Game Says Eminem Is The One Emcee He Would Never Diss

"Eminem is not to be fucked with," says Game in a recent interview.

Eminem is renowned for various facets of his emceeing ability, but none perhaps more than his scathing disses. Whether it be "Nail in the Coffin," "The Sauce," "Girls," or a slew of other tracks, Slim Shady has proven himself to be no slouch when it comes to penning insults.

One emcee who has taken notice is Game, who in a recent interview with MTV News explained that Eminem is essentially untouchable. "One thing that stuck with me is that Eminem is not to be fucked with ever in Hip Hop, ever," he explained to Sway Calloway.

"If you notice out of everybody I take a shot at, that's the only person that's untouched. He's in a bubble and you don't even say nothing to Eminem. To anybody that ever does, God bless you," said Game of Em, with whom he collaborated on the song "We Ain't."

"He'll end your career."

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    because u know betta....nucca

  • luck

    Eminem is trash . he sounds like peewee herman

  • Anonymous

    White people worship Eminem if you diss him it will hurt your career and you will lose potential white fans. ....the trick is to make music with Eminem and say kind things about him so that white people will like you and think that you are a friendly nidder. If I was a rapper and I was greedy about my money I would tell the world how awesome Emenim is very ten minutes so I could get 100s of comments on HHDX based on my statements about aemeinem.

  • Anonymous

    Cage - Illest 4 Letter Word. ^ Thats all. DONE.

  • Nico 3

    Andi - Pac was a talented rapper who also happened to be one of the most contradictory rappers alive at the time. His lifestyle pre Death Row, wasn't gangsta. MTV embraced him because they wanted to capitalize off him. It was the same machine that churned out 50. Anyway, the whole point of my previous post was that most black kids clearly don't listen to Em, specifically (now pay attention retard) the "ghetto kids" who still listen to Dru Down. They don't relate to Em because they don't go to a store first week and plop down $9.99. Instead, they go on blog sites and talk shit, when in reality they don't even support the black artists. Don't talk if you don't support somebody's art. However a rapper/entertainer develops and maintains a fanbase doesn't matter. What does matter is the fact that you got scores of cyber down syndrome babies still yappin about skin color. If there was ever an artist who was under a microscope it was Em. Whether it was because he was white, angry, a drug addict, the dude released shit that everybody embraced. Hell, every other urban artist practically begs him to guest on their album. Name a single rapper who in the same sentence has said Em is dope because he's white. Take Suge away from Pac, and he's at best probably a member of G Unit. Interesting how Em was co-signed by Dre, but never molded into Dre. For all of Rakim's skill, his refusal to be molded cost him well everything. Even if Em's fanbase was proven to be mostly white, is that his fault? Is he supposed to not cash the checks out of guilt? lol Clearly your home schooled, I got a degree off the internet ass can't read. Sure Wall went platinum... Once. If being white was all it was cracked up to be, why has Wall's albums all tanked since? Oh, I forgot that awesome second album that literally had no good songs on it. Now let's examine some more... Where's the corny dude who won that MC Serch rapper show? Being white is really no different than being say a Chinese rapper (Jin). No matter how dope your shit sounds, you have to constantly justify why you belong. Cannibus? lol Chino XL? lol Unlike you, your super heroes of wackness probably even buy Em's shit first week at the store. I never said somebody out there couldn't defeat Em in a diss battle. There could be hundreds of street corner hopefuls, yet why haven't they done so? Certainly Cannibus didn't end LL's career. But wait. He released that highly anticipated, beyond awesome collabo album with Keith Murray. It's so gangsta even indie chains won't stock it. Watch your mainstream back Em. These forgotten felons are closing in on 100 copies sold. As for me saying Em was a "beast", I was referring to the beats off the Royce EP. Definately not a classic, but clearly he ripped it harder than most do on their LP's. Whiny love songs? I don't know what's currently starring in your IPOD, but what you call whining most call story telling. And for the record, Recovery and Encore were horse shit, but that doesn't minimize Em's talent. He was on drugs. He copped to it. Admitted he wasn't focused, and made a comeback. Joe Budden feels the sting of the double standard because he's never proven himself. He may want to get personal about his life, but if people don't care, then they just don't care. I'm sure you got some Chino XL songs to download, so think twice about getting emotional next time over a post.

  • EFT

    Top 8 Rappers Dead or Alive: 1) Soulja Boy 2) Tony Yayo 3) Akon 4) Jae Millz 5) Young Jeezy 6) Drake 7) 50 Cent 8) Wocka Flocka Flame

  • Nico 3

    Never say never. Maybe ghetto kids don't support Em, but that's because they steal everything off the internet. It's hilarious. The MTV generation totally embraced Pac and Biggie, and never questioned the success they had being because they were African American, but Em's success must be because he's white. If simply being white was the answer, Paul Wall would have gone diamond years ago. The reason Em is still a beast is because he puts in the work and people recognize it.

    • whiteytighty

      nico 3 u just got served up a cold bowl of ramen noodles

    • thegreatiandi

      The MTV generation embraced pac and big...because they were real. The reason black people listen to because dude can rap. This has nothing to do with color. Read my post below. I listened to em back when he was un-known. My favorite flow he had is back when he did infinite, and pass the mic. That was light years b4 he he did a shady lp or MM lp. He built a fan base that helps him go platinum off of that same MTV generation you speak of. The same generation that made sure his shitty ENCORE album went 3 times platinum. If you were going to make this about Race, then you should have picked a different rapper other than Paul wall. He went platinum fool. And both of his albums debuted at number one on the billboard chart dumbass. Lots of the reason em sells is because people want to hold on to things they grew up on. And those same 16 year old kids that found a safe window into rap with EM..are now in there mid to late twenties. They have jobs now and can pay for what they made coppies of b4. It's no secret MR. Whine about everything still sells. Not like he did b4...but he sells. You would be naive to think that one of the best to ever spit , Big Pun , sold on skill alone. He was the first Latinos to blow up. Sure there were other Latin artist...but he came at the right time. Same with Em. Yeah there was Vanilla ice, young black teenagers, Milk Bone, third base, Marky Mark, the beasties....but Em came at the right time. That's just what it is. Don't be mad at your hip hop Elvis Nico3, just enjoy his music. After all...thats what " us ghetto kids " do. Why hate him? He has skill. Always has. But be honest with yourself...Em IS NOT A BEAST. Unless singing all these love songs about heartache nowdays is what beasting the mic is about...i think your boy has lost it. Em has been a whiny bitch for years ( battling nick cannon? battling pop stars? battling YOUR OWN MOTHER?!?!? ). But they say, " wow..he really raps about close, personal topics...that's deep ". But when " our ghetto kid's " artist do the same thing...( Joe Budden ), hes called a bitch. No double standard there. Oyeah...and another thing.. Canibus would still merc this nerd. So would Chino Xl O wait...they didn't go bad. Go hug a cactus lame..

  • O

    Rick Ross dissed Em, BAITED him even, and Em did nothing. Did Em end Rick Ross's career? LOL The Game just likes to suck dick

    • Anonymous

      Shit! Have you seen the venom this white guys spew on every Ross article or video on YouTube?! Them white people still salty, they spam his shit like he slapped Tayler Swift and punched Brad Pitt!

    • THE KING 420

      Nope, but it definitely got damaged by 50 Cent; not everyone buys Ross's music anymore (me). Fuck that fake as fucker rappin about shit he doesn't do or ever has done (fuck the police!)

  • O

    Rick Ross got away with it. Em is old news. He would probably just say some gay shit he would do to you in a diss these days.

    • The King 420

      Yeah fuckin right! He owned Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey! He's also the biggest rapper out their right now sells wise! So you think he's old news? He was and will continue to be the highest selling rap artist! Also, let me know who could out rap battle him! Next, Ross's comment was minor compared to what he said about 50 Cent. That was Ross's and 50's battle. Ross was a bitch for even tryin to call out Em. I'm glad Em didn't fight back. You think Ross could've beat Em?!? He lost to 50 Cent for Christ's sake! He couldn't of touched Slim Shady!

  • KneeGrow

    Just wanted to stop in & say "White Power"

  • Anonymous

    The fact that eminem is white helped him ALOT. He may be a good rapper but think about what would have happened if Dre signed a black rapper. Would he have gotten as much notice and publicity? The answer is obviously "no". Face it. The majority of eminem's fans are white. People will support people that they can relate with, and in terms of appearance and personality, white kids felt like they could emulate him. Eminem was the catalyst between white fans and hip hop. If Dre just signed another black rapper, alot of white kids wouldn't have even been introduced to hip hop. Eminem broke that barrier. So don't tell me that race has nothing to do with it.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are STUPID. America is WHITE and eminem is WHITE. The only reason other white rappers didn't blow up the way eminem did was because they missed the boat. Eminem was the first legit white rapper who basically made it socially acceptable for white kids to listen to hip hop, which in turn blew up his fan base in comparison to other rappers that had only mostly black fans. On top of that Dre supported him. Dont tell me race had nothing to do with it when you yourselves know that the most unique thing about him that caught everyone's attention was that he was a white guy that could actually rap well.

