Pusha T Says "Nobody's Ever Checked For” Consequence's Music

UPDATE: The Clipse member elaborates on Consequence's beef with G.O.O.D. Music.

As a member of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music family, Pusha T recently came in Consequence’s crosshairs after he released the diss track “The Plagurist Society.” Speaking with 107.5 WGCI’s The Morning Riot (via FSD), the Clipse member addressed the controversy, taking light jabs at Cons.

After the show hosts said they would love to hear Pusha engage in a battle with Cons, he laughed off the prospect of putting it on wax. “Really? You’re like the first person to ever say that. I don’t ever think anyone’s wanted to see Consequence,” he jested. “Never no radio personality, DJ has ever said they want to hear Consequence!”

He also stated that he’s unsure if he will respond to the record, as there’s no upside to engaging in a rap battle.

“At the end of the day, I am an artist and this is sort of fun to me still. This whole rap thing is sort of fun to me, so I won’t say you won’t hear nothing. But a go-back-and-forth between me and him, it’s not right. You can’t get anything out of it,” he continued. “People are disrespectful. What can you say? ‘Ye is a great guy. He’s done a lot for me, he’s done a lot for everybody. He’s ever embraced in this music game, he tries his hardest for everybody.”

Pusha T Says “Nobody’s Ever Checked For” Consequence’s Music

In another interview given today, Pusha T continues to address Consequence's shots at him and his G.O.O.D. Music family. "To me, as it stands right now, it’s so funny," he told 107.5 WCGI's DJ MoonDawg (via FSD). "Me and ‘Ye have never talked about it. Never, not once. That in itself should just tell you how serious it is. It’s really not. But it’s not an inside thing because he’s not inside. He’s outside."

He also echoed earlier sentiments that he wouldn't hesitate to fire back shots if he felt inspired. "I’m just an artist, so I have fun. When I write, I write from my soul. If it happened to come up in my mind and it made good sense and it felt right, I might. But it’s not like a back and forth thing because it doesn’t do anything for me because the stuff he does isn’t good, to me," he said. I don’t think you’ve ever been checking for it in your life. Nobody’s ever checked for it."

Watch the interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    I don't think most people know who con is..with that said I think Pusha was right, people aren't really looking out for him

  • Anonymous

    damn pusha t you remember Loyalty?? what happened to that?? in my hood if thats your peoples even if you fall out you dont go shitting on them in public. if you feelin that check out this track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e42iKGVcPQ

  • kizzy

    jumpoff.tv/posts/view/consequence-explains-his-beef-with-pusha-t/ go to this link and see how petty cons beef is...sixfold found it im referencing

  • Chopra

    Pusha is cool but the fact is hes one of the most one dimensional rappers out. All he talks about is coke and the fact that his name is pusha means he cant talk about anything else "I sold coke, I sell coke, I still wanna sell coke" He tries too hard to be honest.

  • Anonymous

    cons can spit, but that accusation was a dumb move. He has weapons but no tact to go w/ them.

  • Taylor Heavington

    Don't Quit your day job is better than anything Pusha-T has put out, and that includes Clipse

  • drphil

    "Cons was dope until he left GOOD music" thats all i hear from u people u loved him , called him underrated until he left GOOD music he still has the same skills so if he sucks now to u he sucked then fuck it if he's dissing kanye they BOTH dope u dont gotta be on one side on some TEAM CONS and TEAM 'YE

  • drphil

    "I guess im The Game of GOOD Music" - Cons

  • drphil

    Cons & Pusha are both...dope. okay leave it at that

  • talent sells

    talent sells consequence *shrugs* sorry

  • i am hip hop

    CONSEQUENCE would crush Pusha in a battle. I like the clipse and all, and I am from VA...but them vulture nose niggas have always been a bit boring. They not the best at the arena they in. The beats they rock on get them over, like most commercial rappers. Cons rocked with Tribe and was rocking with Kanye, he is a veteran compared to most of these newbies. Dont let niggas marketing schemes fool you. the proof is in the rhyme. All that Glitter aint gold my niggas.

  • Controverse

    Just to clarify, this isn't as lopsided as Pusha wants it be.

  • Controverse

    We've never really been given the chance to check for a Consequence record that got the push it deserved. However, how many people purchased Til the Casket Drops?

