Nas Speaks On Amy Winehouse, Collaboration With Dr. Dre For "Detox"

Nasir Jones recalls the fallen songstress and promises an ill collaboration with the West Coast veteran.

Throughout her music career, Amy Winehouse made her love for Nas known, sampling his track “Made You Look” for her song “In My Bed” and supposedly writing “Me and Mr. Jones” about the rapper. Speaking with “106 & Park” hostess Rocsi Diaz, the Queens, New York native recalled the impact that the fallen singer had on his life.

“She was a genuine person, she was real. When you talked to her, she was real, he said. “She was struggling with a lot of things in her life, but she was a real artist. She was like a sister to me, like a little sister. We had the same birthday so she just had this big, big spirit for this little body. I wish she was here today. God bless her soul.”

He also spoke on Dr. Dre’s oft-delayed Detox, stating that the record that he has on the LP with the West Coast veteran is worth the wait.

“Dre is the king of the gangsta music. I just did something for his new album Detox, so I’m waiting for it,” he said. “We got a nice record.”

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  • Jersey Finest Kings

    Much respect !!!! NaS the best to ever do it..

  • Jewelry Store

    He was very close to her, he isn't all of sudden remembering her, now other "stars,celebs" out there are doing that but they never was close to her like Nasir was, Salam Remi to is another very close friend.

  • Almar

    Just Listened To That Track "In My Bed" By Amy,Tight Sample. R.I.P.

  • JFranks

    I thought this dude repd Queens...whats with the Yankees shirt

    • Anonymous

      Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox you the stupid one, it doesnt matter if it mets yankee, Brooklyn,Bronx,manhattan,Queen or staten Island, it still all New York, stupid and you most live in Boston cause the Yankee run these city when it come to sport team, not the mets or any other team here just a little info for you Bro.

    • Bart Masterson Jr #GoRedsox

      You 3 are pure dumbasses. Don't ever talk sports again you dumb fucks. JFranks asked the question because Shea Stadium was originally built in Queens and 90% of the baseball fans there are Mets fans not Yankees fans. Dumb dicks.

    • Mr.Nastee

      i liked to swat the teeth out of the back of your neck j franks. are you a fuckin dipshit slow guy pal? you bring that yankees are 'new yorks team' bullshit to queens, and we'll kill ya. plain and simple.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha, i was confused or something cuz i thought jfranks had some knowledge that i didn't possess. but nope, nvm.

    • Anonymous

      JFranks: Guess where Queens, is at in New York, Stupid, where you been living at in Russia

  • Anonymous

    nas is the king, ima go as far as placing him above pac, dont gget it twisted both my favourite, but lyrically noone can fuck with nas and thats a FACT

  • Anonymous

    That hat looks fucking stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Detox..if Detox is some shit, Dre should retire and just stick to producing. Nas better not delay his shit.

    • cole world

      cant wait for detox to drop.... think about it, dre will have 7 or 8 tracks hes done over the years and kept them cuz they wer so sik, the album will be sik and it will be out, 2012 red album cole world detox

    • Anonymous

      For real man, concentrate on Life is Good Nas, don't let other shit distract you, let alone this Sleepy Hollow ass album called Detox.

  • Spawn

    Enough about Detox already.

  • Anonymous

    Damn everyone is talking about working on Detox, so overhyped it's disgusting.

  • R.C.

    fame never changed this guy. Nas is still NAS lol. he will forever be one of the greatest of all time. can't wait for the new album.

  • Anonymous

    No, why's Nas always working with the wrong producers? Nas Is Coming was one of the whackest tracks on It Was Written. Hope this one is going to be a lot better.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, they did. Can't wait for AZ's next album.

    • Anonymous

      so happy someone mentioned desparados, canibus and az ripped it

    • KLAS

      Are you def tone? Nas Is Coming is sick!!!

    • Anonymous

      You know Nas and Dre did a song together in 06 right? Hustlers from Hip-Hop Is Dead

    • Jacob Lopez

      Lol you must be a fucking 10 year old.

    • Ama Hussla

      you idiot dre participated on affirmative action just as much as I did on "NY state of mind".. which means not at all.. and yes IWW is a classic, but nas is coming IS the weakest song on it.. as for the firm, they flopped, their album was bs, and there were only a handful of good tracks, and the best one "desperados" ain't even a dre production.. nas & preem/nas & PR/nas & extra P>nas & dre

    • comachonvargas

      So Dre is a wrong producer for Nas just because of Nas is Coming? Really? What artist would ever consider Dre to be the wrong producer for them... this is a bullshit criticism constantly leveled at Esco that just doesn't make sense... Dre might be the greatest producer ever and Nas is far and away the best lyricist ever Check everyday thing, topless, affirmative action, hustlers... Dre and Nas are a tight combination... and the Firm was ahead of its time... and btw IWW is a classic

  • Anonymous

    lol good thing it didn't stop on jayz or kreayshawn

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