Akon Addresses Lupe Fiasco's Criticism Of President Obama

Taking a look at the international impact of our 44th President, Akon addresses Lupe Fiasco's statements that Barack Obama is "the biggest terrorist."

In of 2008, dozens of Hip Hop personalities publicly supported President Obama. John Legend, will.i.am, Jay-Z, Bun B, Ludacris, Common, Young Jeezy and others all threw their support behind the then Illinois senator. But, various artists have been as diverse with their opinions as they have with their music—with emcees such as dead prez and KRS-One refusing to hear any talk of a so-called “Hip Hop president.” One of Obama’s most visible critics has been Lupe Fiasco, who took to the Fox News Channel to air out his grievances during a debate with pundit Bill O’Reilly. During a recent chat with VladTV, Akon offered an international opinion on some of President Obama’s efforts.

“The Republicans are trying to stop him from doing it…he’s trying to pass all these bills, and they’re not allowing him to do it,” Akon explained, possibly referring to the recent budget agreement passed by the House. “In Obama’s defense, he’s trying to do more here at home.”

In regards to Lupe calling President Obama a terrorist on multiple occasions, Akon said that Lupe was only seeing the issue from one angle. Originally hailing from Senegal, Akon explained how some of his international contemporaries view him after eight years under the George W. Bush administration.

“I travel internationally, so I see what Obama is doing for the U.S.,” Akon added. “He’s actually changed the whole image of the United States completely. We was looked at as enemies at one point. When I went to third world countries and Middle Eastern countries, I used to wonder, ‘Should I use my American passport or should I use my Senegalese passport?’ That’s how crazy it was at one point when [George W.] Bush was in power. But now we’re being welcomed around the world because of the political decisions that Obama made.”

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  • Anonymous

    obama is a fuckin uncle tom, fake ass bitch who is just fuckin up our nation more then it was already. instead of doin work he takes taxpayers money to go on vacations and send is wife on vacations or perhaps stop by on oprah or fuckin jay leno fuck you obama, fuck you http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch -dis jbird........................bitch

    • BlackPrince

      Why are u such a fuckin tool? DO you realize that EVERY president goes on vacation shit-for-brains? FUck off and committ suicide. SERIOUSLY.

  • Anonymous

    akon is completely wrong here obama has done little to lessen smaller countries hatred of us and since obama's entered office the larger, more powerful nation take us as a joke

  • kuku

    what concert was that???

  • Anonymous

    akon got some points, whats up with that pic tho? hope he didnt wear that in concert!

  • Anonymous

    wut the fuck akon doing in his boxers lmao

  • Nico 3

    While I wouldn't call Obama the biggest terrosist, he's certainly one of the biggest liars. Every week, he's losing control of things right before the world's eyes, but thank goodness Akon can use his American passport again.

  • Torey Rainey

    I agree w/ Akon when he said Obama changed our imagine internationally. But this was all planned. He needs 2 take care of home instead of Wall Street smh.

  • hustle

    uld yall have found a less GAY picture of this man??? y the underwear model pic?... SMDH

  • DrivingLeftLane

    Ok. Here is my issue with artist, movie stars, etc commenting on politics in a bold manner such as Lupe. They are not political. You can't watch a couple Alex Jones youtube videos, and other anti government movies (Zeigeist for example which Prodigy mentioned as his source) then think you know about politics. Just like gang life, it's deeper than that. You know what they want? They want to find any BLACK person willing to say things like this about Obama. Sure, it's his opinion and he is allowed to express it, however he is only feeding the racist media monster. I find it ignorant to say that Obama is a terrorist because OBAMA isn't the only one who makes decisions and most of us don't know for sure what goes on behind their doors. People should realize that governments in itself are corrupt to begin with. It would help if most realize that police, government, FBI etc are just gangs. They are just the gangs that have the power. In time, it will change but then what? Another gang just replaces them with new promises and lies. I myself just try to ignore politics, I was getting so wrapped up in it and started to realize that this type of problem is endless. If it isn't the US, then it is some other country doing it. It's all about money and power. Ignorance would be to think it isn't. http://soundcloud.com/aaronhenderson

    • Torey Rainey

      Btw, everyone has 2 be open 2 criticism no matter the race. I'm so happy Lupe spoke his feelings & not try 2 be politically correct like most celebs.

    • Torey Rainey

      smh Obama is the leader of that gang lol. Seriously though go look @ Obama's campaign video's when he was running 4 office. This is when u actually have 2 sell yourself 2 the ppl. Everything he campaigned on, he did a 360 once voted in. 90% of his administration is Wall Street. That's a fact.

