Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" Gets Official Tracklist, Features Nas, Bun B

More details emerge on Weezy's upcoming album.

The long-awaited fourth entry in Lil Wayne's Tha Carter series finally has a track list.

Aside from known cuts like "6 Foot 7 Foot" featuring Cory Gunz and "She Will" featuring Drake, a plethora of other artists join Weezy on his latest.

Although Nas, Shyne and Jadakiss were reported to be on the same cut, lists two posse cuts that split the emcees up. "It's Good," featuring Drake and Jadakiss, and "Outro," featuring Bun B, Nas, Shyne and Busta Rhymes. The aforementioned collaboration with underground staple Tech N9ne also appears to have made the cut.

The track list is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Blunt Blowin
3. MegaMan
4. 6 Foot 7 Foot (Feat. Cory Gunz)
5. Nightmares Of The Bottom
6. She Will (Feat. Drake)
7. How To Hate (Feat. T-Pain)
8. Interlude (Feat. Tech N9ne)
9. John (Feat. Rick Ross)
10. Abortion
11. So Special (Feat. John Legend)
12. How To Love
13. President Carter
14. Its Good (Feat. Drake & Jadakiss)
15. Outro (Feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes)

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  • Anonymous

    I like that he went back to an intro and outro - his sing song shit is going to be the death of this album though.

  • Take Care

    What ever happened to the track "Wayne's World" ?

  • rick ross

    blunt blowin huh... lemme run that by your p.o., wayne

  • Anonymous

    well first off if your gonna compare lil wayne and jay z its like comparing lemons and limes they both suck unless they have something sweet with it jbird bitch im all there its just bland the same that like wayne are carousal fans

  • weezygoaway

    Lil wayne has to be the definition of overrated.Just like Joe buddens said years back, wayne will say some hot shit here and there, but the rest of it is fluff. He's to inconsistent to be hyped. Did you niggas not see his freestyle attempt on Tim Westwood, fucking embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    tech is only on an interlude that just goes to show how gay lil wayne

    • Anonymous

      The interlude isn't an actual interlude. It will most likely be like carter 2, one beat for the intro, interlude and outro. Plus if you had listened to techs album, you clearly make out that it is an actual song.

  • Trey

    Tracklist looks good, features look good, Production will probably be diverse, looking good. One suprise, no Nicki Minaj feature... lookin C4-ward. Nice.

  • Anonymous


  • Hip Hop Head

    6'7 isnt all that. People hyped that up too much as well! People are probably reading my comments like damn nigga get off Wayne's dick! lol Naw dont get it twisted I've been listening to Wayne since he was with the Hot Boyz. This album wont be better than C3, and C3 wasnt better than C2. Carter II...mannn Wayne was killin 'em! But aye times change. Nonetheless Wayne is a great artist. But songs like 6'7 is just him yappin away. No subject matter.

    • Anonymous

      TBH carter 2 was for the most part was like that. 6"7 would fit right into C2. Carter 3 had it's moments though, dr carter was easily one of his best songs and a millie and lollipop gained major success.

  • Hip Hop Head

    Damn the leaked tracklist looked better than this, this shit looks whack...Im not hating Im just voicing my opinion. John shouldnt be on the album cuz its been out for a while. & How To Love aint even dope, muhfuckas over hyped the shit out of that song. But it is what it is. This album is still gonna sell alot because Wayne always has so much damn hype. Im still waiting on Wale's "Ambitious", J. Cole's "Cole World: The Sideline Story", Young Jeezy's "TM103" and a few others.

  • Anonymous

    looks stupid half the tracks already heard and half featured wackness.

  • brutaltruth

    Okay people need to get over that Ether shit forreal disrespecting Jay. Let me break down the truth behind that Nas vs Jay-Z beef. The "takeover" was stone-cold facts and I remember Nas fans during that time walking around low in spirits, saying that Nas isn't at that skill level anymore to be able to respond to Hov. Even Mc Serch(the man that put Nas on) believed that Nas had no chance against Jay. If you don't believe go watch the Nas documentary on youtube and you'll see Mc Serch say that to even compete with Jay your going to have to get on your Nasty Nas illmatic shit. So the hip hop industry , Nas fans and critics thought Nas was finished after "Takeover". Now I admit the "Ether" was a great response to "Takeover" and Nas did come hard at Jay, but he was consider the underdog and had low expectations. When you have low expectations you always going to overwhelm people. Jay had higher expectations because he was the king( and still is) at the time so when he hit back with "Superugly" it fell flat because people expected more from him. Jay had a lot of expectations on him from everybody and Nas didn't because he had faded to oblivion prior to "Takeover". So no matter how yo Nas stans put it Jay-Z revived and saved your favorite MC's career. If you look deep into the "Takeover" vs"Ether" you'll see that Takeover was a better record , but Ether was more exciting and entertaining.Takeover-Pure Facts and Truth about Nas's career confirmed by Mc Serch himself. Ether- Personal insults,comical,gimmicky,too many homosexual references and a lot of ficiton mixed with some facts. Jay-Z and Damon Dash were far from being Puff and Biggie. Jay-Z came in the game with Dame as business partners, Jay-Z was never Damon Dash's artist he was President of Def Jam for God sakes. Biggie was Puffy's artist not business partner, he was never president of Bad Boy records. Rocafeller did not die of aids, he died of cancer that was a misquote on Nas's part, look it up on google. Jay did get chased through his building in Brooklyn though according to number of accounts, because he was getting shot at few times with tech-9 by a rival cocaine dealer. Read the excerpt from "Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z went from Street Corner to Corner Office" by Zack O'Malley Greensburg. Even when Ether was buzzing like crazy Hov was still reigning supreme in the rap game. Keep this in mind Ali got knocked out twice , but is still the Greatest boxer of all time. Michael Jordan has gotten dunked on few times, but he is still the Greatest b-ball player of all time. Jay-Z lost the battle to Nas, but he is still the Greatest of all time in the rap game. Nobody has ran the game and been as relevant as long as he has. Jay has a large influence on hip hop and pop, it's no denying that. He's respected and looked up to by underground emcees and mainstream emcees. He's what they all hopefully aspire to be one day(except for eminem he is right there with him). Lil Wayne and Drake's run is up , but this album still probably sell because of the kids in the burbs who thinks he is so gangsta lol

    • Anonymous This should end this discussion. Greatest lyrical performance of the last decade.

    • Anonymous

      I like BP3, you can't respect that because Hip Hop will always consist of simple ass beats with straight rhyming for you. It was good music, but not for close minded Hip Hop purists, that's true. Everything you just said could be turned around easily. Look... I still am a Nas fan... after Stillmatic Album? I could respect calling him top 3 maybe even better... then Street's Disciple came... WACK... then HipHop Is Dead... trivial subject matter, so much less energy and dexterity in his flow, decent beats... average is being generous... then Untitled... SERIOUSLY? PLEASE defend that one lol... then DR... watered down and polished raggae/hiphop/pop production, Damian outshining Nas at will, out the std. lyrics about black people, freedom, struggle and peace. Jay hasn't been perfect by a long shot... but post-01 his music kills Nas... Don't agree? Well... you have a right to your own opinion regardless of how TRULY IDIOTIC IT IS And I'm sorry to mention this again... but MY GENERATION? AHHHHHH... wow Nas... WOW

    • comachonvargas

      Imagine if Hov was on his game during the Nas beef? Imagine if Lupe/Elzhi had premo and Nas never existed? Imagine if Jay hadn't bit Nas/sampled his voice while trying to come up in 96? Imagine if Nas hadn't subliminally dissed Jay on success [his OWN track]? Imagine if AG wasn't a poor excuse for Jay to embellish his 'drug-dealing' past while masquerading as Frank Lucas and dropping duds like Hello Brooklyn/Blue Magic? And on and on... LOL @ sales, popularity, trends, international icons, and most of all EURO JAY... LOL @ 'social awareness' and 'depth' on WTT...LOL @ decoded... LOL at Nas being a 'real life parody'... LOL @ anything Jay did being better than ALL Nas' albums cept Illmatic [does that include YOUNG FOREVER] Look... I still am a Jay fan... after Black Album? I could respect calling him top 3 maybe even better... then Kingdom Come came... WACK... then AG... trivial subject matter, so much less energy and dexterity in his flow, decent beats... average is being generous... then BP3... SERIOUSLY? PLEASE defend that one lol... then WTT... frenetic overproduction drowning out the std. lyrics about black cards, black cars, black watches etc. Nas hasn't been perfect by a long shot... but post-04 his music kills Jays... Don't agree? Well... you have a right to your own opinion regardless of how TRULY IDIOTIC IT IS And I'm sorry to mention this again... but YOUNG FOREVER? AHHHHHH... wow Jay... WOW

    • Anonymous Nas is NOTHING compared to Jay.

