Alchemist Speaks On Slaughterhouse's New Album, Eminem's Live Show

Al says the Slaughterhouse album is "stupid" good and explains why Eminem is a supreme performer.

Alchemist recently spoke out on his work with Slaughterhouse for their Shady Records debut. Chopping it up with Montreality, Al explained that he’s contributing to the project and that it’s already on track to blow listeners’ minds.

“It’s pretty crazy, man. They have some amazing records. The album’s stupid,” he said. “I’m making my little contributions where I can. The ball goes out of bounds, I keep it in, throw a little dirt on the ball. Nothing too fancy, keeping it in the Alchemist tradition. Slaughterhouse album, four incredible emcees, Shady Records. Put it together, what do you think you’re going to get?”

He also spoke on why he thinks Eminem is a unique live performer, explaining that his on-stage deejay - aka himself - is the one who beefs up his gigs.

“What separates his show is the element he has, the live deejay on the stage with him that’s amazing," he quipped. "I’ve never seen a deejay like this before, cut scratch with finesse, funky, dope, def. Not a lot of groups have funky, dope, def deejays like that. So being that he has that, I would say that separates him from most rappers. That deejay, man, made my day.”

Watch the rest of the interview below, where he speaks on the key to his success, his first job, music he’s feeling at the moment and more.

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  • Tilt

    Did a remix to the song "Cuckoo", check it out if you want, thanks.

  • Chimathekilla

    Untitled was ill crack isn't good for you

  • remaster

    i'll never understand why em doesn't use an al beat

  • Thomas Curry Curré


  • 2da9thPwr

    Eminem's next album should be produced entirely by AL with maybe some cameo production from Havoc, just as an apology for that pop crap recovery was. He needs to make a hardcore hip hop album. No pop singers on the hooks, matter of fact no hooks at all, just him rapping on grimy beats. Too bad that will never happen cause record label execs decide what really makes a hardcore hip hop album(and it features Justin Bieber).

    • Anonymous

      Recovery cant be compared to Untitled, comparing is the death of hip hop

    • Anonymous

      I prefer Recovery. Untitled was just horrible music all around.

    • Doubl Negative

      @Anonymous # 2; it does make sense, you got it twisted. Most of that Nigger LP was horrible, as is most newly-released Slim ish. I don't care who makes bullshit/R&B/white girl pop hip-hop; Ghostface, Busta, Snoop or Nas or Em, I don't roll with that shit.

    • Anonymous

      When NaS makes an album with pop beats and choruses (Untitled) everyone praises it. When Em does it everyone hates. Makes no sense..

    • Anonymous

      i think recovery should of been a little pop sounding even though 5 out of 17 songs were for mainstream but the lyrics were still there(maybe even better) just like they were there for relapse and theyll keep on being there, but recovery would not be called recovery if he was rapping over griming rza beats. The album is suppose to be em recovering from his addiction so the sound is suppose to be uplifting and not dark get the fuck outta here saying that hes not hip hop would it still be hip hop if wutang made an album without grimey dark beats but their lyrics were on point??

  • Anonymous

    lol Al, funny nigga!

  • Yssup Kidz

    This is the funniest shit ever! Dude's a clown!

  • Anonymous

    Can't fucking wait for their second album. I'm still playing the first one and did you hear the fire Alchemist produced for Ross? That were one of the hardest fucking beats I've heard all year.

  • Pott Street

    Alchemist is always playing jokes man, dude is halarious and he is certified ridiculous on the beats.... watching his career grow over the last 15 years from The Whooliganz to where he is now, I gotta say it's pretty dope.

  • whoiscgm

    What makes it even funnier is that this fact is in the video description across the top of the screen. I don't know why I'm surprised.

  • whoiscgm

    The writer of this article writes it as if s/he does not know the Alchemist is being sarcastic and talking about himself. Al = Em's DJ.

  • Rodrick

    Cant wait for the new SH album

  • Doubl Negative

    The only way I'd bump new Em ish is if he was rhymin' over ALC's Gangrene type beats. That's never gonna happen though, 'cause Em only caters for his gay and white girl fans now.

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