  • jimmy

    people get so upset over other peoples opinion on here but i think pusha is dope so is the rest of good music all these guys talk about real hip hop...did u invent it? no let culture grow be mad as you want at that cuzz none of u cant change shit

  • Brian Quagswag

    i think both dudes can spit, they should do diss tracks at each other and make a beef 5..lol but hey, sorry to say it as much as i like pusha t, movies on demand 2 was better than fear of god. open your eyes and my god were probably the only two good joints.

  • myselfonly

    Cons won in my opinion. He has more good music seniority than anybody, he was just a rider for the team, I'm sure he coulda left earlier than he did..pusha should have responded the same way big sean did and just let it show in the numbers. because bottom line people are talking about consequence now. he sparked conversation.

    • Anonymous

      good for cons if it does spark SOMETHING for him. The point is it was all on him from the beginning. Look how many other GOOD artists have had success-hell look at how many NON GOOD artists Kanye has given a shot to, and they've made something for themselves.

    • Anonymous

      u serious? yea people will talk about him for one more week, then he'll be forgotten forever and broke while this others' career goes upwards



    • Anonymous

      just because your dad locked u in the basement (under the ground) and raped you for your whole life, it doesnt mean that UNDERGROUND is the best hahahah

    • Anonymous

      maybe if u get out of your basement and lose your virginity, we could even discuss something lol

    • LOL

      Lol @ the 2 Jy dickriders above me/ LOL even harder @ Jay has more classics at Nas. I don't even have to say anything except Ether you pussy bitches.

    • savageone

      first of all nas come on the dude hasnt been relevent since jay brought him back out of hiding second the clispe have sold some 400,000 thousand every cd thats they put out cons what has he done really the clispe first cd is a classic know ur fucking knowledge muthafucka and ur facts ps. nas can suck my white dick oh yeah jay has sold more than nas and has why biggier and classic cataloge

    • Anonymous

      pusha has two gold albums with clipse, (the first one is about 50000 from being platinum) nas comments about radio make no sense, same as those about common... you're obviously 12 yr old who isnt allowed to get into clubs so you say random stuff.... loser lol

  • RomanIntel

    Cons is slowly becoming the new Beanie Siegel. Hate Kanye all you want but he gave that nigga Cons a way bigger chance than ATCQ gave him although I LOVE those niggas. This cat was all on BET, major tours, traveling worldwide. He ghostwrote? So What? Clipse went platinum before Pusha ever met Kanye! Beanie Siegel had a huge opportunity fron Jay. Hate him all you want. You can't deny that. So Cons, you diss Pusha? Come on son. Is he even signed? A dude that's dope like that shouldn't be petty like that... Get your money up because dissing G.O.O.D. music is only gonna make these internet cats happy.

  • Bivs

    I love how some of you guys have to try to hate on GOOD Music. Kanye west is has been one of the most consistent rappers in the past 8 or so years... 5 straight classic albums.I bet you each one of Big sean's mixtapes got more critically acclaim than Consequence's album. Maybe Consequence thought he could sit back and let Kanye do the work for him to be more successful since he's Q-tip's cousin. But it's not Kanye's job to do another artist work for them, they have to create their own buzz like what Kanye had to do when he was starting out at Rocafella. He should of realize that Kanye is an artist too and he has to worry about his own shit. It's working for almost everybody else in GOOD Music like Cudi, Big Sean, Cyhi, Pusha, and John Legend.

  • Drect Moody

    Cons goes in. If anything, people are checkin for his music now shit niggas be talkin

  • Alex Christy

    im a walkin lick, im a talkin brick

  • Octavian Johnson

    Correct me if i'm wrong but no one's really been looking for Pusha's music either until he joined G.O.O.D. Music....again i might be wrong

    • Beatz Grymm

      No... you're right!!!

    • mbongeni

      im also in africa and i knew about pusha long ago been looking for they shit...i only started knowing con from kanye..this guy should just relax but i guess he has to come hard to eat!

    • Eric Smith

      This is what I thought as well...nevermind these other fools. Before Pusha T was randomly signed to G.O.O.D., No one's checked for him, Malice, or Clipse as a whole since "Lord Willin'"

    • Mhlengi

      I am in South Africa and been buying teh Clipse since Grindin'. I guess you should not comment too much on hip-hop if reside in the States and still have no clue how dope the Clipse is. Consequence is a cry baby! A grown man expecting other people to make him blow???

    • Myan McConico

      somebody's never heard of the clipse.

    • way off

      Yea buddy. You're way off base. Typical people act as if rappers just come in the game when they sign to a big name label. Commercial ass slaves.

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    Tell it how it is Push!