  • Anonymous

    I love how people always blame politicians for their fucked up lives. They're aren't responsible for you getting money. Get your ass up and try to do something with your live instead of waiting for a politician to actually do something for you. So, Obama won't get elected again, what's their then? Another president who gets hyped first and then dismissed because he isn't going to solve all your personal problems? As if one could do right for all the people in this country. And don't act like you care about all the people in Libya you don't know. What are you doing for them instead of voicing your hypocritical moral views? The world has and will alwys be like that. A nation has to bomb another one to save their own wealth. There will never be peace for the whole world, wake up and stop dreaming.

  • Salman Sheikh

    I'm really glad that the sell out Akon isn't perceived as a political activist. He should really stick to music. Obama still has Joe Biden and countless other members who were also under G.W.Bush at the time of his presidency. Also, unlike Bush and his war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama dropped drones on Pakistan on the day of his inauguration, followed by threatening Iran and Korea. Now we can see the destruction of Yemen, Libya, Egypt and Syria. If that isn't enough, the Obama administration fund Israel each year by $3Bn who then kill the Palestinian people and continue their illegal settlement. Obama is nothing but a puppet ; with the same admin as Bush, he has only worsened the view of America to the outside world.

    • Salman Sheikh

      @anonymous. Well that is untrue , Bush got shoes thrown at him how many times? after how MANY years of going to Afghanistan and Iraq? Obama is a notorious speaker and shows respect when in another country. the fact is he doesn't give a fuck like all the other presidents and governments in the world. Profit is what motivates their action and also zionism. If you think its OK that America can just come over to drop bombs then you are one deluded fuck .. if I did that to your grandmas house while she's out gardening you'd be singing a different lullaby . America had a huge influcence in Egypt even more so than Libya. Why? Egypt was a major allie to the WEST, however when China the second world power started to get oil cheap, the only thing America could do is provoke this uprise after how many decades of RULE? not a coincidence my friend. Libya, I have friends from Libya who's grandparents have been under this rule for decades, do you think the country' situation has improved one bit? with NATO and US/UK forces sending in apache helicopters a week after they said they wouldn't deploy troops. The country is in ruins and now I wonder who's gonna control that OIL? Do you know how important Libyan oil is to BRITISH PETROLIUM? look it up. As for Israel, as soon as the artificial european state was formed on 14 May 1948, America has funded Israel today, without the aid of US funds Israel wouldn't walk around with the heads sticking out. GOOGLE - US FOREIGN AID TO ISRAEL. PEACE

    • Salman Sheikh

      @USA! .. you are a prime example of the ignorance in this world and also your hypocrisy. I guarantee if I was on your train with a bomb tomorrow you'd be on your knees.. but that wouldn't happened because we're not all deluded like you.

    • Anonymous

      Bullcrap. Bush couldn't go to the eastern world without getting shoes thrown at him, whereas Obama made trips to the Middle East and came back the exact same way he departed. Yemen and Syria are collapsing under their own damn inability to function as a peaceful nation. As for Libya, Gadafi was getting out of hand, so we checked him, simple as that. He needed to fall back. And besides, it wasn't just us who went in, it was US and other UN nations. On top of that, we didn't even invade: We dropped bombs then passed on leadership of the project to another country. And the Egypt situation is in no way affected by US actions. They overthrew their dictator, not us. The only valid point you have is Israel, that needs to stop. How long have we been funding them anyway? And finally, The Obama admin. greatly differs from Bush's.

    • USA!

      whatever you say osama.fucking terrorist looking mother fucker

  • jd

    only if obama wasn't black then black people would really do research on wut he was doin the people dont even kno his real name but now our people really dont care about politics since we got a black pres. we jus sit back and think were gonna b taken care of like when the staged 911 attacks we didnt care about war obama is jus a black version of bush i agree wit lupe but he aint bring enough points to the table to make his statement sound like the truth VOTE RON PAUL 2012

    • Salman Sheikh

      It was a proud moment in the sense that a BLACK person made it to the white house? TOO THEM , it was proud, for me personally , I know that a BLACK pres or WHITE pres doesn't control the economy, so you can have a fucking dog for president, it doesn't matter, they are just a cover for the people who really make the decisons.

    • Anonymous

      how was it a proud moment for black people lol it was one of their most embarrassing, they proved that they (in america) view themselves as nothing more than the sum of their skin colour and that all they care about is skin colour which is beyond ignorant

    • Salman Sheikh

      true , the majority of black people in the US voted for him purely because he was black and why not? This was a victory and a proud moment for black people, colored people in general. I remember Ludacris talking about 'Obama is here' now I don't hear anything about Barak unless his names jus being dropped by drake. The powers that be have cleverly put him as president for one simple reason. The majority of white people in America are all brainwashed; because black people have been treated so badly in America under Bush and other presidents, the only way for the black people to join in politics etc. is to put a black guy there. A mixed race, half irish half Sudanese who's full name is all Muslim. Yet the chance that he is actually Muslim is 0. Also tell me how can a black person in America be proud of their president bombing his FIRST african nation in Libya?

