Game Explains The Origin Of His Dislike For Jay-Z

Chuck Taylor says that a negative experience with Hov turned him off from the emcee.

Game has lashed out at Jay-Z several times in the past, most recently firing shots at Hov on his diss track “Uncle Otis.” But what fans might not know is that his attitude towards Jigga stems from an incident that soured his respect for him.

“I think that’s where my short-lived hatred came from. Yeah, man. I had it like that he was just a great dude. I grew up off of all Jay’s albums, and when I finally met him and he was just, I don’t know, he was overly cocky,” he says. “The way that he played fans - and I’m not saying it to say he’s the same person now, that was like seven years ago - this is my own personal experience, so it’s not to make anyone hate Jay-Z.”

While he has continued to pop off at Jay, Game insists that it’s all about business and has nothing to do with his actual attitude towards him. “It turned me left. Ever since then, I’ve been taking little potshots here and there, it’s nothing personal,” he explained.

Watch the full interview below (via HHNM).

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  • digital

    Lemme get this right you meet somebody, they appear arrogant, this was 7 years ago, yet you dont have any personal feelings but you continue to take shots while he doesnt even look your way, SMH this dude is a big joke, i used to like Game, but his actions through out his career has proved him to be the biggest clown repping west coast hip hop! JAY called it right hey Game get over it GROUPIE!

  • T.I.Ecstasy

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  • Anonymous

    lmfao! people sayin shit callin game pussy becoz he has a butterfly tattoo lol thats just petty bullshit, im sorry yeah but Kanye west latest album was shit!! maybe two good longs max, and Jay Z's last one was just as bad but because he did some commerciel tracks it was big! Game released one mixtape and out sold Kanye you know RED Will ou sell Jay for bp3. sorry for jay dick riders i know ur gonna hate lol but as i sa to every one DON'T GIVA FUCK!!!

  • Kendrick Jamone

    that's some bitch shit and a even bitcher explanation for the hate- bitch ass

  • GHBDoper

    It's nothing personal, but I'll just create a track that disses you. Game WTF?! First off, I don't see how taking a shot toward someone is not personal.

  • jason

    Gay-Z is an arrogant, obnoxious piece of shit. Game is right.

  • Anonymous

    That nigga Game is Gay, he looking real sweet like a bag fruit

  • Anonymous

    Shut your ass up, you whining bitch and care about your covered butterfly tattoo.

  • True Sinister

    I thought on "I don't need your love" game said muder inc and rocafella passed up on him. I thought on "documentary" game said he got no verse from jay. On "red light" game asks why jay won't do a song with him. it's clear game is just bitter about the repeated rejection of jay. As far as jay being cocky...yes that's true and everyone knows it....that's not because he got famous....he came in the game with that same attitude.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Game sounds like a bitch.

  • anonymous

    I had the pleasure of attending the "Watch the Throne" album release party in the company of both Jay and Kanye and I witnessed that Jay really doesn't show any appreciation to his fans as if they had nothing to do with making him who he is but Kanye on the other hand is very personable and has no problem shaking hands and talking to his fans. But Jay is not the only one I've witnessed act this way towards fans. I believe you should not act cocky towards those whose money is in your pocket because those same people can kick you off that pedestal you're on.

  • Whitie

    Yo, this is why the black race is stuck, i read some of these post and all you have is a gangs of nigga going back and fort about Game and Jay Z, Which none of them give a hike about any other nigga in any hood but themself and there pocket, while all you'll here beef about who is better these two nigga or out there making the pocket fatter with all your'll cash, dumb black people, white people with always be ahead of you'll we white are bussy figuring how to get all you black people money and make more money to what we already have.

    • Anonymous

      u dumb ass mutha fucka. seriously ima white dude an i aint after no black dude's money cuz of there skin. fuck u an ur racist ass shit. how bout we take a walk dwn a dark alley an ill show u who's cash im after bitch.