  • Anonymous

    I would not "stirr" common up...don't be fooled by his meekness, ask ice cube!

  • Alex Christy

    FUCK OFF PUSHA you aint shit compared to Cons, drop an album and shut your mouth, fuck outta here

    • MD

      Fuck that. I think for the sake of hip-hop, Consequence needs to respond to Pusha's diss. And I really think Cons will rip his ass if they ever battle. Pusha needs to humble himself saying that people never checked for Cons music. You're shitting on the same family tree that birthed Kanye, Common, Mos, and Talib. The Real MC's.

    • Truthsayer

      Fortunately you don't count dick...

  • d

    I look for consequence music..........

  • Milan Ray

    sad but true, do ya thang pusha u killin em. cons go for self and keep it professional

  • sweet BEEF

    ahahahahaa drop a solo album PUSHA, please! we can see who's checking for YOU. nobody is checking for pusha t solo shit. the internet? yeah. a few hundered bloggers are checking. pusha is not that nice. okay flow, okay bar every once in a while. since he been with kanye, he been name dropping fashion designers to replace the coke talk. pusha left his brother so he can go to fashion shows with kangay. pusha aint nothing but a ride along. waiting for kanye to fix his busted ass career. cons acting out, but i salute him for goin up against the machine with no fear. you sissies can ride with GOOD music queers. cons a real nigga. GOOD music isn't a good place for him. kangay is currently mixing a mediocre watch the throne track with a bowel of fruit salad on the boards. RAP IS PATHETIC! PLZ. HOW MANY COPIES DID CLIPSE MOVE WITH TILL THE CASKET DROPS? ALBUM SUCKED! ALBUM FLOPPED! its funny seeing these feminine ass niggas beef. twig sean and drake goin at it. whats next? i

    • nice!

      "PUSHA T is a scary dude. bout 5'5", 122 pounds, of studio thug, pussy meat. consequence would undoubtedly SMASH his grill in. pusha t stopped growing in middle school. niggas clown on prodigy for being a lil nigga, but i never seen prodigy rock a velvet suit with a bow tie!" LOLOLOLOL straight called kangay an artistic fraud tho.

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of Going Hollywood. Ice Cube. That shit is amazing. Mr. Burn Hollywood Burn. They bought off raps political heroes and now all we have is skinny jean rappers.

    • brewin80

      "why is consequence even mad? he should be happy he's not getting beaten with pillows in bed." HAHAhaaaaa! That shit is hilarious! Somebody please photoshop a pic of the GOOD gang havin a pillow fight! And just for the record, Common aint on GOOD no more... His new shit soundin fresh... I still dont know why people frontin on Cons though... Real emcee in this fake ass game and people are frontin and givin props to dudes rhymin about fashions and shit? Pusha Ton..whateva. Any fool can slang shit, few can make rap about it interesting. Pusha always seemed fake as hell to me. I mean, pharrell beats dont scream gangsta shit to me. Jusss sayin...

    • Anonymous

      i agree with everything except that cons has classics STFU dummy! Uncle Raheim his best song!

    • Anonymous

      hahahah, Kangay = lol!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      lawl at these two fags ^^

    • EddieMurrrphy

      twig sean=GAY RAPPER, limp wrist mic holder and common=SAFE negro... a go to COON in hollywood. ^ absolutely awesome shit right there. well stated man. funny and on point, classic comment.

    • ITE

      PUSHA T is a scary dude. bout 5'5", 122 pounds, of studio thug, pussy meat. consequence would undoubtedly SMASH his grill in. pusha t stopped growing in middle school. niggas clown on prodigy for being a lil nigga, but i never seen prodigy rock a velvet suit with a bow tie! LOL @ GOOD music roster twig sean = GAY RAPPER, limp wrist mic holder kangay - fashion expert, artistic fraud common - SAFE negro, after talking allll that shit early in his career, he's a go to COON in hollywood why is consequence even mad? he should be happy he's not getting beaten with pillows in bed. pusha is just dickriding the nigga he thinks can save him. push, jesus christ couldn't save u. ask malice. you're industry bum, forever. cons is a bum, but he got CLASSICS.


    Ok, folks let's be serious Con can rap...but have you ever heard his ridiculous reason for beef with Pusha??? Seriously Google this clowns video where he explains his reason for being mad at Pusha and you'll see this is a mute point. I give him credit for trying to jump start his lame career but if his justification ain't the most bitch made shit I've heard in awhile. I think Pusha right for ignoring this clown, if you respond to ever fake ass beef of some lame trying to get a buzz you'd be wasting valuable time you and doing nothing but promoting some no name...Con is really making himself look like a bitch and you folks defending this type of bullshit nonsense in hip-hop culture while calling yaself fans is what's most disturbing.

