The LOX Talk Album Delays

Jadakiss and Styles P laugh about comparisons to Dr. Dre's "Detox," and assure fans that their album is coming.

While fans continue to wait for a LOX album, they may be consoled by the fact that the group's members are self-aware with regard to their oft-delayed project.

"Paperwork, paperwork," explained Styles P, sitting alongside Jadakiss in an interview with MTV News. "It ain't on us. All I'ma say is, LOX-wise, you hear how many verses we do, freestyles we do, songs we the common sense. It's paperwork. When the paperwork pans out, you got LOX. We woulda been gave you LOX." 

"We ain't longer than Detox," laughed Styles, when the project was compared to Dr. Dre's long-awaited album. "We close. We right behind it; we ain't neck-and-neck though."

"We past Detox!" countered Jadakiss, who provided some hope, saying, "We about to make it happen though. I'm about to make things happen."

Watch the interview below:

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