Machine Gun Kelly Calls LeBron James "A Really Poor Example Of A Human Being"

The Bad Boy/Interscope signee blasts the former Cavalier forward and gives fans an update on his LP.

The Masked Gorilla recently caught up with the newest member of Diddy's Bad Boy family Machine Gun Kelly as a part of their TMG University Enrollment series. While discussing his Cleveland upbringing, the Ohio native spoke on what it was like to lose former Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James. Kelly trashed Bron-Bron for his highly publicized decision to join the Miami Heat last year, calling him "a really poor example of a human being."

"I don't really like [LeBron] at all," he said of the Miami Heat star. "That guy's a really poor example of a human being. We don't really roll like that [in Cleveland]. We west boys stay true to [our] mothafuckin' homes, and heroes don't leave when they're in need."

Machine Gun Kelly also spoke on his impending debut album Lace Up. He said that he's working with a variety of different artists, including Mike Posner, Lil B and punk-pop band Good Charlotte. He also added that despite early reports that Lace Up would hit stores sometime in the first quarter of 2012, he will ensure that the album's released this fall, even if that means he has to take measures into his own hands.

"Me and [the band] Good Charlotte just got in the studio last week. [We made] kind of like a dubstep, electro-type joint. Me and Lil B have got a joint, me and Mike Posner have got a joint - and these are all for the album," he said. "The album is looking great, man. It's got a certified stamp from like, the certified up-and-coming [artists] and a lot of the already certified O.G.s of the game. It's just a dope mesh [of music], [with] people like me and Mike Posner doing a song, which you wouldn't normally see me do, and me and Good Charlotte doing the same thing...the album's going to drop [this] fall, I don't a fuck what anybody says...labels, all that stuff, I don't give a fuck. I'm dropping that bitch [this] fall if I have to drop it myself."

Watch the full interview to see Machine Gun Kelly break down his favorite emcees and the meanings behind some of his many tattoos.

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  • The Watcher

    How is this dude's opinion even valid? And what's this guy's relevant contribution to Hip-Hop or Basketball for that matter?

  • Rocc

    don't D. Wade work modeling for Diddy? Damn white boy, talk about shooting your own "career" in the ass.

  • Alejandro Sosa

    shoot remy shoot!

  • Atl2Trill

    Another lame that's still upset at LeBron's decision. This clown will be lucky to sell 100k on his debut album. Diddy gonna throw him to side eventually like previous Bad Boy acts. LeBron has money stack bigger than you lil fuck!!!!

    • sam

      Alright dude MGK is amazing you obviously never heard good music, just because hes white and your probably black doesn't mean you gotta put white rappers down. Hes gonna be big and diddy didn't put no one to the side your just a jealous pussy

  • pax

    its funny watching all the blacks on here alll jealous when they see a white person making it, that jealousy just eats u fuckers alive, whites cut back on racisim and blacks double up, what a suprise

  • Roos

    Theres always that 1 ASSHOLE to make it RACIAL and has no balls to make a comment as anonymous so Anomymous you get jackass of the day ye haerd! Lebron is the man in BBall as a person i don't really care. I hope he's a good dude but we are not boys so i don't have to worry about that o yeah i'm white and HIPHOP from day 1 so WHAT lol Succa

  • Truesdell

    he looks like a dirty white boy that takes a shit with the door open

  • Doug Nichols

    I don't think I can ever recall where a city has proven itself to be an even bigger bitch than the athlete that bolts on them. I can understand hurt feelings, but seriously, fuck Cleveland. Fucking city doesn't even deserve any major sports teams with the level of whining that comes from them.

  • Anonymous

    I hate people who just hop on any bandwagon smfh this shit is so uncalled for and random, so because he left Cleveland he's a low human being? only a white person would make that statement.. and I hope Lebron hears about this and whoops that ass

  • SMH

    I hate people like him. They take such pride in their hometown that they expect someone in LeBron's stature, who came from the same community, to be obligated to that community, even when they've moved on. If I were in LeBron's shoes, I wouldn't care about my hometown, since I never liked my experiences there to begin with.

  • wow

    HAHAHAHAHAH! dude just proved me right even more with the features on his shit, dude is a straight pussy. quit acting hard puss boy. oh, and you dont have hood stripes you fucking wanna be. you make white people look stupid. just stop.

  • Anonymous

    Be glad that LeBron won't walk up to you. Fucking faggot.

    • Doug Nichols

      People seem to forget that LeBron is a 6'8" 260lb freak of nature. Easy to diss someone like that when you don't have to ever worry about him coming around to drop you like a sack of potatoes.