    • Brutaltruth

      Exactly! Preach brother lol The bottom line is Jay is still relevant and Nas isn't, he's an afterthought now. Jay is an international icon and Nas isn't will never be. Jay definitely outshines Nas on Success, any one saying elsewise is in pure denial or hate. Imagine if Hov was that focus and on top of his shit during the battle between him and Nas, Nas would've been done. You Nas stans should be lucky Hov was off his game during that time.

    • Anonymous

      You know why a book like Decoded doesn't exist for Nas' lyrics.

    • Anonymous

      This is getting ridiculous. Jay just dropped Watch The Throne with verses Nas could never reach in terms of complexity, social awareness and depth. You're talking about flow? This is pure hate now. Jay and AZ always had the far superior flow to Nas, they go way smoother with the beats, plus Jay's able to change it at anytime. Nas has never RAPPED as well as Jay, even now. And all of that you said, doesn't change a damn thing about this. Jay is a worldwide icon, rich as fuck, one of the most selling artists in any genre and influenced more people than you can imagine, while having more skills than 90% of the underground rappers. You act like Nas is the only who writes nice, poetical verses. There are many rappers who are equal or better than him. He isn't THAT good as a rapper, everytime he tells a story, his rhyme scheme wents straight downhill. He has to simplify it in order to tell a story, that, my friend, isn't skill. I don't get it, Nas got nothing but shitted on from 96-01, everyone who would've called him the GOAT back then, would get laughed at and not taken seriosuly anymore. He's good at what he does, but can't change his lane and succed there as well, while Jay can switch from style to style and still being one of the best everywhere. He has as much depth as Nas in his songs, WHILE having deep metaphors and some of the best braggodocios ever written. When Nas does something else, he looks like real life parody. Jay can get as poetic anytime he wants to, that has been proven on countless songs on every album. That is another evidence of how much more skills he has. Just because Nas talks about not having money, being sad while looking out of a project window on a rainy day and hearing gunshots doesn't make it any better. Nas is definitely overrated. As far as lyrics and technical style goes, he's not in my top 10. But albums like Illmatic get the benefit of flawless production (swallow your own words) I have nothing against Nas, but as an MC people tend to have this inflated view of him, most likely based solely on Illmatic. Illmatic reings supreme, but anything else Jay did is better than all his other albums. Jay fucked up his critics cleverly on many songs and made them spechless, something that, despite several pathetic attempts, Nas never achieved. Jay outshined him with ease on Black Republican and Success. Nas tried everything and people still want to hear these vivid street raps and not this wanna be thought provoking shit. Seriosuly, literally nobody wants to hear a high school drop out who's rapping about politics on half assed tracks without proper research. Why isn't he working with Premo no more? I'll tell it like it is. He knows that he don't got it anymore, everybody would be disappointed as fuck to hear him rapping that lame on a Premier track after all those years. We have cats like Reks for that now. Lupe Fiasco, Elzhi, Jay and Eminem are far superior to him in any category. Elzhi and Lupe are classic cases of students surpassing their teacher.

    • Brutaltruth

      Jay-Z's flow is garbage now??? You need to listen "Thank you" the last verse is legendary and "What we talking about" on the BP3 he still shitting on rappers. On Watch The Throne his lyrics are off the chart and many people agree to that. Listen to tracks "No Church in The Wild", "Welcome to The Jungle","Who gon stop me" the second verse by Jay,"Illest Motherfucker Alive" and "The Joy". "Most Kings" go on youtube and listen to that whole song, trust me your going to need a dictionary and intellectual thought process to figure that shit out. Has Nas ever in his career packed out three nights at Madison Square Garden ? Has he sold collectively 50 million albums? Have twelve number one albums in the row surpassing Elvis Presley? Respected and worldly known beyond hip hop as musical icon? Tour with U2(Bono one of the biggest rock bands in history from the 70's) in Europe and US? Do a track with Michael Jackson (the biggest icon of the millenium)? Has he packed out stadiums? Let me ask you this also is Nas as relevant as he was during his Illmatic period,It Was Written period,I Am period and Hip Hop is Dead period(I did enjoy that album I ain't going to lie) today in 2011? Win thirteen grammys and recieve rap album of the year? Did he ever dominate the charts at number one five weeks in the row with his third lp? Was he voted the "Greatest MC of All Time" on MTV? He actual came in fourth because niggas know the deal. To that other dude when it came time to vote on "Best Rapper" alive the top two who were going against each other for the number one spot was Eminem and Jay-Z nobody care to mention Nas, that's the honest truth dude, so go google that shit for yourself. Jay just broke records with Kanye for the highest downloads in itunes history and that was four days ago. He is still highly regarded as one of the illest emcees to touch by the underground emcees just as much as Nas is. Vinne Paz(Jedi Mind Tricks)Celp-titled &Apathy all say Jay-Z is one of their favorite lyricist. Sorry to say this , but Nas is basically living off his past glory days. Jay-Z's only classic is Reasonable Doubt? The Blueprint is a classic because it was a moving and well-produced and lyrically superior album. "All I Need" You want act out a movie/I'm going to give you a clip/no ablibing nigga stick to the script. Nuff said. Yeah I'm going to keep writing responses in long threads till I shut your ass up. By the way did you forget The Black album and American Gangster? Because they were both critically acclaimed universally by both the hip hop community and critics. The only reason Nas is doing tracks with cats lyrically inferior to him like weezy and Odd Future is because Kelis got him by the balls for child support, Ouch

    • Anonymous

      Ok The Takeover MAY have revived NaS' career and MAY have been better (I consider it SLIGHTLY better.) But you can't say Jay is the GOAT When he's only got 1 classic (Blueprint is only called a classic because of the beats, his rapping isn't that amazing.) Nas has Illmatic, It Was Written, Stilmatic, and Distant Relatives... And you're forgetting the reason Nastradamus was bad is because NaS had to meet a deadline and he didn't have enough time to make it a decent album. And yes Jay's flow is garbage now he sounds like he's running out of breath on his new songs. Em, NaS, and Pun are my top 3. And Jay-Z isn't the king of NY, because even if you don't think NaS is great, AZ is better.

    • Anonymous

      Jay z = 1 classic reasonable doubt nas = 2 stillmatic and illmatic

    • Brutaltruth

      Weed plate since Black album???Listen to your hating ass, I guess you forgot about American Gangster that was consider an updated Reasonable Doubt.Which was rated higher than any Nas's albums after Stillmatic. Consensus said Jay outshined Nas on Success. Tell me if I'm lying dude. I admitted Jay lost the battle did you actually read what I wrote. I said Nas fans,critics and the hip hop world as a whole underestimated Nas, because Jay was untouchable and unstoppable at the time. Nobody thought that anybody could fuck with Jay. Nas was not even being mention during this time before the Blueprint. You must have amnesia or was too young to remember. What are you smoking? Even Mc Serch and the hip hop industry said the battle bought back Nas career and status. So yes it's pure fact Jay revived Nas's dying career. You don't believe go watch the driven biography of Nas on youtube. Jay was going the mafioso route because Nas? Dude Jay was talking that Mafioso shit when Nas was saying it "Ain't Hard to Tell" and "The World is Yours". I guess you also forgot about Jay-Z's "In My Lifetime" video in 1994. Jay was on that mafioso big willie shit before Nas. "How that nigga Esco he never sold asprin"-Jay (Superugly) That was the time even when Big was on brooklyn stick-up kid grimey shit. Do you research first before you argue with me.

