88-Keys Speaks On Producing For Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Watch The Throne"

The rapper/producer explains how his work on the album came to be.

88-Keys has had a longstanding relationship with Kanye West, most recently linking with him to co-produce the cut “No Church in the Wild” featuring Frank Ocean, the opening track on Watch the Throne. Speaking with Billboard’s The Juice, he explained that he popped into a meeting with Jay-Z, Q-Tip, No I.D. and engineer Noah Goldstein and was asked to play some beats.

“Everybody in the room just started going crazy," he said of playing 20 beats from his Soundcloud account. An hour later, they settled on the beat and ‘Ye instructed 88 on which supplements he wanted on the instrumental.

The next day, he met Frank Ocean, who he describes as “pretty quiet.” "He actually had a talking intro part that he put on there. I thought it was pretty dope, it was pretty comical. But I guess it didn't make the final cut."

Read the full interview at Billboard.com.

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    Q-Tip, 88-Keys, The Neptunes, and RZA were the best part about this album. What does that say about the main artists?


      Don't quite understand what you are trying to say? They did production..but what is a beat without vocals? They all canme toghether paint a picture. What is a movie script without actors acting it out....see where i'm going?

    • William Scooter Jones

      Without the album tho, wut r yu saying??

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