    • anonymous

      You have no idea what you're talking about,and obviously you have a great amount of interest in us niggas because you took the time come on this website, read this article, and comment on it.During that time how much money did you take from black people, none, but you're hit just made a black person some money. Oh and I didn't know white people never beef. Please shut up,you're making me sneeze im allergic to ignorance.

  • Joe

    @VNASTYisGod this comment is to...

  • Joe

    Stfu u dumb cracker bitch... Fuck white girl mob... U make us white people look stupid... We need more Eminems and MGK

  • cole world

    YOUR ALL FAGGOTS just listen to the music

  • LIfe Accordin' To Dutch

    Unlike the dudes yall like to name as great rappers..Jay and Kanye got the right to be cocky..they not "mixtape" rappers with no hits..they have cataloogues..and Jay fathered a generation of rappers dum fucks..including Game lame ass..yall shootin blanks..they have no reason to be humble..every rapper who has ever been succesful is cocky..

  • Hmm

    And I meant since AFTER the Black Album, that was a great album too.

  • Bu

    Anyone saying Game is better than Jay-Z has obviously never heard Reasonable Doubt. Jay's been out of touch since the Black Album, but that doesn't change the fact that he's one of the greats. I'm tired of hearing his new shit though and this watch the throne garbage with Kanye West backs up what Game is saying. Game is alright, he's always been a decent rapper (for someone who names drops more than he has metaphors) with flashes of greatness. But both Game and Jay-Z's expiration dates have passed.

  • tony

    Wow, this article doesn't explain the origin of Game's dislike for Jay at all. What a shit piece of journalism. You fckn sux. butty-boys.

  • King (real one)

    Any dumb nigga sayin Jay is humble on most of his interviews is a dumbfuck...Jay is the most over-rated artist ever next to Kanye...Jay is the most arrogant person in the whole industry ...n thats a fact

  • Tom

    There's like 5 contradictions in what he's saying. Nothing personal - I hate him because of a personal encounter - but that was like 7 years ago so maybe he changed - but I still hate him so I make diss tracks - but it's all business. What?! Dude's lame and obviously retarded.

  • deekee420

    Game just doing this for publicity so he can sell The RED album. Pretty weak compared to Ether. He admits he don't really want beef anyways, whack.

  • Giovanni Funes

    Whatever, you guys say Game is the whackest. Take a look at Lil Wayne and how sorry he is. WORST rapper out right now.

  • i dont like game but

    jayz is like that because of all the occult knowledge he has...jigga has an attitude toward ppl that is arrogant...he views himself as a god and sees us as sheep and i can understand why he says jigga is overly cocky and he plays his fans out...its cuz jayz dont care bout non of far as he is concerned they are sheep for the slaughter

    • Anonymous

      This is coming from the same dude who said Michael Jackson called him and tried to end the beef with 50, AFTER MJ died. *cue DuckTales theme*

  • itsacoleworld

    Game's sick no need to hate. Jay-Z is dope to, like game said it's not personal, both drop sick tracks, who gives a flying fuck about sides

  • onthefence

    Game who? fuck off and stop ruining hip hop

  • JJ

    Got a hook from Faith, no verse from Jay, I guess on Westside Story he thought i spit in his face. The Game - Start From Scratch IO thought thats why he's always mad at Jay

    • special ed

      I think you're right... Game's album would've been complete with a Jay verse... He literally had everyone in his corner... I'm sure Jay had even promised him the feature... But I guess Jigga saw the future, this 'kid' was going to overthrow the kings and claim the throne, and changed his mind... Notice how Game keeps poking at Jay, looking for a fight, to prove that he is better... Jay sees that, shrugs it off, and makes another At this point, Game should concentrate on being the West's flagship artist (just like Wayne did after his little rant... He actually did get that Jay feature). Being mad at Jay is like trying to poke a hole through concrete with a tooth pick... He needs to get over it, get back into 400 bars mode, and do 'The Red Album' justice... #my2cents...

  • Anonymous

    It's Jay-to-the-muhfuckin'-Z....the GOAT! I would be cocky too if everyone doubted me and I proved them wrong consistently. Game is dope too, but Jay is top 5 forever...

