Consequence Replies To Pusha T, Claims Jay-Z Is The Only Person Who Could Dead G.O.O.D. Music Beef

Cons continues his smear campaign against G.O.O.D. Music with a new interview and diss track towards his former family.

Yesterday, Pusha T responded to Consequence's diss track "The Plagurist Society" by declaring that "nobody's ever checked" for his music. Less than 24 hours later, Cons hopped on the horn with 107.5 WGCI's The Morning Riot (via FSD) to respond to the Clipse member's words, declaring that he "lyrically cannot compete" and that his claims were disrespectful. He also released a scathing diss track titled "Everybody Told Me to Straighten It Out."

“In regards to the interview that the guy did, when you’re dancing around issues when it comes to Hip Hop and microphone confrontations and battles, it really shows one thing: it shows that he can’t compete,” he said. “And I’ma say this clearly. He lyrically cannot compete, and that’s the reason for the extra smoke and mirrors and that attempt at discrediting.”

He specifically addressed Pusha Ton’s claims that “nobody’s checking” for him, explaining that his placement on Beyonce’s new album 4 with the song “Party” proves he’s relevant. He took it even one step further, claiming that he’s a cut above the rest.

“As it stands right now, I’m the most talked-about commodity in Hip Hop. And I’ma go out here and say it: I’m probably the best pure lyricist in Hip Hop and in music right now and along the elite songwriters in the game,” he continued. “I’ma prove it because I’ma drop the biggest blockbuster this summer in the form of Movies on Demand 3.

“That guy said, ‘He’s an outsider and I’m an insider,’” he continued. “Let me tell you why Kanye West has never said anything to him regarding our situation. He’s never said anything to him regarding our situation because he’s a worker. He’s a worker! He was jet fuel for Pharrell Williams, and he’s going to be jet fuel for Kanye West. He’s a live body.”

In regards to deading the beef, Cons says that the only way he could ever resolve his issues with ‘Ye and the G.O.O.D. Music team would be if Jay-Z intervened and had a face-to-face talk.

“I’m the brother who’s not going to stand back and watch him do what he’s doing and be up to no good without saying anything. So at this point, I’m going to be honest with Chicago, it’s gotten a little past Kanye at this point. This ‘campaign of terror’ is going to continue until Jay-Z intervenes. And when Jay-Z and Consequence have a gentlemen’s conversation, this will come to an end.”

Listen to the full interview at Fake Shore Drive.

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  • Biggthings

    wow really, consequence...your real name is freaking dexter! your the best huh..based on what that wack ass album you put out 5 years ago that peaked 114 on the chart..that nobody ever freaking heard of! pusha was right no one is checking for you outside of Chi..if your the best prove it with good muzic not shit talk...and oh yea asking for J to intervene publicly..was Gay!...lmao

  • Special Ed

    For you that don't know... Jay, 'Ye and Cons used to hang out a lot back in the day... In 'The late Registration' era... Cons just wants to be heard, and in hip hop, you gotta make noise if you want to be heard... The same people who are asking him to stop the 'smear campaign' will be the same people that'll say 'well, why didn't he say anything, if that's how he felt'... Do your thing Cons, get that respect...

  • Prick James

    Funny... I ain't check 4 either of these dudes til the beef popped... although I did DL fear of god... B4 I deleted the piece of shit.

  • Lloyd

    For some reason I'm enjoying this "beef" lol

  • drphil

    He's gonna meet jigga then hes gon b like "yoo son put my onto rocnation man i'll change my name to J-Cons so we can all me Jays!!! hehe" -___- cons dope but he needa stop this shit

  • Sweet Fight

    LOL...this rofl.

  • you knoww

    damn he must really want to meet jigga

  • @Mrwillis405 on twitter

    this niggas a coon. Now he bring jay-z into the convo? Why? He aint never cosign ya ass. Just let it burn. UPS is Hiring

  • james

    more jay-z worship.. great.. what does jay-z have to do with this situation? u people give him way too much power.. u made him the judge of something he's not even involved in.. u literally WORSHIP jay-z.. smh the rap game is so gay

    • Isa Dalwai

      Alright dude, you, are seriously confused about this.