  • Anonymous

    Libya, Africa just changed all of that. They hate us again!! So basically akon is saying that Lupe is only lookin at it from one angle. and that is the actual foreign policies and actions (or lack of action) his adminstration have done. Akon is lookin at it from the angle of America's image internationally. So Lupe is concerned with ACTIONS Akon is concerned with APPEARANCES just thought i'd make that clear.

  • Anonymous

    I'm amazed that you guys keep debating these two guys thoughts. One of them is standing here in his boxers and the other complains one week about his record label ruining the album then thanks fans for buying it and saying "I worked hard on this and I really like how it came out"...After he went on a months long tirade against his label.

  • bats

    I'm just glad this was positive :)

  • tamiki

    Some of these comments are so pathetic. Everyone has a right to voice their own opinion. I do AGREE with WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! The only sane person on this blog. If you can do any better at running the country then here is your chance to run in 2012. You all are so quick to judge this man. What have you ever done to improve the state of your people? Black people are known to complain and gripe about nothing. Obama does not owe us anything. Get off your arses and do something to help yourself. Stop waiting on Obama to do it for you. Grown ass people waiting for a handout. GET a LIFE and stop complaining!!!!!!!!!

    • Why. Does hard work really pay off?

      Blacks need to steal more land and kill their indigenous people off (American Indians/Australia's Tasmanian Aboriginal people) and bring more slaves in to do all the work for them to get them rich and shut then shut them out. We also need to overthrow more govts. of other foreign sovereign nations to get ahead. Right?? Black need to rob gas or oil nations not gas station!!! Right?? SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  • Jason Pennells

    America places themselves on the top of the capitalist and military totem poll and do lots of shit behind the scenes to keep themselves there. The rampant exploits of corporate america have fueled coups around the world (the latest of which was Iraq) and taken land and resources from impoverished nations. You think the poor people in the world live in the ghettos of brooklyn??? The poor people are living in El Salvador where 11 year old girls are making your shoes gettin paid next to nothin because the American government ushered in corporations to purchase the best farmland and privatize the food supply so that you can get your bananas for cheap (and they even give foodstamps to the ghetto so that they can get em cheap too). Obama is continuing this imperialistic cycle that has going on since the first european pilgrimage. So what he gave a speech in Egypt about religious tolerance WoopDeFuckinDo! Americas foreign policy HAS NOT CHANGED and thats what the beef is bout. Alot of ppl here like Obama becuz he has done alright by America. But he has not done alright by the world.

    • Jason Pennells

      @snow hey i got no problem when ppl disagree with me but if you really want your opinion to be heard then you should actually talk about the fuckin issue. Lets review: your argument consisted of -callin me a conspiracy left wing nut job -mocking Ks becuz he probably wont make much money ....yeeeaaa call me crazy but im gonna keep my opinion.

    • Ks

      hey snow, your opinion is all yours..

    • Snow

      Jason Pennells you ignorant fool, keep learning your economic theories from conspiracy websites and far left nut jobs, i would be so embarrassed to have my name attached to a comment like that. and to KS: enjoy your piece of shit political science masters program and being unemployed and broke when you graduate. you will obviously be useless to the private sector so i guess your only hope is to try and get a Phd at some 5th tier school only to work your ass of for 10 years after your Phd to try to get into a teaching position making well under 75k at a 3rd rate university/community college and teaching your opinions as facts because you studied political science. but no you both really understand what is going on in the world, lol you fucking clowns. haha

    • Ks

      Damn...razor sharp AND accurate. Im taking a Masters Level Social Welfare Policy class and you just summed up the entire summer curriculum, you know your stuff. Good shit Son. Respect

  • wake up people

    I read most of the comments and some people should not even wasted our time! There were a couple of comments that made some sense. Akon, Lupe and other celebs have the right to express themselves just as you. The issue is at least Obama is giving an effort to make a change however possible. I am not for the republican or democrats. Obama stated when elected, it would take time to fix the issues our country have and it would require bipartisan and the help of the american people. With that said, he is a politician and he has to play the political game. It is easy for so many people to kick back and judge someone else and be critical. How many of you voted?? How many of you are invovled in your own communities?? How many of you are invovled in your state legislation?? The music, movies, tv and the media control your minds while the banks, oil companies, financial institutions and coporate america are robbing us blind. And,your talking about the picture of AKON!! Who cares!! United we Stand....Divided we fall!!! Thats why we continue to fall, our country is so divided. Wake up people read, research, elevate your thinking process. Go beyound the smoke screen. Don't believe everything you see or hear. Its all about the money in every aspect people. Think about this....if you took money out of the picture, what would YOU live for???????? One!