    Shut the fuck up white boy. He's from Akron, not Cleveland and he still holds Akron down. He sent 300 kids to school with his charity bike ride last week and the proceeds from the dumb 'Decision' renovated Boys & Girls clubs in that area. Sorry you can't see him carry that sorry ass excuse for a team every night anymore.

    • Doug Nichols

      The Decision benefited the B&G Clubs in that Connecticut town where he announced it, not in Ohio. But good gesture nonetheless.

  • r

    Ppl actin like he jus Came out with the lebron statement. he was asked what he thought so he told it

  • Hannibal

    So if Lebron is a poor excuse for a human being for leaving his hometown and going to Miami, why did this clown not sign to an independent record label in Cleveland and instead ran to the big Bad Boy company from New York City. I'm sure Cleveland, home of the rock and roll hall of fame has plenty of upstart label he could have signed with and truly represent his hometown, but he chose for the exposure and the money to feed his family right? I don't know if it's a Cleveland thing or its just that these hick white boys have there have a real slave-slave owner dynamic with their athletes but Lebron gave seven years of his life to a team and no real effort was made to get him a serious supporting cast (Mo WIlliams?)...He realizes his time is short and he goes for his while he can...If he had been hurt Dan Gilbert would have cast him aside like another horse with a broken leg and shot him out back....remember Penny Hardaway.. a star til he got hurt...Machine Gun need to focus on his music cuz i heard some and its obvious he's shooting blanks

  • Anonymous

    Damn they still hating on bron in why do these rappers from cleveland not salute Bone thugs instead of crying about lebron go represent for CLE and salute Bone for holding it down for CLE for 20 years

  • OG bunk

    Why is he crying about lebron and you stay true to your homes or whatever but if he get rich you gonna move to LA, NY, MIA,

    • freddy

      Agreed for the 99 million you tellin me you wouldn't go to miami N**** please he salty because the Calvaliers suck without labron

  • REAL

    What a shitty way to get your name out

  • Yourmomliksmyasshole

    All u motherfuckers hatin on mgk can lace the fuck up.

    • Ddot

      He doesn't even have to be hated on..just looking at the features on his new "album" (I use that term very loosely), he's pretty much played himself....dude is fresh in the game, and he's already proved himself to be a fuckin joke.

  • Anonymous

    how come every rapper looks like a drawn out meth head faggot? corny white boys and bisexual blacks. the next generation. machine gun kelly sucks. he talkin about techno joints with good charlotte. lebron is a loser but he would duff this she man in his sleep. i swear, everyday theres a new rapper i think is possibly the worst of all time.

  • Danger Zone

    I'l run up like Machine Gun Kelly in a black scully, put one in your belly, leave ya smelly and take ya Pelle Pelle

  • yesss

    Well, sorry. Actually the videos asks who are the top 3 RAPERS of all time. I don't know about that, maybe this guy tells from experience...

  • yesss

    actually startin readin this cause of LeBron and found out some fucked up idiot commented on stuff he's not supposed to talk about. Ok, so DMX and Jeezy top 3 rappers of all time... WHAT????

  • tempoclash

    Top 3 albums of all time??? "DMX and Jeezy" ... Wow

  • DL Dub

    Does this skinny bitch even have enough of a frame to hold a machine gun? should change your name to water pistol... Super Soaker Kelly...

  • Hahaha

    Uh, Puff is cool with LeBron. Jay is cool with LeBron. LeBron gonna see this skinny Colorado faggot (claiming Cleveland) and beat the shit out of him. Dude made a song with Good Charlotte. Rappers have the gayest, cheesiest taste in rock music. God, listen to real punk you skinny faggot.

    • Doubl Negative

      Better still, people on this site should investigate some death metal bands. It's one of the purest types of music and doesn't pander to the populous taste like rap music does. Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Nile and Suffocation are just a few acts I recommend B-Boyz to check out. As for this dude who started this debate, who cares about basketball? Or baseball, or American football. The world's most popular sport is and will all ways be football (soccer?). Yid Army!!

  • SeRiSoNy

    BTW he said BUN B..not LIL B.

  • SeRiSoNy

    Ey, does anybody else notice the photo up top is altered to not show how high of a receding hairline MGK has?

  • wolfman

    OK... Let's see what kind of charities you post up.

  • Helmut Smith

    LeBron likes Lucci and WINNING!!! What´s wrong with that? You expect loyalty from a professional sportman (they throw money and pussy at him, you know!)?? Really? You expect Diddy to acutally PROMOTE your career? "Sean Jean" brings the money, not selling albums with half-ass music. Dont act like you got the right to critise succesful players who actually MAKE MONEY. This little boy thinks he´s special.

  • Soots

    Diddy signed his own Yelawolf! Who from Denver is going to call out Melo for bailing on them. Amar'e too? Bosh? Same old shit. No one man is bigger than a team or even a city. Have respect for where you're from and stop bitching.

