Styles P Releases Trailer For New Mixtape "The World's Most Hardest MC"

UPDATE: The Ghost invites viewers into the studio in a trailer for his impending mixtape.

In June, Styles P announced that he would release a mixtape The World's Most Hardest MC before his September studio album Master of Ceremonies, but the tape is arriving sooner than expected. Speaking with MTV's Mixtape Daily, the LOX member explained that the tape will arrive next week and harken back to the feel of his earlier music.

"It's just gonna be hard. It's gonna be like the old feel, but kind of a new feel," he said, explaining that LOX partners Jadakiss and Sheek Louch make the final cut. "Expect another crazy in and out with me and Kiss. Expect a joint with me and Louch. I'm just gonna kinda go ape on it."

While some artists use mixtapes as a platform to rhyme over other emcees' beats, the Ghost explains that he will only be spitting over original material.

"I'm gonna do original beats," he declared. "The mixtape game kinda switched now, because I don't want the Feds knockin' at my door for using Weezy and Jay-Z and Kanye and everybody's beats, so you kinda gotta go original."

[August 3]

UPDATE: Styles P has released a trailer for his upcoming mixtape, set to be released in the forthcoming weeks ahead of his new album Master of Ceremonies in September.

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    now im not a lox fan but shout out tostyles for being on some straight mc shit much respect to you yo and fuck rapping over beats thats not yours i think that is so gay and lame plus its real lazy way to go about what your doing let your skill grab attention not the popularity of a beat and where or who it comes from. stop rappin if you have to JUST ADD WATER to your recipe

  • eyes are the window to your soul

    sheeks first album is great the beats are quality his other albums werent that good. Jada hasnt put out a real good album kiss of death had its moments but was far from being classic. styles gangsta and a gentleman album is classic stuff guy spits the hardest shit ever and then can spit real deep shit that makes you think dudes a fuckin beast

  • Nico 3

    That's the point of The Lox. There is no progress. I will say Sheek's 1st solo was pretty good, but he can't carry entire albums. Jada is better on other people's stuff, and Syles P will always be that dude who ruined that X song, Back Down.

  • Mu

    Even tho it seems like Jadakiss gets the most shine and most respect from hip-hop fans, I gotta say that Styles P is the better ARTIST of the two. Let me be clear... 'Kiss got bars for days... fuck that decades. But the content of Styles' music in songs like "I'm Black" and his collabs with people like Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli and the Roots make him a more well-rounded MC. Styles can go from "BMF" with Rozay to "Black Hand Side" with Pharoahe and both are genuine. Gangster and a Gentleman for real...

    • On That Rah Rah

      Nigga these dudes have been all over the world, tours, shows.......have fans in countries you will neva go.....yo bum ass probably live on the train...and if u really listened to Styles u would know he is the Hardest Out......and Sheek go by Donnie G now, he was just biggin up his label u fuck nigga.

    • Anonymous

      styles p is writing books and making movies son, that ain't progressing???

    • Helmut Smith

      he bores me because he don´t make more out of his talent. I listen to the D-Block/LOX/Sheek Louch/Jadakiss/Styles P.-Stuff on the train and like most of the stuff, but they act like fools. Doing mixtape-shit is nice for the fans, but where is the progress? For example: Sheek got his Def-Jam Contract, started calling himself "Donnie DefJam" and the realizes that Def-Jam dont promote his shit like the major acts. These idiots should have gone independent a looooooong time ago. Go on making mixtapes with original beats, ghost

    • Anonymous

      Oh, only positive comments are allowed?

    • Check 1

      Why are you commenting then??

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    No album should be released without a Styles P verse on it! His guest appearances have been fire over the last few years. The mixtape should be dope.

  • Anonymous

    acid da savage , maino , styles p

  • mf

    the hard music is played out like reeboks and coogi sweaters give me that soft shit lol

  • DrivingLeftLane

    I don't think anyone can deny Styles P is a great artist, whether you hate him or not. His music has content, I just hope he evolves on it.

  • Anonymous

    You know there's a reason he didn't mention Nas' beats. LMAO.

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