Royce Da 5'9 Speaks On His Relationship With Eminem, Collaborative Process

Nickel Nine explains how he and Marshall push each other to be better lyricists.

Royce Da 5’9 and Eminem recently patched up their differences to release their chart-topping album Hell: The Sequel under the name Bad Meets Evil. Speaking with Karmaloop TV, Nickel Nine, who said the Slaughterhouse album is 80 percent finished, explained how they initially reconciled and how collaborating was inevitable.

“As far as me and Em’s relationship and us patching things up, I think it was inevitable. It was something that had to happen, it was definitely something that was hanging over both our heads,” he said. “Especially with the passing of Proof. It made us realize that everything that we were going through was stupid, it was trivial. One day, he just called me out the blue and said, ‘Hey, what’s up man? What is this? What are we doing?’ And it stemmed from that. We put everything aside very quickly, things just got back to normal. Doing music just came with the territory.”

With their relationship back on track, Royce was ready to get back in the booth with Em, but with a unique approach. Instead of sitting in on each other’s sessions, each emcee would lay his vocals and leave the room.

“Friendly competition is always there when it comes to me and Em. That’s one of the things that makes us close. We got this thing, and only me and him do that, I don’t even really do this with Slaugtherhouse. When one of us goes in the booth, the other one leaves the room. We’re really big on the element of surprise. I don’t even want to blow the surprise. Lay everything down exactly how you want me to hear it and then I’ll come back in and listen to it,” he said. “When you’re around lyricists on that level, you’re automatically inspired. You have no choice but to be better. Otherwise, you get wiped up every time.”

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  • Nico 3

    Clearly, Royce has talent, but it must be frustrating as fuck to constantly be asked about Eminem. At the end of the day, you have to be your own man. They patched things up, but that doesn't mean they couldn't stop talking tommorow. Then what?

  • Anonymous

    2 paragraphs make an article. Sure glad I dont pay for this shit, that I heard 6 months ago

  • Helmut Smith

    Healthy Competition in Rap is good. Most crews fuck up because of their egos. This is a good project with hit-pop-potential and ruff verses (but I won´t buy it). Now these guys agreed on squashing the shit and acutally do what they do best. I like the idea behind this project. "Watch the throne" is a title that this two dudes should have picked. Jay and Kanye bring no feel or substance to the mic, it´s more about how great they are. Em and Royce acutally make people think about some shit.

    • Anonymous

      100% right. Watch The Throne is so overated, just like Jay Z. At least with BME you get some serious songs, some laughs, and like you said some things that make you think.

  • Vimal

    Anyone notice the tattoo on his right wrist? oh snap BAd Meets evil it's time to really watch the throne now...

  • So_Apalled~!

    Watch the Throne was longer than Hell tha sequel so it's BETTER. it's also better cuz it had AMAZING ARTISTIC PRODUCTION and the CD came wrapped in a beautifully designed gold accented case. Hell the sequel just came with with 6 songs and a normal case. Mehh. Plus the beats weren't FANTASTIC!

  • hiphoprelic

    um.. I think I already heard this before

  • mcmastermind

    Do you guys not realize that every interviewer is going to ask Royce a question about Em? Of course they are going to ask him about Marshall. I admit he talks about Em a lot but it's totally expected.


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  • Anonymous

    Royce sold his soul to Marshall! Now Em has a little glass jar with Royces soul in it that he keeps up on the window sil.


    mmmmm, auto-falacio taste so good. i have to suck my own dick since other men wont let me

  • KillaT

    Re-post this if u think Birdman is one of tha ugliest niggas in tha game

  • mic

    really thats ems and royce's inside joke.go to myers and as your reading my post you to need to go to myers


    the birdman article got more comments then this wack dude im just saying keep it 100

  • Anonymous

    I swear everytime Royce is interviewed, the same redundant questions are asked...."How goes your relationship with Em?" And also the same fact is always repeated about their beef. Let it go already. It's like every 2 weeks, an article on Royce with some recycled bullshit. I would've like to hear more about his thoughts on Success is Certain, his whole creative process on the album, future projects. Sheesh...

    • Bulawayo true nguni

      man these guys used to be tight its good when peeps stop beefing over dumb stuff! Mthwakazi

    • damn

      every damn article with royce is the same shit why even bother interviewing him when all he talks about is the same shit...

    • South_Africa

      i co-sign tired of hearing Royce speak about Eminem as if he is Jesus or something...damn...what's up with all the sucking Royce? if Eminem was not as big as he is, would you have really made peace with him? if you want us to believe that you man enuf to work shit out, then lets see you n eminem make peace with Canibus? or you made peace with Em coz he could bring your career back on track...if it was a rapper lower ranked with you...would you have done the same?

    • Doug Nichols

      Agreed. I'll read anything with Royce in it, but it does get old when you keep reading the same interview over and over.

  • ZiXX

    Two of the best rappers ever

  • Anonymous

    Can't get over the incredible breath control and flows. Some of the most amazing shit I've ever heard.

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