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Jay-Z this. Jay-Z that. Let's all face the fact that Jay-Z's wack. Seriously. The nigga simply is trying to stay relevant now. What Game speaks is his experience. And yeah... Hova is an asshole. What's new.

  • M.u. Tha Don

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  • Lupe Espinoza

    Jay-Z is mad overrated.

  • g

    I wish hip hop dx didnt put a post up every time the game opens his mouth. He really just isnt that note worthy.

  • Lee Cohen

    I am a fan of both artists. What is disappointing in hip hop is the fact that grown men cannot get along. Imagine how much more money Game would make if he just focused on his growth and not what Jay-Z is doing. The reason why the Game will not reach his ful potential is because of moments like these. I pray that the brother ( and many other rappers) will eventually grow up before its too late.

  • Dutch

    Im starting to think game is pissed that he wasnt invited to record a track for watch the throne, since him and kanye are tight, But whatever, its still RED motherfuckers

  • Anonymous

    The Game is easily the corniest, wackest rapper to ever enter the rap/music business. From the silly tattoos, to the game shows & male strip clubs, to the 12 MC's named in every single track! He represents everything that's currently wrong with the music biz. He had a show in Canada & was held at the border for almost 2 days, because they thought he had gang ties to the blood's. Once released, he went home & made a video with lil' Wayne, completely glorifying bloods. BET & MTV banned it & Game once again ends up looking like a clueless fool! SMH

  • Gman918

    LOL, yall thinking he's acting gay cause of what he says about Jay. WHO CARES! All that matters is the music Gand ame is 100x better than Jay. Hoodmoring, Purp and Patron > Watch the Throne. Red will show everyone how game is a top rapper on 8/23

  • Anonymous

    HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He's like the fan who didn't get any recognition when he mad his idol and will always be mad about that.

    • big coach

      yea i wa a fan of emmitt smith till i was like 12 at da trainin camp and he dissed me .lol fuck smith n da cowgirls now

  • Soul

    He's like that hero wannabe in the beginning part on The Incredibles who just doesn't cut it...

  • the_truth

    I heard from a reliable source that the reason Game is mad is cos he and his son waited 3 and a half hours in the rain for Jay-Z after a concert and only found out that Jay had left through the back door when one of Games' friends who was in another state called to say he was at a Jay-Z concert.... I think its when Jay did that 10 shows in 24 hours or something....

  • Azhar

    Like the he always do the right thing at the right moment. Nobody is perfect all the time. I think Game is on sum real homo shit always talkin bout Hov in his interviews and on records.

  • poverty

    My dad used to bodyguard Eve and he said the same thing about meeting Jay, said he acted like niggas should be in awe of his presence.

  • Anonymous

    Game is a loser. And his hoop game is average as hell...

  • Kizman

    why is my FB comment blocked , it says " Your comment was blocked. Please remove all links and self promotion to comment."

  • Eli Abdallah

    why is my facebook comment blocked?

  • OnemikE

    This n*gga Game just mad cuz he cant get on a Hov record. Think about it game if u were in jay's shoes would u do a song w/U??

  • Keezie

    I don't understand Games marketing. I guess he believes any press is good press. He's always flip flopping. The West Coast just needs music. Not all of this talk.

  • V-Nasty is God

    It's 2011, why do people still care about what butterfly face has to say? Really, who cares about a squabble between two wack ass played out rappers. Jay-Z used to be nice in his earlier days, but after Black album he should have retired like he planned on. Everything after that is trash. Still, I would rather buy 20 copies of that Watch the Throne shit the Game's weak ass Red Album. I wish real Hip-Hop would make a comeback. Oh yeah, how is Game gonna tell Tyler the Creator and Chris Brown that beef gets you nowhere and yet he's taking shots a people left and right. He needs to plank his dumb ass on the highway for that.