    • Only Truth

      Whoa don't get too out of line here.. you have to remember that Jay-z is the king of Music and he is the only person who can decide how things play out sometimes. Jay-z is the person who made rap, give him the credit he deserves. Without Jay-z there wouldn't have been any Nas, Pac, or Biggie. Jay-z was the one who designed the rap game and his decsion is final. I consider Obama the leader of all black people, and Jay-z is second in command.

  • Franklin Benjaman

    Are you serious? You are REQUESTING Jay-Z step in? What type of bitch nigga shit is that?! You a man Pusha T is a man and Ye is a man, if you can't address them you need a 3rd party to address the situation you're a bitch, plain and simple. By you even giving an out to the beef tells the world you don't want to be beefing or you're showing all the smoke and mirrors because your LP is dropping. Hey yo Consequence, you're the reason there's so much bitchassness in the game right now. You so much better than Pusha, Ye or whomever lyrically don't speak about it be about it. Go to every radio station that will accept you and spit fire about these niggas and about the game and make it all different everyday until the album comes out. Go to BET and the rest of them and drop fire declare challeges and make them step to you, don't jump on the website and talk king shit that you're the best, prove it. You know why Wayne gets the love he does, because he gets on anybody's track and hits that bitch with that Wayne Train! Can you do that?

  • G. Lorenzo T.

    sounds like Cons is trying to get signed to ROCNation

  • Yung Flem

    It takes Jay-z for you to stop the beef with ppl. WTF! you sound like a grown little kid. GET over it.

  • Yung Flem

    It takes Jay-z for you to stop the beef with ppl. WTF! you sound like a grown little kid. GET over it.

  • Mr Mogul

    I don't think Jay-z cares. Actually nobody cares....

  • wouzi


  • wouzi


  • no

    Dude is of no consequence. *crickets chirping* Hm, tough crowd. Tough crowd.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Props to all the GOOD music dick riders, you're all propelling someone you claim is wack to public attention.

  • Lunnic


  • jemz

    seriously who the fuck is consequence? people just beefin for no reason nowadays and i never even heard of the nigga

  • CodeRed

    Yo that's some gay ass shit for Con to say he wants Jay-Z to intervene. What the fuck does Jay-Z have to do with anything regarding Pusha T and Consequence? This nigga is lame.

  • Kush69

    wooooow look at all the cock riders talkin shit bout consequence just cuz pusha t got a lil bit of commercial success the bandwagons nowadays be crazy Lmfaoo ya mofos shoud be hatin on cons hes Ye's ghostwriter so those kanye songs yall faggots be playin and gettin an erection too chill out cuz cons may have had somethin to do wit it...

  • Anonymous

    damn cons really played himself. thats all he does all day, play himself.. He has no reason to be doin all this shit. Playin himself like Lil Kim did...

  • Javier Martinez

    You are too weak right now, Cons. Just fall back.

  • illnessyo

    the nigga cons is a straight one outside of the indie ass backpack crowd who disses the rest of the industry for bein commercial is checking for his faggot ass...i mean the only goddamn reason dude has ever been shit is because of kanye's beats...straight herb...

  • tresdemayo

    Cons always been a good side kick, like when he was rapping with ATCQ, but if he never broke out since 1996 he should watch himself in the mirror and ask himself the good questions. BTW, I understand he's made about Kanye cuz his second LP was delayed but wtf is his problem with Pusha ? Oh, and LMAO for the "I’m probably the best pure lyricist in Hip Hop"

  • Anonymous

    i think consequence is a better mc pusha t jus had more commercial success if you agree chek out this diss track

  • hypethegod

    dame cant take sides on this one,this is gona get crazy

  • Nick McComb

    I won't take sides on this cause I love both of them as rappers but check out Consequences wikipedia page lmao!!! I don't know who did this but it's pretty funny. Just search for him on wikipedia.

