Game Criticizes "Watch The Throne," Jokes About Jay-Z's Fertility

Game rates "Watch the Throne" and says he doesn't hate Jay-Z before joking about how "Beyonce ain't pregnant."

Compton, California's Game recently voiced his opinion on Watch the Throne, the collaborative project between Kanye West and Jay-Z and took a few shots at Jigga. In the interview with Jenny Boom Boom, the R.E.D. emcee gave credit to Kanye, called himself "The Bi-Polar Bear" and said he didn't exactly hate Jay-Z, though he made a joke about his fertility. 

"It's a good 7," he said of Watch the Throne. "Well, you know 6 points went to Kanye." 

Soon after this statement, he was questioned about his perceived animosity towards Jay-Z, something Game denied. 

"Nah, I don't hate Jay-Z," he noted. "I've got every album from Reasonable Doubt to Watch the Throne."

Game added that he "just felt like" releasing "Uncle Otis," the industry dis track that featured shots at Jay. He said he was more upset by the fact that he couldn't find a full instrumental of the original track, which fueled his disses. Game also noted that he was not afraid of burning bridges between himself and Hov, adding that he won't need him in the future. 

"I'm gonna need Jay-Z?" he asked. "I'm good. I'm not going to need anybody. All I need is God, my family." 

Before the interview ended, Game also made a joke regarding Jay-Z's fertility, saying that he may not be able to have kids, adding a jab about how "Beyonce ain't pregnant." Though he may not have used the word "sterile" correctly, his joke followed one about Jay-Z impregnating the show's host. 

"I don't know. Jay-Z don't seem too sterile," he said in a joking manner. "Beyonce ain't pregnant." 

During the interview, Game also calls himself "The Bi-Polar Bear" and praises "Welcome to the Jungle." He also seems to joke about his new album not competing with Watch the Throne.

"It's not going to be better than Watch the Throne," he said. "I can't compete, but The R.E.D. Album is pretty decent. It's going to sound like Lil Zane's first album." 

The R.E.D. Album album will be released on August 23, 2011. 30 second samples from the album can be heard now on DX. The video for the interview can be seen below. 

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    I swear yall some emotional ass lames who really gives a fuck about any rapper dissing the next rapper on wax, where the fuck do yall think rap came from diss battles...i can remember the early 90's when rappers dissed one another on almost every album but back than no one was crying like bitches over it....I grew up off that 90's style of rap & we damn sho didn't cry around about who dissed who, we all just enjoyed the music as we were all awaiting for a diss from the next artist who just got dissed, after all an diss track is just entertainment also carrying back to the roots of real hip hop....I don't know why any of yall would give a fly fuck who Game dissed on an track, I sho don't give a fuck it's music respect the artist craft as being an MC....But it seem like yall lames like to live thru yall favorites rapper life style fucking dumb asses quit bitching about any diss tracks an just focus on enjoying good music....Also I hate this new age of fans supporting artist yall cry around about petty shit too damn much...Jay-Z along with yee or wtf yall call him are garbage ass rappers in my opinon an it's been that way to me since day one, if the both of these fools are your favorite rappers let em keep it 100 and reply back with an diss track, getting back to hip hop roots of how all this shit came to be...Oh my bad they won't because they already know what it is lol....even your weakest rapper would reply back with an diss track regardless of knowing they shit was weak but they did it for the fans...Jay-Z don't give a fuck about his fans like Game does now yall cry around about not being loved by yall favorite artist fucking pussies

  • KnightRider

    That Jay Z album is pop wack, it's homo music for the gay comunity, bring back the real hard shit.

  • outlawz

    jaz z a bitch, he's 2pac bitch and always will be

  • Anonymous

    hey dissing Watch the throne but say's his album cant compete, yeah this guy is DUMB.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga career over after this interview. you may say "lol yea rite", watch when this nigga sell 75,000 copies 1st week

  • Anonymous


  • John

    lol this made me laugh he rated WTT a 6-7 but then said his OWN album wont be better than WTT lmaooo watta idiot

  • So_Appalled~!

    Game is fucking crazy! Why is he dissing our lord and savior Young Hov. Jay Z isn't just a legend he is a god and to be able to speak his name you must be of a higher class than game will ever be. Fuck the game and G Unit records! Long live G.O.O.D Music and Roc Nation

  • themighty

    that 98% of you are too fucking retarded to realize that he is just fucking around, being sarcastic and having fun.... that's just depressing and pathetic and wow people are fucking stupid now a days....

    • face

      right on. im glad someone else sees that game just messing around and just likes talking that shit. it aint no different than the shit we talk to eachother on a day to day basis whether it be at our jobs or whatever.

  • Brandon

    I wish this nigga would just get off Jay Z's dick and just rap...Plain and simple...


    fuck y'all mad at me for? You don't even know what I've been through I play chicken with a Mack truck Y'all muthafuckers woulda been moved I swam waters with great whites Y'all muthafuckers woulda been chewed I hustle with vultures late nights Y'all muthafuckers woulda been food fuck wrong with these dudes Try to walk around in these shoes See the shit I saw growing up And maybe you can take a peek at beys boob's niggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily like These rappers rap about all the shit that I do really I'm like really half a billi nigga Really you got baby money Keep it real with niggas niggas ain't got my lady money Watch the Throne don't step on our road Bad enough we let you step on our globe When my nephew died, daddy dead niggas took the price on my uncles head Nobody called the cops as my uncle bled So I feel like I would like to know my uncles bread Bow down, brother pay homage don't spill hate all on my garments Commes Des Garcon, fuck your fresh head shots nigga fuck your vests fuck the pig, no pork on my fork Peace God cause you know a nigga just went Ham AND JAY IS TRASH GTFOH GAME HAS NO LYRICS COMPARED TO THIS MAN

  • sah313

    this is for u simple mined fucks that say jay sucks jay says "primetime, beat by deion" as in deion sanders but the guy who produced this song is named No ID and No ID backwards is DION.

