Shady Records & Brisk Announce Brisk Bodega, Design Yelawolf's Tour Bus

Shady 2.0 and Brisk team up to create the Brisk Bodega, a platform that will showcase Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf in months leading up to their Shady debuts.

The partnership between Shady Records and Brisk Iced Tea has been growing since it was introduced to the public during last year's Super Bowl ad campaign. Now, the partnership has announced the creation of Brisk Bodega, a platform to showcase what new Shady Records artists are up to during the months leading up to their releases. Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf are slated to be featured on this platform. 

The Bodega has also enlisted Elliott Wilson, Editor-In-Chief of Rap Radar to be a part of the partnership as a part of Briskbodega's online site. To begin their work, Brisk Bodega hired artist and illustrator Tristan Eaton to create a "Brisk" design for Yelawolf's tour bus. 

"It's cool to collaborate with Yelaolf," Eaton said in a promotional video. "He's a really weird, unique, new kind of Hip Hop and I feel honored to be able to be a part of that so early in his career." 

To check the making of the tour bus, check the video below. 

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  • Anonymous

    selling out aint cool but they trying to make it seem cool i would still probably sell out for a lifetime supply of brisk, even though its not very good

    • Anonymous

      Does selling out even count anymore??? The entire Rap game is one big sell out and has been for a decade At least there sell out move is being used to help promote their music, most these motherfuckers out here just try to sell you ugly clothes & sneakers

  • So Serious Beatz

    Serious beatz for serious artists at

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