    • Ks

      Very good points. I could definately go on for days about how media controls the mind. Most people dont know about what politics and social welfare policies actually entail. since i was a kid i always wondered if the voting process was even real. I always thought from eight years old that politicians were selected, not elected. Voting just makes Americans feel as if they had some part in the process. Majority of the time, its useless discussing these topics with people. America is the wealthiest nation, yet we are far behind in education, science and technology....i could keep going on...

  • Anonymous

    Im a Lupe fan but that terrorist shit was the only thing I cant co-sign. Even I see that as his publicity stunt. Even though Obama still cant settle ongoing war against Taliban etc, his political stance against foreign countries are way better than his predecessors. His policy over economy is wack, though.

    • Chris

      IMO there is no denying the fact that Obama a TERRORIST. BUT He us far from being the only one. I am not here to argue or debate causes nor am I saying anyone is more righteous anyone else. I am giving you a definition or TERRORISM and the definitions of the words in the definition of Terrorism. By definition the United States of America are the heads of the biggest terrorist network in the world! I WILL NOT ENGAGE IN WHYS WHATS WHENS OR HOWS BECAUSE THAT IS ONLY A SMOKE SCREEN TO NEGATE FACTS. To quote the Merriam Webster Dictionary: ter·ror·ism noun \ˈter-ər-ˌi-zəm\ Definition of TERRORISM : the SYSTEMATIC use of TERROR especially as a means of COERCION. America systematically uses violence and terror through direct action with their military or indirectly with their foreign policies. Military and Politics are systems and organized groups. Definition of SYSTEM f : a form of social, economic, or political organization or practice Definition of TERROR 1 : a state of intense fear 4 : violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands. coerce verb \kō-ˈərs\ co·ercedco·erc·ing Definition of COERCE transitive verb 1: to restrain or dominate by force 2: to compel to an act or choice 3: to achieve by force or threat OBAMA AND MANY OTHER LEADERS ARE BY DEFINITION TERRORISTS. THANKS FOR READING.

  • Anonymous

    we voted Obama in, now he's a war monger, a mouth peice for the dragon!

  • murdermitten

    once again ill say these celebrities are in no position to give political views the majority, especially hip hop artists, are biased and kno nothin about it.... thats not a diss at hip hop either its just true after reading all this shit all the time..... obamas bills arent passing because they are nothin but band aids on the problem nothin good for the long run

    • condom

      indeed, these niggas educated by Maseratis & Ferraris. they have real stance from ghetto but not the real political world.

  • sum

    People don't want to waist time listening to dumass celebrity's if you want to awaken yourself to these policy's the government puts forward to protect it's own interests at home and abroad at the cost of each and every other citizen's life and well being.

  • Anonymous

    if i'm gonna hear a political opinion from a celeb, it isn't going to be Akon. R Kelly Jr. over here. you can tell by his statement he doesn't know the first thing about anything. and whats up with that pic?

  • EddieMurrrphy

    it doesnt have much to do w/ his "political decisions", i bet, and more to do with the fact that we looked like much less of an ignorant assholey bunch when we elected him. if you think obama is doing a shitty job or whatever, imagine if we elected mccain, ha! the apocalypse might as well have happened. dickridin dickridin obama

  • Is this guy serious?

    Listening to Akon's "arguments" or opinions in this article are absolutely idiotic, he doesn't even sound like he knows what the fuck he is talking about. Our international opinion throughout the world has increased only because of the younger generation who have pulled support for a black president. Obama has done nothing to warrant sincere praise or criticism such as being a "terrorist". Sorry for the rant but it fries me when these dumb asses act like their opinions mean something.

  • illegal ass foo

    wut the fuck, they really had to pu that picure on there these people r so fuckin stupi

  • Ks

    open your eyes, Obama is a politician. Plain and simple.his job was to get elected. We all know politics is a dirty game and Obama plays that game. All black people aren't blinded by the smokscreen of a black president. Lupe said shit that people aren't ready for. United states is the most powerful nation who bullies other countries. Get off the patriotic shit.America is the biggest terrorist nation going. U think U.S soilders aren't killing innocent people and raping women overseas? Some of y'all need to wake up.

    • Anonymous

      Soldiers of every army commit crimes in war... That's not the government's fault. I don't support government but that's a terrible arguement.