    • Anonymous

      the so-called "founding fathers" were white. They declared sovereignty on America, thus America is considered a "white" colony. White America. Just ask Em

    • Anonymous

      i'm pretty sure America also has some blacks,hispanics,asians,middle easterns,indians,and native americans-just step outside your house and youll see

    • Anonymous

      Can I get ah "White Power"

  • Chuck Diller

    real rap! thats it

  • the finishline

    Em is a great MC, one of the greatest in history by far, top 15 dead or alive no disputing. Em had Dr. Dre to back him being a great artist. 50 had Em & Dre after Dre blew up Em. 50 had skills (GRODT, Massacre, Documentary, Beg For Mercy etc...

  • Coaster Geist

    My Life(unreleaesd) ft Lil wayne? lol Game i glad yu realise that so don't play mad

  • non-ya

    HEY IDIOTS-GAME DISSED EM IN THE LAST VERSE OF "MY LIFE" WHEN HE SAID "ALL THE PICS OF ME AND EM I BURNED UM..." then i think he put a version w that line out. em is the best..and banks is the man....Eminem really is one of the best just flip flops see ya ya boulties!!!

    • The King 420

      ^true statement

    • What a Butterfly Pussy

      Also --> "We are not the same I am a Marshall/ So approach my Phantom doors with caution.....then his bitch ass changed it to Martian, he's so full of shit, name dropping ass dude.

  • F.U. and yo mama

    Chino xl,Corey guns,iron Solomon,loaded lux,eyedea(r.I.p),tech nine,eg just to name few

  • F.U. and yo mama

    Everybody knows he a nice mc and so is a lot of others that are nice or even nicer,demographically he gets the edge,there are more white people buying hip-hop str8 up, google that shit,and everyone should give him his proper respect,ok with that said, I hear a lot of rappers show love ,no doubt,but come on son,we ain't bumpin em in the hood ,the fuk outta here.Game lame a butterfly dame ,that's his opinion on he won't diss him,but I tell you what, there are too many battle rappers that fukn ill and will give em a run for his money ,true shit,ask anybody who follows the underground circuit,and to all them Stans living in the burbs,do ya research,no hating involved,Kill ya swag,gone

  • Jason Woods

    lol dude jin would kill eminem, and im black . DETROIT STAND UP

  • west coast

    the game already dissed eminem in my bitch when he dissed 50 in the first verse The bitch went hollywood, one trip to the west coast She got fucked by this white bitch, had her legs wide open As long as my pockets were fat I didnt give a fuck where the bitch was at

  • F*ck Eminem

    Eminem is old as shit and played out, fuck him. 50 Tyson could kill his white ass in a battle.

  • inb4EminemDiss

    "Eminem Is The One Emcee He Would Never Diss" Em the only one? Didnt the nigga just drop a track sayin he would never go at Nas & wasnt there an interview he said he would go at a legend (he was talkin about Jay Z at the moment & the "i dont do button ups or drive maybachs" line)?

  • 1700 or Nuthin

    Shit I hate this internet gangsters, love to parasite on every single article and criticize whatever is real. Eminem is a legend, Nas is a legend, theres no objection. But when you look at these retarded comments you gon feel like both legends are fucking overrated.

  • WestCoast

    Eminem = Universal Music/Interscope/Aftermath Golden Boy

  • Daniel Gregory

    Game is just Trying to get Em on his album that's why he's making all these feelings public instead of keeping them to himself. If he succeeds in gettin em on his album than hes gonna go ahead and rub it in 50s face to piss him off.

    • Anonymous

      Vakill is the best.

    • Jesus

      m reply to your stupidity is, then why havnt they? are you kidding? marshal mathers lp and slim shady lp are still timeless. how many of your faggot ass underground rappers do anything timeless? ill give Juice his credit. but the other rappers? your the same person who says Canibus beat LL. but cant explian why every one says "you got Ethered" and "you got LLed" please just shut the fuck up and go be the only one buying those homo's albums im sure the Wait is long to get into best buy.

    • Anonymous

      that foo got wrecked!

    • thegreatiandi

      Umm...wait...i just went to his lil face book page. He likes lady gaga, Guci, wacka flacka? I take it all back. You know nothing about hip hop cup cake lolol

    • thegreatiandi

      I'm going to give Daniel Gregory a bit of credit...only because he knows of a few underground battle rappers. But dismissing Nas and cube just show your age and weird fascination with your hero son lol. And if you want to be honest...Em was notorious for dropping written in his " battle raps ". He dropped his " your little like that Kim lady " verse in his utter defeat at the hands of MC J.U.I.C.E in the rap Olympics. And was eaten alive for it. And yeah...the dude has a big enough fan base where you will lose. It has alot less to do with his skills, and alot more to do with Em fan boys like yourself, who studied him like the bible because he looks like you. Real hip hop heads like Em, just like real hip hop heads know hes nothing more than a min version of a better lyricist... CHINO XL ( who would eat him alive by the way ). And us real heads know race has nothing to do with it. But seeing your little " go drink some grape soda " remark....tells me that has alot to do with your thinking Em is untouchable. Since you know 2-3 underground dudes. ...lets be real here. Dizaster would destroy EM. Thesaurus would Destroy your little 8 mile hero. Iron Solomon would melt that fool where he stands. Now...go study hip hop, not Marshal Mathers cup cake.

  • Anonymous

    Obama was voted president by whites(blacks constitute a small portion). Fuck this white shit, black shit. 50cent sold millions with first two albums(hes black). Tupac's greatest hit recently went diamond. What y'all talking about ? Em is a skilled Mc.

    • Anonymous

      You're dillusional if you think eminem being white didn't help his sales. And Eminem established a huge majority of 50 cent's fanbase you dumbass. All the white kids that were fans of Eminem went out and bought 50's album. Common sense.

    • Anonymous

      but isnt it obvious skills alone are not enough??? 50 had dre but after that 50 was/is weak. em is the gateway for a lot of people to claim they our down with the culture BUT the culture comes from roots long removed from your little history books. most music in this country comes from those very same roots. so stop trying to cut the tree or trees that bear 'strange fruit'.

  • ha

    didnt he diss him all ready on life the original version the changed that was a stab at em when game was mad for being kicked out by the unit and interscoper,jimmy,dre....

  • Anonymous

    i guess this means he'll be dissing eminem on one of his tracks soon? maybe he'll throw another shot a 50 again, give dre more props for nothing, and mention lebron james some more then talk about his weed and his reds/red sox/angels(w.e. team he likes now) hat- like the rest of his songs

  • Osiel Salas

    Mc's are afraid to diss Em not so much because theyre afraid of getting murked on wax but because of the negative economic Repercussion of getting in a beef with him. Even if an Emcee Technically won a beef between Eminem, Em would still be unscathed because of the size of ems global fanbase. Plus the emcee going against EM would loose alot in sales because Em's fans wont buy Rival albums. So essentially em IS in a protective bubble and he cannot loose a beef.

    • Anonymous

      truth^^^ no huge eminem fan would've listened to anything by slaughterhouse if him and royce still werent speaking

  • Beatz Grymm

    The Game is Lame... and Royce outshines Feminem's bitch ass on Bad Meets Evil! I wish you bitch ass Stans would get out his lil dick! He only gets props because you white muhfucahs back his punk ass. I could name five emcees that would destroy his weak ass in a battle! And one of em is white! Get off his dick and let it breathe!!

    • N Word

      Name the 5 mcs u think can beat Em ? That's a tough one, here's my best shot: 1. Black Thought 2. Nas 3. hmmmm, that's about it hahaha

    • Anonymous1ne

      lmfaoo you honestly believe there are 5 emcees who can beat em? budd em would eat you alive in his sleep in 4 bars and make you cry. Next, what happened to nick cannon when he dissed em? what happened to Benzino and the source when they dissed em? obviously you didnt do your homework before you posted such a stupid comment!! No body in there right mind would ever get into a battle with eminem, for various reasons but the main one is EMINEM is the most respected rapper in the game! but well u and everyone else here can diss eminem all you want, tell u what, if you really have balls, stop being a little bitch and post something online dissing eminem and tell me how that goes for you..

