAOWA!

    • saint

      and apollo kids wasn't even the best album in 2010. How I Got Over was better. MBDTF was better. Distant Relatives was better. Nineteen Ninety Now was better.

    • Anonymous

      Apollo Kids was released last year and Free Agent was absolutely terrible.

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