  • Sean This kids so much better than these new white kids out Just found this fucker on music thirsty shits mad funny

  • Anonymous

    Ahahaha, 2 wack ass mofo's arguing about who's better, dumb fucks, you both suck mad balls

  • Vanno Davis

    ummm what does jay-z have to do with consequence

  • Mr Flamboyant

    “That guy said, ‘He’s an outsider and I’m an insider,’” he continued. “Let me tell you why Kanye West has never said anything to him regarding our situation. He’s never said anything to him regarding our situation because he’s a worker. He’s a worker! He was jet fuel for Pharrell Williams, and he’s going to be jet fuel for Kanye West. He’s a live body.” This was actually kinda chucklish. Not even funny. This nigga needs to stop though. We all know you're doing this for attention. It's like a little kid.

  • Schmidty15

    "In regards to deading the beef"...What the hell does that even mean? *Squashing?; *Deadening?

  • Sergiz

    wow.. what a publicity stunt. every track this guy does has incredibly weak bars , I just don't understand who he's friends with or why the press/radio is giving him any chance at 'acting' his way into anything. fuck that.. way too many people with talent that are unsigned for me to not say he looks like an asshole in all these pics 2

  • Rok The Royal

    How is Pusha going to battle Cons? Rap about how much more coke he's sold than him? I think people are mixing FAME with ACTUAL TALENT. KRUSHING THE GAME VOL. 1.5 AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD ON DATPIFF.COM

  • Frankie

    Pusha T and Common are my favorite artists on G.O.O.D. I think Big Sean sucks majorly and I haven't heard enough from Cyhi. I never liked Kid Cudi. As for Consequence, I do rather believe he sucks balls. I don't care about him, do you? The answer is NO.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Common isnt on GOOD anymore either douche. Herb ass mufuckas.... Gettt off that GOOD dick sucka ass brainwashed idiots. RAP IS A FASHION SHOW FULL OF FAKE PHONY FACADES! AND U GONNA SHIT ON THE ONES WHO SPEAK THE REAL TALK?!

  • Teddychizi

    Cons is talkin' real reckless, as Yeezy would say.I bet its not just a convo he would like with Hov, but also a collabo to boost his clearly desperate career.Dude should get a life, shut up already!

  • Anonymous


  • huh

    the only reason this fuck was even on "Party" was because of Ye

  • Anonymous

    god this guy is even more desperate and delusional than sigel and game lol

  • Anonymous

    WHAT?! What the hell does talking face to face with jay-z have to do with anything? Your cousin Q-Tip is embarassed with your ass Cons

  • heaVy

    irrelevant ass nigga just bitter he no longer in the group. cons never been hot, never will be hot. only time dude showed promise was on college dropout and ye still beat him

  • Anonymous

    i dont like ye or jigga but who is this guy saying he's the best i've never heard anything but garbage from him

  • gbladdr

    *facepalm* Get your fucking head out of your ass, Cons. Over a decade ago, you got a chance to be affiliated with ATCQ, one of the best alternative hip-hop artists of all time, which didn't get you anywhere. A few years later, you joined with one of the most popular labels in hip-hop, G.O.O.D. Music, and even with the support of Kanye West, you still didn't get anywhere, and eventually jumped ship. Why? Because NOBODY IS CHECKING OUT FOR YOU! You always came off as bland and uncharismatic, yet you blindly blame your lack of success squarely on G.O.O.D. Music. And not only do you even dare to claim that you are highly sought after and are one of the best artists out, but you expect to have Jay-Z involved in reconciling with Kanye? GTFOH. They don't give two shits about your mediocre ass, have more important things to worry about, and stay winning, deservedly, while you continue to run your mouth dissing your former friends with epic delusions of grandeur, which is all you have left to cling to in order to stay relevant. "Fuck that beef shit, that shit is played out", especially the way you're handling it. Just fall back.