    • Al-Qaeda

      how about i get my wonderful friends and bomb this country. You its the right choice

  • haha

    its funny all the black ppl still supporting Obama when he hasnt done anything for your ppl LOL he isnt even black he is a house Nicka end of story.... look at what him and the dems did to the stock market by being stubborn about the debt ceiling.. why listen to what akon has to say he keeps your ppl down uneducated and selling drungs FOOLS!! Lupe at least tries to educate u... Pac would back Lupe NOT Akon... peace and LIKE ALWAYS THUG LIFE

  • haha

    its funny all the black ppl still supporting Obama when he hasnt done anything for your ppl LOL he isnt even black he is a house Niqqer end of story.... look at what him and the dems did to the stock market by being stubborn about the debt ceiling.. why listen to what akon has to say he keeps your ppl down uneducated and selling drungs FOOLS!! Lupe at least tries to educate u... Pac would back Lupe NOT Akon... peace and LIKE ALWAYS THUG LIFE

  • haha

    its funny all the black ppl still supporting Obama when he hasnt done anything for your ppl LOL he isnt even black he is a house N*gger end of story.... look at what him and the dems did to the stock market by being stubborn about the debt ceiling.. why listen to what akon has to say he keeps your ppl down uneducated and selling drungs FOOLS!! Lupe at least tries to educate u... Pac would back Lupe NOT Akon... peace and LIKE ALWAYS THUG LIFE

  • hater's hater

    LOL @ them using a picture of Akon in his underwear for this article.

  • Yo

    Obama ain't no damn terrorist thats for damn sure

  • Yo

    Why out of all pics, they gotta put up a boxer/brief pic. smh

  • Coma

    I think some of y'all Americans got it messed up: What makes America great is I can shyt on the current POTUS and Lupe can... Just like some of you can shyt on Bush and whomever... Try that shy in IRAN or CHINA. It's not happening!

  • Thtdude

    Unfortunetly obama has made the u.s. a laughing stock overseas, whats even more unfortunate is sell outs like this who only choose to see one side.

  • sun_god7

    Unfortunately, the views that Akon expressed is actually the majority view of middle class conscious Black folks. Lupe represents both the left and 'hood view of Obama. It also shows how they see themselves in relation to America. Goes back to Malcolm X's "House Negro versus Field Negro" analysis...

  • Akon = Dumb Jig

    Its 2 bad the majority of America is so clueless when it comes to our Tyranical Government.

  • DriftGirl

    Lupe Fiasco is a F'in idiot.

  • Mohammad

    First off, both these clowns claim to be Muslim, Lupe and Akon. They're not. They both sold out, and I assume they probably sold their souls as well. Lupe made remarks about Obama BECAUSE he had a record coming out, plain and simple. Akon is just a fool, as you can see in the photograph above, who has been diluted by his money and fame. If either of these brainwashed "men" actually stood for something, they would take ACTION not just blow hot air. Lupe was on O'Reilly as if he's an intelligent individual, he's not, once again publicity and record sales are the main concern. Not Palestine, not the Middle East, none of that. As a Muslim, from Iraq, kickin up dust in the Mil, I pray for these "brothers" to repent before it's too late. Ramadan Kareem to those Fasting-

    • anon

      u assume u dont know, Lupe repent for what??? Akon on the other hand u might have a case plus we all must say staghfarallah no ones perfect u too.

    • anon

      u sir are an idiot lupe and akon have not said anything haram ramadan mubarak and stop judging people because they are neglecting to mention palestine in all their lyrics

    • YouDontEvenPayAttention

      You didn't watch Lupe on O'Reilly did you?

    • Anonymous

      Rhamadan Mubarak, Pray for yourself brother and let Allah be the judge of men. Not you ahki Salaaamu Alaikum

  • akonisstupid

    Akon is obviously the one looking at it from one angle.



    • Anonymous

      Libya, Africa just changed all of that. They hate us again!! So basically akon is saying that Lupe is only lookin at it from one angle. and that is the actual foreign policies and actions (or lack of action) his adminstration have done. Akon is lookin at it from the angle of America's image internationally. So Lupe is concerned with ACTIONS Akon is concerned with APPEARANCES just thought i'd make that clear

    • Justin

      ewwww..why would you rape Hilary?

    • Anonymous

      bit*h calm down

  • son of a genocide

    For my security i wont mention the name of my country. Just know i am from Southern Africa. my tribe was almost exterminated in the 1980s... The world did nothing and instead knighted the dictator.. American and British agents were involved because our leaders were pro Russia! i agree with lupe im not saying obama a terrorist but the american government and its systems are terrorist.. Now we are going to take back whats ours and watch how the world is going to away because we don't have oil like libya!