  • M. Bison

    That's right Game, let the hatred flow through you. With your hatred and my psycho power, Shadaloo will rule the world!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jay is by no means the perfect person but Game just sounds like an idiot here. So he's admitting he's dissing Jay just to get buzz? c'mon son

  • Anonymous

    Game, it's obvious that you want to be Jay-Z, you can't achieve this and all your so-called diss tracks are motivated by pure jealousy and nothign else.

  • cujo

    ummm...if it's "nothing personal" then why is game keeping jay's name in his mouth?

    • Anonymous

      A pathetic attempt to save his career. Nobody would give a flying fuck if he wouldn't talk about other rappers, haha, this nigga based a career on naming other people in his tracks ALL the time.

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    soooo basically he didn't give a real answer.

  • young sparks oschino beanie peedie krak

    do u niggas know game is the biggest jay z stan this nigga dreamed of that roc shit crystal,lexus,coke,rocawear shit and wanted to be like jay when he was young he talks about jay more then anyone this nigga would suck jay-z's dick if he asked him to, when he made it and jay didn't wanna do a song with him he started being a lil bitch grow some balls game,they both fags

  • Now what

    Yo Info: this is the realist post i read on this site today Info: Yo too all you'll dumb niggas out there, that think this is entertaining, its NOT, niggers beefing with one another for what it doesnt make sense, check it to game and the rest of niggers who always wanta beef some white kid kill a black man in mississippi, just because he was black, so you want something to beef about, niggas should be beef about that, not over music its stupid

  • ILL

    Jay might be his pops...Its between him or Dre I would be pissed too

  • cole world

    its about the music you faggots, who gives a fook what game said in this interview??or what he does in his personal life, it dosent matter, ITS ABOUT THE MUSIC, and games had 3 sik mixtapes this year, and red album will be sik aswell iv not even herd 1 track off the album but im 100% it will be better than watch the throne, there was about 4 decent tracks on the whole lp red album cole world: the sideline story

  • MB

    Not sayin i like Game, but what the hell is so special about Jay-Z. He has two good songs on each of his albums. He good, but not a legend everyone makes him out to be

  • ccccccc

    i cant believe this nigga is talking about someone being cocky or fake... wow u have to be kidding me... your a joke... Please u have more peronality's than lady gaga

  • wowowoow

    so in all...he basically mad for no REAL reason?? This is crazy...and i'm supposed to give a flying shit about this album he bout to drop?? any of you game fans heard "infrared" ..STILL NAME DROPPING...and that's like a year old...what was he doin' like 3 years ago?? wait for it...NAME DROPPIN! This dude is one of the biggest jokes in the rap game...he needs to get help...i'm starting to believe that his bi-polar antics are actually real..

  • Anonymous

    He mad cause he stood out in the rain to meet Jay and he showed up he told him he couldn't stand in front of baseline studios

  • Anonymous

    He mad cause he always dreamed of meeting Jay and when he did Jay was on his phone and didn't even notice him

  • Anonymous

    He mad cause Jay doesn't realize how much he looks up to him

  • Anonymous

    He mad cause Jay said he was gonna stop by and take him shopping...but Jay never showed up

  • Anonymous

    He mad cause Jay didn't kno who the fuck he was

  • Info

    Yo too all you'll dumb niggas out there, that think this is entertaining, its NOT, niggers beefing with one another for what it doesnt make sense, check it to game and the rest of niggers who always wanta beef some white kid kill a black man in mississippi, just because he was black, so you want something to beef about, niggas should be beef about that, not over music its stupid

  • Anonymous

    He mad cause Jay didn't wanna do a song wit him

  • Anonymous

    He mad cause Jay didn't like his butterfly tat on his face...yal forgot about that shit

  • Anonymous

    He mad cause Jay aint wanna sign his hat...

