Birdman Talks Money, Aspires To Be A Billionaire

Cash Money's leader speaks on why he makes more than $100 million and says he wants to be a billionaire.

When Forbes Magazine estimated Birdman's wealth to be at $100 million, he felt they were incorrect. The Cash Money leader has said that the exact figure is much higher. In a recent interview with Forbes, Birdman spoke about why he felt $100 million was so low, how he plans on making a billion and why he feels he's earned all of his success. 

“I just felt $100 million was low,” he told Forbes. “With all the different entities, I think I should still be a lot more than that. $500 million. $250 million, easy … As a child I always felt if I could make $1 million, I could make $100 million. If I could get $100 million, I’m just nine steps away from being a billionaire. And that’s the goal.”

In the article, he goes on to say that his vision of having a billion dollars is something he focuses on daily. Comparing himself to Bill Gates, Birdman noted that he is trying to "brainstorm" on an idea to make his first billion.

“I’ve been thinking, Donald Trump and Bill Gates, they made a billion off one idea, So every day we’re trying to brainstorm on that idea to get that billion.”

According to Birdman, the success he's earned comes from having an independent attitude, one that doesn't always have to rely on "the machine."

“A lot of my peers that did this before me, they got the bad end of the dea.They was always funded by the machine, by the label, and never owned nothing … I never wanted us to be artists who, when it’s over, we’re broke, back where we come from, just simply because you sign some shit that say you don’t own nothing.”

For more from the interview, check Forbes

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  • notanexpertbut

    Do any of you actually think Bill Gates and Donald Trump know exactly how much they're worth? Gates might know since he's retried, but ask Trump that shit and he'll tell you to google that shit. Most rich folk don't know how much they're worth because their wealth is mainly tied to assets other than cash. It's easy for regular folk living pay check to pay check to know how much they have because they generally don't have more than $4K in their bank accounts. Meanwhile, people with actual wealth would need their shit assessed first, but even then that's only their worth at that moment. Now, Birdman shouldn't have such a huge range (relative to the total worth) as an approximation, but it's not like that'd be really unheard of.

  • kuku

    not knowing the exact amount of your cash is a very bad idea

  • Anonymous

    If you gotta spend money to make money? He should have 50-75 mil, if you consider how many ppl he short changed along the way. he started Cash money 1990 so in this 21 years he got to 100mil and is 42. 21 more = 63 and 200mil. Who is gonna want a label head like that. Wayne will take the ship over and birdman will make less

  • Helmut Smith

    Birdman is a funny looking motherfucker, but he´s serious about his paper.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (shaking my head in disgust) Really? You THINK you're around 250 million? Why does he get interviewed? Just to prove the fact ever more so that money doesn't make you less stupid?

  • Anonymous

    Well it's a good thing he doesn't pay his producers. If you pay them, you're never gunna make it to a billion.

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    birdman looks like my bulldog

  • Anonymous

    cant see him ever being a billionaire because he is not smart with his money like who buys a fucking 7 year old car that looks like the batmobile for 9 million dollars?? just to brag about it, lol

  • r

    This man a lyrical assassin! His complex rhymes boggle the mind. Birdman G.O.A.T Real talk! Fuck a hater

  • Anonymous

    Lol around $250 million.. YMCMB ain't gonna be billionaires anytime soon with those unpaid royalties to Bangladesh & all the other producers lmao

  • Brandon Pitts

    For Birdman to spit Hot lyrics like he does he should have been a billionaire 3 times over. j/k

  • RR

    Birdman THINKS it should be a lot more than that? Shouldn't he KNOW what his net worth is?

    • the_truth

      You not going to be a billionaire if you are not sure if your net worth is 500 mill or 250mill (thats a huge jump!!)... that just tells me you worth like 75 to 100....

    • AxeMurder

      That very fact shows his stupidity. He aint nothing more than a 42 year old dumb nigga with a red star on his head LOL

    • Saad R. Rajabali

      That's what I was thinking. He said "500 mil....250 mil easy." That's 250 million unaccounted for?? WTF? Maybe if he wasn't buying used Bugattis every week.

  • east coast bias

    In 1998, Birdman and his brother secured a distribution deal with Universal, which also advanced them $30 million. They kept the rights to all master recordings and refused to hand over any of their equity in Cash Money. The deal, Birdman says, now gives Universal a distribution fee of just 7% of wholesale on all albums sold. He estimates that his label takes in revenues of over $100 million per year (though net profits are probably more like $30 million). Smart Business. Hate the rapper but respect the mind!!

  • Anonymous

    should just change the article title to Birdman Talks About More Dumb Shit

  • mynumber

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    we on the them 24's interrior leather with the folks behind us , tryin to find us gonn be a hot summer spent a mill on 4 caddys me and my son junior moved over to miami ,now im with ricky n khaled riding round with my foreign head lights beaming head line stay stitched ymcmb nigga we rich we in this bitch, gotta 100 milli going on a billi rocking red monkeys birdman baby im in back of a red mercedes prrr juniorrrrrr ymbmcb LA FAMILIA


    and yes I am not talking about the thanksgivin turkey thats publicity stuntin


    Wtf? these wannabee billionares should spend some money on improvement of schoolingsystems, the poor and the needy... the projects 4 example

    • RedotzonCooper

      The fact that you defend someone as shit as Birdman shows how much of a stupid fucker you must be. People who like Chas/Young Money are either below the age of 16 or straight faggots.

    • Andre Cooper

      Kill yourself....You just mad he ain't spending it on you...Cop out excuses.....Lame

  • Sheesh

    Looking like Balrog from the original Street Fighter 2 in that pic...

  • gotdam man are you that crazy

    this nigga got 100 million to make 1 billion lol, he is going to take away 99% income of every album released by wayne,drake,minaj,khaled,etc etc and still wont get to 200 million by the time he is in his 80s.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha he thinks he is an artist

    • Claude Monet

      irk. "artists" never used to make any real money until after they died. I could only imagine Van Gogh and Rembrandt opinion.

  • Google

    yes why dont you pay the producers and the ghostwriters u fuckin thief!!

  • r

    He's already a made man an aint gota worry bout money so instead of obsessing with billions, Try n better yourself in more meaningful ways

  • J

    Birdman, stick to making money and quit rapping. Do yourself a favor.

  • Swannee

    So when is he going to aspire to pay the producers?

  • Anonymous

    Good for you BIRDMAN go n make a bill! YMCMB.. HATERZ GONNA HATE..

  • Christopher English

    It's funny that he's still mad about what Forbes said he earns because it was less than Jay Z. In all reality does it really matter? He has more than most of us so who cares if it's less than Jay? Hell I'd be happy with a million. I'm sure most of us would.

    • geico lizard

      "Hell I'd be happy with a million. I'm sure most of us would." Your best chance at a million is the lottery. I buy a few tickets a week because that is the only hope of getting rich.


    get money fuck what them two below talking about

  • Kris

    lol@not relying on the machine. You know why? Because at Cash Money, Birdman is the machine. His secret to success is not paying anyone, whether it's his artists (look at how many people have left: BG, Juvenile, Mannie fresh, Turk and even Lil Wayne for a short while) or producers (look at how many lawsuits Carter III resulted in). Birdman is like the modern day Suge Knight, except no one is scared of him.

  • LMAO

    Why is everyone on Cash Money so fucking ugly.?

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