    • Anonymous

      No ID's real name is Dion.

    • Anonymous

      man you waisting your time game fans still wont get it "When you Earnhart as me eventually you hit a big wall" dale earhart the nascar driver-to make it simple for you he said when you MOVE AS FAST AS I DO TO GET THAT PAPER,MONEY,SCRILLA YOU EVENTUALLY HIT A MENTAL BLOCK

  • Anonymous

    how you gonna compare a RAPPER to a MC game wouldnt know a double entendre if it smacked him in the face game lyrics is so simple his bars is so weak its funny at times he has no technical skills on the mic just because the words rhyme that dont mean you a MC

  • sah313

    niggas hate ballers these days

  • David Mendes

    How the fuck can you like Jay-Z ? He's wack now, Watch the Throne is garbage, Blueprint 3 is even worse, he didn't drop a hot album since the Black Album. Game on the other side, Documentary is classic, Doctor's Advocate is alright and the R.E.D. Album is gonna be classic. Stop hatin' suckin' Jay-Z's dick, that old nigga better retire

    • me

      game has a 5 worst rapper list and hes not on it?he obviously hasnt listened 2 his own music otherwise he'd b holdin the top 3 spots!corny fucka wit soundin like he rappin at a campfire sing a long!

  • Anonymous

    If jay diss game back it will inflict some damage but if kanye diss back it won't leave a scratch.


  • oskamadison

    So, Game doesn't like WTT...OK...wake me up when we get to the part explaining why we should give a shit.

  • Anonymous

    cedar block where game claims he is from his brother and sister is in the vid

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Yeah What we talkin' bout real shit? Or we talkin' bout ryhmes You talkin' bout millions Or you talking' bout mine What we talkin' bout Cuz I ain't got time For what people be talkin' bout all the time What we talkin' bout fiction Or we talkin bout fact You talkin' bout fiction? Hold up pardon my back I'm talkin' bout life And all I hear is Oh yeah he keeps talkin' bout crack I ain't talkin' bout profit I'm talkin' bout pain I'm talkin' bout despair I'm talkin' bout shame I ain't talkin' bout gossip I ain't talkin' bout Game I ain't talkin bout Jimmy I ain't talkin' bout Dame I'm talkin' bout real shit Dem people playin' What is you talkin' bout I don't know what y'all sayin' People keep talkin' bout Hov take it back I'm doin' better than before Why would I do that? Ain't nothing cool bout carryin' a strap Bout worryin' your moms And buryin' your best cat Talkin' bout revenge While carryin' his casket All teary-eyed Bout to take it to a matress I'm talkin' bout music I ain't talkin' bout rap You talkin' bout who's hot I ain't talkin' bout that The conversation is changed Lets yap about that I don't run rap no more I run the map

  • GjiggaJ

    I'm with homie on this one!! I taught 'em about fish scale they want me to fish for them They want me to catch clean, then cook up a dish for them All of this just for them, or they got a diss for him They want me to disappear, like it's gonna SHIFT for them They say that I'm in the way, they want me to sit with them But what they admitting is, they ain't got shit for him But really the fact is, we not in the same bracket Not in the same league, don't shoot at the same baskets Don't pay the same taxes, hang with the same bitches So how am I in the way, what is it I'm missing? Nigga I been missing, nigga I been gone The shit that you just witnessed is the shit that I been on And as for the critics, tell me I don't get it Everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it Now these nigga's is mad, oh they call me a Camel But I mastered the drought, what the fuck I'm an animal Half-man half-mammal My sign is a Sag, this is just what I plan to do Oh don't be mad

  • TaZzZ

    Dude hasn't put out a single good record since Documentary. I was behind him 100% after 300 bars but then he just proved he can't make good music without ppl like Dre, Fifty and Em behind him. Dudes an embarassment at this point. Go to his show, he chugs an entire Grey Goose bottle full of wate.. fuckin badass. WTT>> anything Game's done since '07 Can you say waashed up? Well see when R.E.D. drops, but I'm gonna guess he makes some stupid punchline about every rapper on the radio, throw some more shots at Wiz about Amber, then jump on every legend's dick like he always does just to diss em 6 months later. If this is supposed to be a good business tactic its just maki you look like a dick riding faggot. We dont believe you, you need more people...

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign. He might've rapped it, but the others were responsible for the creative thought of process that made The Documentary so good.

  • V

    He really is a "Bi-Polar Bear" you going to talk so much shit on Jay and Kanye and then be like "oh, my shit wont be like Watch the Throne"

  • Orlando Jimenez

    Watch The Throne is a good 8/10 and The Game who cannot get over Jay-Z after years of the last time they met...The Game needs to grow up cuz he's always dissing a rapper he doesn't "hate" then why diss him? come on son, and if he did hate him its for something that happened years ago so get over it and move on. I guess having Jay-Z on your mind is an automatic win for something that happened several years ago...Game your digging yourself up son

  • Anonymous

    the only thing that makes game albums work are the beats if you just read his lyrics he not to smart and he say the same shit over and over again he a good rapper but noway is he a MC be happy to read for yourself

    • Anonymous

      [Jay-Z] I taught 'em about fish scale they want me to fish for them They want me to catch clean, then cook up a dish for them All of this just for them, or they got a diss for him They want me to disappear, like it's gonna SHIFT for them They say that I'm in the way, they want me to sit with them But what they admitting is, they ain't got shit for him But really the fact is, we not in the same bracket Not in the same league, don't shoot at the same baskets Don't pay the same taxes, hang with the same bitches So how am I in the way, what is it I'm missing? Nigga I been missing, nigga I been gone The shit that you just witnessed is the shit that I been on And as for the critics, tell me I don't get it Everybody can tell you how to do it, they never did it Now these nigga's is mad, oh they call me a Camel But I mastered the drought, what the fuck I'm an animal Half-man half-mammal My sign is a Sag, this is just what I plan to do Oh don't be mad

  • Bubbu

    Wow... The last thing Games career needs is a diss from Jay z... Smh

  • King(real one)

    Ok first of all WTT was straight GARBAGE...although i'm a Ye fan cuz MBDTF was really amazing...Game is talking the truth abt this nigga Jay...who isn't even fertile...take all his money n shove it up B's ass...Hoodmorning>>>>>>WTT....Jay stans can eat a DICK

  • Anonymous

    keep entering the danger zone you're gonna make ya boi hov put your name in a song

  • Anonymous

    Watch the throne was wack! Niggas just don't want to admit it.