  • Tha Real

    TRACKLIST FOR R.E.D ALBUM: 1. Intro: I'm not Bi-Polar 2. Ay I love 50 and mah niggas in G-Unit 3. Ay Yo Fuck 50 and G-Unit! 4. Ay Yo I got mad respect for Jay 5. Ay Yo Fuck that old ass big lip nigga! 6.Interlude: I told you niggas I'm not Bi-Polar 7. Ay Yo YMCMB Ima join that shit 8. Ay Yo Fuck Wayne and YMCM! 9. Ay Yo me and Dre forever 10. Ay Yo Fuck Dre and Aftermath! 11. OFWGKTA Ima join that shit no beef 12. Ay Yo Fuck Tyler and that Frank Ocean nigga! 13. Outro: Ay maybe I'm Bi-Polar 14. The only good track ft. Lupe Fiasco

  • R.Pgh

    an 'overly cocky' way!

  • CaliThug310

    F*ckin Pathetic! none of this even makes sense! I'm a Game fan (sometimes). but it's sh*t like this that makes him look bad and blows his chances of becoming a future Legend. I thot Game said this was a Friendly Beef!?!? Now he wants to make up a fake story of a Fan boy not getting an Autograph or disrespected? GTFOH!!

  • Coogi

    You busters need to realize that Game name dropping is his style, and its what separates him from other rappers. Without it he would sound exactly like everybody else. And he keeps name dropping cause everybody hates on it, so keep on hating cause you are just adding fuel to the fire

  • herewegoyo

    Its business? Really? Contradicting himself because even he knows he has no real reason to still be taking shots at Jay Z. I lost interest in Hov a long time ago but Game gotta grow up. Find something worthwhile to talk about. The beef shit is old. Especially when the other artist has better shit to do. lol Game continues to play the puppy nipping at the big dogs heals.

  • set_trip

    Every motherfukka drops names in their songs. Get the fuck over it. You bitches get heated over nothing. This nigga doesn't even know your name. Hate on this fucker, but you still bump his shit with your arms crossed, loving to hate on him. Luch break is over at McDonald's motherfukers, go back to work.

  • Anonymous

    what lyrics game spit its allways about his hood fairytales candy paint,drinkin 40's rollin down crenshaw

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you was born in 1998 to say some stupid shit like that

  • ChuckTaylor

    Yall are haters (Jay Stans)...go get laid fags...Game can dickride or name drop but dude can rap..he has skills and is def better than 50.Ä°f you niggaz hate em so much why did you even bother clicking on this?

    • real nigga shit

      nigga u the one that's a dick ryder with a name chuck taylor dissing anybody that he beefed with u fucking stan faggot go suck dick and fuck game JAY Z > BI POLAR GAYME ON ANY LEVEL

    • Anonymous

      If he is that nice then why has he never spit a rhyme with out mentioning another nigga...if he is that talented he doesn't have to name drop so people can notice him....superhead ass nigga

  • ninjasinparis

    watch the throne is absolutely crazy! download the full album at

  • thinkRED

    jayz was always overrated to me.. Game spits way harder then jay its no contest

    • Pat Devon

      hahahaha...this dude ILL below me has the best comment on this page! Word to you rookies.

    • MB

      The two dudes above me are brainwashed. Jay Z is way overrated. Nothing about him makes him special. He just bitin off dead rappers who paved the way for him

    • Anonymous

      Game spits harder than Jay? WOW. I'm speechless, it's unbelievable how far delusion takes people.

    • ILL

      You have to be like 15 yrs old to say some retarded shit like that. You prolly believe Lebron is better than Jordan too I bet. Young bag of garbage I hate you lil dnt vote, yal dnt do shit...

  • Gunn starr

    but that is personal lol



  • 215_Til_I_Die

    The Game is the only rapper who can't make a song without Name dropping smh... F Jay-Z too when you listen to watch the throne you can tell Young Chris is still writing for him

  • Anti-Saddleback

    Cmon Duke, No direct contact or situation to HATE someone over. Jealousy is a female trait and dudes shouldn't be running around talking about which dudes they 'LIKE' and which dudes they don't 'LIKE' again that is a female trait, I wish these 80's babies wouldn't be so HOMO-ISH.