    • @ Daniel Gregory

      weren't you the monobrowed fool who kept saying "Royce D'5'9 or whatever his name is" shut the fuck up and shave the space between your eyes. Game is still a bitch though and so is Eminem.

    • Anonymous

      Name the 5 mcs u think can beat Em ?

    • Anonymous

      take a shower crusty negro...away with you boy..

    • kkkrakkker EMINEM STAN

      shut the fuck up faggot yeah we like him cuz he shits on black rappers you just mad about that fucking porch monkey

    • Daniel Gregory

      har har har. go drink some grape soda to cool yourself down homie.

  • kuku

    the truest article i have ever seen. Em would cut all emcees in half. Why do you think that NO ONE has ever dissed him?

    • 30160759

      Many people have dissed Em, go on wikipedia and check out the feuds section, then youtube all the diss tracks sent between him and whoever, Nick Cannon, Benzino, Ja Rule etc etc Ja's disses were pretty solid tbh but disses Em's sent out are pretty damn hard. BUt yeah I'm not saying he's unbeatable before people get me wrong I'm saying he's one of the better MC's these days.

  • L-Boogie

    Eminem is a great rapper but heads give him way to much credit as a battle rapper. Em is not on the level of Cube, Nas, LL Cool J, Krs One etc when it comes to battling!

    • Jesus

      firstly. LL Cool J owned Canibus. secondly. i like how you gave him credit. but cmon? ice cube aint even a wordsmith. dude couldnt be lyrical if Canibus wrote for him. now LL idk he could. but hes to old for all that "yeah im in the streets ima diss you with a full circle of retards cheering me own" shit. LL Cool j is one of the G.O.A.Ts KRS is too. the fact is Eminem is a great rapper. not so much recently. but im happy that Royce is pushing him to step it up. but cmon eminem is the best ARTIST of our Decade, record sales and people will tell you. stop the hate and give him credit. just cuz he aint underground dont mean shit, Esham says Em stole his style. but Esham's a canibus. never made it never will. understand the people who dissed em were the ones who wanted exposure and thought "bad reaction is still good reaction"

    • hiphoprelic

      em and dre didn't respond to cube cuz when dre confronted him he pulled a game and said he didn't diss him!!!!

    • R

      Eminem is a great MC but in disses he is just saying about sucking his dick. KRS-One, LL survived 2 and half decades in rapgame. Pay some respect guys.

    • Tyrant

      Lord Finesse owns all .

    • Anonymous

      Nas ???? Dude is a storyteller not a battling rapper ! LL Cool j ??? Seriously ? Canibus wasted his ass, and Em wasted canibus's ass, Do the maths!

    • Daniel Gregory

      Cube, Nas, LL Cool J, Krs One,,,,REALLY!!!?? Battle Rappers!!?? LMAO!! Those guys would be left tripping over their words if they went head to head with Eminem in a rap battle. Big L was a Battle Rapper, Slug is a Battle Rapper, Eyedea is a Battle Rapper, Mc Juice is a Battle Rapper, Eminem is a battle rapper.

    • 3headed monstah

      ice cube was my idol growning up.. tupac, em and crooked are my fav mc's todate! and im old enough to know both new and old hip hop(wouldnt call this era of rap hip hop but u get what im saying)..i second game article but eminem which i said is my best mc to date, didnt not comment on cubes diss on "drink the coolaid" if u dont kno what im speaking off jus go listen..and that wasnt the first track cube diss em. em havent respond, y cuz he know his place n hip hop .. cubes a legend .. if u ask me who would win, i would go for em jus cuz hes a fukin word god. but please done get shit twisted, this is comp...mj , kobe, even wade, gets comp .. keep it real

    • Osiel Salas

      People like you are ruining nas for me. since when is a Nas a Battle Rapper? In a 8 Mile Styled Cypher Eminem would murk any of those rappers you mentioned. Nas is also a Legendary EMCEE but not a FullFleged BATTLE RAPPER. Put Em up against Slug from atmosphere and youd have some competition. But Nas, Cube, LL Cool J, KRS would get destroyed.

    • Anonymous

      Talking about great battle MC's and then mentioning Nas should show anyone that you have NO knowlegde about rap. As great as he is as a poet, he's fucking terrible at battling.

    • Anonymous

      Em would murder any of those rappers you listed up there especially Nas cuz he sucks. Cube had the "no vaseline" joint but who's career did he end? Em has ended careers with out doing much. I just heard KRS One say that Em is the best rapper alive so you know he dont want it with him. Give it up, he is the best lyricist in the game and nobody wants it with him.

  • Anonymous

    its simple, eminem is only #1 because he white, who buys albums, tickets,merchandise,downloads???? niggas don't, yall do, not being rude, just keepin it real, it;s the truth. i like EM, but even he knows its true. he truly is the great white hope.

    • Anonymous

      Have you guys ever been to a concert? Most of rap fans are whites.

    • That guy

      Why is everybody talking about Eminem like he was the only white rapper to sell? What about the beastie boys? No one ever talks about them.

    • Anonymous

      And that's not to say that rappers like 50 cent or lil wayne can't make sales. But the fact that eminem is white helped him ALOT. He may be a good rapper but think about what would have happened if Dre signed a black rapper. Would he have gotten as much notice and publicity? The answer is obviously "no". Face it. The majority of eminem's fans are white. People will support people that they can relate with. Eminem was the catalyst between white fans and hip hop. If Dre just signed another black rapper, alot of white kids wouldn't have even been introduced to hip hop. Eminem broke that barrier. So don't tell me that race has nothing to do with it.

    • Anonymous

      No. You guys are STUPID. America is WHITE and eminem is WHITE. The only reason other white rappers didn't blow up the way eminem did was because they missed the boat. Eminem was the first legit white rapper who basically made it socially acceptable for white kids to listen to hip hop, which in turn blew up his fan base in comparison to other rappers that had only mostly black fans. On top of that Dre supported him. Dont tell me race had nothing to do with it when you yourselves know that the most unique thing about him that caught everyone's attention was that he was a white guy that could actually rap well.

    • jang318

      if us niggas dont buy albums i missed the memo!!! white or black em is good period!!! not dickridin just being real. is he the greatest ?? nmho, but he's good all the same. just depends on subject matter and personal taste. my fave has always been cube but since he became the don dada it aint vintage cube. but with time comes change first 2 albums , classic!! since then rollercoaster ride but still playable. if he ever grows the jehri curl back.... all bets r off and the game will be over. but lets not forget great mc's like scarface who is a beast in battle. and for the ones who say white people r buying all his albums because niggas dont buy albums, be thankful because your favorite mc depends on that purchase to keep the hip hop genre going. no sales,no videos, no hip hop music (though the culture lives in us) if it dont make dollars.....u know the rest!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      he sells because he puts out singles that are radio-friendly. recovery is selling the way it is not only due to his name but because he's putting out singles with rihanna and lil wayne. Even back in 1999 up until 2004, his albums sold because he'd release singles with pop sounds(minus "the way i am" and maybe "stan",maybe)

    • Mike

      It's not about race at all. There are other white rappers that dont sell as much as Em. Bubba Sparks for example? Get over it, Eminem is the king of rap! Michael Jackson was black (originally) and he was the king of pop! So it doesnt matter what color your skin is. Em sells because hes fucking dope.

    • Osiel Salas

      so Lil Wayne Blew up in 2008 and sold over 1 Million the first week because hes white also?? yeah that makes sense. Em is #1 because he makes music people want to listen to and purchase.

    • Anonymous

      To the guy disagreeing that race has nothing to do with it... You're obviously overlooking the fact because you yourself are probably white and taking my comment as some sort of hate against Eminem. If you actually think race has nothing to do with it then you're really really stupid.

    • Yup

      There's no denying that Eminem's complexion is a contributing factor to his selling of albums. Is it the only reason? No. Is it the main reason? Slightly. Hell, he'll admit to you today from his own mouth as he's done so before. He knows it's true. That's why years ago when he was on stage to recieve his award at the Grammy's or the AMA's (can't remember which) he pulled out a list of people to thank for his success and it contained of nothing but black rappers that inspired him to write and had been basically overlooked by the award organization and people in general. The large fan base and excellent record sales forced the award organization to recognize him as an artist while his complexion made him "relative" and more marketable to the majority of the populace as well as a "standout". This is not to say that he doesn't have skill. I love Eminem. But to say that him being white has played no part in his success is completely untrue.

    • Anonymous

      LOL of course a hater would say its because of his race. So if its only because his race then why did 50's 1st album sell like 15 million? Is it because he is black lmao. Your an idiot, people recognize good music and they purchase it, dont hate on the man because every mc in the game is scared to go at him because they dont want it with him.