  • Anonymous

    his album isnt gonna be better than watch the throne(according to him).. and he thinks watch the throne is a 7... and he took forever to make that? and he used the word sterile wrong even tho hes supposed to be an mc.. and hes calling him self a bi-polar bear..... hmmmmm. ok

    • BB

      Hey Game - nice vocabulary. Try to figure out what the word sterile means before you use it incorrectly when trying to insult the world's biggest rap star. Newsflash- no one even knows you exist anymore. Time to go back for that GED.

  • Helmut Smith

    You won´t fuck Beyonce, Game! (not even Jay-Z fucks her). Jigga is a businessman in the Forbes-Ranking, Game is a manboy on HipHopDX.

  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    this dude has Jayz's name in his mouth more than beyonce...his dick also

  • Frankie

    This nigga wants attention so bad cause his cd is dropping soon. I wanna hear it tho, I hope its better than watch the throne. That shit was weak to me.

  • random

    its gonna be like lil zanes first album? wtf lol

  • real azz nigga

    da boi game...lmao jays dick dont work...lmfao red album bitch

  • Ray

    The fact that Game would dickride Jay on multiple songs and references in a positive way in his career and is suddenly been dissing him like a scorned fucking side hoe is just pathetic... Game... You would love to be Jay-Z... You are the definition of a fan... Anybody can fucking see that... Get off his nuts already

  • Horny little girl

    damn game is fine!!! I wish he'd eat my wet little pussy out ; )

  • Anthony Blue

    Why does game have to "call out" Jay-z anyway..The game is such a Jay hater its sickening...niggas is mad @ Jay cuz they can't beat him..just promote ya wack ass R.E.D album & shut the fuck up...He wanna be in Jay spot so bout u step ya bars up!! the red album done got pushed back a million times cuz the songs he was droppin were weak as fuck..nobody was even talkin bout game til he dropped "uncle otis" that nigga just want attention

  • buzz

    It's almost as if he's trying to generate a buzz... does he have an album coming out or something? It's weak when rappers diss other rappers just to get a buzz. Publicity is one thing. Doing it for sport is one thing. And I'll be honest, Game disses Jay-Z when it's not time for his album ("I'm So Wavy" on Brake Lights) but c'mon son.. Game I'm a fan and I want to like you, why you gotta do this? I hate Jay-Z but this is weak bro.

  • ???

    Why everybody hating on game fall calling out Jay-Z. Jay-Z is so overrated and everyone in the game is too scared to say it. GAME is that nigga who ain't scared to tell Jay he aint shit. Haters are gonna hate!

    • NAS

      FUCK JAY-Z, gay ass nigga. He's the most over rated rapper ever, 2nd actually, behind pac.

    • Anonymous

      Invalid comments. The GOAT can't be overrated.

    • Anonymous

      Yep Jay-Z is overrated (sarcastic voice). Are you dumb? How is Jay overrated? When your on top, people wanna kick you down. Hip Hop fans are so soft. They expect you to put out the exact same music you put out ten years ago. Sell out bitches

    • Orlando Jimenez

      "haters gonna hate" way to contradict yourself...the game is clearly hating on Jay-Z dumbass nigga

    • Anonymous

      Jay is overrated. The Game from what I've heard isn't very good though. Jay atleast has Reasonable Doubt..

    • smh

      hahaha, rick ross dont count, hes a fraud! And yes jimmy, i know that

    • YoungBlackKen

      what you talking about? Rick Ross been dissin him for over a year now



  • heez13

    Listen to yourselves! yall sound just like game's crazy ass-except he's gettin paid for it. Watch the throne is nice! the snippets from r.e.d are nice! and dont act like Game cant rap. and to be a nice MC you dont have to use a shit load of metaphores and Sub's. Cause CUBE,SCARFACE,PAC(old snoop)....are all top 100 and did a damn good job! See you can like both. We all know game is crazy! it entertainment fellas damn.

  • Amenda Green

    I love The Interracial Rom-ance! It is so nice. My boyfriend and i both think so. He is black, lol. I know him via (HotBlackWhite* CO M)- a nice place for black white singles, to interact with each other... no bounds or extremes in front of true love. Check it out or tell your friends.Damn your breakfast first. This dude wakes up with Jay-Z on his breath. Lol!


    Damn...cali, get this nigga off Hov dick, yous a fuck boy game...R.E.D ALBUM will be just like your last one , a name dropping flop...oh, and by the way WTT IS SERIOUS..

  • Amenda Green

    I love The Interracial Rom-ance! It is so nice. My boyfriend and i both think so. He is black, lol. I know him via (HotBlackWhite.СòM)- a nice place for black white singles, to interact with each other... no bounds or extremes in front of true love. Check it out or tell your friends. ok

  • Amenda Green

    I love The Interracial Rom-ance! It is so nice. My boyfriend and i both think so. He is black, lol. I know him via (HotBlackWhite.C0M)- a nice place for black white singles, to interact with each other... no bounds or extremes in front of true love. Check it out or tell your friends.

  • Game's a Lame

    Damn your breakfast first. This dude wakes up with Jay-Z on his breath. Lol!