    • Anonymous

      u GOT SUM FUCKED UP LOGIC KID. U live an alternative lifestyle... fuck ya swag talk and fashion shows. GOOD is the same label Bad Boy was in 97. FAKE FASHION SHOW SHIT! Pretty soon theyll be exploitin young pop acts for doe... u watch.

    • gbladdr

      There is no question that ATCQ is not only considered the best "alternative" hip-hop artists of all time, but also one of the best hip-hop artists overall. I never intended to demean their important contributions to hip-hop as a whole. I only put the "alternative" label to indirectly point out Consequence's target audience. But I also want to say that, as I mentioned earlier, the "alternative" label does not demean any artist labeled as such, but, subjectively to say the least, ATCQ were considered "alternative" because they had subject matter and beats that were different compared to most artists during their initial prominence: compared to KRS-One, Public Enemy, N.W.A, Ice-T, Snoop Dogg, etc., they focused less on political issues and gangsta rap - accompanied with (mostly) aggressive beats, which was what was gaining most attention. Err, sorry for the needlessly long reply. I tend to do that...

    • Christopher English

      One correction fam. Tribe is not "Alternative" hip hop... The Tribe IS HIP HOP! We need to stop trying to separate shit with labels. Tribe put out straight hip hop from beats to lyrics.

  • mikebirthday

    two words: "nigga hush"

    • Anonymous

      We still talkin bout it cuz Pusha is a biter. Bitin is not only accepted now, its expected. The game is fucked up! Pusha wont respond cuz he cant! He been called out and wont respond cuz he says hes an "artist". SO FUCKIN WHAT!? Obvious cop out and yall same fools dissin Cons and liking Pusha cuz u think hes real are the same ones that was dissin Ross cuz he fake. Hipocrite Hop is in full effect! Cock suckers!

    • Javan Reed

      exactly. why are still talkin bout this?

  • amp

    man this nigga just inconsequential... nobody gives a fuck about him

  • amp

    "This ‘campaign of terror’ is going to continue until Jay-Z intervenes. And when Jay-Z and Consequence have a gentlemen’s conversation, this will come to an end.” this guy reminds me of a little bitch right now...

  • 7Cities

    best ghost writers in Hip-Hop = Pharoah Monch, Skillz & Royce Da 5'9"... Cons has lost it! (& im a fan of his music) Pusha T: Fear of God II GONNA BE FIRE!

    • Anonymous

      @7Cities: If your going to state clipse(a group) hits then you might aswell state the ATCQ ones featuring Cons. Dick-Riders are a plague, dont fall into that hole.

    • 7Cities

      I like music from both artists...BUT Clipse Hits: -Lord Willin= Grindin, When The Last Time, Ma I Don't Love Her -Hell Hath No Fury=Wamp Wamp What It Do, Mr. Me Too -Til The Casket Drops=Kinda Like A Big Deal, I'm Good, Popeyes Consequence Hits: Uncle Raheim... both of them drop good underground mixtape material... but this it too funny!

  • somejackass89

    I'm a fan of Consequence but this whole thing is getting a little weird. Other than Kanye and Jay-Z being affiliated and whatnot, I don't see what Jay has to do with this. Pusha doesn't feel the need to get involved in a battle or a beef, and although disappointing, it's understandable. I wasn't sure what to make of this whole thing but I feel that Consequence is being too aggressive at this point responding to Pusha within 24 hours of him making a statement on this whole scenario. I just don't think this whole thing is gonna go anywhere.


    Why he callin out Jay?? i love cons and everything he say is true , but what Jay gotta do wit diss??

