J. Cole Speaks On "Any Given Sunday" Series, Still Waiting On Jay-Z Verse For Debut

The North Carolina kid also reveals he just shot a video for "Can't Get Enough" featuring Trey Songz.

J. Cole is currently gearing up for the release of his debut Cole World: The Sideline Story (September 27th), but he's tiding fans over with his "Any Given Sunday" series first. Speaking with VIBE.com's Mikey Fresh, the Roc Nation rapper explained that there's no rhyme and reason to how he assembles his giveaways, though he does have some packages premeditated.

"You know, it’s pretty random. I know a couple that I know I’m going to do already, but for the most part, it’s pretty random. I wake up, I say what do I want to put out today, and I put it together," he said, also revealing he will not appear on the "Watch the Throne" tour. "So it’s not always going to be five songs, three songs. I think this week coming up, it might just be a song. Week after that, it might just be a video. So there’s no real science behind it or anything."

Cole, who shot his video for "Can't Get Enough" featuring Trey Songz in Barbados this past weekend, also explained that he's still waiting on the Jay-Z verse for his debut. "I don’t know, you tell me, man, texting this man every day. [The beat] might be there. I hit him every five days. It’s like a Christmas present, I just want it to come. I want to stop harassing this man."



  • Anonymous

    why does Hov own a record label if he can't even promote his artist? the only artist Jay can promot is himself when last did you hear anything about Willow Smith? about Jay Electronica? J Cole been promoting himself, kudos to him Jay Z is the worst record label owner in hip hop .... they need to learn from Diddy...he's the best when it comes to his own artist promotion....Kanye does a beta job too...Big Sean, Pusha T & Cyhi are familiar names now thanks to G.O.O.D Music Jay is a selfish nigga period...don't care how much money he has....

  • maj1991

    Haters need 2 relax, jay will drop a dope verse in 1 day, he is that good. Niggers gone say im on his dick, check his record....... 2nd best rapper alive after em and had a watertight flow on WTT. Cole not worried, he knows he dropped a classic, the jigga verse just a formality.

  • anonymous

    I like jay but he seriously needs push cole more, but i like how cole handles the whole situation he jokes about it but i know he really want that verse. maybe jay-z doesnt want to get burn like he did on a star is born

  • bkstylz

    Damn haters...Jay just dropped an album a couple of days ago. I am pretty sure he was pretty busy recording and doing press. Now he is supporting his album. I am sure he will get to Cole when he has a minute.....Man it is rough being on top.

    • newklear

      I completely agree with Mann, Jay doesn't care about Cole as much as the other big time artists who sign new artists. That sucks. I'm sure there's competition between the two but he's gotta help J. Cole out since he is signed under the Roc

    • Mann

      Thats jay being selfish he didnt HAVE to put this mediocre Watch the Throne out but he did..he doesnt care about his artists hes only mentioned j cole in ONEE interview thats it.....look what kanye and wayne did for their artists jay is a piece of shit always was

  • CW:TSS 9/27

    I bet Jay-Z recorded the verse long ago. he just keepin to have you FOOLS talk. yall stupid...yall really think he wouldnt want to be on Cole's classic debut to be? and to say he doesnt care is plain stupid. You think the COLE/DRAKE TOUR and the COLE/RIHANNA tour saw the light of day by magic? c'mon... Maybe im wrong, maybe not. all I know is COLE WORLD 9/27 GO COP IT...Jay-Z verse or not who cares

  • Alex Hayford

    I knew it! This Jay Z bitch nigga ass fuck boy is fucking up with J Cole. He's obviously taking no interest in his own artist's debut for him to not even have recorded a verse yet. The album is due in a month nigga!! Wake the fuck up! This man doesn't know shit about how to promote an artist. Putting him on one non-single mediocre track on Blueprint 3 doesn't count either. I'm starting to think that Jay didn't have fuck all to do with Kanye's success either. Give that credit to Dame. Will Smith better get his daughter the fuck out of RocNation before she becomes a one hit wonder.

  • R.C.

    lmao Cole got Hov sitting with his verse for a month or two lol...Cole is the truth. when Cole World: The Sideline Story drop i don't wanna see all u haters ridin his coat tail. he coming with a classic u can see it in his eyes when he talk about it. i'm not talkin "tha carter 3" "thug motivation 101" type classic...i'm talkin "illmatic" "reasonable doubt" "ready to die" type classic. and btw tha carter 3 was horrible. Hov scared tho.

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    Jay-Z on some bullshit acting like he not even tryna get on his artist debut album. The album better not get held back over Hov's account. I like Hov, but I don't like how little he focuses on his artist. At least Wayne & Ye make moves to put their niggas on. Look at Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Nicki, & Drizzy. They've got nice careers going for them (admittedly the YM artist listed sell more than the GM however). Hov's had Jay signed for at least a year, and Cole for about 2 or 3, that's ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Yall crack me up with this jay-z is wack lyrically. lol uhm no he's not. Have you heard any of his verses on Watch the Throne? Dude hasn't lost none of his lyrical prowless. As for J.cole, dude whats going on ?You starting to lose steam and momentum. Both singles were duds and we don't expect you to be a great songwriter cause you're not. We just want your lyrics and beats forget the jay verse and drop that shit. If the first album bricks then make another one.