  • Jason Pennells

    So basically akon is saying that Lupe is only lookin at it from one angle. and that is the actual foreign policies and actions (or lack of action) his adminstration have done. Akon is lookin at it from the angle of America's image internationally. So Lupe is concerned with ACTIONS Akon is concerned with APPEARANCES just thought i'd make that clear

    • Anonymous

      Changing the appearance of a nation to others is an action. If other countries dont respect or like you on any level good luck getting business done with people.

  • Anonymous

    Libya, Africa just changed all of that. They hate us again!!

  • Broski

    Tell this man to put some clothes on before he tries to have a serious discussion.

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      lol.... For some reason all tbese rappers(or whatever the fuck he is considered) and singers think they should all be shirtless... 2Pac(RIP), LL cool J, DMX and a few other rappers and singers from the 80's and 90's I was cool with them doing the shirtless thing since they pretty much started it, but now we have fat fucks and folks like this guy thinking they can just roll with the ish he has on in that pic....wtf...

    • ww

      lol i was think of the same thing

  • mgruppe.com

    People had high expectations after Bush left, so Obama was fucked in the beginning. The "messiah"-factor and receiving the nobel-prize fucked up his agenda. Americans don´t give a fuck about healthcare, they want their troops back home. Fuck Guantanamo-Bay and the illegal prisoners if you can reduce terrorist attacks. Obama HAS to be a terrorist to achieve all the impossible missions attached to his ass. Lupe wants to show the world how intelligent he is, just like bitch-ass Akon. And having these fuckers talking about politics is boring, because their opinion don´t change shit in US-politics. Obama should step back and open up a weed-farm, let Bachmann and the tea-party finish what Bush started.

    • Ado Cob

      1) You're stupid if you believe that these people would cause no change in politics. If our media isn't going to expose the government for the bullshit it does, who else will? Lupe's voice is heard by a lot of people, and that helps tremendously. 2) Obama should step back and let the tea party finish what Bush started? Why? He's doing it for them. He has failed on the Bush tax cuts, medicare/medicaid/SS, student loans, the wars, consumer protection agency and elizabeth warren. the list goes on and on.

  • just

    The more I here about what America is doing in African countrie's, the more I'm made to believe the 9/11 was an inside job. I mean the fact that no jews went to work that day is suspect.....100 allegations of torture of detainees(terrorism suspects)under the Bush administration and Obama refuses to investigate his predecessors administration ignoring to meet it's obligations under the United States Convention Against Toture, his argument is "America needs to lookforward not back" but they ignore their past only to their own peril, snooping around the world trying to lecture people on democracy. Obama was put in power only to decieve, Akon

  • hip

    hhdx is a bunch of fools..why post a serious article and make akon look like a fool in that picture..

  • thought dog

    The real issue here is why is akon standing there in sports briefs?

  • da1

    I lost alot of respect for lupe on that one. The only reason he has a gripe with Obama is because of his Muslim Brotherhood. He feels that Barack Obama is pro israel and an Imperialist. For someone who is supposedly such a genius he is very misinformed about alot of things. I wouldn't be shocked if Lupe thinks 9/11 was a inside job. He probably thinks Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Gaddafi are great men. Lupe's religion makes him say such asinine things so I really shouldn't take his comments so seriously.

    • Anonymous

      i still find it difficult to believe that America is a country of democracy and religious freedom because of ass holes like u, fox news, Sara dum ass, the florida pastor and the rest of the good old paranoid(GOP) and the tea party, because Obama wouldn't be president if he was agreed to be a Muslim

    • Jason Pennells

      dead prez and immortal technique (not muslim) feel the same way. Along with myself (i dont think i'd call him a terrorist but i agree with his sentiment) and many other Christians, Athiests, Jews and etc. So religion has nothing to with it.

    • Jarvis Alford

      Im sad and semi speechless over remarks like this. Lupe, as well as some Christians like myself are looking at the real issues with Barack. He is a brown man, attacking brown countries just as the last administrations have done. Overall it is business as usual around the world for the U.S. Nothing has changed for the better. We just raised our debt ceiling yet again, putting ourselves and our future kids in bondage. 9/11 was an inside job. It doesnt take a genius to know that amateur pilots can't fly 747's. Nor can they make NORAD stand down while they attack. Nor would anybody be so scared of a damn box cutter that they would let you crash them into a damn building. It's bigger than hip hop...

    • Matt Tompkins

      Best HHDX post ever^ here's a cookie. (O)

    • e.t

      co-sign man, Iran said several times their gonna commit a mass destruction of the Jews in Israel but Lupe remains silent over that since he is a Muslim and believes that the real threat in our world is western society and jews.

  • Cole World

    "We was looked at as enemies at one point." This niggas grammar alone shows how uneducated he is. Basing his views on how he thinks other countries view us is crazy.

    • amp

      the main issue in his choice of words is that he uses "us"... get the fuck back nigga, u senegalese!

