40 Glocc Recalls Recent Altercation With Melle Mel

The G-Unit affiliate remains vague on details surrounding an altercation with the Hip Hop veteran.

40 Glocc has spoken out on an altercation that occurred with Hip Hop veteran Melle Mel. During an interview with AHH, the G-Unit affiliate explains that he and Mel "ended up getting into it" during the last UWF pay-per-view taping.

"I guess he thought I was a little punk," said 40. "So we had to come to an understanding, of course. We was cool in NYC... But I don't know where we stand outside of it. I'm just not one to be tested."

40 also spoke on a collaboration with Mobb Deep for his upcoming album New World Agenda, due in stores this September.

"We been making fire since he [Prodigy] been home," he continued. "Me and P was blazing out some new heat for my album and [you] can expect to see Havoc doing some production on there."

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  • Sensaye252

    I don't know much nor do I care about 40 Glocc. But I do know this, Melle Mel is about the most egomaniacle prick on the face of the earth. I give the man his credit for his contributions to the game, beyond that he's your average muscle bound shithead.

  • PUNK

    This worthless bum ass piece of shit should just kill hime self,no one would miss him, than again no one outside of his 20 fans even know who the fuck he is. He got a little fame for getting his ass kicked by that one guy on Blackwallstreet. HHDX, is the only website that possts shit about this punk, This website needs to support supporting bum ass guys like this worthless sack of shit.

  • Helmut Smith

    come on DX do your job!!! "... But I don't know where we stand outside of it. I'm just not one to be tested." I guess these idiots pulled guns, but what the fuck do we know. If Melle Mel thinks you´re a "little punk", I do too. 40 Glocc should just stick to what he does best: showing off his tattoos.

  • Gregory Akkalade Maiben

    Met 40 glocc many times and he aint no joke! He`s cool! but dont cross the line. And thats real shit

    • Anonymous

      Yeah ok thats why he didnt go into great detail on what happened. Im guessing melle mel was bout to put the smack down on this clown ass nigga or maybe mel did serve this asshole. Quit dick ridin for a lame ass nigga, just cause you scared of him doesn't mean everyone else has to be!!!

  • SpikeSpiegel

    Who in the fuck is a 40 Glocc?!?! With a stage name like that you are destined to fail.

  • whoisthisguy40glocc?

    aye cuh real talk Im a hiphop head and I cant name 1 song from this bum. If your claim to fame is dissing niggaz and gettin into fights kill yoself.

  • Obi Patrick

    40 is seriously playing with fire bumping heads with a pioneer like Melle Mel...

  • Anonymous

    I don't want Melle Mel in any trouble but I'd LOVE to see him destroy this fucking retard. Why Prodigy is wasting time with him is almost as ridiculous a question as why an talentless idiot like Maino exists, period.

  • KapDive

    First 40 gets beat up by a younger skinny dude, now he about to get beat up by a muscle bound old man, lol.

  • nuc

    just notice that not once have this guy made headlines for his music. straight losing. consistently.

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    I guess you didnt learn after bumping heads with my nigga menace

  • 718rob

    Shame on you, 40 Glocc.

  • WESt

    this coward makes the westcoast look bad.. stop going at legends

  • daddy02

    you're kidding me right 40? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    Mel would beat the brakes off his NEVER going to drop a album ass..lol

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