    • comachonvargas

      YOU LAMES ARE INCREDIBLE... Nas owes his career to Jay since Takeover revived it? SERIOUSLY? You think Jay made Takeover because he wanted to help Nas? After Ether Jay demanded royalties from Nas... you know what Nas said? 'How you going to diss someone then expect them to pay you for mentioning their name in a song going back at them? What was I supposed to do? Roll over and die?' Your logic is completely ridiculous... just because Nas happened to come back following Jay's diss IN NO WAY translates to Jay helping Nas come back... Jay wanted the top spot and he knew he had to challenge Nas... so he did... THATS IT... and he got bodied in the process From 94 to 04 Ill/Still/IWW/Lost Tapes you morons... 4 CLASSICS... and people forget that Jay's 1st 4 were RD/V1/V2/V3... and guess what 1 is hot 1 is meh and 2 are straight shit... he must have been talking about his own discography on Takeover Nastradamus worst hip hop album ever? See that is complete bullshit... Nas' worst album? Sure... but tracks like come get me, project windows, family are bangers and the beats on that CD are tight... people need to stop being brainwashed and ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THAT ALBUM IWW not classic? That album is very highly regarded now because people realized that everyone was going the Mafioso route at that time including Jay... and had the I am/still tracks on lost tapes not gotten leaked then I am would be Nas' third classic in a row Nas not mentioned as GOAT contender? Please... what you don't realize IS THAT JAY WOULD CONSIDER NAS AS A TOP 5 MC EASY... and so would countless other MCs Seriously you guys need to hop off Jay's dick and just admit he took the L in the battle... you also need to realize that every album since Black Album has been a weed plate... his flow is straight garbage now and he seriously needs other artists to remain relevant [Kanye specifically] ONE more thing... don't make your posts so fucking long retards

    • illhil

      I get your points here, they are well presented and thats one way to look at. However, you say that Nas' ether was succesful only because Jay was expected to win. Well then why can't it be that you only say Nas' Nastradamus is one of the worst albums of all time if you expected Nas to do better after realising Illmatic. If jay-z came out with I am... and Nastradamus in 1999 or even it was written he wouldn't be trashed at for being a sell out. Thing is Nas had nothing to compare Jay-z to in terms of the past so the logical thing to talk about is how he came out and thats were the personal things he said came in. He couldn't say that jay was making trash but yet Jay-z can say nas was now esco trash. Face it Jay-z was doing the same sort of thing, calling himself hov and building on themes that were popular at the time, the fact is Jay didn't change have anything to go back to and compare. How facual was takeover apart from you fell off, one hot album every 10 year average. Even then anyone can compare an album and say it was not as good, what was Jay's best work, IMO reasonable doubt, the rest was more or less the same but not nearly as good. Talking about one hot line, calling himself the king, talking about notepads,karl cani/escos ads...What, Jay-z is obviously gonna say things which are like this just like Nas did in ether, watch my throne, dickriding faggot, how much of biggies rhymes...Look at Jay-z verse how much is fact, I can call his albums trash in 1998 and 1999, its all opinion based. Yes he lit nas under fire but anything can, you have to stop thinking what if...who cares. They had thier beef, its happened so if Nas stepped up and made stillmatic we have to assume it would happen anyay. You made a good argument though, just my opinion

    • brutaltruth

      We are truly kindred spirits on this.The industry ,fans and critics were in complete shock when Nas came out with "Ether". Nas was never known to be battle MC, so everybody thought Jay bodybagged him and it was over. Just like I tried to tell this dummy to go check Nas biography on youtube and watch the segment when MC serch talks about the "Takeover", and how he thought Nas was done after that. It's easy to overwhelm people when your the underdog in the situation. People had high expectations for Jay and he didn't deliever right. How did Nas destroy Jay in the battle when after the Ether shit, Jay was ruling the game still,putting out hits. Jay-Z makes catapults and revives careers think Lupe Fiasco,Kanye West,Nas,Beanie Sigel,Rick Ross,Young Jeezy,Rhianna,Drake,Lil Wayne etc. Now if you don't remember lil wayne changed his flow and lyrical style up in 2004 to sound more like Hov and when he did people started noticing him more. Then Jay put his stamp of approval on wayne then niggas started taking weezy serious. Same thing with Drake niggas didn't take him serious till Jay said he fucks with him. Tell me that's not true facts. You know that's true because Jay is has always been wayne's favorite rapper since his hot boy days. Anyway sorry for going off topic, but I had to break down to this dude. Another question why is that when talk of "Best rapper alive" "Greatest rapper of all time" that fight is always between Jay-Z and Eminem? How come Nas isn't mention as much , because he's the most inconsistent MC out of all of them. Nas said Eminem murdered him on his on shit at least Hov wasn't scared to spit bar for bar . Speaking of that Eminem got a higher new level of respect in the rap game and in the streets when people thought he outshined Jay on Renegade. Those are just a few examples. You really can't compare Jay's lines to Em's on renegade, because Em was talking about corrupted white America, whereas Jay was speaking about ills of the street life. To invalid your point is invalid, because anybody would defend their postion if they felt they didn't really lose. By the way I forgot to mention Nas did go from Nasty Nas to Esco trash. "It was Written" was not seen as Nas best effort. After that he started tanking left and right being known as Esco not Nasty Nas. So Jay was correct with that. "Fell from top ten to not being mention at all"- Hov(Takeover)Even his documentary states that Nas fell off the earth at point of his career. The one who said in the comment that "Jay-z underestimated Nas" they further proves that Jay was too relax with the battle,because he like everybody else at the time thought that Nas had no chance against him. Had he been more focused he would of murked Nas. Don't even bring up Carmen's trifling ass,Jay told Nas the truth about his baby mother. She later on went on radio saying Jay-Z is her favorite rapper and that she was still in love with him. What kind of shit is that? Jay's an music icon dude, whereas Nas isn't sorry. I'm more than happy to straighten out you Nas stans on the Nas vs Jay beef matter.

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY. FINALLY someone who sees the truth in all of this on this biased ass site. THAT'S what I've been trying to tell these dudes IS that Jay saved Nas career. He lit the fire under Nas' ass that he needed to come back, he was dismissed by everybody around that time, he was literally on the edge of his career, all his true fans turned their backs on him, he was secured before almost fading into eternity of releasing garbage albums on the low. Takeover was the best thing that happened to Nas career-wise. What's with that Jay crying bullshit? Did wee hear Nas on a radio show after he heard Takeover? NO! This makes the whole point invalid. I'm sure that Takeover hit him hard as fuck, he was aware of the fact that Jay spoke nothing but the truth. Otherwise, he would've never been able to make Stillmatic. That battle with Jay was destroying him and resulting into a come back many people wouldn't believe before. Or how do you go from Nastradamus, maybe the worst album in hip hop history, to am amazing one like Stillmatic? If you know that other people everyone are right about you. He got shitted and hatred on from critics, fans and other rappers alike. The change came exactly when Jay was battling him, he KNEW he had to come back strong if he ever wanted to be recognized as a good rapper again. That's how battles always go if you lose, you come back strong and get reflective after that (God's Son). Jay was always respected as a highly skilled battle rapper with amazing talents, he earned his respect as an MC by that. See that Renegade bullshit is an undergroud myth, everyone believes that because Nas said so. How could you take that for account when Nas never made a track with Eminem where both rapped. That's laughable in itself. I think this holds no truth, if you look at it from an objective standpoint, it was pretty much even. Eminem's delivery might had people believing that he outshined Jay. The first verse Jay dropped there was lyrical finesse and perfectly crafted. The lines you qouted where all the truth. 4 Classics? Where do you got that idea from? That is ridiculous beyond belief. You need to see the difference between personal favorites and universally praised Classics. Serisouly, no one, aside from a few fucked up indivudals on this site who'll always route with the loser, would agree with you, true hip hop fans would even argue that Nas only has 2 real classics, 1 great album and the rest ranging from asbolute garbage to medicority and good at best. There were always only 5 or 6 real good songs on his other albums. Illmatic and Stillmatic, that's it. It's okay if you like Nas, but your arguments tend to be all over the place to the point where it starts to be laughable and wishful thinking. You need a reality check. Try to voice your opinion an a more serious site with people who don't let the success of Jay change their perspective and will get the response you need. Jay is the legit GOAT, never changed, never tried to. Respected from the underground to the mainstream, 12 number one albums, greatest impact, amazing skills, lyrically, conceptually and flow wise and most well rounded, diserve and ultimately best discography ever. The last point is what makes or breaks your legacy. Jay will always be the certified GOAT when both are retired.