    • Cole Worls

      @ anonymous Didn't say it was not important. I was merely saying that he is basing his opinion on what he "thinks" other countries look at us like. Obviously you can't choose any political opinions on this alone.

    • Akon's Brother

      So what? we're rich nigga!! We making more in one day than u gonna make your whole life #konvict

    • Anonymous

      Your not even worth responding too really, but actually yes how other countries view us is extremely important.

  • Akim

    Obama is not a fighter and i agree with Akon on Obama wants to do more but He never fight for the poor and middle class.He lets the republican get away with tax cut for the richest 1% of America,He needs to do more

  • jaketheshape

    yeah and obama announced the death of bin laden he didnt shoot him himself. oh thats right he ordered his body be put to sea. gave him the best death a mass murder ever had.

    • Hitopblack

      They didn't want to get anybody mad enough to attack us again, so they gave him a legit burial, makes sense.

    • durka durka

      @ knowledge: or it would have caused pandemonium amongst muslim fundamentalists. They would have went even crazy with a bloody picture of their profit. Showing a picture would have done more harm than good.

    • Knowledge is Power

      I respect Obama as an individual, as well as President of The United States. I really don't want to see the body of Bin Laden, but there are only a few conclusions to why they didn't show it. Either they fucked him up real bad or he isn't dead.

  • jaketheshape

    your all ignorant to the facts. The lower and middleclass's mean nothing to these people. fuck smiling glad hand with hidden agendas. I fdont lupe but what he said was on point. sorry if your to blind to research and instead just believe whatever a rapper says. or the news. the NWO is in effect. believe it or not it doesnt matter. There plans are almost to complete fruition

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a puppet. American is a victim of Capitalism. The Federal Reserve is a private company. All of the "governmental" agencies such as the FBI have their own goals, their self interest, and they are also driven by power and capital. War is a business, it's an industry just like oil, medicine, and social security. Washington is run by money--lobbyism. I repeat, Obama is just another puppet of the system. And guess what? The U.S. is not the only country who is economically enslaved. I am talking about Economical Imperialism. And this is only part of it. Minds, wake up. Minds snap out of it. Minds, know thyself and achieve autonomy. And since this is a Hip-hop website, it's only fitting to close with C.R.E.A.M.

    • Hitopblack

      Niggas ain't gonna do shit tho. That's the problem. But blaming and hating one guy is wrong too.

    • Jarvis Alford

      Then what? We need to get involved in our own governments. Yeah were young but we are smarter than most 50 year olds anyways. Re-enact Glass- Steagal, end the Fed, prosecute the Wall St banks who caused this crisis in the first place, then end these unprovoked wars against countries that never laid a hand on our country....Lets start there:-)

    • Matt Tompkins

      Everything you've said is true...but what alternative are you proposing...why should I be angry at an independent entity such as the Fed or the FBI having an agenda? Corporations have agendas. You have an agenda to spread this word. I have an agenda to fuck a Jewish girl into submission and get a child outta her. So again, if not this, then what?

    • Word

      Word!!! He is just a puppet following orders. Nuff said. He no one believes that than they don't know what really happing in the world.

  • romozubi

    Only from the people that Obama has chosen around him you can tell that he aint gonna change SHIT. It's exactly the same as Bush all over again but now hidden behind a popular image.

  • geico lizard

    Akon is speaking the 100% truth. Lupe is a clown with a massive ego and he will never go platinum now.

  • F. Rap

    No one below me (nor a-con) commented on the more recent acts of terrorism lead by obama: the illegal war against Lybia..Remember Lybia ? Very interesting you suckas are mute on that point. Maybe you'd comment if you had to live there w/ all those airstrikes killing your fellow neighbors, families & friends. Meanwhile syria jus yesterday alone merked another 120 of it's own citizens! I guess it's not enough OIL there for President Hoebama & his puppetmasters to give a f%ck- GO LUPE !

    • Saad Rajabali

      Great comeback, you ignorant inbred fucking cunt. The point isn't your spelling, but your lack of basic fucking knowledge on the issue, you dumb fuck. Educate yourself, fucking idiot.

    • F. Rap

      @ saaaaaaedie, eat a DICK..thanks? for the spellcheck? Akon should use one of his beats/hooks for a Lupe joint. They can build on issues then.

    • Harry Otter

      You aren't dealing with the most well informed readers on this site, the average reader probably knows nothing about Libya, Pakistan, or any of the other dozen countries we keep screwing around with. I'm just saying.

    • Saad Rajabali

      Learn how to spell Libya, dumbass. You don't have a single fucking clue about what you just said. If "Syria jus merked another 120 of it's own citizens" is the smartest thing you can say about the situation, apart from calling Obama "Hoebama" (which makes you sound like an utter fucking moron), you need to just keep your mouth shut.

