Game Says Dr. Dre Narrates "The R.E.D. Album,” Explains Its Delays

Chuck Taylor says that his kids and international tours kept him from putting in quality studio time.

Game has spent nearly three years working on his oft-delayed project The R.E.D. Album, which he finally finished just last week. Before the LP drops on August 23rd, the Compton, California native spoke with MTV News’ Sway Calloway on RapFix Live to discuss details surrounding the album, most notably revealing that Dr. Dre narrates the entire offering.

“It’s narrated by Dr. Dre, the entire album. So it’s real movie-ish man. It’s going to be crazy,” he said.

Naming the Hit-Boy-produced “Good, Bad & The Ugly” as his favorite track on the LP, Chuck Taylor explained that a few factors kept him from releasing the album sooner, including trying to raise three children while juggling international tours.

“You know, me, I’m probably a little bit different than other artists. I don’t know if they had fatherhood or had kids, but I’m really particular about myself and where I’m at in my children’s lives. There’s three of them - two in the same home with me, and one that’s living with his mom,” he said. “And then just touring. So when I go out on the road for four to six months, touring over in Australia, Europe, Japan, Africa, that slowed me down, too. Not everyone got a high-tech studio, so I’m just not comfortable recording in low budget joints.”

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  • Arjan Boer

    Game = God. And I say Amen.

  • TaylorD

    "The R.E.D. Album" is droppin on August 23rd Hoe!

  • Anonymous

    hey game u wack and aint got nothing charting!!! i put my life on it red aint droppin august

  • Adam Hinds

    Hey "Game", leave Dr. Dre alone and let him fucking finish Detox already.

    • Anonymous

      Man Dre ain't ever gonna come out with Detox. Game's first album, he had Dre shot out "WATCH OUT FOR DETOX", how long ago was that? Nigga too busy making soda & Chrysler commercials...

  • Anonymous

    if you don't like the game why do you read the article and comment get a fucking life

  • Justin Farrar

    I cant imagine this psycho raising kids... smh

  • fcvs

    I will laugh so hard when 1st week sales of this weak ass album drop maybe he'll reach 40k

    • Gman918

      sorry to break news but he dropping over 300k first week and This will be the album of the year 1. RED 2. Cole World: Sideline Story 3. Watch The Throne 4. Take Care 5. Tha Carter IV In that order best albums of year

    • Anonymous

      I dunno Game has been consistent to drop quality when it counts. And he does have a lot of credibility to hip hop fans. He will do 100K first week.


      he want flop that hard he will do about 100k then go gold next year this time

  • hho

    There are many various reasons making Dr Dre to have ‘cold blooded’ feet to release his Detox Album, the album was intended to be released on 2004, We, the fans where so happy to get the saga of Chronic 2001 but instead of giving us an album he gave us mouth watering excuses and left us hanging like a horny B***........

  • theREDalbumOfTheDecade


  • Anonymous

    Hell yes!! Cannot wait till Aug 23rd!!

  • yeah

    I am not a fan of Game or 50 and let me put all this bickering to an end by having a non fan tell it for real. 50 cent has no buzz, the guy keeps his name relevant for all the wrong reason, every year he becomes a bigger joke and the "Im on it" is one of the worst songs known to man. Even worst now all he does is make straight to DVD movies. This guy has essentially become like Jarule, except Jarule was never able to make his artits marketable and sucesfull like 50 has with Banks, and for a period of time Buck and of course Game way back. Game, while is no where near the rapper he used to be, has more buzz. I didn't listen to Purp and Patron but i checked out Hoodmorning and it was decent, I also feel while 50 cent did release one classic album, he faltered soon , while Game relased his classic album and was able to continue to make solid albums, not classics but solid none the less. It's funny both these guys are similar in that both have lost a step and can't seem to re gain there hunger and form they had earlier in there careers, it's a shame they won't work with each other because they could both help each other out, though i think 50 needs it more than Game.

    • smh

      lol @ all you faggets trying to compare Fif and Game....get a fucking life you fagget losers and just appreciate the music.