    • Anonymous

      yeah thats true. Money rules the world and in terms of marketability, Eminem is #1. If he goes after a rapper, the fans follow suit which means a big loss for that rapper, including monetary losses.

    • Yssup Kidz

      While i do agree, it also helps when you make good, complete albums.

  • Anonymous

    Going after Em, first, put ur career in line. It will be like a shawn micheals v undertaker, career v unbeaten record. While shawn was battling to save his career, undertaker had nothing to lose( only his unbeaten record). if u win, u gain respect, if Em wins, ur career ends. You cant stop Em from selling records, but Em can stop u. God be with anyone who goes after him. !

  • Anonymous

    He wont go at Nas either according to his mixtape

  • shane

    to bad game has already dissed eminem on the og version of my life the second verse he disses em

  • Anonymous

    joem: That is game's point you dumbass.. Em will LITERALLY end your career.. not only will he eat yo ass up on a song but he'll effectively terminate you point blank period. Don't fuck with Em... example canibus.. yeah he's still around doing what?.. making diss tracks at Em with fat ass DZK (who is a pretty good rapper) but those shits dont even register on anyone's radar much less Em's.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem this, Eminem that. The amount of hate towards great mc's on dx is borderline sickening. You guys hate Nas, you hate Em, you hate jay, who do u like then ? Em, Nas, Jay are the only real mc's left that hip hop can brag about...Hmm, Back to the topic. Which Mc's actually has the balls to blow the dust of his mic and record a direct diss track toward Em ? Absolutely None !!. If you do, i can only imagine how horrible it will be to watch your own career end like u never had one. Em has the credit, razor sharp tongue, illiest wordplay, best insults, money, fame, fanbase( presently, he has the largest fanbase, not just in hip hop, but across all music genre) to turn of your lights ! And for those hypocrites saying he disses only popstars(britney, nsync etc), you idiot, he name checks them along with clever, the new lady gaga and bieber diss, He has nothing personal with them.

    • Anonymous

      ayo bruh dey only hatin cuz dey dnt nd no artist like em, jay or nas...fuck dey got waka flame an dem..lmfao..or maybe itz cuz all them deaf an cant hear dat der muzik soundz like shyt.

  • before and after pickle

    Is there an ultimatum for emcees in the mainstream, or those who inspire to become mainstream artists to kiss Eminem's ass? Because its been happening to much now. Is Em a dope emcee, yes. Is he untouchable, hell fucking no. If he was that fucking good, he would have taken Canibus out on wax a long time ago. I'm talking on wax, Not Interscope records sending out letters to radio staions telling them that if they play Bis's music, they won't get anymore care packages (money, exclusive interviews,leaked tracks, etc). Theses lame ass niggas in rap are brainwashed.

    • Anonymous

      listen to canibitch em kills canibus on that shit

    • Anonymous

      Nas, the lame fuck who didn't want to get on the same track as Canibus. LMAO. He's so fucking overrated.

    • jang318

      canibus was ill on the firms desperado track(no doubt) but what has he done since his ll cool j battle? not much ca he bus yessirrrrr, but will he bust is the question white, black, or purple if it's dope i'll cop it and i'm talking lyrics,clever word play the whole 9. as far as interscope doing this and that... it dont matter. let canibus tell it it was wyclef's fault he failed not interscope. if he comes with the lyrics and beats he's capable of he will be good, but hip hop is ever changing (not always for the best)get in where u fit in to remain relevant, (it's not selling out)it's a business. actors change roles and most rappers are actors(think about it), not all of them got 3-4 hundred million sitting around like they talkin' but it sounds good

    • Anonymous

      Who the fuck is Canibus? Nobody talks about him anymore, he is a nobody now. He prolly wishes he never fucked with Em. Interscope doesnt have to send out letters to get Canibus blackballed, LL killed him on wax and he got pissed and said Em wrote a record them Em killed him on wax and he is gone now.

    • Cealix

      He didn't need to take out Canibus cause Bis fucked his own career up. Bis battled LL and lost (don't be a dumbass and say he won because LL's "99% of your fans don't exist" flip did him in), accused Em of writing LL's track, went after Em when he had a much larger fanbase, and was clouded out because he sounded like a rapper trying to be noticed, similar to the Benzion method.

    • Anonymous

      Oops..Thats without saying shit****

    • Anonymous

      Em is definitely not "untouchable", but going after an Mc of his caliber, 2 things are involved: 1. Either he wins and ends ur career. 2. You win, but wont affect his career in anyway. Em can record an album with saying shit on any track and it still goes double platnum at least(Encore, one of his weakest is currently around 15million worldwide now, Recovery 7million, Relapse 5million) who else can push those numbers ? The guy is a fucking living legend...Em has more fans than lady gaga, bieber, katy perry and those are the people controlling music at the moment. The sad thing is that, these cats(gaga, bieber, katy) need to appear on every media publication, news headlines, top charts, go on tours etc..etc to keep themselves relevant, while Em sits at home all day and still get more fame....Imagine if Em was exposed like Gaga...bieber....katy.

    • Robert Bunch

      That is game's point you dumbass.. Em will LITERALLY end your career.. not only will he eat yo ass up on a song but he'll effectively terminate you point blank period. Don't fuck with Em... example canibus.. yeah he's still around doing what?.. making diss tracks at Em with fat ass DZK (who is a pretty good rapper) but those shits dont even register on anyone's radar much less Em's. Is there an ultimatum for emcees in the mainstream, or those who inspire to become mainstream artists to kiss Eminem's ass? Because its been happening to much now. Is Em a dope emcee, yes. Is he untouchable, hell fucking no. If he was that fucking good, he would have taken Canibus out on wax a long time ago. I'm talking on wax, Not Interscope records sending out letters to radio staions telling them that if they play Bis's music, they won't get anymore care packages (money, exclusive interviews,leaked tracks, etc). Theses lame ass niggas in rap are brainwashed

    • cb

      joem's on point. Even if it's not from a diss track, Em has power where other MC's don't. Canibus is a sick MC but no one even talks about this dude anymore, like he vanished off the face of the earth.

    • joem

      That is game's point you dumbass.. Em will LITERALLY end your career.. not only will he eat yo ass up on a song but he'll effectively terminate you point blank period. Don't fuck with Em... example canibus.. yeah he's still around doing what?.. making diss tracks at Em with fat ass DZK (who is a pretty good rapper) but those shits dont even register on anyone's radar much less Em's.

  • Anonymous

    If I was game I would go at eminem. Eminem comes up with pretty childish jokes when dissin. The only reason you can't touch eminem is because he has the most pathetic fanbase of stans out of every rapper. He could say chicken five times on a track and they would worship the verse. An actual example would have been when relapse came out. Stans hyped It up to be the best album ever released in hip hop and it was barely better than a gucci mane mixtape. Probably just another ploy to gain respect from eminem stans or something.

    • Anonymous

      Relapse is insanely lyrical.. comparing it to a Gucci Mane mixtape shows you didn't listen to the lyrics and just said "OMG ACCENTS CAN'T LISTEN1#!241241!!!"

    • Anonymous

      seriously i hope em breaks in yo house an steals all yo toilet paper then wen u take a shit an get stuck i hope he comes back an makes u eat all the shit u spewin..i mean seriously gucci his 5 grade rhymes keep u happy?? oh i get it em says shit thats way to complex for u..its ok not all of us can be smart enough to understand

    • L-Boogie

      I agree, Eminem has the worst stans they worship everything the man puts out and Relapse was fucking horrible! I'd rather listen to a John Cena album than Relapse real talk!

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      STFU u gay ass hater....Relapse is lyrically better then many high profile albums, eg. BP3, Curtis...etc. Wow, if u were Game, u would go after Em ???? I bet u wont, bcoz i swear u will have ur stinking ass handed back to u. !!

  • South_Africa

    sucker MC...Nas can take on Eminem anyday...Chino XL, Jay Z's career cannot be demolished by Eminem...eminem is not a hip hop quotable...he just rhymes about weird sick shit that makes him noticeable...but he aint' no punchline mc...ya'll give Eminem far too much credit man, damn its sickening!!!!!!!!!!

    • jang318

      mf doom, gravediggaz, brother lynch hung all of strange music come with weird sometimes sickening sh%t but we target em right?????? techn9ne is a fool wit it, independant never sold platinum within a year his album came out but his company is worth 68 million dollars (independant!!!!!!!!!!!) really if the subjects em speak of dont move u then move on brah, dont get mad cause millions like it and buy it i might add.

    • Anonymous

      Vakill got the best lines ever.

    • Anonymous

      Nas' punchlines are some of the whackest ever heard in Hip Hop.

