RZA Explains The Origin Of His New Headphone Line For WeSC

The RZArector explains how he struck the deal to launch his "Chambers" line.

This week RZA unveiled his new line of WeSC "Chambers by RZA" headphones, but last month Hypebeast caught up with The Abbott during a press run in Berlin.

“It took about a year to get it to where we’ve got in now and it’s still a work in progress,” RZA said, of his new line. “This is the first run, but we have a lot of ideas to make a better headphone that’s good for DJs, the regular person with their iPods and also good for fashion.Some guys are wearing headphones like jewelry and if that’s the case, we thought of ways to design the headphones so that it fit’s the spirit you want to have when you’re wearing jewelry,” he continued. 

RZA explained that it wasn’t originally his idea to launch a headphone line, but after meeting WeSC's CEO Gregor Hagelin and getting the blessing to create it himself, he was on board. “It wasn’t like take my name and stick it on the headphone, that’s corny," he said. "I got to create it and really be involved with it.”

Check RZA’s full interview below.

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  • Justin Douglas

    Sweet, glad he didn't hook up with Monster like every other artist out there. Hopefully it will be a quality headphone. Justin Bay Area http://bestheadphoneshq.com/earbuds/

  • IDK

    Now I feel like listening to Wu Tang's "The W" after watching this vid lol

  • el mata sueños

    RZA... if you could hear me, don't! just link up with the doctor and i promise you that sales will rocket sky high!

  • R2die

    yeah that background track is definitely fire!! When did Bobby DIGI cut his hair? lol he looks kinda different but in a good way haha... WU 4 LIFE!!!

  • Anonymous

    the track in the video is sick and i'm liking the overall video and interview. i have respect for RZA and i love the wu, i just hope they don't dip over on the wrong side of the fence and i hope rza is around good people

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