    • The listener

      Thanks for the link sixfourkid, case closed con a bitch..

    • Digger

      LOL...yeah, CON on some hoe shit here fam, he mad cause both them said "last supper" in their song...Wow. And I agree he never said he bite the concept just that he said "last supper" in his song too...Lesson for all rapper don't say I, he, she or me in ya raps or you biting CON these days...lol. A truely deperate rapper trying to create a buzz out of nothing = CON.

    • The revealer

      Damn, CON thats was some bitch shit....and to the dude that said he bite the concept...no where in the CON explanation did he say that...bitch said he thought the Pusha song was cool till he heard that half bar..real bitch shit

    • Anonymous

      Motherfuckers would have been beat down for bitin that shit back in the day. regardless of a line or two, it was a whole concept of the fucking song that he said pusha stole. Whatever, a line or two aint shit, but he took the concept. Thats y theres beef. You dont steal someones concept for a song what the fuck is wrong with you kids these days! Justifying it by saying that nobodys checkin for cons is just ridiculous...

    • sixfourkid

      Word... I peeped that jawn and CON is on some real bitch shit if this is his basis for beef..Peep it for yourself and if you still got respect for this ass CON then you a real fuck boy... jumpoff.tv/posts/view/consequence-explains-his-beef-with-pusha-t/

    • sixfourkid

      Word... I peeped that jawn and CON is on some real bitch shit if this is his basis for beef..Peep it for yourself and if you still got respect for this ass CON then you a real fuck boy... http://jumpoff.tv/posts/view/consequence-explains-his-beef-with-pusha-t/

  • Rok The Royal

    PUSHA IS RIGHT... KRUSHING THE GAME VOLUME 1.5 OUT NOW!! GET YOUR DOSE OF REAL ON DATPIFF.COM http://www.datpiff.com/Rok-The-Royal-Krushing-The-Game-Vol-15-mixtape.256430.html

  • Benny 'TeamWethebest Ragland

    #yugh! Cons won't win this battle he made!

  • Suggamatic

    pusha-t is the truth. kanye is a faggot, and so is cons. Cons just wants attention anyway he can get it, cause he hasn't got any his entire close to 20 year career.

  • yunqtule

    Pushaaaaaaa TTIts ur pushaaa Nobody give a fuck about Consequence old ass washed up Queens nigga and ugliest nigga in da game #N'gz finished before he started!! I luv Pusha and i ain't from VA Im BX,NY I fucks wit Clipsee HRddd even Drake had pusha as his rap artist check Mtv when he was 17 Fuck consequence skilssss Pusha pen game and lyrically skill is better n i dont give a fuck that pusha frm VA i fucks wit da Queens but not dat bitch BX,NY

    • Anonymous

      your dumbass is a fuckin joke. obvious dickridder obviously rides dicks. calling cons ugly and shit... so what? So pusha is a btter rapper because he looks more appealing to you? You find him attractive? Silly hoemo... since when do looks have anything to do with skill? some of the best to ever do it was funny ass lookin mufuckas. get outta here with your gay talk... overexcited cause u can marry ya man now.... jesus. U prolly down wit "BIG SEAN" too right? and wiz is ya otha favorite rappaaa.... u HOE-MO THAN THE AVERAGE FAG

  • Anonymous

    This consequence shit made me realize how fuckin dangerous it would be for a rapper to mess with good music or anyone on the label. Imagine 1 rapper against common, kanye, mos def(hes not really a battle rapper, neither is common), big sean, pusha T, and Cyhi, its nearly career suicide. Just listen to so appalled, even if you dont like them just the lyricism they display is enough to go head to head with the best in the game. Only reason they arent messin with consequence i think is cause he is so insignificant.

    • pshhh

      lmao at mos def not a battle rapper. yeah, maybe cuz he doesn't go out on the limb to battle cats. lyrically, mos would rip your fave rappers in the game.