  • Dannaman

    For the last fuckin time, LBJ ain't from Cleveland, so any Clevelander claiming LeBron as their own and calling him a traitor is a retard. Akron ain't Cleveland. That's like saying someone who was born in Anaheim should never leave the Lakers.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      it's a 40 minute drive from Akron to Cleveland, it's not like he grew up several hours away. when your high school basketball team plays in the Cavs arena on a regular basis it's safe to say he was essentially a hometown kid.

    • big kane

      shut up white boi n put out some music!

  • asdf

    Wow dude seriously making this comment now? About a year too late man. This shit isnt relevant anymore. Then again i guess kelly wasnt really relevant in the first place so the comment suits him.

  • oofgoof

    Did this nigga really just talk about an album? ON BAD BOY? Red Cafe still hasnt dropped his so what makes this bitchnigga really think that his is coming out anytime soon? hahahah stupid shit

  • Anonymous

    Does diddy co-sign this kracker media bafoonary

  • Anonymous

    White rappers have arrived!!! They believe anything the media tells you.

  • Tyrant

    Who's this fool? Never heard of him.

  • mike

    im not a lebron fan but he has no obligation to stay in cleveland. you can't challenge a persons character for making a work related decision. the only reason people are reading this article is cuz of lebron not machine gun kellys wack ass. gtfoh

  • typical

    idk how many times ive seen this same article.... some no name artist will name drop a superstar or say somethin insane to get attention then its oh by the way this album we gots gonna be crazy... i guess its just business tho

  • Anonymous

    you Ohioans need to move on, dont blame Lebron, blame Dan Gilbert for failing to put a good supporting cast around him, with that garbage cast I would leave the first chance I get too

  • Anonymous

    He did more for Cleveland than almost everybody else. Shit, he stayed a long ass time there when others would've moved on way faster. Be grateful for what he did instead of getting jealous because he'll win titles with another time. Almost everybody on this earth would've done the same.

    • chad

      actually Miami was bad for business considering lebron's popularity has gone way down

    • ctallday

      Anonymous (2nd)he stayed longer because he signed a second contract with Cleveland. As for this clown, if you want to talk loyalty to a city, state, region why did you sign with a NY label and not one in your area? Because it made better business since the same choice Lebron made.

    • Anonymous

      how does one leave early when theyre under contract? he quit his last 2 years in cleveland during the playoffs cause the plan for him bosh and wade to get together in miami was already in place

  • Amenda Green

    I love The Interracial Rom-ance! It is so nice. My boyfriend and i both think so. He is black, lol. I know him via (HotBlackWhite.СòM)- a nice place for black white singles, to interact with each other... no bounds or extremes in front of true love. Check it out or tell your friends.stop being butt hurt cus lebron left a bad team for a good one

  • Supanova12

    aren't Diddy and LeBron cool?

  • Anonymous

    Who the f**k is this guy? "Take that! Take that! Take that!".......don't he know he know he gonna get jerked? Instead of sweating Lebron, his ass need to go find Mark Curry, G-Dep, Ma$e, Black Rob, Craig Mack, Total and the rest of those Bad Boy 1 album ass artist's and ask why P-Diddy's such a selfish bastard!

  • Nat Turner

    Get the fuck outta here with this bs. I swear I wonder if everyone in Cleveland took it up the ass with a Bron Bron dildo. All emotional like little bitches. No wonder he is at bad boy, he probably likes to "take that take that". Lebron has done more for the Cleveland and Akron communities than probably any one individual. Hell he got the Boys and Girls Clubs millions from his decision special. This fool needs to take a midol and stfu!

  • Marshall G.

    What? LeBron is a poor human being because he didn't stay in good 'ol Cleveland and would rather play for a winning team? What an example of being judged by a fucking idiot. I don't see you disrespecting BTNH for moving out of Cleveland because that's what they did when they blew up. Lame....The objective of basketball is to win, no matter what...that nigga Puff is a good example of a winner, look what he did to Shyne, and all the other artists on his label. Yet you signed with him wit no issues. Where's the logic? Good luck with that album...SMH...

  • Nico 3

    Lebron gave the Cavs 7 years of his professional life. They won 0 titles, and it was time to move on. Maybe he could have been a little more classy about it, but these die hard Cav fans need a life.