    • brutaltruth

      Nigga who benefitted more from that battle Jay or Nas? Jay wanted to bring that Nasty Nas What four classics? The nigga only had two albums that were voted classics in the hip hop community as a hold illmatic and stillmatic. Your delusional dude , I was a Nas fan before I was a Jay fan.Nas kept disappointing me because he kept coming out with garbage ass albums. Like I said Ali was knocked out twice and stripped of his title yet he's known as the Greatest of All Time". Nas catalog is not fucking with Jay's any hip hop head will tell you that shit. Wait a minute just because his mom told him to call to apologize that makes him a loser? That 's what any mother would of done dumb ass. Jay-Z was nasty with battling niggas in the streets and Nas didn't come up like that. He spent most of his time cyphering, whereas Jay-Z was chewing niggas heads off. Ether was a whole three verse song directed at Jay with chorus and "Takeover" was one full verse. "Superugly" was a rushed freestyle , if Jay put more care into the battle he would of smashed Nas. Look Nas is one of the greats to do it, but don't dare discredit Jay.

    • comachonvargas

      Guy above; EXACTLY Look at each song's impact on its opponent; Jay was choked up for real on Hot97 and Nas never showed you anything even though takeover was tough... and Ether completely exposed jay's overly inflated ego... he bit BIG constantly and claimed he was the superior MC, sampled Nas' voice multiple times, was a sheisty dude in friendship/business [how many ROC people parted ways?], got roasted by em on renegade, tried to get Nas features on his early albums, bit Jaz hard could go ON and ON... and takeover completely factual? Not at all... from 94 to 04 Nas dropped 4 classics... whats the average dummies... Nasty Nas to escos trash? Fag model? Just Garbage? LOTS of fact there... straight namecalling just like some of Ether Jay completely underestimated Nas... if you heard the Stillmatic freestyle Nas was spitting HARD... he rips Bleek Sigel Freeway and Hov in about four bars... Jay thought he could prevail by temporarily holding back about Carmen... but Nas just buried him... Jay looked straight cowardly and confirmed Nas' allegations of misogyny with Supaugly... JAY'S MOM MADE HIM CALL AND APOLOGIZE ONE

    • Invalid

      Jay-Z cried after ether. Nuff said.

  • jason

    Why do idiots come here on Lil Wayne songs/articles just to hate? You realize that hating is what females do, right? Y'all a bunch of bitches. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Fake. Where's Wayne's World?

  • ethan

    tech n9ne better be on this damn thing with a song not a skit

  • Anonymous

    its just gona sound just like carter 3 6 foot 7 is a milli with a different sample, lil wayne started suckin when gillie stopped writting for him jbird is bringing back hip hop and originality gettin all up in that ass

    • Grekko

      So true that is. Carter 3 was hotass garbage!! He's lyrics really started going down hill after Carter 1,but his swagger and style stepped on Carte 2.I mean really how do you let Juels Santana outshine you on your on shit. I don't think weezy should put ou a record now, because lyrical he's at his all-time worst.

  • LOL


  • Travis

    Carter IV is going to shatter so many records. Lil Wayne is on top of the music industry period, no one will ever be able to do what he has done. everywhere you go you see wayne; in peoples cars, in other niggas videos, with his own songs, etc. lil wayne is hip hop, end of story. hate on it bitch niggas

    • rewindeplay

      Your right he is going to shatter records considering his fanbase are 95% unread and illiterate. Also young white girls from the burbs. Real hip hop heads don't bump wayne wack shit.

    • jason

      And Travis is 100% correct. Hey Greg, shut the fuck up you pussy ass faggot

    • Lol

      Greg I hate Wayne too but stop speculating what Pac would say. You don't know shit about a dead man's perspective.

    • Greg Hunter Jr.

      BTW can we stop this B.S. of Wanye and Pac. Pac would've never supported a piece of shit of rapper and person like Wanye. Let alone says he's an ok rapper. People stop letting MTV mind f**k yall with Bull S**t like Wanye.

    • Greg Hunter Jr.

      Lil Wanye is over hyped for no reason. His overused punchlines and same topics are so dumb. MTV keeps praising a guy for his medoicrity. YM that whole label are a bunch of whole untalented artists that are say the same things and topicsucks.s over track by track. Please whoever think this guy is good fall off a cliff cause apparently your taste of music

    • Anonymous

      yeah for the age 10-15 female demographic

  • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

    Time to bring some seriousness to this thread. All of you defending Wayne must kiss men. That's how I personally feel about it. If you support a dude who kisses other dudes then you're gay in my eyes PERIOD. I honestly can't believe how soft hip hop has gotten. Can you imagine if people had found out that you kissed men or you were a correctional officer in the early 90s? There's no way your career could continue. Jay-Z and Nas were the best rappers of their eras and STILL found stuff to roast each other about. Today, there's cops, snitches, guys who use to be on Degrassi, men kissing other men, singing on tracks, and all kinds of things that are just unmanly. Haha. These things would never slide in the golden era of hip hop. The fact that you guys accept these things just shows me how soft the game has gotten.

  • Irvin Findlay

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 no Eminem featured on the track hope he ever work with him again

  • Nas is the GOAT

    First, I was expecting a song with Pitbull. I was looking forward to it. Now before i get all bombarded with hate, I only looked forward to it because at the moment I enjoy listening to Pitbull to get in a good mood. He has feelgood music, which is the primary reason I purchased his Planet Pit album and have it in my car. I also enjoy listening to Wayne when I wanna hear the similes he is known for. He has punchlines, I think we can agree that he does. So does Fabolous, Ludacris, etc. Also, I get annoyed by the amount of hate and criticism people give to artists who make the music they want to make. Get over it!!! If its not for you, then dont listen to appreciate the fact they were once like one of us and that they have now gotten success in what we enjoy. I dont listen to Lil B, Soulja Boy, Waka Flacka, etc but there are times when I just wanna listen to kinda ignorant music that is only good at face value. Nothing deep. But then there are times when I wanna hear lyrics that are very deep, thought provoking and original, which is why i consider Nas my favorite MUSICIAN IN ANY GENRE. Why do you think Nas in several interviews has recognized Drake, Odd Future, etc. as good music. Yes, part of it may be because whats "hot", but another may be because he just appreciates the artform that much that he is willing to give new artists a shot to prove themselves, not just dismiss them as not being "ill" because they dont have the best lyrics. Not everyone can be a Nas or Rakim, and when you have artists that are the furthest away from them, it really makes you appreciate them. "You can't appreciate a sunny day without some rainy ones" Imagine if every rapper/MC out there was a Nas/KRS/Rakim/early Jay-Z, then hip hop would be kinda boring. We need the so-called "bad" music, (Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, etc.) to appreciate it all. Not every song is gonna please YOU. So yes... I wanted a Lil Wayne/Pitbull collaboration because they have the potential to make a song to get in a good mood to go out. Am I also looking forward to an artist releasing the next "Illmatic"? Hell yes, because I also want music that i would have to "research" to really comprehend. Do I enjoy YC's "Racks"? Yes, because also having deep thoughts being shoved down my throat would be mundane after a while and occasionally I want music that isnt that great, but at certain times is very appropriate. That is how much I appreciate this thing we all love called hip hop. One Love, 'Berto.