    • Anonymous

      You're sayin' 50's mixtapes are better than Game's full length albums? Dead wrong. 3 solid albums and more mixtapes than you can count. Purp & Patron was sick

    • Anonymous

      50 has had 4 features in the top 20 this year.. game flopped on tracks with features like justin timberlake, lil wayne, chris brown, pharell.. nigga is a dud both of em for that matter lloyd banks is 10x better than 50 n game

    • Anonymous

      Your a Game fan. So you saying 50 got wack music just cause of I'm on it War Angel and Forever King Mixtapes are better than Games whole albums after The Documentary game has no buzz any nigga can put out a mixtape don't mean you have a buzz he's gonna flop I heard that mixtape and that shit was garbage

    • Anonymous

      the documentary is not his classic album it's without a doubt l.a.x. which 50 had nothing to do with

    • Anonymous

      nah, his last album had some good tunes on it. was a good album id say...Man his last mixtape purp and patron. Crazy production.

    • John

      Game's "classic" album was made while 50 worked with him. Not to say 50 is the greatest, but Game's albums after sucked. without no 50 there wouldn't be what little game there was.


    new mixtape still no buzz

  • kingChronic

    haters back off... its game time nw, red nation stand up... the red album will be a classic, nigga standing for da west coast alone. go game u da king

  • King

    Y'all can hate all you want but no one can deny the fact that his albums have always been classic....n RED will be a classic too cuz DRE won't make an apperarence until the album is quality...Haters Keep Hating

    • Anonymous

      @ anonymous, everyone has there own perspectives on what a classic is, so shut the fuck up bitch!

    • Anonymous

      yee tell me why you hate the game! Your right about Dre's quality assurance tests before he would make an appearance. However, I don't know if it's the media or some twisted marketing technique. But think about this, Dre's brand is so strong and credible in the hip-hop world. Over the last year it's turned soft, hes put out some question tracks, and theres rumors like he doesn't know what he wants to do with music. Those two things make you unsure of Dre, either it's true and the guy is realizing he is 75 years old and doesn't want to do the same old hip-hop and therefor can't find a new way to fit in. OR his brand is smarter than you think and is gonna turn around and hit a home run. Prety off track

    • Anonymous

      His albums ranged from great to mediocre. You guys don't no what a classic is.

    • Anonymous

      Like (with the Facebook thumb up)

    • Anonymous

      tell me why you hate the game

  • deadboy90

    Mention R.E.D. the wrong way then its R.E.D. dots/ i put u in the sky nigga R.E.D. fox

  • Info

    Man i hope this album work for game, because if it dont, it going to make him look real stupid and dr dre too, everytime you see this nigga he calling Dr Dre name like Dre doing um or something, Yo game when that album hit store, you need to go buy a million yourself to make it looking like your album is selling, if not you going to be all Red looking stupid

  • Rodrick

    I cant wait to see who this nigga holds responsible when the Red album bricks, shits dropping in 3 weeks and none of his singles are making noise anywhere. And dont hit me with the bullshit because I'll be buying the red album, I'm a fan of the games music, just not his personality and you know when the album flops, he's not mature enough to accept the failure himself, he'll blame Dre or Jimmy Iovine or somebody because he's a crybaby who always gotta point the finger at someone

  • Helmut Smith

    Game had me laughing on his "Hoodmornin"-Tape..."who´s the real Mister West" hahaha, I pitty this fool for having no personality.

  • Anonymous

    muhammed ali two hot singles? how about a classic purple tape a few months back, numerous bangers like red nation and keepin it real, and another classic free mixtape at the start of the week?! 50 may be hot but game is one of the hardest working out there right now!

  • uw

    game got mad big guess he trying to outweigh fif

  • SafetyPin

    I thought it was'nt safe to shout Gggg-Unit! in 2011 but I see that all my niggas are out here in full force. Fuck this nigga!

  • On That Rah Rah

    Who Gives 2,000 fucks about this nigga. G muthafuckin Unit nigga

  • Muhammed Ali


    • Anonymous

      Yo Fifty's new shit is trash...straight doo doo raps. corny beats, cornball rapper.

    • Mado

      Not here in the UK. Plus radio plays dont solely decide if a single is hot lol. Radio plays just show how much the label pays the radio station....Notice how Lupe never got radio play then when he started "cooperating" with his label more his singles for Lazers are getting tons of play. The real indication is where does outlawz chart on the billboard? Do you honestly hear alot of people talking about the song or reciting lyrics? Maybe people are in the states...

    • Anonymous

      what you talking about bro? outlaw gets played on the radio every day

    • Lado_Quazi

      this is a Game post, why you mentioning fiddy?

    • Mado

      they might be hot to you but fifty aint hot right now. He has songs with jeremiha or however you spell his Amish sounding name, that are getting radio play and are popular in the club scene. As far as hiphop, no "single" fifty has released recently has picked up much momentum.

  • west1coast

    3 weeks and then...

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