    • annoymous

      You sound so stupid right now. Nas is an ok rapper but what has he done lately? Absolutely nothing and im sure he isnt stupid enough to go at Em. There is a reason why everybody wants to work with Em and not go at him. Last time i checked Em started on the battle circuit and Nas's punchlines arent even good.

    • Yssup Kidz

      Relatively speaking, Chino XL does not even have a career to demolish. Don't get me wrong, i like him. But c'mon, Nas, Em, Jay, and Chino??? Btw, head-to-head, none of them can touch Em. Making classic songs, on the other hand, different story.

    • Cealix

      Rap heads will always say Ether was the dopest diss track ever....but who's career went further afterwards??

    • blacknollie

      yeah keep telling your self that what ever make your sleep at night man if eminem wanted to he could end alot of people career that why nobody fuck with him if you actually listen to em music you know that not the only shit he rap about but ya em hater are 1 minded

    • Anonymous

      What is Eminem then? Nas isn't a punchline MC either. ALL his punchlines attempts have been terrible as fuck, some of the corniest shit I've ever heard. Ether is so fucking overrated, it's unbelievable. Nothing but childish insults and name calling that were not even included in clever lines. Eminem might be the best technical rapper ever.

  • shadyaftermath

    game talks to much in iterviews, do it in music.

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll Giving Em a lil' too much credit, yea he talks the shit, but he can't back it up, Not for nothing but most of his beefs were personal, and he stood down when the truth smacked him. Not sayin he ain't shit, but seriously, he ain't what yall claim him to be.

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      You gotta shut the fuck up, since Em is one of the TOP 5 GREATEST HIP-HOP ARTIST whoever criticize by saying "too much credits" are a complete asshole.

    • jang318

      he's not the greatest of all time but he's great at what he does. why hate on that? can he get annoying? hell yeah, but he reaches the masses as only a few have and if our black folks cant relate and enjoy the ride so be it , give us an alternative instead of candy paint, drugs, and ballin all the time or stay the same just make it interesting. frankly, i find it amusing that some white folks r going thru trials and tribulations of some sort and it aint just me

    • Anonymous

      You gotta give credit where credit is due. So if he isnt what people claim then why isnt anyone going at him? Because they know he is the real deal and they dont want it with him.

  • comachonvargas

    They say you can measure a man by the strength of his enemies. If so, who has Eminem really battled that is even worth mentioning? Christina Aguilera? Fred Durst? Everlast? Ja Rule? Mariah carey? Nick Cannon? Canibus would qualify... but he hasn't been relevant for a LONG time Em could prob body Jay as shown on Renegade... but Royce really showed he can hold his own with Em on BME You want to see someone with a real battle sheet? NAS... he worked Jay, jabbed at Mega, Prodigy, Nature... and when BIG and pac were around who was taking jabs from both of them? NAS Em is a great battle emcee but its hard to call him 'untouchable' when he wasn't around to compete with BIG or PAC... Nas was... and don't tell me Jay was because he was barely even in the conversation at the time, not too mention begging godson to get features on his albums

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      LOL @first Anonymous, for being a hater of Nas, you better realize you're just sucking his dick, get off. I dont care whatever you call against Ether, but theres no objection for Jay-Z being under him. Jay-Z became popular because of what? His lyricism? His influence? Or maybe fat lips? LOL

    • jang318

      big and pac r not here so that is a mute point. thats like saying if tyson fought ali in his prime who would win? nas,krs/black thought/ mos def andre3000, jay-z r here now and they give em his props, so why the bad taste in peoples mouths. he's good at what he does period!!!!

    • comachonvargas

      First anonymous: whatever helps you sleep at night... fag model for esco ads? esco's trash? just garbage? Very mature lines... 1 hot album every 10 years? illmatic, it was written, still, lost tapes... 4 classics in 10 years and jay dropped weed plates like vol 1/vol 3... and ether; jay doesn't constantly bite BIG? Jay didnt say he was as good or better than BIG? Jay didn't jock the firm and try to get Nas features then claim they were wack thereafter? Remember I'll Be? Jay didn't sample Nas? Em didn't crush Jay? the opposite of what you said is true But as far as Em... it is simple... look at the lyricists Nas and Em have worked with... Em has G unit, Dre, ONE song with Jay, Slaughterhouse, D12, Wayne, Drake, snoop, etc. [don't forget pink and rihanna; LOL] Nas has AZ, Nature, Foxy, Ghost, Rae, Deck, Pun, Jada, Fat Joe, Kool G, Jay, Face, Common, Rakim, Kanye, Prodigy, Havoc, Check the company they keep... Nas will prevail sir

    • Anonymous

      How can you say that? Its not his fault he didnt get his shot until after they both were gone. Nas sucks and you all give him way too much credit for Ether cuz it wasnt nowhere near as good as you all make it out to be. Im sure if Pac was still alive when Em came out and he was still running with Suge then Em would of went at him too just like he did Suge. He prolly would of killed him on wax also.

    • Anonymous

      It's the other greats who don't want to battle Eminem.

    • blacknollie

      well you can say the same thing about pac and big would still be the greatest if they went against em if you question em about who he battle with saying he went against people not worse metioning would he be a big joke so why havent any body who worth mentioning ever went against him you got game who is one of the best rapper today saying he wouldent fuck with em

    • Anonymous

      Jay MURDERED Nas. Ether was pure GARBAGE. Not one good line. Jay hit him with nothing but pure facts presented with wit instead of this ''Gay-Z'' and ''Cock-A-Fella'' bullshit. I hate how people always take that baseless opininion that Ether was good, can you people be objective at least for once? First Takeover and then Supa Ugly, it was over there. And what was then? Nas did features with Jay, was outshined by far and signed to his label. LMAO.

  • Anonymous

    Every Eminem thread is full of the same tired "I wish he'd go back to his oold style" BS Funny thing is when he was making stuff like the MMLP, people shit on him for that too Face Facts: Eminem could drop an album alled "Reasonable Illmatic" tomorrow and he'd still get shitted on for it, because he sells the most records so its the cool thing to hate on the guy on top, nothing more, nothing less

  • Omzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    look out for a diss to eminem in a couple of months. lmao, i swear he said the same shit about jay-z, "yeah i dont take shots at legends, wont take a shot at jay-z"

  • Daniel Gregory

    I would diss eminem!! I got the courage

  • Anonymous

    im sick and tired of people hating on fuckin eminem cuz hes white. get the fuck over it. like real talk. so what hes white? hes the best in the game sales wise and the best in my mind. no one can touch him. hes so clever with the pen that even if you get your best shit down, hes gunna come back with fuckin crazy ass metaphores that are going to make you not want to listen to hiphop. enough said. eminem cant be touched

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      LOL @Smitty got ZERO knowledge of hip-hop.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO Smitty, thats the dumbest shit i have ever heard. Did you really just say Budden? Get the fuck out of here u moron.

    • Anonymous

      @ Smitty No there not, ask them and they would tell you your crazy If Eminem didnt sell any records, all you internet herbs would still be all over his dick, but he's the succesful one so its the cool web thing to shit on him

    • Smitty

      Cant be touched he isnt even the best rapper on his own label crooked and budden are better than him mood music two is way better than all the recent stuff em has put out

  • kkk

    fuck game white power v nasty and riff raff are the 2 realest rappers in the game

  • Anonymous

    Shame that Eminem isn't black. He would be declared the best by everyone.

    • Anonymous

      "WAS?" Have you listened to Relapse (only Em album more lyrical is Infinite and maybe SSLP)... Alot of songs on Recovery and HTS??? IE Welcome 2 Hell, Almost Famous...

    • Anonymous

      wow what a fuckin ignorant piece of shit you have revealed yourself to bullshit I don't give a flying fuck about color all I know is at one point he WAS one of the greatest mc's lyrically but you Stan's don't even know why. P.s Iam black.

  • Reap

    Yeah, Eminem is nearly untouchable, but #1 battle rapper of all time is LL. He is unsinkable.

  • Stan

    I can't believe I killed myself over this bitch made homo Slim Shady.

  • DMAX

    WOW game that shows how lazy of a lyricist you've become I don't know if its respect or the fact em's pen game in his day was near legendary if em carried on rapping the way he did on his Infinite album I think syllable wise em would of topped even big pun......

  • V-Nasty is God

    The game is garbage so who cares what he thinks but Eminem is not untouchable. He's just overhyped and overrated. People who bodied Eminem lyrically in the past: ~Canibus ~Cage ~Everlast I will admit all these people fell off though. Cage turned super emo rap, Everlast got old, had a heart attack and started singing the blues, and Canibus got blackballed by LL because he was jealous bitch. In the end, Em had a better career. Mainstream wise though. I could name 10 underground emcees way better than Eminem.