    • Berto

      G': Thanks man. Glad you liked it. PRINCEJIMMY11: Along with "The Album" by The Firm, this may be my second least favorite album title by the Nasty one. And... "Hero" from Untitled. Nice. One of my favorites from that album. Lyrically it was top notch, but the beats made the album less of frequent listen into more of a once-in-a-while listens.


      "No matter what the CD called, i'm unbeatable y'all" -Nas I've never been to one to trip over album names:Just as long as the album is fire although i'll admit that 'Life Is Good' doesn't JUMP out at you:

    • G'

      To intelligence of a response for a hiphop site like this. Thanks for an insightful opinion that proves that not all hiphop fans are dumb as hell.

    • Berto

      Haha. Thats funny man. Its cool though. It was my money, so I decided to buy it. Im assuming thats not for you, so I wouldnt recommend it to you. ;]

    • Lee

      As much as i feel what your saying: never admit to buying a pitbull album. Never.

    • Berto

      Then its not for you. Period. But someone out there likes "bad music". To each their own. And yeah, Nas is the GOAT. "Nasty" was a good appetizer, hopefully the album will live up. P.S. I hope he does not keep the title of "Life is Good". Or I'm just being picky. Haha.


      Only thing i can agree with is Nas being the greatest of all times:That other stuff ... is just trash:We need "bad music"?LoL:No thanks:I'll take the lyrical music 24/7:I don't dance so keep your crunk music:I don't sell drugs so keep your trap musik:I'm not gay so keep your Based music: I'll take 100% real HipHop 100% of the time:

    • Berto

      JOE6PACK..., I only wrote that long because I felt i had to get it all out. And I wrote it as a response to all the other comments. Im not going at you personally, or dissing you. I dont know you, and even if I did, i tend to not dislike people. I go on about my day. I respect everyone's opinions but that does NOT mean I agree with them. I dont care if the guy who co-signed read all of it, the first paragraph only or none. a thousand people could read it, or one. I just felt i had to say, but hopefully someone does and maybe agrees. I dont know you man, but... im a positive thinking person man. I appreciate you commenting on my post.

    • Berto

      Thanks man. Glad to see not everyone on HHDX either fully love a song/video or fully hate it. I love Nas, but sometimes I need some Wiz Khalifa, ya know? These so-called hip hop heads who hate Drake, Lil Wayne, etc. but love the less mainstream artists, they should notice that their favorite MC shows respect to the ones they hate. For example, the other day on 106 & Park, Nas said he likes Drake, and I thought "Man, if only he knew that some of his fans hate Drake with a passion." But between the artist there is respect.


      only lil wayne aticles get long as comments like this realtalk see it everyday you co-sign him knowing you didnt read all that shit

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign to the fullest. You got to have these kind of less talented people to really appreciate the all time greasts.

  • Anonymous

    This album gonna blow chunks!! Won't go platinum within the first 6 months.

  • Anonymous

    does it really matter what album you buy the same 6 to 7 rappers will be on all of them people may not like 50 cent anymore but atleast he released true solo albums and had his team for features


    LMAO:T-Weezy is beyond a joke:First off, if you think T-Wayne is real HipHop then don't read the rest of this comment:Because it's not for you: .... (now on to real HipHop fans) ... T-Weezy is SO garbage that he had to resort to 8 features on a 15 album LP? ROTFLMFAO:This nerd is officially the worst rapper of all time:First he got killed by Lil B on his own mixtape and now he's pulling a LeBron and basically saying "I can't make a classic on my own:I need help:I need help from the greatest rapper of all time in Nas:I need Drake because he's better than me at the moment:Oh, and i need to do some R&B songs with T-Pain so i can sell a few more records" Hahaha He makes me laugh:T-Weezy is a disgrace to the human race:He should be erased from the earth for his horrible music:I mean, if you can't out rap Lil B then you don't deserve to be alive: The tracklist looks trash as well:I've run out of words for this guy:He started 2 years after Jay-Z and look how different the two careers are from eachother:SMH:It's really sad: 13 years in the rap game and NO classic albums:A shame beyond civilizational thoughts: Flava Flav > T-Weezy

    • dumbasskid

      How dare you get on a hip hop forum and diss one of the greats in hip hop, to back a overrated nursery rapper like wayne. Wayne couldn't make a classic if codeine depended on it. He has now album that's consider a classic in his catalog so what the fuck are you talking about?


      If you've ever been around the music industry then you'd know it doesn't work like that:Nas didn't call those guys up, THEY CALLED HIM:Did you forget that it costs money to get other artists on your track?Wayne had to pay Nas to get on the track:Nas doesn't care about record sells:Even though "HipHop Is Dead" went platinum and "Distant Relatives" was a relevant classic album with NO promotional sources:No videos, no leaks, just a world wide tour:Nas doesn't need anyone:


      WHAT?Don't give me that drug crap:Drugs have been in the entertainment business since day one:Musicians would get coked up and then go drop a classic album:Ray Charles was a junkie making historic music and many other greats so don't give me that bs: This kid graduated from Houston University, he has a brain:I don't care about his personal life:I didn't even let him kissing men get in the way of my judging his music:I don't judge people's personal lives and either should you:Focus on wax:His rhymes have been a disgrace since Carter 3:He's beyond a joke:Flava Flav is better:

    • Anonymous

      How the hell will nas help Wayne sell records? If anything nas is jumping on Waynes album to get himself heard by the mainstream audience and to get himself a buzz. And nas ain't the greatest of all time. What great things has that nigga acomplished lately? His classics were in the 90s and stayed in the 90s as well. Now nas using other niggas like odd future, and Wayne to get his buzz up.

    • Anonymous

      if had drugs and hadn't of shited on all the producer this album would probably had more joints by himself and probably better singles released. people have to realize that weed cause brain damage it blow your brains to the back of your head this guy been high since it teen you can't tell me that didn't affect him. he ain't go nothing to think with. once he can get high again get bet rep in producers eyes he will make a classic record its not over for him he just need drugs.

  • JG3

    I just read some of the comments for this article. I'm starting to question the relevance of this site. I understand the whole "Hip Hop" theme and all that but music is music. The "biggest name" in Hip Hop (Jay-Z) said "numbers don't lie"...Lil Wayne did a million in 1 week for the Tha Carter 3...I recall the hate being around the same level as I'm seeing now. Whether you like, love or hate (according to this site, public opinion is 'hate') him, you can't deny his success. I think Tha Carter 4 is going to do better than C3.

    • anotherdumbass

      Jay-Z is a music icon and respected in all genres of music. Their not building hype over the Watch The Throne for no reason, your a dumbass Pauk. It went number one in 23 countries around the world. What the fuck are you talking about some 450,000 copies nigga they are expected to sell 500,000-plus off itunes alone. They didn't even factor in the physical copies yet stupidass.

    • Paul David

      Ja'Tavious is lying his/her/its ass off. Watch The Throne isn't even gold yet. It sold 450,000.

    • Anonymous

      Jay is an icon and recognized all over the world.

    • Ja'Tavious aka Calsaw

      Actually they've already went platinum off of pre-orders. They did a million before the album even dropped with no real promotion. No video released before the album and only 3 songs leaked from the album.

    • Anonymous

      Jay Z? The biggest name in hip hop? LMAO!! jay and kanye together on an album and they still ain't gonna sell more than half a mil the first week.

