The D.O.C. Reunites With Dr. Dre To Work On "Detox"

Erykah Badu's baby's daddy is getting his career back on track after a falling out with the Good Doctor in 2009.

Earlier this year, The D.O.C. announced that he had split from Dr. Dre, telling HipHopDX that "I gotta move back and let him do what he doing." But after falling out with the West Coast veteran, one of Hip Hop's most venerable ghostwriters has reunited with Dre after their situation came to a head in October 2009.

Speaking with L.A. Weekly, D.O.C. explained that after dealing with his substance abuse problems and getting clean, he received a call from Dre to go back to the studio to work with him and Snoop Dogg on his oft-delayed Detox. He explains that he wanted to help "get that core audience back, with those types of songs, and that California vibe from the Chronic album."

"We all got love for each other," he continued. "I love Dre like my fucking family."

D.O.C. also explains that he's undergoing testing to see if he's able to have a stem cell surgery to heal his larynx, scarred by a breathing tube after a car crash. Aside from reuniting with Dre, he's filming a reality show titled "I Got My Voice Back" where he pens lyrics for new artists and pairs them with musicians like Snoop Dogg, Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu. Not only that, but he also hopes to film another reality show with Badu that focuses on their Dallas, Texas dwelling and in hopes to end with a marriage between the two.

Read the full article at L.A. Weekly.

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  • Helmut Smith

    "Erika Badu´s baby daddy" - show some more respect for this legend, you fuckheads. D.O.C. is a fool though. Dre is cold-blooded and don´t care about "family". Back to the future, or what? De-Tox should have been about detoxing from all that Chronic Instead we got "Kush" and "I need a Doctor". Fuck Detox. And fuck doing a reality show about him and Badu´s lovelife. WTF!? How broke are these people? "How I got my Voice back" sounds like a better idea.

  • Ammo

    Looks like we will finally be getting detox after all.

  • Arjan Boer

    The D.O.C. is God. And I say Amen.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck dre and his piece of shit headphones. Every song leaked has been average and shit.

  • Its Um

    Yeah the songs that was leaking from Detox wasn't his best work, and um.. I think mel-man should be helping since I saw a lot of cred from the previous album.

  • Onaje Jordan

    didn't jay elect just knock her up, now he wanna wife her. wtf

  • Anonymous

    yay! good news finally! doc is the man!

  • Anon

    If you know anything about 80s/90s west coast rap, you would know that this is the best thing to happen for Detox. The D.O.C. was arguably the most skilled rapper of the 80s, and he did a ton of ghostwriting for Dre and Snoop after his voice got fucked. I don't care about waiting a bit longer, if the D.O.C. is on board now.

    • sufur222

      Absolutely. The D.O.C. is probably one of the best ghostwriters ever (in terms of gangsta rap), along with Royce da 5'9''. All we now need is Mel-Man to come back and everyone will love Detox again.

  • Rob

    "Hello! I Started this gangsta shit, and this the motherfuckin thanks I get!!" I bet half you dicks were not even born when The Chronic was released, Dre dont owe none of you an Album, you should be begging him to release Detox to save this washed up bullshit genre that hasnt produced any music of note in ten years!!!

  • Anonymous

    i have faith in this album now.

  • franko

    maaaaaan.... are we ever gonna hear this album? I think Dre should drop the name "Detox" and call it "The Chronic 2020" I agree with alot of ppl on here about The D.O.C hooking back up with Dre, brilliant news! But how the fuck is Dre gonna make a perfect album? The songs that have leaked have been absolute shite... I hope he was just fuckin' around!

  • Leo Tavarez

    This album will come out in 2012 of the NEXT mayan calendar.

  • nixnox

    this is great news, get mel-man back in the studio and give us the fuckin album we deserve......

  • Mr Flamboyant

    This is good news. This Detox might end up just being more than cool now. Get back to the core group. Everyone song has been damn near wack that's been released.

  • On That Rah Rah

    D.O.C smashing E.Badu?????

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Thank goodness. Detox is wack based on the tracks that were released thus far. The D.O.C. is a must!

    • bswift77

      Your absolutely right. Every track that has been leaked from detox is wack. Dre messing himself up by delaying it soo long. Everyone is expecting a flawless masterpiece..and honestly it should be...It's only taken 11 years!!!!

  • grimey D

    Detox: coming out december 21, 2012

  • dockevoc

    get rbx too and it's a wrap

  • Lemar Green

    Nice on tha Detox news even though he put that azz on blast a few months back. And he's tryna marry Bella!? WTH!? She jus had a baby with Jay E. >_> Ms. Wright must have some real good good lol

  • B.Dot

    Well, looks like the album will have more delays but at least the man has comes to his senses


    go get daz and kurupt also then lock EM out the studio with the corny i need a doctor shit

  • Anonymous

    You mean to say Dre has bearly left the starting point, and were way through 2011. The good Doctor needs help, Now??? can't see project worth shit if he can't capture a certain vibe, sorry!!!hope the D.O.C can bring out the feeeling!!

  • Anonymous

    how many fucking times are the same lies lies lies lies LiES going to be printed by this dogshit website? D.O.C. is cool but DRE took too many steroids, HGH, testosterone etc to make music anymore.

  • Info

    Man the more and more i keep hearing about Detox the more and more i keep thinking this album is going to flap, what dre, snoop, d.o.c and the rest of the clows he got working on this album need to do is just go in to the lab shutup and make a hit album, but all this talk about making a prefect album, not going to release it till it prefect and production is all tight, man no one is prefect and i dont care one can not made a classic album all the time, so no can do

  • Anonymous

    lol detox ? for real ? , are they working on it again , again , get the fuck outta here

  • Lager than life

    Best news for a while, now I got my anticipation for this album back up! I trust in the golden combo of Dre, D.O.C. and Snoop, it's worked in the past and long as they shoot for that Chronic/2001 vibe it will again! Just no more "I need a doctor" emo rap songs please, bring that real California shit good doctor! And throw unreleased Nate Dogg vocals in there for that hit record, as a homage for the homeboy!

  • Devin Williams

    atleast they cool again tho

  • Anonymous

    fuck detox, shit aint even gonna be released

  • Anonymous

    even D.O.C. cant save detox now, unless they remake that shit

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