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Conseqwack: Ring Ring Ring! Jay-Z: (picks up the phone) Cons: (Crying) Yo Hov, (sniff, sniff) it's me, Cons to the... Jay-Z: Huh? Who? Cons: it's me! Cons! Ya know, Kanye's former bag carrier/song writer. We even played chess together on youtube, remember? Jay-Z: Oh!!! Q-Tip's cousin!... How did you get my number? Cons: Yo Jigga, Kanye just dropped me from G.O.O.D. music and Q-Tip kicked me out of A Tribe Called Quest when I was NEVER a member in the 1st place. Wahhhhhhhh!!! and, and, (sniff, sniff) and Pusha T bit my quarter of a bar from a song that nobody ever heard of and... Jay-Z: That's very entertainting, BUT What the hell is this got to do with me? Cons: Well, I was wondering if you could do me a favor and talk to Kanye for me since I did you a favor by writing that incredible song for your girl Beyonce on her new album and... Jay-Z: uh,eh, uh,eh uh,uh huh? What? you did ME A FAVOR? Wahahahahahahahahaha!!! Cons: Stop laughing at me Mr. Carter. Do you not realize that I am THE elite song writer in this game? Jay-Z: Cons!!! Kanye gave you a job and put money in yo pockets for 9 years when nobody wanted to give you a record deal. He even put out your debut album and after it sold 7 copies, he still kept you around. Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you? Cons: so... what you're saying is that yout think I'm probably the best pure lyricst in hip hop and sign me to Roc Nation? Jay-Z: *sigh* Click. (hangs up the phone)Yo secretary, go ahead and add Cons name on the chart right next to Beans and Dame. Jay-Z's secretary: umm which one? The Broke and Poor chart? or the No Talent and concieted chart? Jay-Z: Both of em.

  • chris house

    This man can't handle his own problems, he has to have uncle Jay help him, WOW what a chump.! And for this dude to say he's the nicest in the game is absurd, he's just reacting off emotion. Pull your skirt up and handle your own problems fam! next he'll be calling his mommy to help!

  • Jacob Lopez

    I don't get it ... Movies On Demand 3 had mad Ye' beats on it, yet he's dissing him ?

  • Anonymous

    gossip gossip nigga just stop it

  • Anonymous

    Lmao it won't get resolved until HOV intervenes?! You gotta be kiddin, it seems like Cons only wants someone close to Ye on his side. Come on

  • Anonymous

    “As it stands right now, I’m the most talked-about commodity in Hip Hop. And I’ma go out here and say it: I’m probably the best pure lyricist in Hip Hop and in music right now and along the elite songwriters in the game,” Wahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! And I thought Kanye was concieted. ahahaha, holy shit!

  • monstadon

    Scathing? Really? SMH. This nigga is DELUSIONAL. Sad really... 100.

  • Anonymous

    im a fan of con now im not..... grow up and move on

  • Yup

    All this time in the game and he can't find a better way to promote himself?! Even if this isn't intentional and he really has a personal vendetta against Kanye (which I believe) he could handle the situation differently and still make something happen for himself. Seriously, though he needs to comes to terms with the fact that not every talented writer/rapper/emcee/lyricist gets the limelight. The dream is sold to attract heads but only a few get to live it. That's the machine for you. Get over it, Cons.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    This guy is very It's kind of funny how a lot of these rappers view themselves... He's basically implying he's better than Nas by saying he's the best pure lyricist, now that's just plain stupid... I really wish most rappers these days would just sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.... But of course they won't because they have fucked up egos and fully believe in their own hype...

  • iddle

    You idiot Mofo's don't get it do you? Cons has been behind the scenes with Ye since ye's rap career started. There is a lot more to this story, and I can't wait to hear it all.

    • Ha!

      This jackass said Cons is trash? Are you a fuckin moron?? I think so..

    • Anonymous

      if there was more to it why would he only talk about 2 words pusha "stole" from him and bring Jay-z into into it??!!! stop know he's just full of sh*t

    • snj

      You're the idiot. What do you care about what Cons has to say? The dude is trash. Why should anything that he says about Kanye mean anything to anyone? Get lost.

  • Sensaye252

    I don't even care about all the behind the scenes bullshit. That's all bitch shit. All I know is Consequence is the most improved MC of the year. This nigga is really nice now. Every song he drops is dope.