  • cmon son

    he mad his summer just got tucked in

  • Anonymous

    this dude dont shut the fuck up

  • Up North

    So let me get this right. This homo is upset because he felt Jay was cocky 7 years ago? What a faggot. He should openly admit his feelings are hurt because Hov ignored the fuck outta him and nobody gives a shit if he releases 1 million bars. This nigga also wanted to be on G-Unit last week. Admitted he wouldn't fuck with Em. What's next? One thing we can always expect from Game is that as we speak, he's looking for another dick to ride.

  • Pat Devon

    why wont he shut the fuck up? seriously, shut the fuck up. like, seriously. Nigga yo album aint gon be shit compared to ye and jigga...take it like a man.

  • Slruim

    Ok, I'll take it. Now explain the breef with 50 Cent.

  • Eyes

    Did he really say "short-lived hatred" LMAO!!! Its been super long term homie!

  • Anonymous

    Jay is cocky, for good reason.

  • the prez

    I agree with Game on this. I kinda relate to his reasoning through my own first experience seeing jigga live at a concert last year at the PALMS in Vegas. I was in the front row and when the concert started he did a call and response to my section in the audience. I was sitting down for a min and it looked like he was inching towards us looking to say something (kinda like a comedian looking for a target). I had on a pastelle colored sean jean shirt and this nigga goes out of his way to insinuate I was potentially gay cus of the color of my shirt, in front of thousands of people and my wife and best friend. I laughed it off but in retrospect that was some ass hole shit to do to a fan who spent a grip on tickets. Then the nigga spent 5 minutes putting Dame and Biggs down before he even starts the show. I havent viewed jigga the same way since...

    • whaaat

      Man that is weak of Jay, you're right. Can anyone say inferiority complex??? Jay-Z shot his own brother... how anyone respects a guy that shoots his own family over petty shit is beyond me

    • ill c

      I mea why were you wearing a pastel Sean John shirt, I mean @ least wear some Rocawear! Im kidding, did he really say something to you, or was that the Vibe? I mean if he said something then yeah thats foul.. But im a jigga fab through and through

  • Anonymous

    Only insecure WEAK niggas give a fuck what somebody they don't even know says about them. In this case Jay NEVER even said ANYTHING about the nigga Game. Fucking weirdo.

  • Devin Williams

    Awwww lil Game got brushed off by Jay now he's aggy. Anybody got a binky lol?

  • Kendall Walters

    50 Cent > The Lame

  • Michael Lebron

    it's a crazy era when a dude openly admits to throwing shots at someone for promotion/business. so damn corny

  • Vencire Damones

    Bi-Polar Niggas


    This is might hoeish of Game. This is the best reason that he can come up with? When will he realize that these types of childish and stupid ass comments will hold him back from achieving greatness. Game you are a 30 plus year old man...and this is the best reason you can come up with for wasting studio time going at Jay-z? YOU WERE BETTER OF JUST SAYING.."I THINK I'M BETTER THAN JAY-Z LYRICALLY AND I WANT TO BAIT HIM INTO A BATTLE". Right now you sound like a fan that got his feelings hurt cause the celebrity he was a fan off blew him off and did'nt sign your t-shirt!

    • urbetterjudgement

      ummmm jayz never killed anyone especially his brother.

    • 1 sc tho

      Hey, you gotta give him props for being honest. Besides if you ever seen Jay interviewed he got a point, the guy is arrogant... not cool. One thing to be fly and even flashy, it's another to be arrogant. I can't respect a man that shot his own brother though. No excuse to kill your family ever, especially over petty shit like Jay-Z did.


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  • Anonymous

    Would like to a meet a person that wouldn't act cocky after making 400 million dollars out of nothing and marrying the hottest bitch in the game.

  • Unknown

    i'm a game fan, but he's becoming like 50, using beef to gain sales. the only difference is that he still has hunger. he needs to use THAT.