  • hitopblack

    Obama came out of nowhere, younger than all them fools that have been in Congress for years, and became PRESIDENT. You don't think they jealous? You think they like being told what to do by a black man when them or maybe they parents disliked black people? Obama is doing what he can man...

    • Hitopblack

      So Obama is to blame for everything and he's a terrible president huh...don't forget about corrupt state officials, greedy CEOs, and a host of other things poisoning our society. Keep it realistic. His decision-making has not been perfect but it has been solid considering his circumstances. Can't place the blame on one man.

    • 420westcoast

      Chopra, this Obama stan will just come back and say it's all Bush's fault.

    • Chopra

      Shut the fuck up and look around you..Have you done that? Good, now tell me things aren't fucked up in your neck of the woods.

  • thought dog

    This is the man responsible for lady gaga. Let his opinion be stricken from the record.

  • DetroitTwoPointO

    What Lupe said was dumb regardless of how you contextualize it. Terrorists is an overused term...like democrat or republican...they hold no substance...the person who uses the term defines its meaning. Last time I check Obama helped find and kill the person responsible for the lost of 3000 American lives, on our soil....Dude need to wake up.

  • Anonymous

    Obama gets alot of hate. Some of it is rightfully, the other is pure frustration. I still don't get Lupe's point. He is a terrorist, but what do you want to change about it? Go into politics yourself and try to make it better. Everything he does now is wrong. People had unrealistic expectations from the beginning. You can't do right for each & everyone. Sometimes you gotta take sacrifices for the greater good.

  • hitopblack

    Niggas gotta watch the news. Lupe is an idiot that's too busy making horrible 3rd albums to see that now that we've caught Bin Laden we taking the troops out of Afghanistan. Canada is leaving too. Lupe should be shamed talking about Obeezy and they from the same city. Chuuuch!

    • Hitopblack

      So Obama wants to destroy the country? GTFOH. Anonymous, the troops are on a withdrawl schedule, idiot.

    • Jarvis Alford

      We are involved in bombing Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and flying drones over Iran now. All on Obama's watch. The troops get pulled from one war zone and placed in another. Did you know that suicide is the greatest cause of death for US soldiers? How long do you suggest we let these kids kill and be killed in the name of oil and money? The economy is going to shit, jobs are gone, and you want to support Obama? Look around him, he has the same people that Bush and Clinton had. They are all on the same team...the team that will destroy our country!

    • Anonymous

      The troops aren't leaving Afghanistan or Iraq anytime soon idiot.

  • real talk sonny

    obama is the same shit like bush they are both puppets of the elite dumb ass akon ,obama said troops will come home instead he shipped another 50k and gotta nobel peace prize

  • kenmedia

    Checkout MMG Fan app on Android market and Iphone app store Get Free and get the latest on Maybach Music group

  • branden

    Akon is really generalizing here. Whether his decision or not President Obama has contributed to wars or war like actions around the world that can be viewed as terrorism. When you are the Commander in Chief you have to take the criticism. People need to read and research and stop taking news outlets at face value.

    • Willy

      When you do your research where do you look? On the internet? Every web-site that you peruse has an agenda. There is no such thing as an un-biased medium. To think otherwise is ignorant.

  • 420westcoast

    Akon is an idiot LOL!! Republicans are stopping Obama from passing all of these bills. The Dems have control of the house and presidency. Only at the beginning of this year has the Repubs gained control of the house. Look at all the spending bills Obama passed prior to 1/1/11. and this clown is saying Repubs are stopping him. bitch please.

    • Anonymous

      lol..funny guy...the house and the senate had to pass it...The Reps gave more votes than the Dems did in the House by about 30 votes. It was bi-partisan. And those wars you speak of are necessary to maintain our consumer economy. The only way they pulling out is if Americans stop consuming so much, but that'll never happen. We pull out gas goes up to about 5 instantly then continues to rise. Gotta understand trade agreements to understand wars.

    • 420westcoast

      I done said the Repubs gained control of the house at the beginning of the year nephew. And look, the Dem controlled Senate just passed the bill to increase the debt limit. Which means....MORE SPENDING!! Obama's spending way less than Bush LOL!! Hitoblack, stop drinking the koolaid. We're in more wars now than we were when Bush was in office. Yep, Obama is sure fixing that Bush war problem LOL!!

    • Anonymous

      Dems don't have conrl of the House fam...I belive its 193 to 242...look it up

    • hitopblack

      Obama's still spending way less than Bush. Not to mention FIXING all of Bush's problems! Duh!

  • Michael

    Seriously? Coming from Akon? Dude has no clue about politics...but then so does a lot of rappers.

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