    • Anonymous

      He ain't the rapper he used to be, but even his mediocre shit is better than most rapper's best.

    • Mu

      Unless you're like 13 years old or have a horrible ear for hip-hop, how could you say that Jay-Z hasn't lost any of his "lyrical prowess"? On Watch The Throne, some of his verses are borderline corny ass fuck.

  • Google

    Hey didnt Jayz feature you on BP3? that was your look!!! stop being greedy!! You shoulda took the hint already Jay Electronica already has two verses from him 1# from shiny suit theory and he already said Jay recorded a verse for his album.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (shaking my head laughing) Man this dumb bitch... Dude. You're not important to Jay-Z. You signed to him thinking his name and whatever would get you mass appeal. You didn't realize that 1. Jay is a horrible record exec and 2. Jay is strictly about Jay. He doesn't care about you, me, Sasqwatch, Santa Claus, Jesus (apparently from his words and lyrics at times), the nigga who made caller ID..no one if their name isn't Shawn Carter. Just get the album out. I think you are overrated anyway. Just get a verse from Nas if you want to have something worth while and death defying. The Jay who was about mic skills, dexterity, actual show and prove has long gone. He's never coming back. He's about coat tail riding and selling his name. He's about the outside appeal with marketing (over marketing) and everything else but the actual music. This is 4 straight LPs which he's done it since he's dropped the black album. Oh yeah... he's dropped FOUR albums since the black album. The majority of mindful hip hop listeners doesn't want to hear Jay-Z anyway...so why should you want a verse from him. Drop your album. STFU.

  • Optimus Rhyme

    Not shocked at all that Jay hasn't given Cole a verse. But I don't think the album should depend on that though. Just put the album out. It'll be fine.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Jay-z (word to pac at the start of ether) go get a verse from nas or another legend that raps better than jay

  • Anonymous

    That's really fucked up how Jay handles this. A (good) verse from Jay would be the cherry on the top, but come on, man, your album doesn't depend on this, you're nice enough without him.

  • Anonymous

    wish niggas stop playing round : i no jay just finish watch the throne but come on : cole gon change the game & its always something in the way of him finishing this album : smh

  • kw

    u know he aint cool with jay since he still waiting for that niggas verse cole made a mistake with signing for that faggot if he went with kanye he would had a release all ready with over the top production

  • Anonymous

    Is this dude even a musician? He seems more like a professional news article update.

  • Big Dan

    That's really interesting that he is waiting for a verse from Jigga - STILL!. This is not a big label, a couple artist and J Cole was supposed to be Marquee, well besides Jay-Z himself. So you would think Jay-Z would have been in on a few sessions and dropped those verses no biggie. He signed the kid, so he can't have a problem with him, but what the hell? Is this is idea of having cats stand on their own two? This is beyond ridiculous.

  • mcmastermind

    Jay needs to stop being an asshole. He signed Cole who obviously looks up to Jay and he won't even drop a verse for him. Wack as fuck. Jay's probably scared that Cole will chew his ass out on the track.

    • R.C.

      i agree. i mean he did a verse for drake's "light up" with ease but won't do one for Cole? Cole is a better MC than Drake and Hov know's it. Hov didnt have to really step it up that much to body Drake. it was easy. he schooled him on light up. but Cole is a different MC. he's vicious. plus Cole already said he laid 2 verses and a hook on the record before he sent it to Hov so that means Hov is just sittin around listening to it like damn how can i come harder.

    • Mu

      I was thinking the same thing man... I'm a Jay-Z fan and have been for his whole career. It's becoming clearer that Jay always wants to look like the "God MC", but it's hard to look the part when u get killed on a track by your protege.

  • real talk

    but jay-z kinda sucks now...get someone more lyrical...like yourself :/

  • Reel Talk

    SMH. If you have been waiting on a J verse for months, it's not going to happen, homie. Not when he has been recording like crazy (WTT and his own album). Do you really think it takes this long for a verse?

  • beezlebud

    Jay doesnt give a fuck about his artists he's a selfish cunt always has been always will be, he fucked everyone over at Def Jam when he was pres n put all focus on himself and Kanye n Ye only got promoted coz he needed dudes production I salute Cole puttin him on blast all the time like this, coz puttin that pressure on Jays public image is the only way he's gonna get that release for his album with or without the Jay verse

    • @DMVeezy

      ^^^ "I salute Cole puttin him on blast all the time like this, coz puttin that pressure on Jays public image is the only way he's gonna get that release for his album with or without the Jay verse" COULDNT BE SAID ANY BETTER, AGREED 100% !!!


    damn a jay verse do you homie

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