  • what?

    what you mad for groupie?


    man, this dude hating again.........anyone can see the hate in your eyes man, trust Jay and Kanye ain't sweatin you..........guarantee his red album wont go can retire now and nobody will miss you fake blood

  • Chras

    Ok, seriously, enough is enough. Grow up game. "It's not personal" yet I seem to read new hate from you on Jay almost every other day now. Games just pissy because nothing he's done has ever been even half as good as what Jay's contributions are to Hip Hop. I mean, really, who the fuck is Game and what has he done compared to Hova? Pfffff, shit all. If Watch The Throne is Jay's weakest work (what I've read) it's funny, because it's still better than any Game song. Games a bitch, we know it, and doesn't do anything for Hip Hop. He claims he doesn't like Jay because of the ONE time he met him and how cocky he was. Dude, it's rap, it's Hip Hop, and that level, embody a cocky fuck and from what Games said in the past and how he's acted I'd say no one fits the description of Hypocrite better. Shut the fuck up, Game, and let Jay bask in his new release like you'll want to when your album drops. Fuckin' child.

    • Anonymous

      Jay has contributed in the commercialization of Hip Hop and gave some bad albums and even admits he dumbs down his lyrics. That isn't a good contribution to hip hop and I'm by no means a Game fan. Infact I prefer Jay to Game cause atleast Reasonable Doubt is a classic.


    It'S GONNA BE LIKE LIL ZANE'S FIRST ALBUM ? WTF i listen to watch the throne and its pretty weak to me . the beats are weak and lyrics are lame no substance at all . Techno rap Like some Pitbull or Flo Rida garbage The game lost cool points awhile ago

    • Anonymous

      he was being sarcastic. he thinks this shit is going to be better than watch the throne.

    • Anonymous

      He doesn't get the metaphors. Don't know how someone who isn't retarded could put Jay into comparision with Pitbull or Flo Rida. This is nothing but pure, baseless hate.

    • Anonymous

      murder to excellence.why i love you.made in church in the wild.illest motherfucker alive no substance ? so i guess hangin at the swap meet and crack stories are all you need ok no problem

  • Anonymous

    Why is this guy even relevant? I don't care about his opinion at all, he just wants press so someone will buy the R.E.D. album.

  • Anonymous

    GAME is on syrup,painkillers,cigarette,weed,hennessy, vodka,jay-Z dick hahaha ha

  • kelz

    the simple minded nigga probably won't understand this because he is used to messin with goldiggers and hoodrats but ........... it's called FAMILY PLANNING... that is what intelligent people do....... not go around making babies with someone you barely know.

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    LMAO, I like Ye & Hov way better than Game,but that was funny as hell, and he was right about Kanye one-upping Hov more often than not on the album. But we all know he's talking all this sh*t for media attention, so the Red Album better have the qaulity to back it up

  • confused

    i wish someone would go upside diss nigga head

  • Lame

    Fuck dis nigga, use ta like dis dude, the jay-z shit is so boring fucking goupie

  • Anonymous

    This guy needs to focus more on his music. 50, who isn't a great writer himself, wrote his best songs.



  • Hip Hop Head

    Ok dont get it twisted, Im a fan of The Game...but he needs to shut the fuck up. Dude just keeps talkin to boost his album sales. Cmon Game...

  • Anonymous

    so what was the big deal of going back to aftermath for if dre just talking on the album thats the real info we need to know about

    • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

      Dre's narrating the album, he's the exec. producer of it, and he's featured on Drug Test as well as worked on the beat for it

  • Anonymous

    how many tracks dre produced on the red album besides that mixtape throw in song ?

  • Kash

    This guy is becoming boring, same shit different day.

  • anon

    isn't this the same faggot who still has a star trak tatoo? when you gonna sign that deal to cash money you dick sucking bitch?

    • Anonymous

      yeah pharrel thought game was a writer we found out how that went thats why the red album has so many features

  • anon

    is this groupie still talking?

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (shaking my head laughing) A lot of people might not like this nigga but he is actually what is needed right now; especially from the sense of someone actually not scared to call out Jay-Z. Niggas act like Jay-Z is untouchable, hell he's not even the best nigga on this here album. Hell we all know that Nasir defacates on Shawn all day any day of the week. Which brings me to my next point... one was criticizes and calling Shawn out when he was pulling the same, if not something totally worse (which it was), with the whole entire Nasir fisaco. He was throwing mad subliminals at Nas. He was doing any and everything to get at Nas and get his attention. All cause of what? Nas wasn't paying this silly nigga no mind whatsoever, no one was. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, took this nigga as a clown. I've heard and read numerous tales about this nigga and how Queens niggas or those affiliated with Queens played this dude like a herb. Furthermore, who the hell goes so far to go after someone's baby mama? Who does this especially when, as Prodigy put it, "back when you was suckin Nas' dick to get a verse on your first album". LOL!!! Now niggas want to get on different sites and bitch about Game doing the same, when it really isn't. Word? I swear... niggas are just blind sheep and are lost with no mind of themselves. Fabolous has dropped mad lazy albums forever and y'all criticize him. Shawn does it and y'all laud and applaud his ass. And both these stud niggas are Brooklyn niggas; one just so happens to use Big's lines to keep him relevant and cool I guess. I'm sure Game will give us a cool project. Better than that Watch The Throne nonsensical trash.

    • hfgh

      My whole thing is why u talkin shit about jay z and kanye? Ok u dont like their music u got personal shit whatever. Why are you gonna dis them and then work with dudes like wakka flakka flame. you cant do that it makes no fucking sense. to act like they arent at least making decent singles(not sayin all of them or either of their labels-sorry big sean sucks dick and kanyes always on pop shit) and then work with dudes that make the most retarded bullshit ever to be called hiphop or rap is fucking retarded. not to mention jay z or ye both roast game on their worste day..why doesnt anyone talk about jada and styles p doin the same diss track that they did 10x better?

    • Anonymous

      It's okay if you don't like Jay's music, but there's no need to disrespect him here. He dropped numerous classics and is still up there with the best if it comes to wordplay and metaphors.