    • Anonymous

      You sound stupid as hell. Canibus didnt get blackballed, he got killed on wax and people stopped caring about him. First LL then he made another dumb move going at Em and got killed so now he is a nobody. Anybody using the name V nasty is God is obviously a moron that dont know what they are talkin about.

    • JFranks

      You ingrate psycho, you seriously expect people to take you seriously with the name "V-Nasty is God."

    • Anonymous

      No, there aren't alot underground rappers who are better than Eminem. You guys have this wrong perspective, where anyhone who doesn't sell over 5,000 records is great. Underground doesn't equate greatness. Someone like 50 has no skills, but Eminem? No way. He made his way to the top by being better than all of them.

    • South Africa

      true, just got he's got mainstream appeal don't make the best rapper - there is alot of underground mc that could body Em in a flash...don't judge someone by their mass appeal or else myt as well say Souljah Boy is an untouchable mc since he sold millions with superman....Game a sucker mc man, who can't spit without name dropping even in interviews name dropping, even in his dreams name dropping even when fucking a bitch he probalby be like yeah i do u like Dr Dre bitch

    • Anonymous

      @ V Nasty is God You Listen to the White girl Mob, your opinion on hip hop is Null & Void

    • Anonymous

      Ah jeez alright firstly iam gonna clear up the fact iam not a stan fan. 2nd iam just gonna say that em battled mc juice who battled mc supernatural....and if you know anything about hip-hop mc juice is a sick mc of the top, but as we all know thats irrelevant now as he fell off.....WAAAY OFFF

    • V-Nasty is God

      Wow so many Eminem dick riders, who knew? Face it, if it came to an 8-Mile style rap battle and everyone was in their prime, Em wouldn't make it with any of the three rappers I mentioned. Especially with Canibus. Eminem will respond to Christina Agulara, Moby, and Limp Bizkit but he dissed Canibus and Canibus dissed him back, Em turned away and started another stupid beef with another non-rapping celebrity. Really have you heard "Canibitch"? That diss was wack as hell. He better be glad he gave up. And leave V-Nasty alone she's cool.

    • TRR

      Everlast and Cage bodied Eminem? HAHAHAHA Your an idiot kid no one cares what you think just cuz your dumb ass statements you made. Whitey Ford bodied Eminem hahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha funniest damn thing ive ever heard

    • Daniel Gregory

      "V Nasty is God" really!? And you expect your opinion to be taken seriously!? Wow

    • Anonymous

      Your name is V Nasty, your opinion on hip hop dont count

    • Nick Crookshank

      a few things.... 1) "I bought Cage's tape and dubbed over it." 2) Everlast was singing the blues DURING the beef. 3) I wish Em would rip that white bitch's ass apart. V-Nasty is a snaggle-tooth cunt.

  • kinghydro

    Well we know who Game will be dissing next week lol

  • Luka CuDi Balić

    Eminem is GOD. Just sayin'.

  • Simon Magus

    Are you serious? What type of rapper actually fears another on the mic. It is ok to give props and show respect but if EM came at you, you wouldn't respond?

    • TRR

      Em wouldnt just randomly come at someone. He's saying that HE himself will never say something about Eminem in his rhymes like he does to Jay Z and others. He makes sure Em's name stays out of his raps unless he's complimenting him. Straight scared of the white boy

  • JFranks

    Em hasnt topped MMLP, but its true about him and diss tracks, he'll rip you a new a hole. *Kanye voice* u should fuckin quit nigga

  • he'sBipolar

    but didnt he dis eminem on "my lfe" and "dope boys"

    • Anonymous

      Um no. He sampled stan in My Life. He's always supported Em. "I remember when I first heard eminem/in the club/poppin ex pills like m+ms"



    • Anonymous

      He was reflecting on the 2004-2007 drug addiction period where he was writing wack stuff. He disses Wayne on Won't Back Down and Seduction, and arguably on all the tracks hes collabed with Wayne on.

    • TRR

      Ya Em did say that. But listen close and he's not talking about right now, hes talking about years ago when he wasnt even rapping and he was addicted to drugs is when he would of had his ass handed to him. right now, hell no. just listen to drop the world, no love, and forever. Em kills Wayne and Ye

    • Anonymous

      Thats why he tears them up in their own songs. Wayne will not want to make a song after forever drop the world and no love


    em is the best to ever do it ,shits on jay-z nas any time of the day.yeah they spit some fake gangsta pushing coke shit yall niggerz can relate too.but eminem will murk them faggotz any time of the day yall just mad cuz he white bitchez.

  • cccccccc

    games is an emotional fag next week hes coming out with another crapy diss track... watch everything he says he does the opposite


    killer mike and big boi over EM anyday

    • Isa Dalwai

      Lol, right you mean Nasir Jones? You gotta be kidding me, you're putting Em over Nas who always repped the streets. Nah, I don't think so.

    • g

      yeah right fuck out of here em will shit on any fucking nigga dats why nas and kanye scared to put him on they songs cuz he will for ever fuck up their career when it comes to whose the best spitta,ask jayz

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    There's plenty of rappers who would destroy Game, not just Feminem.

  • Corey Steir

    FIRE BEATZ FOR THE SUPER LOW TAKE A QUICK LISTEN IM DEAD SERIOUS Any artist who leases a beat and records a fire track not only gets 1 FREE lease..i'll also upload the track to my soundclick page(FREE PROMO) also..send mp3's to

  • M.u. Tha Don

    HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! Come to my Facebook page & check out some music thanks!

  • Anonymous

    its to many rappers that would eat game alive banks already killed him on some real hiphop shit busta rhymes would destroy game

  • Anonymous

    game being game. eminem screaming flows havent gotten on my nerves. i think theres a few emcees who game couldnt fuck wit.

  • gio pack a mac

    ok stop with the going back and forth please jay em nas are good mc thats it

  • Anonymous

    now that's call DICK SUCKING

  • Jp

    I dont care what nobody say but Em and fucking with jay hell no lol em better jay or nas thats the fucking joke of the week you lil niggas is bugging

    • Smitty

      why is em bars on renegade considered better than jays jay verses actually speak and mean something to me while em is talking about how he is hated and censored by christians for his shock value lyrics do yall listen to music or just skim through

    • TRR

      Ya and while your at it go listen to Em murder Jay on their track "Renegade"

    • ccccccc

      no nigga u bugging listen to lyrics no one plays with words like em no one.. not even nas and i consider one of the best lyrists of all time..

  • Kimarley Hall

    I'm not BIG on "The Game" bcuz I feel he Glorifies the "GanG" LiFe way too much, but he IS 100% RIGHT with this Statement. People may not feel "EM" new style now, but "EMINEM" is a SAVAGE Muther-Fucker on the Mic. Like Dude has "B.A.R.S" that can End a Nigga career. Everyone in the Rap Game KNOWS that Shit whether they wanna admit it or NOT.

  • eric

    "He'll end your career." Well, if you had a career, that is.

  • Adamn

    Game is so fucking annoying. It's like every day he talks about disses just to promote his gay album. That shit's gonna be a flop.

    • Santiago Wu Irigoyen


  • Jp

    nas and jay z is way better than em just jay will kill that white boy jay and nas got way more better albums than em EM only got 2 classics nas got 6 and jay got like 7 come on man you cant be serious lol

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      Nas has 6 classics ????????? jay 7 ?????????? WTF dude ? Jay has 1(arguably 2), Nas same !

