Soulja Boy Owes The IRS $26,000 In Back Taxes

The "Crank Dat" rapper is in the dog house with almost $30K owed to Uncle Sam.

After claiming that he dropped $55 million on a private jet and later retracting the lie, Soulja Boy is in actuality facing financial woes. According to, the 21-year-old owes more than $26,000 in back taxes to the IRS.

The State of California reportedly filed a $26,805 tax lien against the “Crank Dat” rapper on March 24, 2011, with the matter yet to be resolved.

Soulja Boy, who made Forbes’ Hip Hop Cash Kings list in 2010 with $7 million in earnings, recently resolved a $3,571 lien in Mississippi last week. According to documents, his financial problems extend further, as his Georgia home was foreclosed on last year.

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  • reena

    i really have NO pity on a celeb that touts about how much money they have... yet thier home goes into foreclosure... cause if he really had BANK he wouldve paid 100% for the house instead of financing.smdh dumbass..

  • I'm a retard

    He'll come back strong solja boy is a top five mc with out question. He has some the best lyrics if you think about it,with strong production to macth. Come to think about it,who's a better producer than him?..And do give me that RZA DJ Premier bullshit,those old farts are washed up,and never had the impact of soulja boy's genius. get you're paper homie soulja boy fan for life!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      starting to think the moderators are typin straight nonsense like this to boost the numbers. and if this is a real person, you can't even prove what you said to be true without FACTS.

  • elirootz

    cant really say that im surprised. If your an old hip-hop head and are in need of some real music, check out this mixtape you wont be disappointed,

  • Anonymous

    damn that sucks. this nigga went platinum a few years ago now her facin forclosure times is tuff man If you ever been locked up you NEEED to watch this. watch what the system does to us while were distracted

  • The Brit

    Just like your US gov't, your broke nicca! And the world is watching u americans living on borrowed time - time to befriend u r chinese friends...

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    Bankruptcy in 3.....2....1...

  • TY

    All I can say is that he had it comin to him!...maybe all of his poser fans will get off his bandwagon now that MR. all I rap about is money and women doesnt have either of those things...Soulja Boy+Waka Flaka=2 most overrated rappers alive!!

  • Anonymous

    and the young boy should have known that once he put that bs plane story out there his finances would be looked at more carefully.

  • Info

    Just another rapper claiming he rich when he is real not, dagg man where are all these clows keep coming from, straight Fronting, Yo Soulja Uncle Sam want's you.

  • Lazarus

    Who the fuck cares if this nigga owes money.give me sum real news dammit!

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when clowns become millionaires. It comes and goes just as fast as their career.

  • Anonymous

    I told somebody he gon be broke b4 40 after that G5 talk.. i aint kno it was gon be 2 days later

  • hellrazor

    someone should write a book for him titled "money management for dummies".

  • Anonymous

    who remembers his "Rich Nigga Shit" series of videos he used to always post on worldstarr?? thats why this is so funny who lies about buying a 55 million dollar jet???, like people were going to believe he has anywhere near that kind of paper

  • Anonymous

    Ya broke bitch! now, i'm not the nigga that hates when another nigga get his money...but i believe in getting paid for doing something your good at/doing a good job. this nigga has never done a good job, and rap aint something he good at. So, Soulja Boy you deserve it! and how u supposedly blow money you aint have, your credit aint that good nigga.

    • Cage

      Watch it, anon, bitch ass kalin or whoever the fuck he is might get on you... thats sb's last fan, what a lame

  • NAS

    This Nigga right here single handely killed hip-hop

  • Lefty Mason

    Cypress Hill said it best... "Save your money man, a hit single doesn't last forever". Though he made more money than them, Soulja Boy will be lumped in with other rappers such as Mims, Jibbs, J-Kwon, and every other rapper that had one big hit and was forgotten soon after.

  • sssssssss

    finally.didnt 50 cent give this nigga 6 million to grab his dick?ayo 50!!! gay!

  • Cage

    Hahaha foreclosed his home?? What happened to all the lil dummies sayin he wasnt broke? Tour money huh? whateva, wake up you clown ass sb fans.. This nigga is washed, just like i said. Am I wrong for enjoying this news? Absolutely not

    • reena

      no your not wrong for enjoying the news... cause when rappers always rap about how much money they have... then news come out about thier houses being foreclosed... just goes to show the mofo been fakin... and btw.. if a celeb. is balling like that like they claim... why dont they just buy the whole house instead of having a mortage. smdh oh well. lol

    • Coogi

      Kalin is a faggot, loss by TKO

    • Anonymous

      people with money foreclose homes too. it's more about them letting the bank take the risk of selling it for a lower value. perhaps since you say your mom owns one you should learn more about it instead of automatically saying foreclosure means being broke.

    • Cage

      ^^ I don't have any sisters, and my mom owns her home, you dickriding faggot

    • Kalin Maurice Leonard

      Yes you are wrong for celebrating someone going through hard times. Sheesh did he take your lil sisters virginity or something. Not liking his music and hoping he fails in life are two total different things. I hope your mom gets evicted from her double-wide so you can share the feeling.

  • blaw023

    People can easily live off 7 million for the rest of there life. But of course this stupid nigga spends all this money on stuff he doesn't need and sooner or later he's going to be broke. Same old story.smdh

  • Ice-T

    Eat a dick Soulja Boy.

  • broke tyrone

    thiz nigga broke like me

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