    • Anonymous

      i thought a good mc had to have good word play not a ABC flow game is a rapper not a mc he has no metaphors at all if he do its simple shit no replay value at all

  • AJ Rice

    LOL so Game admitted that his album will be worse than a 7/10. He says WTT is a 7/10, but his album isn't gonna be better than WTT hahaha. god Game sucks now.

  • Edcali

    Shit is funny. Jay-Z ended his career with Black Album because now he doesnt have anything else to say more on Hip Hop. He should quit and try to put beyonce pregnant when his old dick still grows lmfao

    • TYUH


  • Myk B

    Listen man u bloggers r somethin else. Obviously the dude Is fuckin off this whole interview. He said lil zanes first album. Dude raps his ass off. He gets paid to talk shit. And u faggots act like the shit these rap artists say really means shit anyway. But for real he should have put a couple of those purp n patron mixtape songs on there. On tape 1 there was a song he rapped like slick Rick and the next song after that where the 2 hardest on there. But hip hop dx cut the slick Rick song n half and the last 1 wasn't there. Or goin in for the kill. Classic game Y isnt that shit on the album.

  • Nuke Island-boi Jones

    he talking all this criticism..this RED album better be good as fuck...if not try again til he get it rite

  • Anonymous

    NAH MAN this nigga said when you Earnhart as me eventually you hit a big wall gtfoh jay=G.O.A.T

  • Vincent Tilghman

    Hot 93.7 Hartford's #1! back in the days.

  • Hip Hop Addict

    Game Is Acting Like How 50 Use To Act..... Game Is No Where Near Jay-Z Ever.. Game Had The Help Of Giants That Launched His Career Up There.... Game Should Not.... NOT Want Beef... Joe Budden Murdered Him... I'm Not Even Hating Either.. I'm Kind Of A Fan Of Game

  • Anonymous

    I don't how anyone could take him seriously after all those interviews he just did in the last week. That should be enough for everyone to write him off. Other rappers don't make such clowns of themselves in 10 years.

  • sun_god7

    Really...bringing up people's spouse and kids?!? The psychoanalysis appears to be that the GAME just wants to be Jay-Z. This ex-stripper turned rapper wants Jigga's life as his own. He's really Jigga's biggest That's what haters like him really are.

  • kuku

    who the fuck is lil zane?

    • Anonymous

      a rapper who came out with one good album in 2000 and had a song where his flow was just like tupac like a one hit wonder basically

  • Anonymous

    pac was a dancer jay got nas his defjam deal

  • Gary Rue

    What is this KOOK talking about ? WHo cares if Beyonce is pregnant. GAME can't rhyme for shit. He has 30 songs that say DRE JAY and 64 Impala. He is a fraud , a half ass rapper that deserves nada

  • Muhammed Ali

    FUCK JAYZ LIKE THE GREAT VETERANS OF RAP HAVE SAID.. .(2PAC,NAS) "First, Biggie's ya man, then you got the nerve to say that you better than Big Dick sucking lips, why not you let the late, great veteran live"

    • yes...

      and somehow you've forgotten that Jay-Z and NaS are cool now, dumbass, and Tupac beefed with a lot of people, even Dre. You're a retard.

  • russia

    i am very sure is album is a -10 !!!



  • Jake

    This bitch just couldn't say no to, "Do you need Jay-Z"....Again I'm not even a Game fan, but hilarious how she couldn't answer the question b-c he probably pays her ass and his standing in the game is so huge

  • kinghueber

    i wish dude would just shut up. i like his raps, but just shut up

  • Anonymous

    game has a g-unot tat but 50 owns the trademark FAILLLLLL!!

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ dont play...Im watching the throne and there is only room for $Won$ fuck who dont like it

  • Mac

    It's okay Game. We know you just trying to get a buzz around you for your new album that keeps getting delayed and now the people are bored with you. Get back in the limelight big boy but it sounds like you playin urself. It would've been a bigger story if you went after 50.


    Game is fucking crazy...I like him as a rapper and all but the shit he says makes no sense sometimes. He really is bipolar.

  • Anonymous

    These antics are whack...that shit got 50 no where, and it will get him no where. This guy needs to focus on making good music instead of trying to use Jay to get hype for his album...smh...isn't this old in Hip Hop...dudes need to worry about they own.

  • Jay Z

    I can't stooop, WHO GONE STOP ME HUH! Nigga I will not lose.

  • Anonymous

    what if 50 didnt get shot and had a chance to do that video with destiny child for that song on his first album

  • Brandon Pitts

    Did he just say LIL Zane???

  • ekene

    its fuck jay-z anytime

  • Anonymous

    Game Game Game how are you going to give the album a 7 and then say your album is worse.... i like the game more then kanye and Hov but come on.. that's just retarded

  • Anonymous

    wait wait just played the sample dre said that his parents was crips and that his uncle and brother was crips they got killed so game said being a crip wasnt for him so he ran and joined the bloods wow i thought the post was full of shit until i played the sample so this nigga is PUSSY GAME FANS DONT HIDE NOW

  • Anonymous

    How are yawl hyped about this Red album? Half the songs you already heard months ago! NONE of that shit caught fire. He on here talking about SOMEBODY ELSES album for over half the interview. Hello?

  • Anonymous

    he didnt get a track from kanye this time so he has to resort to this

  • Alex Christy

    he's a walking contradiction lol

  • Matt Lawless

    It is not Game vs Jay-z it's Kanye vs Dr Dre. These days most people don't care about lyrical content it's all about production.

  • Anonymous

    Well, now anyone can see why he doesn't like Jay. He doesn't get his lyrics, no matter how hard he tries. Ahahahhaha, that's the true reason, he name drops all the time and does all the features because his vocabulary isn't big enough to write 3 verses without reapeating every second word. Dumb ass joke. This faggot wants to be Jay in his deepest dreams and he knows it.