    • DL Dub

      What? True champ? Dude is nearing the end of his career, in 12 years the mavericks never had a champion caliber team until this year. You ever think maybe Lebron didnt want to be the next Dirk? Thats bullshit. After 7 years of carrying that team to Eastern con championships and his team not showing up for him, on top of another nigga on the team is bangin my moms and everybody knows it, I'd say fuck the cavs too. AND drop 45 on them niggas by myself in our first meeting afterwards just like he did. True champion my ass. Dirk got lucky

    • Anonymous

      what about the mavs Durk gave them 12 years of his life. Now he has a championship. Thats a true champ

  • ace

    yall asked him who the top 3 RAPERS were? lmao. Who edits yall shit

  • V-Nasty WGM

    Craig Mack. Mase. Shyne. Loon. Black Rob. G-Dep. Everyone who's name is not Biggie. These should be more than enough reasons to not sign with Puff Daddy. Ever. You want to talk about a "poor example of a human being"? Take a look in the mirror. You signed with Puffy. You Ja-Rule'd your own career before it even started. I never really heard of you, now I know I never will after Puff Puff makes money off your first album and shelf you indefinitely. You disgust me. Oh and why do people from Cleveland have such fucked up hairlines? Are all the barbers suffering from parkinson's or something?

  • Gatt

    Obviously this was a poorly written interview if it says he was from cincinnati...

  • LMAO

    U jus gonna be the next Kane on Bad Boy.

  • Anonymous

    stop being butt hurt cus lebron left a bad team for a good one

    • Anonymous

      No ring here lol

    • Anonymous

      LMAO. Basketball is a team sport. NO ONE can win a title by himself.

    • Nat Turner

      Ace ur an ignorant lil bitch. The Cavs sucked except for Lebron. He left because one man has never won it all by himself. You must be from Cleveland cuz it seems all y'all some bitches crying over a nigga that left you for a badder bitch!

    • ace

      Dickhead, the Cavs had the best record in the league when LeBron decided to leave. And look at that team compared to Miami's. It's obvious the reason he joined up with Wade and Bosh is because he's not a good enough player to win alone. Its called sacrifice, but he still came up short.

  • Anonymous

    his white ass needs to go sit dwn somewhere

  • Mark Siss

    for all u sayin lebron helps the kids in akron.. stfu u have no cluewhat ur talkin about the sponsors are helping the kids not lefuck boy.. and yes he is a poor excuse for a human.. lefuck didnt even have the balls to say he was leaving it was the way he left and not the fact that he left for miami which he was allowed to do.. and fuck whoever say cle is a mistake by the lake i dare u to roll up in cle and say that shit.. its 1 thing to say it online but try sayin it to us cleveland'ers cuz u wont ever speak again... 216 330 all day

    • anon

      ...there are no projects on euclid you fucking idiot... talk that shit on st. clair or cedar or e. 55th and see how far you get. and btw no one from cleveland claims machine gun kelly. he's not from cleveland.

    • Nat Turner

      I just left Cleveland and talked shit in the projects on Euclid! I had my Miami gear on and was talkin cash shit. I made it back to Florida safely, but I'll look you upo when I'm there next time and tell it to your face sissy!

    • Alex Hayford

      Y'all clevelanders some butt hurt pussies!! Yeah that's my real name nigga. I'll be in town soon visiting relatives. Where can I meet you so I can tell you to your face? LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    i coulda fucked wit kelly music but u gon attack bron personally to pander to your hometown.. u not real to me therefore u dont exist

  • Frank

    who the fuq is this guy? lol

  • Anonymous

    Get off Lebrons dick you pussies.

  • Anonymous

    he's a promising rapper , def has mad potential

  • Anonymous

    lol people take sports way to seriously its just a fucking game bro, it dont make him a "really poor example of a human being"

  • College

    Cleveland: the city full of crazy ex-girlfriends. And yes, MGK, I know how you "Cleveland boys" roll. That's why Cleveland, along with many other reasons, is the mistake by the lake.

  • 21

    lame. you talkin bout lebron and you runnin to take that take that diddy. poor example of a human being is you

  • Benjeem Sampson

    MY bad! It's Akron.

  • Benjeem Sampson

    I thought LeBron was from Dayton, and not Cleveland. What does he owe to a city that he isn't from? Even if he WAS from that city, he still doesn't owe it anything. People should start to get over it...

  • Mr Flamboyant

    He's a really poor example of a human being cause he left to play for the Heat.... yet ... he gives back to his hometown of Akron and still has property there. Oh the irony. Wait. Just thought of soemthing. Who the f*** is this a**hole? (Samuel L Jackson version in Coming To America) I don't watch these shows and listen to radio or watch videos. I'm serious with that question.

  • ha

    cincy?damn this nigga that work for dx stupid

  • Brandon Q. James

    Doesn't LeBron still help out kids in Ohio? And still own property there? Oh he does. So basically MGK's just hatin?

  • face

    I think this dude is from Cleveland, not Cincinnati. i think thats a big reason he hates lebron.

  • ReeL Talk

    u feeling urself too much ALREADY!

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