    • Anonymous

      what beef he used ?that ja shit was personal,its only beef when its personal what 50 did in the streets was real ask preme he know,why you think niggas in queens wanted 50 head after he released ghetto quran the supreme team know who murdered 50 moms and they also know who his father is

    • Vencire Damones


  • Anonymous

    WTT sucked? Thats news. Of course your opinion is gold

  • King (real one)

    all jay stans coming out in y'all just mad cuz WTT sucked ass!!!RED is gon be the album of the year

  • West Coast

    West Coast has always been better than the East(Biggie n Nas were cool tho)...FUCK Jay Z man he doesnt have a single classic album all u stans jus dickride him...Doggystyle shits on jay's album was the only listenable album frm Jay

    • Irv

      @ 2nd aninymous he wrote still dre on 2001 album not chronic

    • Anonymous

      ice cube had his first album produced by the bomb squad eastcoast producers jay-z wrote the next episode on the chronic album

    • hip hop

      has this westcoast guy ever listened to reasonable doubt???? im from the west coast but east coast has produced the best lyricist dead or alive ever. theres only a handful of westcoast mc's the can fuck with the east lyrically and snoop is cool but everything after doggystyle he's released has been for the most part average jay has released like 3 maybe 4 classic albums since snoops doggystyle idiot

    • ill c

      You know whow stupid you sound? You should stand in the mirror and beat the hell out of yourself like that dude in Fight Club...... The West did there thing, but what have they done since 1995??? The East coast catalog is mad sick, again im not taking anything from Snoop and Em in there prime, but they were the instigators of the biggest black eye in hiphop the east coast vs west coast beef, You sound stupid dawg...... you need to be committed.

    • Anonymous

      Reasonable Doubt, In My Lifetime Vol. 1, The Blueprint, The Black Album & American Gangster >>> everything Game did and ever will do. You can't beat that, I bet the lyrics went over your head.

  • tyler

    what the fuck? sounds personal to me. this dude is retarded

  • jake

    jay might be overly cocky to game but he seems like one of the most humble rappers i've ever seen interviewed in my life. even his music is less cocky than always bragging on some "gangster" bullshit that just sounds like he can't progress from the hood

  • Robert ProfessorNumark Watts

    I'm a Game fan, but he really needs 2 let the bullshit go. Worry about The RED Album, the mixtapes, the tours, etc. Worry about Game. Jay ain't worried about Game or anyone else in this industry. The sooner Game figures this out, the sooner he can get to doin him, makin his money, and all that. Just food for thought Game....grab a plate.

  • Anonymous

    the game is a gay gangster striper

  • Mohith Subbarao

    I just want game to calm down and do a collab with jay -z

  • Anonymous

    Game dissing someone who he strives to be. Jay changed the world, dropped countless classics and Game is a little fuck who's career is already going down after 6 years, a guy who dropped music for the moment.

  • Anonymous

    jayz has no skill listen to fuckin ether by nas its still all true. game needs to stop tryin to be nas tho

    • Anonymous

      ''A wise man told me don't argue with fools.''

    • comachonvargas

      Jay has 5 times the skill that Nas has? Jay more relevant? Jay signed under Nas so Jay won? YOU LAMES ARE LAUGHABLE... Jay has the most powerful marketing machine in the game behind him, has been ridin Ye's production genius for years, is constantly being hyped up [see this site ever since WTT got mentioned], and trend hops like no self-proclaimed GOAT emcee ever should [Lex Luger, Frank ocean, auto-tune etc.].... but what is the final product? WTT is mediocre despite Ye's grandiose and outstanding production and Jay is straight washed up as an emcee... J elect/J cole/Ye/Pusha T can outrap the camel and that is just on his OWN LABEL... and WTT is just another soon to be forgotten weed plate in Jays highly overrated catalogue [like BP3/Kingdom Come] Meanwhile... Nas gets barely mentioned and has NO marketing appeal, never trend hops, and makes whatever music he wants... what is the outcome? CLASSIC tracks like Ghetto Dreams, Nasty, Dogg Shit that demonstrate he is the best lyricist of all time in his sleep after 20+ years As for Game... he would body Jay nowadays no problem... but Jay won't respond... hasn't responded to anyone SINCE ETHER... wonder why that is? Prob because Nas lost right? DUMMIES ARE STILL DREAMING

    • Anonymous

      Jay has no skill? Ahahahahaha, what the fuck went wrong with you? Jay has 5 times the skill Nas has. But dumb people like you are more attracted to frustrated rants and calling someone a bitch and a dick sucker than straight facts revolved around some of the best wordplay the world has ever heard. But here, Jay has no skill: Kill yourself after you've listened to that.