    • Anonymous

      shutup man you suck so much dick ewww

    • MuddyDonut

      Common did have beef with Ice Cube back in the day and his diss song was the better one if that means anything Common- The Bitch In Yoo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpgMemILfSc

  • truth

    Cons already destroyed pusha t yall are just biased like some hoes

  • atlantis.a

    Thats not really a good excuse just because he thinks people dont check for his music ..Con is stil a well known dude. I hate when people do this they try to justify that but what does that has to do with your skills far as rapping concerned like this is rap battling is part of the culture. Pusha T know he cant tred in that water with Con. Thats why I respect cats like Joe Budden,Camron,Game(even tho he drops some weak disses sometimes) ect. and a whole lot of other rappers who did and aint afraid about career ending or to take shots when its time even if they might lose and get embarrassed. So my question to Pusha T is how many times are you going to get slapped and not hit back? or do you rather be known as the tail tucked between your legs (jay-z) kinda rapper

    • Anonymous

      You fuckin ROBOTS obviously have no clue how real Hip Hop USED to be! If someone called you out, you respond. If you got beef, thats how you air it out and Cons got shit to air out about these fools. Yall are fuckin brainwashed. Yeah, GOOD put out some good shit in their day, but WTF is up with all this new sofffft shit from them. Tired of the fashion show shit. ITS NOT HIP HOP! Whateva, pointless arguing with you fuckin cornballs that are obviously fucking brainwashed and just discovered rap 5-10 years ago.

    • jmar

      notice all the rappers you atlantis are definitely not at the top of the game. that's why those niggas make diss records at the cats that are at the top. to quote a song of cam'ron dipset brethren juelz, "Jealousy"

    • cosign sutterkane

      Id rather be the Jay z type of rapper aka smart. Than reply to any random desperate dumbass trying to make a name for themselve. Do you know how much time that would waste.

    • SutterKane

      LOL @ the Last Line "Or do you wanna be known as a Jay-Z kinda rapper" Like thats an insult...... Yeah, I'm sure he would rather be known as the Jay-Z Kinda rapper, anybody would

    • Anonymous

      Maybe if it was someone who counted then he'd reply, dudes a bum trying to jumpstart his stalling career by riding dick I'd ignore his irrelevant ass too

  • yeah

    Movies on Demand is coming out soon, it would only make sense to get publicity by baiting Ye and G.O.O.D. Fuck outta Cons and just focus on doing you.

  • weazelmc

    lmfaooo! i disagree i will be downloading the next Movies on Demand..but its always Re-Up Gang!! Also..Cons got a big ass molerat head n shit

  • Anonymous

    I like G.O.O.D. music a lot but Slaughterhouse lyrically kicks the shit out of them

  • SutterKane

    He's right, nobody gives a fuck about Consequence, what purpose would it serve to go back and forth with somebody who nobody cares about?? Pusha T can have the last laugh by throwing a one liner album on a hit record while Consequence goes nowhere

  • Alexander Foes

    You forgot to add the coincidence that Jay-Z is a biter. Also, Kanye screwed so many people and stole their beats to make it to the top.


    Damn I guess Kanye preferred Big Sean to Cons , because Sean is a biter, and GOOD music are all biters. Next thing you know, Kanye is gonna sound like Wiz Khalifa

  • yup

    Cons is right niggaz act like they forgot biting isnt or never will be truely respected stick to the rules people.

  • truth

    Cons is lyrically and technically a better emcee than pusha t. cons murked buddy on that one song but malice on the other hand is on consequences level so we got a good one here people ATCQ VS CLIPSE.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga, the last ATCQ album was almost 10 years ago, so I wouldn't count on a ATCQ vs Clipse battle happening at any point. Ever. They having a hard enough time battling themselves and Michael Rappaport.

    • shane

      you were making pefect sense for a second and then out of nowere you made the contest tribe vs clipse. tribes way better lol no contest even now. what you ment to say is malice vs consequence.

    • Anonymous

      Consequence was all over ATCQ's last album.

    • No

      No. In fact, fuck no. The is Pusha T = Cons from a lyrical standpoint is arguable, but I can give you a sick Pusha verse for every Cons verse and Pusha's got near classic to classic records under his belt. Also, ATCQ vs Clipse? Are you stupid? Cons was never a part of ATCQ and Tip don't even fuck with him. Again, are you stupid? Did you just google ATCQ or some shit?



  • Ryan MacQueston

    i didn't know pusha t was ridin ye's dick now too, smh

    • Ryan MacQueston

      i know he's signed to GOOD, which sucks. I love the clipse, but i hate dickriders. Consequence > Kanye. Celine Dion records? i guess she is talented as fuck, but just because i rock a classy last name doesn't mean im a fan. I'm a fan of good hip hop not G.O.O.D. Music, i'll go back to my Smif n Wessun records... but i guess you were close

    • Whoa

      Your las name is MacQueston??? LMAO! And by the way, u do know Pusha T is signed under G.O.O.D right? Go back to ur Celine Dion records...