  • Ja'Tavious aka Calsaw

    15 tracks and he'll have MAYBE 1 meaningful verse. Pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    You will never catch me buying or dowloading ANYTHING with waynes name on it. I don't care if he got Nas. This dude is trash.

    • jason

      Yet you took the time to click on his news article, read it, and then comment on it. Faggot ass hater, bitch ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      And besides that "Nas" track got 5 niggas crammed into it which means that nas verse gonna be like 10 seconds long. Fuck Wayne! It should have been Wayne and Nas on one track not Wayne Nas and 4 other niggas.

  • shizzle

    I don't give a fuck who's feature on this garbage. It doesn't change the fact that wayne fell off real hard. He was good on Carter 1(which I think is his best effort)and Carter 2, but now he's just taking up space in hip hop. Drake is taking up space also he's not needed anymore. It's a shame to because he was hot an on top of his shit with Comeback Season and So Far Gone,Paris Morton Music and 9am Dallas. TML was too overhyped and watered down for my taste.

  • Mike C

    Where's Nicki & Lil twist? what about Game? or birdman?

  • Anonymous

    shyne on there? wtf

  • WeWillRise

    idk why dudes nowadays always feel like they gotta have 50 guest appearances on their albums n shit.. what happened to just puttin ur team on ur album for a posse cut or two then just killin the rest of it by urself, HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO BE. bitch its a solo album not a fukkin compilation of all the hottest mc's. yeah it'll probably gain more notoriety having a list of a-list mc's on ur tracklist, but that ain't no classic hip-hop album. damn... i remember when Biggie's only guest appearance on Ready to Die was Meth. When Nas' only guest appearance on Illmatic was AZ. And the only other mc's on Reasonable Doubt were BIG and Memph Bleek.. That's what makes a classic. Not some compilations of all these dudes that weren't even in the same fukkin studio while u were recording ur shit. Man i miss hip hop...

    • Irvin Findlay

      amen the only ppl that should slide with many features are producers

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign to the fullest. Can't express how much I agree. This is one of the reasons hip hop became so whack. Dudes can't hold albums down on their own, no musical identity, not one memorable song.

  • SpikeSpiegel

    Watch it go at least gold in the first week. What will the haters say then??


    haha and of course, another auto-tuned track as it will feature non other than t-pain... damn i miss tha game

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Million in a week

  • really really really doe

    i heard the red album snippets and i can say it will be way better than c4 just look at the tracklist tpain,drake,john legend this nigga going to have all songs for underage bitches

  • ha

    4 songs we heard all ready and they aint none special,so that leaves 11 out of those 11 expect 7 to suck ,weezy been done he fell off long time ago ,nicki writes his shit now that's why he sounds like her when he raps


    i love tickling my nutsack, damn that shit feel so good


      now they lame ass nigga posting under my name need to get a job i get off at 430 you pussies making this site lame like


      damn nigga chill out. who the fuck tickled your balls?!

    • gooch

      nigga u sleep on here every post u the first nigga on here how bout you go tickle a pen and fill out some job applications u bum

  • Louie

    I bought the carter 1 and 2. So at one point i was a fan. I ain't a Wayne hater and I ain't a dick rider. But god damn, u muthafuckers would complain if he had Lupe Fiasco, Andre 3000, Salughterhouse, Eminem, Jay-Z or any other of YOUR favorite rappers on his album. You dudes are complaining now that Nas and Tech N9ne are on here. I get it, U dudes hate Wayne, but the dudes gets a fucking legend and an independent star and all u dudes bitch about is "How much Nas is selling out" and "Why is Tech N9ne working with Wayne? Fucking hip hop nerds these days. Shits embarrassing.

    • Anonymous

      I have never read anything better than this comment. Well said. Goddamn.

    • Anonymous

      I'd still complain if he had Andre 3000 Lupe Eminem and even Slaughterhouse bespecially because lil wayne sucks! would those features making rap the way he did on carter 1 n 2? doubt it he'd just get killed by all of them

  • Anonymous

    Nas gets a pass again. Fucking sellout.

    • Anonymous

      That tend to forget it, because his attempts of seeling out weren't met with great success. Ahaha, he said in interview from 1997, that all he strives to be is mainstream.

    • jason

      Nas been a sellout for a long time. "Oochie Wally" ring a bell? "Hate Me Now" with P Diddy ring a bell? "Hero" with Keri Hilson ring a bell? LOL

    • Fado

      How can you hate someone yo uhave never met or had a conversation with?...I dont understand hiphop fans.

    • Suggamatic

      If he's selling out now, thats pretty impressive seeing as though he's been rapping for 20 fucking years. Relax bro, I hate wayne, but I love nas. Let him do what he wants.

  • asdfas

    From the song titles, it looks weak. Just sayin

  • Anonymous

    Weak my ass, im not a weezy fan, but it looks like the first time where i kinda feel like i should watch for his shit, tech 9, john legend, busta, nas, great features

    • london

      But Lil wayne is soft these days man....go listen to Watch the throne and then you'll realise that this tracklist looks poor despite the features

  • Nico 3

    The first week numbers will probably be monster, but that track listing doesn't jump at you.

  • london

    Looks weak. Poor showing from Wayne but didn't really expect much from him -_-.... Watch The Throne best album of the year!

  • vmuser9124

    lil wayne = worst rapper ever Carter4 flop hard

  • gotit

    Wayne=Eminem "I guess thats why they call it window pain." "standing on top of my monopoly board. that means I'm on top of my game!" "no wait stope me fo i get on a roll, danish." "Ima shit stain on the underwear of life" "quit playin wit the scissirs n shit n cut the crap." wayne woulda said this same shit..

    • what'swrongwiththisnigga

      Don't ever eeeeevveeeeeer compare Eminem lines to Wayne's ok. You will get struck down by the hip hop god.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga u crazy!!! That's like bashing on Biggie because he said "you look so good I'll suck yo daddy's dick". Nigga sit yo ass down and listen to "Welcome 2 Hell" off Hell: The Sequel and then try to compare Ems lines to anything Wayne has written.

    • Anonymous

      Even comparing these two in terms of rapping ability is beyond ridiculous and shouldn't be even thought of.

    • Sam Rick

      haha seriously dude shut up. you cant compare 5 lines and act like they're the same rapper. listen to slim shady LP and you'll realize wayne doesnt even come close

  • trent

    you guys are so fucking stupid lol. you really think the interlude and outro are really just gonna be them talking? get the fuck outta here, use your heads. theres 5 features between the 2, i know it's early but damnnnn!


    looking better then the red album which features the whole rap game

  • boo

    everyone who think that this tracklist is whack is just funny. Tech N9ne- Busta- Nas- Bun B- Shyne- Cory Gunz. are they whacks?

    • comachonvargas

      LOL @ the psychological analysis... say whatever you want... sales, popularity, trend-setting, ICONs, whatever... go ahead and completely discount CATALOGS and CLASSIC TRACKS Illmatic/Stillmatic/It Was Written/GODSON/Lost tapes.... DUDS RIGHT? Put your favorite artist's top five AGAINST THAT

    • Anonymous

      Another one who isn't blinded by mainstream media coverage and gets his pathetic ''real hip hop'' mode on. Jay & Eminem are the greatest ever, no doubt about that. Sales matter. Point blank period. Impact is a huge factor. Nas has NO musical appeal anymore. This dude is stuck in the 90's. Nas outshining Eminem? You know that is way too ridiculous to even start a serious debate about. Eminem dropped a project with Royce Da 5'9'', who's an absolute hungry beast and managed to keep up with him after all these years. Sure, he would think that. This guy tried to make Nastradamus great by mentioning 3 songs off it. LMAO. Jay was, is and will ever be the far superior rapper to Nas. There's NO doubt about that. Look at everything that defines an MC, be true to yourself and make sure you don't think of this again. Nas was always inscecure as fuck about himself and his music, his changes represented how much he was affected by all the critics, rappers and fans alike. He always tried to satisfy everyone because he didn't believe in himself, while Jay moved on and continued to make the music he wanted to make. You can't make great music when you doubt yourself. Even Chuck D said that Nas faked his knowledge. Jay destroyed your hero, is a certified legend and has the far better discography. That's all there is. You're trying way too hard. He's good, but nowhere near Jay on any level. Try to compare Nas with rappers like AZ and Cormega, that would be fair.

