Drake Claims "Headlines” Is "By No Means” The Best Song On "Take Care”

Drizzy also explains that the album will consist of 18 tracks and likens it to "So Far Gone."

Drake dropped off “Headlines” this past weekend, marking the first official single off his upcoming album Take Care. But according to the man himself, it’s not the best song on the LP and that he went with the track because it represents where he’s at right now.

“By no means is it the best song on my album, it really is just the song for this moment right now,” he told Billboard.com’s The Juice. “I always try to put forth a song with a message. A lot of people pick their single by what’s the strongest song. I don’t really do that. I like to make sure that the content is really relevant for right now.”

He also explained that Take Care will most likely have 18 tracks and that the album will be reminiscent of his breakout mixtape So Far Gone .

“Since I’ve been gone for a minute, trying to craft this album, a lot of it came out in that song. And just reassuring people, reassuring the fans, this is really in my opinion my best project,” he continued. “There’s a lot of songs on it. It’s not like... Although people encourage me, ‘Do 11, 12 songs,’ I think there’s probably going to be 18 songs on there. It’s very reminiscent of So Far Gone, but the production is stepped up ten notches and I feel like I’ve gotten better at rapping.”

As for the single, he’s just hoping that fans will take it for what it is. “‘Headlines,’ it’s a great record, I want people to party to it, but at the same time, the fans, the people who care about my career, the people that follow me, will find a message in it.”

Take Care is slated for release on October 24th.

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  • Jeff Mason


  • Anonymous

    he should have like 10 tracks, khaled got his best song on his album

  • Anonymous

    he's too soft, he's tryin to butter the game up, and..... these bitch ass songs, my bitch dont rock that shit. drake makes music for closet niggas

  • Mr.

    This fella has lots of feelings and stuff. I don't wanna hear that bullshit.

  • Fado

    ummm, where to start. Headlines was an Ok song. it was cliche though. you can tell Drake fell of cus compare say whats real too headlines. They where both about where he was in life. Yet say whats real is 10 times better. I feel like Drake is too comfortable like some rappers just make better music when they are on their grind. Another thing Drake would release better music if he wasn't on young money. Maybe not even better but definitely more creative music. If he joins roc nation reconnects too the community reads the dictionary works with flying lotus and some real ass producers collaborates with some rappers that make him actualy step his game up (nas, j.cole, Blu, mf doom) he can make a classic. yes I said it a drake Mf collab it would have to be the perfect beat though. The last thing he needs to do is get a different delivery, he uses the same one over and over. if he does that he can make a classic. Will any of this happen?, HEll no. will Drake make a classic?, no.....

  • 7

    Drake sucks. The album will suck. 18 tracks of filler with his bitch ass "singing" (if you want to call it that) and repeating the same phrase over and over as a hook (best i ever had, forever, over, etc.) This is what hip hop has become? Boo this lame back to Canada. It's not hate, it's a refined taste in music.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    18 tracks are waaaay too much. I'm looking forward to the album. Besides, "Headlines" is a dope track.

    • Anonymous

      Cheers to that! And by the way, Drake was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth you jackass. He was raised by a single parent and his grandmother. He began as an actor. By no means did he grow up with a silver spoon. You jackass

  • chyeaaa


  • Julius

    Yall be killin me wit da hate no bullshit. respect his hustle and shut da fuck up. oh yeah and i almost forgot go check my mixtape out im raw as hell http://www.reverbnation.com/juliusperry

  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    If this is true i'm not buyin this Take Care album an Drake should retire. This is the worst new i heard all year. I;m not a hater i support Drake but headlines wasnt better than any song on So Far Gone. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success

    • Julius

      http://www.reverbnation.com/juliusperry check my shit out and see how u like it fam.

    • lol really

      And that Leavin Witchu track Is hella garbage Shit Bangs is better than you i rather listen to Take You to the movies than the mess you makin

    • lol really

      Nigga your music is boo boo Compared to this song smh its no need in hating on this new drake song if your music is as bad as the first two songs on your tape

  • Anonymous

    is it me or is he looking more JEW than ever. Illuminati haha joking. Well hope this is good music keep music coming stop the hate it only causes album delays.