    • Lee

      How you still singing that same old song, Ether was 10 years ago dude. Jay-Z's more relevant than Nas now, fact.

    • Andre Cooper

      Jay has no skill? But yet nas signed under jay.....Who won?

  • FukUrReply

    Is it me or does this site d*ck ride west coast artists hard?

  • Dan Ruben Nilsen Lindseth

    ther he proved he its about the money game is only a mainstream rapper he will never be hip hop, hip hop is from the heart!!!

  • JFranks

    Game is an emo ass mofo, hates everyone...I bet Jay is overly cocky but shit man, get the hell over it. You want to really disrespect him, dont put out of dumbass diss track, mack an entire album that just makes his look like shit.

  • Anonymous

    the game acts cocky all the time he flooped

  • Dan Ruben Nilsen Lindseth

    game ur a fucking hattin faggot, this is the worst shit ever, game has no skill, the homo thug is a weak rapper

  • King (real one)

    Truth Hurts...Jay is cocky

  • Anonymous

    the game still thinks he is a gangster loooooolll fail

  • Anonymous

    game grow the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    game loves to hate, fucking faggot, lmao!!!

  • Anonymous

    jay z is a cocky dude though but eminem will punish him

  • Anonymous

    aww jay z didnt say hi to you. poor little game what a fuckin little bitch.

  • msdwnd

    LOVE Jay Z. sign up and vote for him on shut the haters up!!

  • Kalin Maurice Leonard

    What desperate lil attention whore who is name dropping to help create a buzz. What happened to the days of good music creating your buzz.

  • Lemar Green

    lol Why yall fuckin wit tha bipolar bear?

  • joe moms

    Seriously? So now you wanna say you're doing it for the fans?

  • G' we really need to know about how he hasn't been able to let go of shit SEVEN YEARS LATER?!! Please butterfly tattoo man


    R.I.P JIMMY..... TRUE STORY.... G'S UP!

  • thinkRED

    Game > jayz.. RED > Wtt

    • Andre Cooper

      One of jay-z albums> game entire catalog

    • ill c

      Hey when does the D.E.A.D cd come out?I'll be sure to wipe my butt with it.. How the hell you compare the Game to Jigga, Game is nothing without Dre.

    • Tony Viera

      Agree 100%

    • ill c

      Game is nothing without DRE.... She's just glad Dre is back working with her... This dude is lame for real. When the does the D.E.A.D I mean R.E.D album come out again? Ill be sure to wipe my butt with it.

    • ill c

      Game is nothing without DRE.... She's just glad Dre is back working with her... This dude is lame for real. When the does the D.E.A.D I mean R.E.D album come out again? Ill be sure to wipe my ass with it.

  • insanemacbeth

    i don't think JAY-Z really businesses. s.m.h. HOV is really just getting on with his life...he's already 'home'!

  • ill C

    Man, im so sick of the Game and his Bi-polar comments, you dont like him, yeah its not personal, somebody needs to filter his mouth. For someone who hates Jay-Z he always got his name in his mouthpiece!!

  • Helmut Smith

    AAARGGGH! Shut the fuck up and make better music. I dont see Jay-Z reacting to this shadowboxing GAMEEEEEEE

  • n00b

    i see. take cheap shots at the hot artist of the moment who's releasing something near your own album and try to latch on to his success. 50 trained you well.

  • ka-as

    then go all out at him u puss come on game u will ruin him

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