    • truthshallset

      Nas didn't slaughter Jay ease off his nuts. He won the battle, but didn't put a dent in Jay's career. The battle only boosted his career, then afterwards he fell off again. Nas has a laundry list of duds when it comes to albums dude, even a non-blind Nas fan knows that. Nigga Eminem would tear Nas ass alive and he knows it, why you think he didn't sign with Murder Inc. He found out Em was gunning for their ass and he wanted no part of it. Jay-Z pre and post "Ether" would rap circles around Nas. A great example is "Success" off of American Gangster.You Nas dickriders are the worst I'm telling you. Anyway Jay and Em are music icons now, what the hell is Nas now? He's still trying to find his place in hip hop. I bet you if Nas burp and farted through a whole record you would think it was a classic lol

    • comachonvargas

      LOL at a list of 50+ MCs that 'can fuck with Nas with ease'. Utterly pathetic man and I want to give you some credit but it's just not possible... holding your own on a track with Nas is one thing... BUT HOW ABOUT CREATING CLASSIC ALBUMS? Not ONE of those MCs have albums near as good as Illmatic/IWW... and maybe five have albums that contend with Stillmatic/Lost Tapes.. THATS IT.. and another thing... EVERY ONE of those MCs would consider Nas a top 5 DOA contender jackass... and 15-20 of those names belong NOWHERE in this conversation And you absolutely did say he is wack. No need to discuss Ether. How many MCs say Nas won that battle? Em said it. Fat Joe said it. Kiss said it. Memph Bleek said it while sitting right next to Jay THE MOMENT HE HEARD IT. The hot97 poll said it even though they were blackballin Nas at the time. And Jay had to dedicate Supaugly and blueprint 2 to Nas after he got slaughtered... Nas had subliminal disses on Everybody's crazy and the manolo line on Last Real Nigga Alive. THATS ALL HE NEEDED. Please. Jay stans and their revisionist history never cease to amaze me. Nas scared to do tracks with decent MCs? He roasted Mobb/Wu on Eye for an eye, verbal intercourse, give it up fast, dogg shit, let my niggas live... he made Jay look like a bitch on I do it for hip hop/success... he matches/bests AZ on serious, the essence, livin it, mo money mo homicide... he dominated cube/face on gangsta rap made me do it and took face again on in between us... he upstaged Kool G on fast life... he stayed with Pun on John Blaze and outshined Joe/Kiss/Rae even though Pun spit one of the illest verses ever... he took Common on ghetto dreams AND ON AND ON Nas has nursery rhyme lyrics? That is just ridiculous man... completely devoid of any reasonable thinking... Nas' greatness doesn't need to be confirmed by people like me... the music speaks for itself... Denying Nas' greatness is like trying to ice skate uphill... you have lost even before you make an attempt

    • Anonymous

      Does his dick taste good? Are you aware how much cum squeezes between the absolute laughable subjective shit you've written? Who calls this fuck Esco? I'm really not going to argue with biased people. People who are so far up in his ass that they can't take criticism for their favorite rapper. Nas groupies are the absolute worst ones. Not Eminem fans, not Jay's, not 50's, Nas'. They're ALWAYS trying to you convice about his greatness. Did I say he's bad? Did I say he's whack? He's good poetically, but that's it. His lyrics are simple nowadays, nothing outstanding, no complex metaphorical shit, no dope wordplay or complex rhymes and even his imagery got worse. For every good track he makes, there are 4 or 5 absolute garbage ones. ''Life is Good/LT2 are going to silence all his bitch made critics and cement him as truly the GOAT... classics #5/6 on the way... greatest catalogue ever...'' That's your opinion, but I'm not alone. Nas gets trashed everywhere for the garbage he releases nowadys, not only from me, so don't act like he's universally prasied by people. Waaay too many gimmicks, waaay to much garbage. That you point one something like bar for bar with Nas shows you fucked your ability of critique is due to excessive stanning. There wasn't ONE great line in either of the three songs you've mentioned. Not a single complex metaphor nor dope wordplay. Shit, he couldn't write a whole verse with a decent rhyme scheme if his life depended on it. This nigga was scared to death top hop on the same track with Canibus, everytime he does a track with a decent MC, he gets outrapped and destroyed. I don't need to talk about the overrated piece of garbage called Ether. Serisouly, an MC who has ambitions of being the greatest comes up with this? With this dumbed down schoolyard insults that weren't even revolved a around well thought out wordplay? Where every line ends with a predicatble one syllable nursery rhyme? Many, MANY MC's can fuck with him with ease. Just a few: Lupe Fiasco, Slaughterhouse, Slug, C-Rayz Walz, Saigon, Lupe Fiasco, Big L (R.I.P.), Biggie (R.I.P.), O.C. Jay, Eminem, Elzhi, Cormega, Access Immortal, AZ, MF DOOM, Masta Ace, Reks, One Be Lo, K-Rino, Diabolic, John Robinson, Z-Ro, Apathy, Immortal Technique, The Last Emperor, Hell Razah, R.A. The Rugged Man, Eligh, Vakill, Chino XL, Killah Priest, Mos Def, Copywrite, Ghostface Killah, GZA, Akir, Percee P, Raw Poetic, Wordsworth, Skyzoo, Supastition, Pumpkinhead, Pharoahe Monch, Reef The Lost Cauze, iCon The Mic King, Iomos Marad, Shabazz The Disciple, Kenn Starr, Sean Price, Ras Kass, Jeru The Damaja, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Cassidy, Common, Vast Aire, Andre 3000, Tonedeff, Aceyalone, Papoose, Vordul Mega, Inspectah Deck, Scarface, Guilty Simpson, Theory Hazit, Kool G Rap, Capital D, Illogic, Longshot, PackFM, Styles P, Jadakiss, Wise Intelligent, Dead Prez, JUICE, Brother Ali, Qwel, Black Thought and on and on. Dude didn't even manage to outshine Game. He will never be the greatest. Get real and stop your wishful thinking.

    • comachonvargas

      Anonymous above You must be huffing formaldehyde to say some deranged shit like that. Distant Relatives is chalked full of straight gems, Untitled had peerless lyrics with occasional weak beats but at least 6-7 dope joints, HHID was very underrated and had another 6-7 bangers... you don't even try to level a legitimate critique of Nas you just say nonsense like his shit 'has no musical appeal'. And don't even suggest that Nas isn't for hip hop because LT2 wasn't released... there isn't an artist in history who has maintained their integrity like Esco... what the fuck are Untitled and DR? Commercial albums focused only on mass appeal with no regard for real hip hop? One of the dumbest comments I have read on this site AND BELIEVE ME THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING Though Em/Nas/Jay have all released classic material pre-2004, Nas has consistently produced better quality albums and maintained his abilities moreso than either of those two post-2004. Nas wack? Name ONE SINGLE MC who goes bar for bar with tracks like Nasty/Ghetto Dreams/Dogg Shit Life is Good/LT2 are going to silence all his bitch made critics and cement him as truly the GOAT... classics #5/6 on the way... greatest catalogue ever... front if you like but your favorite rapper admires/fears/respects ESCO

    • Anonymous

      He is. At least nowadays. I'm not one of the ''Ohh, he's released a hot track after 4 years, so he has to be the GOAT'' fans. Don't care about his music anymore, too much disappointments. He release a dope ass track and the rest of the album will be filled with half assed bullshit that has no musical appeal. He would've dropped The Lost Tapes 2 if he was for Hip Hop. He dropped Illmatic, but not going to the be the one who always give him the one spot or excuse any of his whack shit for that.

