Tech N9ne Explains His Verse On Jay Rock's "Kill Or Be Killed"

The Strange Music honcho shares his thought process in letting it all out.

On his feature on Jay Rock’s cut “Kill or Be Killed,” Tech N9ne addresses anyone who puts the blame on him for Mac Dre's passing taking place on his home turf. In an interview with, the Kansas City, Missouri native, who bigs up Mac Dre during all of his performances and has relationships with his family, explains what prompted him to record the track.

“Jay Rock done pulled it out of me because I heard his verse about ‘It’s a homicidal life’ and ‘the doctor’s are trying to save you’ and this that or the other,” he recalled. “It just put me in the mind frame that I wanted to talk about something real–something that irks me: me being a good guy, why these demons keep knocking on my door, playing with me, when I have nothing to do with nothing shady?

“I don’t want to fight nobody!” he continued. “I don’t want to have no friction with nobody but you will not disrespect me as a man. When you disrespect me as a man…I gotta show you. I don’t want to…but I will, and that’s what that verse is talking about.”

Read the full interview over at his site.

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  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    Tech murdered that beat too lol

  • BigWillies

    Tech N9ne looks like Rip Hamilton.

  • Anonymous

    to: haters stop hatin and start listening to what you have been sleeping on since the 90's

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Admittedly. When I heard of Tech N9ne I was like, this dude is wack and I'm not feeling that horrorcore shit. But now, now that I know he's not like the rest of them. That just say some morbid masochist shit to sound sadistic and hard But has actual reasons as to why? Now I'm all for it. You got guys like Wolf Gang that say some sadistic shit with no sociological reason . This dude is doing his thing and can back it up. Unapologetically. Props to Tech N9ne.

  • Anonymous

    tech killed that verse. hes doope. if he had a big ass machine behind him promoting him and marketing him right all yall critics wud be on his nuts. real talk. a lot of you only like whats marketed right if you feelin that holla at this joint

  • lukeknocks

    i love how people try and hate on Tech and speak like they know. All it shows is that you dont know shit lol. And Tech was doing real rock collabs late 90's early 2000's, when Wayne was a kid. Plus come on man, Tech had the Deftones on his new album, real rock legends.

    • Anonymous

      they dont kno about tech they jus know what they get marketed smh. feel me? then peep this

  • jason

    The reason this fag has to explain is because his fans are so ridicluosly retarded that its not even funny. Hey "Technicians" I hear Tech is dropping a Rock album. I wonder where he got that idea from?*cough* Weezy *cough* Fucking biter.

    • Jacko

      Lol he's been talking about KABOSH since at LEAST 2005. U mad bro?

    • wushock

      okay and hip hop is dying because of ignorant assholes like u. go back to your gucci wakaflocka no talent bull shit faggot

    • cool

      the reason tech fans are all stupid as shit is cuz they about 95% white boys hahahahaha

    • Aaron

      actually the kabosh rock album has been in the talks since 05 so back your shit up faggot

    • Anonymous

      jason you go to hell

    • SiX

      Eat a dick jason

    • jay

      he planned on making a rock album along time ago u fagg..

    • Anonymous from 2008 and mentioning his rock group. rebith came out in 2010 and that was hardly rock

    • Anonymous

      He decided to make a rock album long before Petite Wayne dropped the piece of shit you call "Rebirth." Hop the fuck off "Weezy's" dick.

    • smh

      well ur right about 1thing and its that he bited it from wayne or am i too high??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Anonymous

      he's explaining it b/c and interview asked him about the song. and he's had the rock album idea b4 wayne, he just hasn't had the time to do it.

  • Anonymous

    Tech N9ne > your favorite rapper

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