    • Anonymous

      Second that and explain to me how eminem is deeper than nas most of nas songs have an underlying message and yall need to stop underrating the wu because ghostface is def better than em all you have to do is listen and gza liquid swords way better than anything em has ever put out and his other albums are underrated just listen and you will find the truth

    • homer422

      @Anonymous #4, Eminem is the most gimmicky rapper of all time. His incessant use of being the white rapper using shock value about his mom, wife, and how fucked up he is is what sold most of his albums. And about Nas's lack of skill...well: The black oasis Ancient Africa the sacred Awaken the sleeping giant Science, Art is your creation I dreamt that we could visit Old Kemet Your history is too complex and ridig For some western critics They want the whole subject diminished But Africa's the origin of all the world's religions We praised bridges that carried us over The battle front of Sudanic soldiers The task put before us Who are we today? The slums,deceases, AIDS We need all that to fade We cannot be afraid So who are we today? We are the morning after The make shift youth The slave ship captured Our Diaspora, is the final chapter The ancetral lineage built pyramids Americas first immigrant The Kings sons and daughters from Nile waters The first architect, the first philosophers, astronomers The first prophets and doctors was -Africa Must Wake Up Fake thug, no love, you get the slug, CB4 GustoYour luck low, I didn't know til I was drunk though You freak niggaz played out, get fucked and ate out Prostitute turned bitch, I got the gauge out 96 ways I made out, Montana way The Good-F-E-L-L-A, verbal AK spray Dipped attache, jumped out the Range, empty out the ashtray A glass of 'ze make a man Cassius Clay Red dot plots, murder schemes, thirty-two shotguns Regulate wit my Dunn's, 17 rocks gleam from one ring Yo let me let y'all niggaz know one thing There's one life, one love, so there can only be one King The highlights of livin, Vegas style roll dice in linen Antera spinnin on Milleniums, twenty G bets I'm winnin them Threats I'm sendin them, Lex with TV sets the minimum Ill sex adrenaline Party with villians, a case of Demi-Sec to chase the Henny Wet any clique, with the semi-tech who want it Diamonds I flaunt it, chickenheads flock I lace em Fried broiled with basil, taste em, crack the legs way out of formation, it's horizontal how I have em fuckin me in the Benz wagon Can it be Vanity from Last Dragon -The Message

    • Anonymous

      Nas? Ahahahahaha, that non-skilled gimmick using faggot couldn't fuck with Eminem on his best day and he KNOWS it, otherwise they would've done a feature. His corny wordplay, lack of double entendres and his complete avoiding of complex rhymes would show everyone how overrated Nas truly is. Jay, while being outshined, at least had the balls to do a track with Eminem. How can you diss anyone who was outrapped if you're waaaay too scared to do a track with Eminem yourself?

    • ccccccccccc

      yea to bad jay heard em's verse on renegade first since it was royce's track and still got destryoed... its simple y does everyone try Jay and no one trys em.. Because em in the past 2 years has tried wayne kanye drake and who ever else was on that forever track

    • Anonymous

      Jay can't touch Em at all. All he'll rap about is how he drives a Maybach and has more karats than Em. And how does Jay have 7 classic albums? Last time I checked, the Blueprint 2 ain't no classic. Em will destroy any rapper who comes near him, whether it be Nas or Jay. There's a reason nobody good has ever tried starting beef with Em. The only reason people have tried is so they can get their name out there and then two weeks later Em will crush them and make them run back to their cage.

    • Anonymous

      oh yeah and em whent diamond and nas had 1 classic album, I mean whats talent when ur automatically better because ur black? get ur head out of ur ass.

    • Anonymous

      thats why EM killed him on renegade? good call buddy? smh

  • Anonymous

    I gave Game hits and told me to suck dick Start screamin Westside and Dre ain’t say shit!!! Now we just eat off him, and when I talk to Em A smile comes on his face, he told me here’s the case Enemies stay enemies but friends they change Niggas go crazy over money my mayne!!!! haha Game is a toy soilder

  • M.u. Tha Don

    I mean let's face it ,EM is at his peak.. The ep that him & Royce put together is about to be certified gold in the next two weeks,by the end of the year the ep with be platinum .. Royce is an a higher position of power. Em doesn't have anything to prove,he's already outsold every rapper that's out there... Detroit breeds the best emcees bottom_______!

  • Mohammad

    Nobody disses dude because he's protected by a very strong machine, (Jimmy Iovine) that's behind him. Yeah he can rap, but Nas would take his ass out if he really wanted too. Honestly, I never even knew who Benzino was until he dissed him. Dude came up dissin Brittany Spears, N'Sync, and a bunch of other trash that had nothing to do with Hip Hop. Let him go at a real MC like Kool G Rap, Rakim, anyone out the Wu or someone of that caliber. Of course he wouldn't do that because he "respects" them. Eminem single-handedly fucked Hip Hop up. Pac would have NEVER did a track with this clown, but Ms. Shakur needs that dough, so she allowed him to remix all his shit and throw his wack ass goons on there. Don't get me wrong, Detroit has real MC's. Elzhi is way iller than Eminem, Royce or anyone from Detroit and that's a fact. I don't care about record sales, because that's irrelevant. You will never see someone in the hood bumpin his shit, but you will in College Dorms, the Sububrbs and every where else where White folks idolize dude. Ramadan Kareem to my brother's Fasting-

    • Anonymous

      He disses pop stars because he doesn't want to be placed in with them as a pop act. And NaS isn't as lyrical, so NaS would probably lose a beef. Same thing with Kool G Rap, Rakim, etc. Just listen to his entire catalog: unreleased tracks and freestyles included and I guarentee you'll change your mind. "Lyrical skill should be the bare minimum" Infinite, SSLP, and Relapse are some of the most lyrical albums ever made...

    • Ryan MacQueston

      i prefer Nas' blackness as well

    • Anonymous

      no all of ems recent shit is wack, but u black kids think nas's blackness is better then him ur about as wack as nas is.

    • homer422

      @Mohammad Thanks for saying what I was about to post (well most of it anyway, people from the suburbs like real hip hop also, not just Em and Linkin Park..'shudders'). But yeah, Eminem's lyrical skill should be the BARE MINIMUM for an emcee entering the rap game, not what they should aspire to. But since he's the only big white rapper, the public either blatantly looks past his flaws or subject themselves to believing that Eminem is the pinnacle for a rapper. And about the machine that protects Eminem, he's not the only rapper protected by influence peddling. Guys like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Drake would have been dissed and depleted of any credibility years ago if it weren't for the music industry giving them an uneven plain to work on to compensate for their utter lack of talent. So there are definitely better emcees than Eminem and it isn't hard to find them. If the general public just went on google and typed in "Best Hip Hop albums of all time" or "Best Underground Rappers" and clicked on yahoo answers they'd have a shit load of dope music at their disposal.

  • M.u. Tha Don


  • Helmut Smith

    Ít´s them damn rap-Politics which really suck. Yeah, Eminem is huge, that´s why Royce the 5"9" dropped this "Lighters"-Bullshit feat. Bruno Mars - and sucked his balls on the track. Sad shit, but reality. Game is gettin on my nerves with his promotional "Beef-Shit" every 2 weeks just to underline some street-credibility that he already had, after he got shot and eventually came back with a great album. Eminem is untouchable, but not unfuckable. Just takes a emcee with balls and the will to stand on own feet. Em has reached the top and drop a album like "Detox" in 20 or 30 years. ´ I´m sick of hearing these idiots with no more inspiration rhyme. Even Wacka Flocka made more progress with his skills.

  • u fool

    when game albums drop its like christmas at g-unit they trick his money on new cars lol

  • Anonymous

    remember when rick ross dissed eminem lol and eminem did one track and ross didnt respond back

  • M.u. Tha Don


  • Come On

    You can hate and I'm sure the Internet gangsters will talk shit like always but hate or love it Game will sell between 70k to 100k in the first week gauranteed remember I called it.

  • Anonymous

    fif gets his 25% off top so game make that first week good haha

  • Anonymous

    game wants eminems dick officialy confirmed

  • washere

    If Kanye disses back...your career would be over you dumb fuck...will murder myself if your stupid album sells more than 100,000...


    this nigga GAME IS A BIG FAGGOT WHY was he performing the songs 50 wrote for him on BET the other day?

    • so tru

      I gave Game hits and told me to suck dick Start screamin Westside and Dre ain’t say shit!!! Now we just eat off him, and when I talk to Em A smile comes on his face, he told me here’s the case Enemies stay enemies but friends they change Niggas go crazy over money my mayne!!!!

    • Anonymous

      because thats the only true hits he ever had no fif no grammy nominations

  • Anonymous

    he probably wants eminems dick thats why

  • Shade45

    What's up with the messageboard Vex? It's not working. Get on it.

  • kd

    you stupid mudafucker...diss ppl will not promote ur dumb ass album...

  • fcvs

    we'll already know what's going to happen next week he'll drop a song dissing eminem red album 40k 1st week

  • M.u. Tha Don


  • M.u. Tha Don

    The Game won't call out EM,Game knows who to pick with and who not to pick with. The "RED" Album looks like it's going to be on point THO.. That LAX was ill. Game stayed consistent since he first started so it's not hard to figure out that his new album will do it's numbers. The mixtape was on time too... GAME is a very interesting person,I might to do some more research on this guy and see what I can dig up fa sho....

  • Anonymous

    this motherfucker stay mentioning some other niggaz name....da fuck...and does game own this site...everyday is a headline/song with this nigga

  • Anonymous

    Anybody knows that: Eminem is the most skilled rapper ever. He muredered Jay on his own track, Nas was too scared to give him a part on The Cross and Scarface acknowledged it in an interview on this site that Eminem can't be touched.