  • Joe SMidge

    This dude Pusha T, he is really ignorant to say that no one is checking for the Cons......he needs to first go and do his homework especially since he says he is a rap fan......and also he can NOT see Cons in lyrics period.......

  • Roman Erik Grisby

    Now it all comes out... Jay-Z. That's what this is all about? So Jay will talk to you? COME ON CONS! Be better than that. Best lyricist and hottest commodity in rap? COME ON CONS! Stop lying. Are you dope? Yes. But what you're doing is making yourself look weak. Calling out Jay-Z does NOTHING for you. He won't answer you. If your name ain't Beyonce' or Kanye, he probably wouldn't even talk to you! And if he does, he's a better man than me. I wouldn't respond to this. COME ON CONS! You want Jay to be your peer mediator? This is so sad. MOD 3 will be dope, no doubt. Make good music (no pun intended) and keep the dissin to yourself. I'm no GOOD music dick rider either. Just a man who likes all parties involved and wants all of y'all to get some money.

  • crashdavis919

    please someone, if your truly Cons friend, tell him to stop it. Drop a dope album and keep it moving. Because up to this very point right here, he has not done so. i'm on "party" that proves I'm dope. No, Kanye produced it and ya'll were still cool when that work was done. How about Cons finds another producer thats not a star and make a classic. Not Q-tip, J-Dilla, or Kanye. Because he was around all them and ain't drop one memorable single. $40 bucks in your paypal account to whoever can name a standout Cons track. Without Kanye or ATCQ.

  • odd

    im so embarrassed for cons but no ones checking pusha's music either

  • Alex Christy

    im behind cons 100%

  • Tha truth

    GOOD music is stronger without you, you weak jealous faggot.

  • New

    Clipse - Re-Up Gang - Suave House. How many albums has this dude Consequence dropped?

  • anon

    as a matter of fact, this motherfucker offered a refund deal on his last album, you hear that? he said anybody who didn't like it could get their money back. It only sold lik 7000 copies in the first place.


    O i get it now, it's all been a ploy to get jay-z to notice cons. he wants that roc nation co-sign. why else would he bring up jay outta no where, like he's some peace keeper. how many beefs has Jay been in? why would he think jay would step in? this cat is fuckin delusional lol

  • anon

    this motherfucker is delusional, I ain't ever heard nobody say, "yo you bumpin that new consequence?" you the most talked about nigga? how that last album sell? oh wait, it was a fucking brick.

  • Brandon Pitts

    Dammn, not sure what Jay-Z would do for Cons? He certainly wont do a track with him when Jay is getting money with Ye.

  • Realness121

    Who the Fuck does Consequence think he is,FUCK THAT OLD WASHED UP NIGGA,thats why all he can do is pen songs behind the scens,DONT NOBODY WANT TO HEAR THAT LAME ASS NIGGA LOL CLIPSE(PUSHA t & MALICE)all day STAR TRAK,Fuck Cons,he could even spit better than NORE & 50 Cypha Back in 1998(YOUTUBE IT)

  • Anonymous

    *Yawn* Nobody gives a fuck about this situation, lol

  • Beatz Grymm

    Aint nobody checkin for Pusha T either!!

  • Thugnificent

    Eminem disses Popstar Mariah Carey, everyone claims he's a beast and not to fuck with him. Jay-Z disses T-Pain and he somehow becomes the savior of hip-hop COnsequence disses Pusha for swagga jackin, and somehow that makes him jealous? I never understood these lame niggas.

    • Cousin

      To the two monkeys: Nick and Mariah opened their mouths first. Jay never dissed T-pain directly and is the truth. STOP lying to the public. It's not cool

    • Anonymous

      Bunch of dick riders to be honest. Seems like fans of certain major players cant take a bit of hip hop heat.

  • Fado

    "As it stands right now, I’m the most talked-about commodity in Hip Hop. And I’ma go out here and say it: I’m probably the best pure lyricist in Hip Hop and in music right now" Consequence is delusional. enough said.

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