  • Maxwell Harkness

    Cons is just so mad. the joker doesn't deserve a response.

  • Ddot

    @JETS-- so if there is no point to battling, then is there no point to hip-hop? Hip-hop IS battling, and it always will be, regardless of how many pussy-studio-rappers shit on it.

    • weazelmc

      Exactly.Its a sport. I probably never agree with the morality of battles (always think "this is a hating ass nigga..") but i agree of the idea & reason. If ur going to get at someone come correct.

  • Anonymous

    i always liek cons, and i do beleive he helped kanye write alot of ryhmes early in his career. however, cons messed up when he stopped teaching and started imitating kaye whole image/style/delivery. if anyone is plagerizing, it's cons. And BTW pusha T doesn't need to explain himself to anyone. The clipse have their own legacy

  • iddle

    So it's "right" to make petty comments to Dj's but you can't make a respectable response? This is why I say Lil Kim murdered Niki Minaj; how are you going to jut ignore an entire song aimed at you? That's not hip-hop! I mean think about when 50 made how to rob; the whole industry replied. At the end of the day Cons is lyrically better than pusha anyway. All pusha does is rap about cocaine.

    • Anonymous

      "politically couscous" is my favorite food.

    • Fado

      Just by me saying music is a business doesn't mean i meant all music is a business. Music is many things. but thanks for taking my comment out of the context of this article. Cons and Pusha are both apart of the hiphop music industry obviously so obviously when I was referring too music as being a business it was in regards too them. And mainstream isn't "trash", their is good music and bad music. some good music is "mainstream" some is "underground". some bad music is "mainstream" some is "underground". Everyone states their opinion as a fact my problem wasn't with that it was with calling iddles comment "DUMB" because he had a different opinion. Thats the problem with everyone on this website they cant disagree with someone without insulting them. You for example "Fado is an idiot". My opinion is actually backed by facts, Pusha T is more popular then cons not even you can disagree with that. Their is a reason for that its not just chance lol. ayye everyone on here or who has commented should stop getting so emotional about this roll a doobie and enjoy life.

    • Blaze

      You Can't call Pusha anything if You Never met him personally. Therefore if You have no Knowledge about the situation Your Opinion means Nothing to anybody. Cons Is a Great Lyricist but Pusha Has A legacy and Was Respected By Soo Many artists and still is,he's part of the clipse incase ya forgot Cons Never had his own spotlight that's on him, even a canadian Rapper (Drake) knows more about American Music Than You , Cause he actually got respect for Real Music like The Clipse. Cons is a nobody and he's had years to prove us wrong

    • Truth

      Have you ever heard Consequence's argument for Pusha T's plagiarism? It's the most ridiculous, illogical bullsh-t in the world. Whiny, jealous rappers don't deserve cosigns. And Cons ALREADY GOT HIS PUSH. Now it's Big Sean's turn. In a couple month, it's Pusha T's turn. Then Cyhi. Pusha T is absolutely right to brush off a pointless beef with an also-ran. Only the trolliest of the trolls are rooting for this beef. Yeah, Consequence has talent, but he's been losing for sixteen years. He should be mad at himself, not Kanye. Kanye didn't have to put him on like that after College Dropout. You Kanye haters are reaching more than Fox News.

    • vic

      How to Rob was not a diss dumbass he was just namedropping artists, he even says in the song its not a diss...

    • Fado is an idiot

      Music is not business. Mainstream hip-hop is business. Which is why mainstream is trash. Con is a real nigga while Pusha is a bitch. I used to have respect for him, but he's just another mainstream lame. Lol @ his music just sounds better. You bash him by saying everyone has a different opinion then state your opinion as fact. What an idiot.

    • Fado

      dumbest comment ever award? Your cool. Cus anyone who has a different opinion then you as it relates to who is a better rapper is dumb right? Music is a business. Cons might rap about more politically couscous things then Pusha T but Pusha's career is more relevant. Why?, his music just SOUNDS better, Music is a sound not just a meaning. flat out. Pusha T ft.Tyler The Creator - Trouble on my mind, on repeat.

    • George Lafflin

      Cons is better than pusha. Dumbest comment ever award goes to u

    • JETS

      It's called being the bigger man. No point in engaging in a beef, if theres no point.

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