    • Anonymous

      how do you get out of it that he was too scared to give em a part on the cross. Nas can stand up to anybody lyrically hes on the same level as Em.

  • gameainathousenigga

    this nigga ain't a uncle tom he has kids to feed and put through college. not being a house nigga doesn't pay the bills. your kids don't want to say daddy thats right you ain't no house nigga while they go hungry. all you niggas talking that house nigga shit don't have kids. you got to live for them. sure he kissing these white folks ass but it will show in his sales. the joke is on them he knows who he is. these white teenagers that go out and buy his shit are helping put his kids through college haha now isn't that special. lol

  • Jp

    After marshall mathers he was done and then he started doing his own beats and it was a wrap nigga been suck ever since flow change and got real stupid but whatever he's weak now and he's not 1 of the best no more

  • John-Boy

    For those not familiar with Game what this means is that next week he will have a 10 minute diss track aimed at Eminem. Thats "Game Language" translated for you.

  • Anonymous

    whoa this is some great journalism. everytime a rapper gives his opinion then dx is writing an article about it. is there nothing more important to write about ?

  • pppp@qqqqqq

    didn't canibus ether eminem? you know since canibus is obviously the better rapper

    • Anonymous

      canibus didnt ether anything, in case you hadnt noticed Em's career wasnt even scratched by that dude, lol, in order to Ether somebody you have to count first, and canibus doesnt count beause nobody cares what he says about anyone at this point

  • Haley

    correct me if im wrong yall, but isnt there another version of the song "My Life" Game ft. Lil Wayne when Games verse is.. "and all the pictures of me and EM i burned em. so there aint no proof that i ever walked through 8mile. and since theyre aint no proof ill never walk through 8mile"

    • Haley

      okay cool, never knew that..

    • JJ

      Yeah there is but that wasnt really a diss. He was just trynna say that he doesnt want to go to detroit coz it reminds him of the times with Proof. And since Proof died, even the pics with Em remind him of those times so he burnt those pics.

  • Kashif Ilyas

    Of course he's just stating the obvious. As he said, "You can't fuck with Em".



  • Arjan Boer

    Eminem = God. And I say Amen.

  • J

    Why rappers is shook of EM that nigga suck

    • Ryan MacQueston

      yeah, he's better then about anyone else on the radio these days. sellout eminem is a thousand times better then sellout jay-z. but still, every top 10 list I see their's Em then Jay then a bunch of generic ass shit, then they say "if Eminem ain't your top 3 you don't know shit" while their list is missing Kool G, BDK, etc.

    • KillHER

      I agree. Eminem is overrated to me. Not saying he's wack but he's not as good as people claim he is.

    • Ryan MacQueston

      Apathy, Celph Titled, Gza >>>>

    • Anonymous

      J. How about you name us your top three since Eminem sucks so badly. Please respond in english and not your project talk please.

    • John-Boy

      @J You must be a new hiphop listener that thinks Gucci and Waka are talented lyricist.

    • Goff Dog

      Dude are you kidding me? Go bury your head in the sand like big bird. this has nothing to do with race but everything to do with just a talented MC. The other guy that says white folks are the only people that buy black rap music can go and bury their head also because you guys really suck!!!!!

  • Vanno Davis

    nobody who has sense would try to diss eminem

  • skippy81

    can't fuck with em

  • heisright

    i would have to agree with him if you diss eminem the white folks will stop buying your records and see you as racist. they are the ones thats buys this shit it ain't black people so he is right you have to deal with him with kid gloves. its not him ending your career \ its the white folks getting pissed stop buying your shit cause you diss their great white hope and they see you as racist.

    • Anonymous

      it sure is in this racist society most black males can barely get enough food to eat. if whites were opressed in country the same way black are you would be eating either. haha you hold all the cards. if going to be a game c.d or food its going to be food every time.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you heisright. You proved your a racist. Idiot. btw, i want my bigmac with no tomatos.

    • marc

      thats cause yas cant afford to buy a cd, 12.99 is alot of money to 95% of yall........hahaha

  • Fish

    This is all true. The Insane Clown Posse were on course to be the the biggest group in hip hop until Eminem ethered them. (That was sarcasm by the way)


    that is it nigger, you should know your place ! you are subhuman to the real human race. don't you ever in your life mess with the white man in rap !

  • chrisvangeffen

    Has he forgooten his verse in My Life You see them 24's spinning? I earned 'em And all the pictures of me and Em, I burned 'em So there ain't no proof that I ever walked through 8 Mile And since there ain't no Proof, I'll never walk through 8 Mile[4]

    • jnr

      Ya'll are real stupid. How is that a diss to Em? He was just interpreting that he aint going to detroit because proof died and he burned all pics of him and Em cos it reminds him too much of proof. Fucking idiots dont know nothing about lyrics. Just cos Game mentions Em name he dissin? FUCKIN TWATS!

    • mitch

      @anonymous, yeah and he also said that "uncle otis" wasnt a diss to jay-z either, thinks he's slick, but hes' not, we all see you coming homie...

    • Anonymous

      He Backtracked off that and said it wasnt a diss

  • Eminem

    Yo! jump off my dick bitch! That shit sounds corny! You makin me look bad sprinkin sugar on me. Ditch the Bullshit! and don't every use my name to get your buzz up! Homie.

  • that is...

    because Game is a fucking dickrider, fool shouts out Em, yet Em never acknowledges him, Game was alright in my book but his sucker punches he's throwing at everybody right now are gay as fuck, not to much mention he is dickriding Lil Wayne too. It also shows that he's a pussy ass bitch.

  • Rating

    I wish someone would slap the tatoo of this NIGGER face, and I am Black so I can say that. Game is one of the tackiest, tasteless, classless rappers to ever actually achieve some level of "fame". He is only saying this to get under the skin of all the rappers he has dissed which is all of them. But at this point, I don't even think eminem would respond to game if he dissed him. But whatever, Game over.

  • jack johnson

    the other version of this article said a lot more

  • oddyssey!a

    bipolar ass nigga.

    • jnr

      Everybody is bipolar, especially you cos you didn't know what name to give yourself and settled for this wack name. FOOL!

  • Nyaniso Nyengane

    I thnk its either he respects him or his jst doin wat he always does... Claim he has mad respect 4 sum1 then cum out dissin em then he got mad respect agen.. Whch is why I dont take ths dude seriusly in hiphop anymo!! His jst a GROUPIE!!

  • SutterKane

    I'm getting psychic visions: I see........I see........ 10 pages of arguing and crying coming to this post in the very near future....... I also see alot of Racial Insults & Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Accusations Will Check back in the morning to see if my visions were accurate

  • nucca

    i agree em is one of the goats

  • richryne

    i stay bumpin shady lp eminem show and bad meet evil too

  • richryne

    who has eminem ever dissed that could actually diss him back benzino ja rule, mobey, n sync, christina agularia OOOO sooo scary

    • sooo @Rival X Jordan

      Eminem disses people that are not as good as him, it shows how big of a bitch he really is.

    • Juzt

      Know ur history before you talk brah..

    • Rival X Jordan

      I get what this guy's trying to say. Who has enimen disses besides Canibus that can't give him a run for his money.

    • Anonymous

      Add Dilated Peoples to that list as well

    • Jermaine Dupri

      Hey ya'll, don't forget that he dissed me too...him and Dre ran me over and kept dragging under their car on their way to Canada...sprayed me with cans of ether and stomped me out pretty bad...i shit into a bag now

    • Teacher

      All of these can and did diss him back retard: Canibus Benzino Ja rule Everlast Limp Bizkit Cage Insane Clown Posse Sarcasm has to make sense if you actually want it to work pal.

    • Gremlin

      canibus too, but for some reason everyone thinks hes wack

  • Daniel Gregory

    Game either really loves and respects eminem or he really fears him. One of these two.

    • The Mechanic

      Nah, he's just kissing ass just to get something out of Em. Just like he kissed 50's to try and get a G-Unit "reunion". Em doesn't have time for him. And when Game realizes this, watch him have a change of heart.

  • Yssup Kidz

    We all know this. But to say it?...

  • Anonymous

    Quit licking Em's balls foo!

  • LB213

    Figured this since day much as THIS nigga name drops in every song i cant even remember the last time he dropped slims. Good to kno he still has some sense in him tho.

  • Scared-Game

    lol are The Game Comments driven by his respect towards Em or his Fear towards more at.....

  • Kendall Walters

    im sure he will tomorrow.. this guy flip flops everyday

  • jason

    And Game is 100% correct. Don't F with Eminem

  • BEAN

    "I don't take shots at legends, thats just something I don't do" - Game on Jay-Z from "The Documentary"

  • Rival X Jordan

    Get off his dick.

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