  • heez13

    I think yall takin this shit way to personal! LMAO! Anyway The red album does sound dope and watch the throne is NICE!

    • heez13

      I like what i like. I really dont care to much about the other stuff. Like i know Jay is a asshole-but who cares? Game is a retard-but i still think he is dope. I feel like,if you dont like a artist why check for them? You will never ever ever see me on a Lil B,Waka....Post i dont like there style so i dont check for them.Nor do i hate on them either-Maybe im just a adult about it.

    • Anonymous

      The Red album is some hacked together trash and time will tell. Like by the end of the 1st week.

  • Anonymous

    Dude in back is looking at Game like "This dude say one more stupid thing, I'm going in on em."

  • Cornball

    Stop apologizing for Game. If this nigga said the shit he said to the host about my fam or wife, I'd knock that disrespectful nigga out.

  • Anonymous


  • Leo Tavarez

    Game is bi-polar, Jay-Z needs to do a 2011 Takeover with Game as the front-runner....verbal blow jobbing loser that he is...honestly, who takes him serious?

  • bent

    like it or not these are the men we are subject to! nigga's fail to realize tupac is an all-time fake!one of the best but fake! dude was a background dancer for digital underground,went to performing arts school and never had a criminal record until he signed to death row..just listen to the music!

  • Anonymous

    wayne called the cops on 40

  • Anonymous

    Wayne is a FAKE blood. Have you noticed that when he first came out with Cash Money (Tha Block Is Hot, and etc.) Wayne used to wear blue rags, he was a crip. But after The Game came out with One Blood......he done switched Lil Wayne is one of the fakest, gayest, rappers out there kissing niggas and ish. So, I believe it all....he's a punk.

  • Brutally Honest

    Sorry Jayceonia , but Jigga doesn't argue with with groupie broads ; oh by the way Lil Zane's debut was a lot better than L.A.X. . Check the soundscan if you need proof

  • real

    yal faggots need to check this out! every article on game has more comments than any other interviews,songs yal keep this nigga name in your mouth..HATERS will make the R.E.D. album #1

  • GreenNYC

    All you ppl talking illuminati. This is a prime example of one. A person who thinks tattoos across your face and body is gonna help you land that good job to support your family. A person who uses is status to teach young men and woman thats its ok to have kids with different woman and men. Teach your kids that having a family is the best thing you can ever do for your child.

  • Anonymous

    This is a corny dude.

  • Anonymous

    I think Game is a straight bitch everytime I hear him talk....but he has skills on the mic and anyone who says otherwise isn't being truthful.

  • haha

    i can't wait to see what kind of reviews his albums are going to get. fucking douche.

  • Vtr

    LOL @ the lil zane joke. Game has been hanging out too much with Tyler, The Creator.

  • Anonymous

    he only talk shit to rappers he wont say shit to 40 glocc a real nigga ask wayne ask plies

  • WelcomeToTheBarnyard

    I think that the Game has a crush

  • b-bop

    nobody knows game in LA his brother is real but game is not enjoy the album because it will be his last he a blood in the booth not on the streets benshaw banger

  • Darlene Myers

    I just paid $24,31 for an iPad2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic GF 1 Camera that we got for $34,26 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 42 inch LED TV to my boss for $678 which only cost me $68,18 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from,

  • MB54

    this is too funny. game is funny

  • Anonymous

    yup along with his fans that love real hiphop and fairytales on crenshaw

  • Anonymous

    wait wait just played the sample dre said that his parents was crips and that his uncle and brother was crips they got killed so game said being a crip wasnt for him so he ran and joined the bloods wow i thought the post was full of shit until i played the sample so this nigga is PUSSY

  • Chunky Lou

    In other news no one gives a shit about... I just bought my rock the bells tickets today!... At one point game had something going but dude has burned too many bridges (while he stood underneath them) to be relevant. That's why he always feels he has talk shit. Also, word from a good source at the "twin towers" jail out here in L.A, GAME IS BITCH MADE. DUDES TELL ME ALL GAME DID WAS CRY IN HIS EVERY NIGHT WHEN HE WAS LOCKED UP.

  • Chris Hart

    Game is the most overrated garbage MC out. Name a track he killed on his own. Or made a hit. If I was sub par, and paid actual talent to hop on tracks with me...then I'd be the Game. Dude is a joke. Never was good, never will be. Are the beats on point? Yes. Are his guest features dope? You bet. But guy has no skills....unless he spits bars about '64's, Dr. Dre, beef with other rappers or Chuck's. I'll guarantee you you'll need to purchase tampons to mop up the R.E.D. album. Straight pussy


    game is just mad at jay for not giving him a high 5 back in the day lol and even game admitted that he can't fuck with jay although i feel jay ain't what he use to be but i think he would still smoke game. the game was prolly one of them kids in class that was always saying "look what i can do" just so that people can look at him lol

  • boco-c

    so being a crip wasnt for him after his FAMILY members of the crips get killed so he runs and joins the bloods and he is REAL thats gangsta really? thats being a pussy

  • Tommy Frisina

    if you say your album is "pretty decent" why would i buy it?

  • illness

    look i dont give a shit about jay-z, i likes him but i aint a stan but this nigga game is crazy..he has been on a consistent downward slide with his music since his first joint and honestly i think the only reason the nigga keeps delaying the album is because he tries to float some fucking garbage off of it disguised as a mixtape and it gets shit is fucking awful these days...

  • a_DuB_zErO

    The title Watch The Throne is reinforced by Game's statements about Jay's fertility. This is what people did in times of old monarchies. People would wait anxiously for kings and queens to produce an heir to the throne. If it didnt happen quickly enough people would get suspicious and create rumors about the king and queen's personal life. I just thought it was funny that the title is Watch The Throne, and even though Game takes numerous shots at Jay, doesn't it seem like Game is treating Jay like a king? Just some thoughts I had.