    • ^^^^FUCK THIS GUY^^^^^

      Nas is whack? what are you 15?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Nas is.

    • Crystal

      No, but Lil Wayne is.

  • Jersey Finest Kings

  • Jersey Finest Kings

    If wayne in the booth with Nas , tech, Jada , and Bun, he must be trying to step his lyrics up...

  • Anonymous

    wack but what do you expect from this ugly midget

  • nope

    this better be fake only 15? smh

  • Man about mines

    I just wanna know why Robin Thicke isn't on the album. Man this Tha Carter IV!!! This is outta this world. No ROBIN THICKE on a Tha Carter album? Lil Wayne is not keeping the Tha Carter album tradition alive. If there's no Robin Thicke feature it shouldnt be called Tha Carter IV. I can't believe my eyes there is actully not a Robin Thicke feature on this.

  • Holland

    It's always good to hear Nas Tech N9ne Busta Rhymes Too bad it's on an Wayne album

  • Anonymous

    i refuse to believe wayne knows who tech n9ne is and i kno he aint doin his outro wit shyne and nas. this is rediculous.

    • Dontdoit

      Dont you ever call yourself a Tech N9ne fan, if you do not know that tech already has a song with lil gayne and t-gayn

  • Anonymous

    Weezy grow a pair of nuts and do an album by yourself. You got 5 songs there on your own the rest you need to get features. C'mon man thats just sad. Eminem had 17 songs and no features, just Wayne and Rihanna, oh and Pink too.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    This tracklist actually looks like work

  • Anonymous

    That song with tech better not be an interlude. If the song isn't just called interlude I'll be pissed. Same with outro, it not be a bunch f dudes just talking

  • Eric Evans

    lol wtf at these features

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    wtf an interlude ft Tech N9ne??? wtf is that? he doesnt have a whole song with Wayne??

  • Anonymous

    Sry, album looks weak

  • nobeats?

    i heard 6 Foot 7 Foot (Feat. Cory Gunz) no where as near as crazy as a millie. i heard 5. Nightmares Of The Bottom on mtv not that bad but nothing special. i heard a preview of She Will (Feat. Drake) wack. john with rick ross is wack and so is how to love. i dont know maybe those others are really great but this really looks short only 13 song. you can't count the intro. and probably can't count the interlude. i'am guessing. he had trouble writing without drugs and most producer in the industry have blackballed him because he doesn't pay it looks like he had trouble putting a lot of cuts together i dont know we will see maybe there is something great on the album. if there isn't this is going to be a big disaapointment.

  • Anonymous

    Nice! Tech N9ne!! 2 bad Eminem isn't on it, but I think Wayne realised that Em steals all the spotlight XD

    • Anonymous

      ATL. Can i please have some of the shit your smoking? Eminem is irrelevant? Lmao.

    • Lil Wayne th real Kemosabe

      2 bad there's no Robin Thicke feature on the album.

    • ATL n****

      Why would Lil Wayne have Eminem on his album? He did a song with him on The Rebirth, and that's just fuckin wrong, it's outta this world. Eminem is irrelevant, been irrelevant and he doesn't fit with Southern rap whatsoever. Just listen to That's All She Wrote with T.I. off No Mercy, there was no chemistry,or more correct bad chemistry

    • Thomas Curry Curré

      wtf why do people want eminem on a track with wayne??

  • Kaan Özel

    Whack tracklist

    • KDT

      @Man about mines Tech N9ne (whoever that is).... really? If you are serious, you should check him out. He already has a song with Wayne on it called Fuck Food. Wayne ruins the song, as does T-Pain, but the rest of his stuff is sick. especially Worldwide Choppers... if you can keep up.

    • ctfu

      thats only 1 song smart guy. smfh

    • Man about mines

      John Legend, T-Pain: Dope Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Bun B, Nas: Dope Drake, Cory Gunz, Tech N9ine (LOL whoever that is): Wack they should be fired from the album, man this Tha Carter IV

    • Andre Cooper

      Bun b nas drake busta jadakiss....... Kill yourself...... And i never heard of a whack track list??????? The album ain't even dropped yet!!!!

  • thinkRED

    RED wins album of the year

  • Jukka Seppälä

    features are good lil wayne is not

  • David Mendes

    It's a damn shame Wayne did How To Love and features Tech N9ne on an interlude only... This nigga has skills, but he just doesn't use it enough...

    • Anonymous

      Im hoping 'Interlude' is just the name of the song and not an actual interlude. same with the outro, i hope that isnt all of the features just talking

  • V-Nasty is God

    "Fuck a fucking Jay-Z, and lil Weezy, you don't please me" - V-Nasty, God Emcee. I don't even know why Rech N9ne and Nas agreed to be on this bullshit, they know they're much better than this. They must have been paid nicely. There is no amount of money great enough for me to feature on any of Birdman butt buddy's albums, and I don't even rap. I would still kill him on his own song if I did though.

  • jason

    my baby boo weezy makin another sexy masterpiece n schoolin these other trash rappers. roc nation take notes. aftermath take notes. my baby weezy gon kill em all wit his sexy voice n his sexy dreds. oooh daddy...

  • oofgoof

    Well 'How to Love' is on the album so we know for sure its not going to be a classic wayne fell off so hard

  • DetoxMonster

    This Looks Horrible! I'm not a Huge wayne fan, but I was expecting something more special, for his supposedly "LAST" album. Most of the Tracks have already been Leaked! and this ni88a got shyne! hahaaha too many skits & intros. not enough Music...smh -_-

  • Nate

    Will this guy go away already... he's never been that nice with it... neither are most of the emcees that you fucks talk about on this site. Will someone just put some Redman on for me so I can forget about all the hype surrounding mediocre emcees these days.

  • Last real nigga alive

    Be prepared to be dissapointed.

  • Zach

    "Abortion," huh? So he's either trying to get on that J. Cole "Lost Ones" a little late, or the song is based on a shitty punchline involving abortions.

    • Andre Cooper

      Kill yourself you j cole dickridin bitch!!!! Cole ain't the first and won't be the last to touch on subjects like that!!!!

  • Jeff

    The only Problem is 'John' should be on the deluxe edition as an extra..

  • ZiX

    Where's Eminem? I wanted to see him murder Lil wayne on his own track again

    • realtalk

      I'm sick of these Nas stans riding his nut sacks, because of Ether. Did nas win the battle yeah ,but did Jay win the war hell yeah. Nas during that time was an underdog and Jay was the topdog, so everybody even Nas fans thought that Nas had no chance against Jay after "Takeover". He won one battle ,but don't have an impressive catalog. Even Ali got knocked out by a corny muthafucka at the near the end of the his career. He's still greatest to ever step foot in that ring. Nas is scared of Em, that's why he didn't sign with Irv Gotti, when he was going to. He found out that Em was coming for Murder INC.

    • HipHop

      Nas wouldn't murk Eminem in his dreams. Don't where that idea comes from. Do you really believe that Nas could keep up with Royce or Eminem on Hell: The Sequel? Why didn't Em have a verse on The Cross? Because Nas would've been outshined so badly that he'd eat his own words from Ether. Nas was too scared to go on a track with Canibus. AZ stole the show on all tracks they did. Nas ain't bad, but he never was a spitter. He was right, only ones who fuck with Em are Jay and Slaughterhouse on a mainstream level.

    • Rival X Jordan

      Agreed. But Nas would murk Eminem.

    • Eric Evans

      ^^^Naah. If you listened to Bad meets Evil (Old or new) you would know that Em never killed Royce on any track.

    • Thomas Curry Curré

      Eminem kills about everyone in the game right now, the only people who can compete with him are Jay-Z and SH

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but it's EM. What do you expect?

    • ZiX

      Who cares about tha money, there both rich basterds. I just laugh at the fact Eminem murders wayne on all the tracks they did together so far.

    • Andre Cooper

      Yeah okay and more money would go into weezy's pocket.....Stop hatin

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