  • fuck yall

    man i fuckin hate ya people on here all ya do is talk shit!! if u dont like drake get the fuck off this page stupid ass holes smh

  • Anonymous

    ...cause he knows it sucks.

  • Anonymous

    If y'all haters actually knew Drake, he say's he hates that flow of lame punchlines like the ones used in Forever (Swimin in the money come & find me, Nemo), & that he really hated havin one on Thank Me Later (...& shut em down, Onyx). Y'all just mad he speaks the truth & makes money off it

    • Anonymous

      what truth, get the fuck outta here drake dick rider. and i dont hate drake hes got a feel good flow, gets u going. But as far as something special nope, not close.

    • Anonymous

      thats when he is actually good. everything else is singing and no subject matter.



  • haol

    drake is a industry whore used around for the big shots to fuck that's why he got a owl tattoo on his back recently,he attends bohemian grove with all the homosexuals

  • IsTrue

    That song sucks anyway, and the rest of the album probably sucks too.

  • Jacob Lopez

    Should be reminiscent of Comeback Season.

  • Dr Factoid

    Hello citizens of HHDX. I have been performing numerous experiments inside of my lab here in the mountains of the Sahara desert. Our research involves discovering whether Drake is wack or insanely fresh. We broke down the genome particles located in the cd booklet of "Thank me Later" and found several irregularities. First the entire genome would always stay in the shape of a cock. When we would explode/splatter the genome into millions of seperate pieces they would always form back together into a bigger, harder, stronger cock. We had to abandon the test after adding a drop of Lil Waynes semen to the genome and nearly blowing up the entire lab. So we moved onto a different more scientific experiment and sat 5 anonymous men into a room then had them watch every single music video from Drake. The results were shocking to say the least. 3 men began vomitting from deep throating the guy next to them too hard and 4 of the men experienced anal tearing. All men were self proclaimed "heterosexual" men before beginning the experiment. Our lab's funding officer immediately called a halt to all experiments after this due to the impact it could have on humanity as a whole. Our conclusion at the end of these experiments proved 100% without a doubt that....Drake is highly homosexual and can have immediate ill effects on any heterosexual man caught listening to his music. We've contacted president Obama and the prime minister of Canada to warn of the grave danger our world faces. Please warn your kids, friends and family to avoid Drakes music at all costs. * Side note - We could not notice any ill effects on female patients when exposed to his music. They must have something in their dna that has allowed them to listen to his music unscathed. Sincerly, Dr Factoid

    • Anonymous

      lawl factoid has aspergers

    • Dr Factoid

      I see a few citizens here are taking this evidence lightly. This is no laughing matter here people. The results we have found could affect humanity for centuries to come. In the last few hours we've setup a new lab 3 miles below Earth's surface in a top secret location and captured 3 Drake fans as specimens to study. When descending in the elevator it was clear they were clearly aggitated. So we slowly started to remove the saran wrap we covered them in to keep them docile. They started to calm down slowly but kept saying things like "I need my nail clippers yo" or "Ooh girl it's just a tad bit too hot down hurr". It was clear they're brains had been overtaken completely with gayness. We reached the 2 miles below the Earth mark and noticed that they started to snap back into the charactaristics of their natural born sex. One man, who we found braiding mens hair, blurted out "Doooog! I need a big ass cheeseburger cause I'm hungry den a muh fucka!" We found this odd since our previous Drake fan specimens had only desired salads or strictly soy meat products while in captivity. Upon reaching the bottom and walking into the lab all 3 specimens began to act/react/speak much differently than they had on the Earth's surface. One of them even noticed our female lab assistant's "Phat ass". At this point it was clear we were reaching the tip of the iceberg, no homo, and would be able to finally get to the bottom of Earth's latest phenomenon of women in men's bodies. These subjects were not worried in the least bit about shaving, clean nails, tweezing eyebrows or bikini waxes. One of the subjects even spilled a bit of crown royal on his white t and didn't complain one bit. We continued our tests for another 2 hours since it was clear that the problem lies at the Earth's surface. The only solution we could come up with to this problem of today's hip hop feminizing all of Earth's men was for the "naturals" to confront the "metros". It may seem intimidating at first since most of the "metros" can talk loudly and make it seem as if they will "Beat yo ass". But in fact, they will do none of the above when confronted with an actual battle of fisticuffs. Most of them will run or try to calm the situation when they realize you're not scared of them. But when you actually punch them it releases massive amounts of estrogen into their brains which cause them to scream things like "POOOLICE help me!" or "Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh, don't mess up my hair (tears pouring at this point)". So I ask those of you not yet affected by this man's music or the music of Kanye West/Diddy/Jay-z/Fabolous to stand up and do not fear the "metros". They bite about as hard as dead cat. Sincerely, Dr Factoid