  • Anonymous

    games fixation on jay-z is reaching a new level

  • Shuttaman

    lolololol a whole lotta Jay Z stans gettin mad stop sukin his dick n go fuck yall mothers for fucks sakes SWAG

    • Anonymous

      uhm who dick is game on ? lol not surprised he use to work at a all male strip club jay-z should have a CHANGE OF HEART and either this nigga

  • Ja'Tavious aka Calsaw

    No way in hell i'm buying Lil Wayne's album.

  • Louie

    Game is gonna sell about 40,000 in his first week. Dudes are gonna say he would murder Jay, well whether he could or couldn't. No way he's moving more units than jay, and that's all that matters. People forget its their job to sell records, and if you ain't selling u ain't doing ur job. Don't matter what a bunch of dudes in the "comment" section think, Game is on his last legs. Shit is pathetic. Jay about to sell half a million in one week. Ha!! You can think watch the throne was wack but u STILL listened to it more than you will Games album, FACT

  • LJbigbang

    This mu'fuka don't know what "sterile" means! LMAO.

  • Anonymous

    red is a classic i heard it today it is twice as good as watch the thrown real talk

    • Anonymous

      Wasn't funny one bit


      the bi polar bear aka (The Game) is not out shining joe camel aka (jay-z) think about what peta would say if these 2 animals fought? lmaoooooooooooooo

    • illness

      too bad you didnt really hear it tho lying ass beotch...nice try tho

    • e. cadence

      twice as good as WTT?..... you must be apart of the sore losers BWS... Jay eats Game in his sleep let alone awake. and he takes shots at a dude that doesn't even factor his thoughts into consideration. Game is better off sending 50 some flowers.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of yall trippin. Who the fuck is Jay not to get dissed. Everyone is subject to get it. Game, Jay, it don't matter. And #WTT is garbage. Niggas that's thorough in the game recognize wack shit. All that listen to it in surround sound or listen to it on BEATS BY DRE is BS! I shouldn't have to do all that. I mean wtf... Stop following and be leaders. Speak your mind and stop being trendy. That shit ain't hitting. I know yall disappointed but fuck it. NaS is coming.#lifeisgood

  • Anonymous

    I'm starting to believe the Game is a piece of shit. I won't be buying his album this time around, I might bootleg the shit though.

  • JADatsyuk

    This nigga lookin left, right, up and down for attention. Love how Jay ain't givin it to him, not so much blink a eye. Like he don't exist lol.

  • Quadiyr Wilson

    This is a publicity move.

  • G MON

    This dude is in the news every fucking day, RED album gonna be gay, Nelly furtado and Chris Brown on tracks, fuk outta here.

  • Well whale

    Mmmmmm, for one, a man shouldn't be so focus on another man.

  • Big Log

    Yo i see Game is taking a page from 50 book, trying to start beef to get some attention so people can buy his album, yo game hope it work for you bro, if not you be looking real stupid

  • set_trip

    There you guys go again...crossing your arms...

  • Anonymous

    I love jay and kanye, but this album is wack!!! there are maybe 3 or 4 tracks I like the rest is GARBAGE.

  • JFranks

    The more this dumbass open his mouth the more I don't want to buy his album. Why you making rap albums if it looks like you'd prefer to be some gossip show host. He best shut his mouth. I am so tired of his bullshit. The more you talk about how you dont have an issue with him, the more it sounds like you do. Doesnt this dude get it? You sound obsessed. Get over it.

  • Tony Viera

    I prefer a million times R.E.D. Than Watch the Throne!!


    obsessed with jay-z.

  • Anonymous

    game is a fucking loser

  • Anonymous

    the title doesn't make sense ... HHDX usually gets it right but they dropped the ball in this article. Game didn't criticize WTT at all.

  • G'

    This is the reason Hip Hop is on the allow this nigga to have a voice. STFU and make music/money. And lol at him KNOWING that folks think he bipolar.

  • Sensaye252

    Celebrity rehab 2014. I guarantee you this nigga will be on it.

  • thekidflames

    This kid is hilarious. Dude's got issues. Ummm, so RED's about to drop and he's all of a sudden taking shots at Jay. When will cats learn, #1 Jay doesn't care and #2 the whole 50 Cent school of record promotion, beef burst of media attention is kinda' past its time. Just be happy anyone still cares about what you got going fam. LOL. Idiot.

    • thekidflames

      Anonymous -- exactly, doc. I'm probably gonna' go that route, to be honest. Dude is mad capable of making good music, and should focus on opening his mouth to do that instead of blurting off dumb sh*t so often. I'm not paying for 16-18 tracks of name and brand dropping. FTR, Watch the Throne is a good album, 4/5 -- neither's best though. Still bangs.

    • JADatsyuk

      This nigga ain't even been relevant since 04. Always been a complete scrub.

    • Anonymous

      game still belongs to 50 school of production, like this dudes hasnt changed his album sounds since the first album. watch the throne is better cause its not the same. and i like game im going to buy the 4 songs that are good on itunes but not buy the album cause half the shits features and throw aways. and i bought last 3 game albums so i think i deserve to have an opinion on this fool.

  • Hollywood

    WOW .. in addition to ridin Jay's dick as always.. did this man just say his album is goin to be like LIL ZANE'S first album??? YO this nigga's a lame... even if the music is good i cant take this guy serious

  • Big Punisher

    Lol @ Game trying to use the word sterile. I understand he's joking but its sad when he gotta hype his album by talking about Jay every interview. Like come on son if you don't believe in your own music to sell itself than stay home.

  • Louie

    Anybody else tired of Game? Yeah talking shit is interesting for the fans, but when it's every fucking week, shit gets tired. Plus, we all know he's gonna apologize like he always does.


    he must have and album thats about to drop

  • mario

    yall goofy ass niggaz ....listen to the actual interview he wasnt hating he was only joking................