    • Anonymous

      lawl at dr. factoid's vivid fantasy

    • Jarrett David Grimes


    • Hahaha

      Good shit!! Hahahah!

    • gooch bur burr

      come out the closet faggot you wrote shit that only a faggot would and your shit not funny faggot ass bitch fuck you and fuck drake u fucking homos

    • J.T.

      LMAO i got a laugh out of this. But on the flip side, saying drake is gay does not make him a bad artist. Thats just homophobic. Its fine if you dont like drake's music but just making accusations that he's gay doesnt prove a point. But i still give you props on the laugh lol.

    • ero

      way to much time on your hands.

    • IDK

      LOL! shit....my voice box hurts of all the laughter thanks to this comment XD

    • Cealix

      +2 internets for you, sir.

    • bisquic

      Thanks I needed a good laugh today haha XD

    • LOL

      Best comment ever.

  • Drake

    Ayo man Check It. Imma bout to: I be a good neighbor to your girl, State Farm My punchlines stay hot, fire arm You niggas mad ashy, lotion Your fans aint there, too bad ya AC broken. While I'm in the streets robbin, Batman My bitches give me head upside down, handstand. Damn, just need to add a catchy hook to that and there's a single. Imma genius.

    • Drake

      Damn Anonymous those were some dope bars. Hit me up and I'll put you on my album.

    • Anonymous

      Let me try some shit! "I'm standing on my Monopoly board ... That means I’m on top of my game!" "Love is evol (evil), spell it backwards!" "Okay quit playing with the scissors and shit, and cut the crap ... I shouldn't have to rhyme these words in the rhythm for you to know -- it's a rap --!"

    • hahah

      lmao! I like drake but that's hilarious. his punch lines are sort of weak but they're truthful to him. "Fresher than a pillow with a mint on it" "Wet glass on your table, nigga, no coaster" they're kinda lame/not hypermasculine but that's ok.. he's still a good rapper and different from the rest. seems like a nice guy.

    • Ryan Yohan

      Drake!!!!! OMG! Please tell all of your haters on this site to get a life! LIKE omg is it annoying to have to explain to these NO LIFE LOSERS what GOOD music is! I love you DRAKE!

  • bigstack8585

    Everyone would say it's not the best song on the album! He would be dumb as hell!

  • Jacob Lopez


    • Jacob Lopez

      I heard that he's supposedly working with 9th on Take Care ... I hope it's true.

    • Mu

      Hells Yeah, bro. That "Think Good Thoughts" joint was crazy! Did you notice how Drake straight jacked Phonte's flow on that song? it still came out great tho

  • Anonymous

    if dis his best song den da album gone b trash cuz dis nigga wack

    • guerilla jones

      you can barely type,its not surprising you cant read.

    • Anonymous

      da mother fucker JUST said it wasnt the best song!!!!!!!!!!

    • ItsTheTruth

      Did u not read the title? The nigga just said it's "by no means" the best song on his album. What ppl like u need to do is start using the word IMO (In my opinion) because that's all it is, this nigga is wack in ur opinion, stating it like a fact makes u look ignorant. And don't get it twisted, im not even a big drake fan, I wasn't feeling his debut album, but Im startin to like his new sound

  • Anonymous

    Drake was at the jacket store like "I like all the patches and smooth bubble convexes in this shit but could you make the collar about 10 sizes bigger my nig? Cool? OOOOOOH, OH YEAH, UH! Shoobie do bee bop uh...YOUNG MUNNEEEE!"

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