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I'll still listen to RED and his other albums, but he's obviously doing all this to take the spotlight away from WTT.. He is He is right though the album is at best a 7, but truly a 6 to me... For me ths album is just not all it was hyped up to be. They were just trying to make money off their names not really their talent on this one, because it seems half-assed done.......

  • TheRealDeal

    This nigga a joke when will he move on. How long do you have to keep ignoring someone before they get it. This nigga lame he ain't been mediocre since his G-unit days haha. I project maybe 20,000 in sale if he's lucky. WTT did that in the first couple hours ha. I ain't hatin just statin

  • Kris

    Yawn. Just like on his records, Game can't do shit but talk about other rappers. Here's a leaked portion of the lyrics from his new album: "NWA NWA, that's all I gotta say/ from Eazy E in Compton, I do things the hood way/ Dr. Dre in the building, Snoop in the coup, I'm like a fucking rollercoaster going through a loop/ Jay-Z, Nas, all I do is namedrop/ my new album will be as disappointing as when Pac died from a gun shot"

  • Noah MegaMan Dorre

    I don't think It's gonna happen but would be cool if any one dat got "dissed" on Uncle Otis would responed. Jay-z Would murder him.

  • Anonymous

    if you never noticed he does this everytime he getting ready to drop album. he gets free promation for his album by going a man thats almost a billionare that he can't touch a candle too haha. i jay z he make mature music o.g's like me can ball too. game got a good album but i hope even with all this hype game flops. i'am hoping less than 100,000 his first week. and he was so rude to the host. i got this must of been on of the days he was depressed.

  • swampelli

    Gotta sell records right?! This is WWE people when are you fools gonna figure it out? I wish they would just battle already and get it over with...

  • Jim C

    All this shit about him and Jay gets mis reported, its says here 'Game criticizes Watch the Throne' well if people actually listen to the interview he says its a good album and only mentions Jay when the interviewer says thats big of him since he hates Jay,which (like someone has to like a person to respect music, stupid bitch) he then denied and made a little joke. Who gives a shit anyway even if he hates Jay , he respects his music which is all that matters. Interviewers need to stop makin bull shit remarks and people then need to stop reportin on it with bull shit statements

  • Devin Williams

    Jay stay in this nigga mouth, give it a rest man damn!

  • Poohcaneasy

    Dear Game, Give it a rest!!! You are fast approaching Beanie Siegal territory with your constant barrage of disses. What makes this worse is that he is not responding to you. If I were you, I would concentrate on perfecting my album. Because at the end of the day, commentary without substance falls on deaf ears. Just ask 50 Cent.

  • Ill c

    I like this Website, for several reasons.. But it really needs to stop promoting stupidity. Post the garbage that comes out of the Game's mouth, everyday they have something new about him, this dude is no even a top 30 emcee of all time, why is he getting so much pub.. im disapppointed with this website for there coverage of the Game and his non sense.

  • Lol

    Games a hater and everything....but Watch the Throne is a 7 ...perfect rating lol not guna lie tho these RED snippets sound better than Watch the Throne

  • Nico 3

    Game seems to have way too much time on his hands if he's worried about when Beyonce will get pregnant. I'd worry about Red's first week numbers and if you will even see another album after that Game. Jay may be "old" as you put it, but dude's done everything you've done 10 times over and if you think he's washed up, outsell him. Then talk.

  • Anonymous

    And this wack ass dude says "sterile" instead of fertile. Wack ass aint no Bi-Polar Bear....what he a Bi-Sexual Butterfly. When this R.E.D album flops he's going to be at 106 & Park again and touring Six Flags performing old Documentary hits.

  • insanemacbeth

    i check for (early) JAY-Z a lot...but i'm with THE GAME, on this one! what, JAY can't breed "the hoTTest chick in the game"?

  • ;P

    "I'm gonna need Jay-Z?" he asked. "I'm good. I'm not going to need anybody. All I need is God, my family." - Game dont forget the million guests and producers you wanted to have in your albums, you hypocrite

  • Mandy Sandy

    diz nigga. diz nigga! wut da fuck iz wrong wit diz nigga? smh, u no wut? u gayme fanz can have diz lame bitch. it'z oficial, gayme iz da most retarded rappa in da game. i ain't comin back 2 anotha gayme article bcuz i no it'z gon b stupid. and watch da throne iz gon kill da G.A.Y. album on da chartz. watch gayme flop and we'll c who da real winner iz faggotz! RNGMB BITCH! WATCH DA THRONE ALL DAY NIGGAZ!

  • X

    I guess if Game is on that nigga's nuts for so long, He would be concerned about Jay's fertility...(shrugs)

  • Anonymous

    Game is retarded hahaha

  • John

    (You know what speakin of Jay That just makes me roll down Now your song westside story) Ohh Ohh (You got a line that says Dont wear throwbacks Or drive, ride in maybacks, Is that a shot at Jay?) Naa, i was talkin about Ja Rule Yeah, So, Yeah, i got a lot of Respect for Jay You know what im saying I never take shots at legends Thats just something i don't do... Who's the Bi-Polar Bear now?

  • Anonymous

    who is lil Zane? LOL

  • Lame

    yawn.. im def not buying RED album, as well i bought the digital version and waiting til friday to buy Watch the Throne, i like eduactaed brothers with musical knowledge.

  • really

    Whats this dudes problem?? remove this article its just stupid

  • B.Dot

    Well at least he knows he is a lil "off" but enough with the Jay-Z stuff. I like Game and all but damn give it a rest.

  • Bilal A. Siddique

    "don't seem too sterile". it means he IS sterile, you idiot.

  • Google

    Jesus...what a fucking Stan!!!! can he stay off of Hovas Nuts!!!! You aint on the level and wont get a response...ever!!! He's( Jayz) killing Careers by not even acknowledging look at Cam,JIm Jones,Beanie Sigel etc

  • Anonymous

    LOL Game a funny dude

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