Papoose Announces Independent Album "Nacirema Dream”

Pap enlists Erykah Badu, Jadakiss, Jim Jones and Thugacation for the upcoming project.

Papoose has announced his new album Nacirema Dream, releasing via his independent label Honor B4 Money Records.

For the project, the Brooklyn, New York native enlists guest appearances from Erykah Badu, Jadakiss, Jim Jones and Thugacation. The album has already spawned the tracks “Party Bout to Pop (Remix)” featuring Busta Rhymes and Lloyd Banks, as well as “Bucked Naked (Remix)” featuring Remy Ma and “Donk Jumping.” Last week, Pap dropped his remix to “Otis” to stir up some buzz.

Papoose originally intended to release Nacirema Dream after signing to Jive Records in August 2006. He was unable to release the album under the imprint, and left the label the following year. The release date for the project is currently unknown.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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  • Anonymous

    bars of freedom bars of revolution honor before money the solution peace

  • Anonymous

    it was great to have a song with u blackman shout out to slay for me wish yal would have showed us the way revolution will come

  • metaphyz

    theres a concious gangsta demograpic that powers that b are afraid of its an awakening force of awareness that young people tap into all over theblacklatino community i think pap wasnt supposed to get in none of us that was supposed to wake up the masses did he was smart enough to see that and control his own situation this is what young black gods is supposed to do unfortunately some of us fall in to the trap

  • metaphyz

    the spirit of hiphop lives in people like papoose its never been about the money its sad thats all we see contracts ego big figures its about integrity and representing whats in your heart peace to the black god and his wife stay strong yall

  • chris

    no one is ever gonna belive what i am about to say but i am a driver for damino's and i delivered to a papoose music vid today it was popin

  • Anonymous

    I bet it's another shitty mixtape he just calls Nacirema Dream to gain some kind of hype. Fucking joke became a walking punchline.

  • sdfsdfsdf

    papoose always sucked

  • Anonymous

    Come on Pap- don't sell out w/ this shit..Nacirema gotta be the truth, no matter what-fuck sales, they don't matter right now

  • google

    Paps career is done his buzz was 5-6 yrs ago he's better off finding young cats thats about 20 yrs old and ghostwriting for him.

  • Worlanyo Danny De Don

    We Just cant wait fuck the haters non of their favorite rappers can stand you pound for pound

  • The B

    Question: Who's harder, Papoose or Uncle Murder?

  • Anonymous

    pap shoulda signed with g-unit would have been a perfect fit!! he was a spitta for real but these days i dunno not feelin his shit

  • Anonymous

    I really feel sorry for Papoose, because he's one of the few rappers who's music never or at least rarely was a disappointment. He dropped rougly 25 mixtapes in 7 years, even with the fact that he's been a little lazy in the past two years. And the most important is that quanity never beats quality in his case, in my opinion, Pap is one of the greatest punchline rapper ever. At the same time he has the ability to literally make songs and put them together wisely, this is how coherent mixtapes and albums are made. Papoose's prime was around 2k5-2k6 without a doubt, Nacarima Dream should have been released that time. With his buzz and outcome heat (he dropped overall 13 (!) mixtape along 2k5-2k6) that would be a financially and most likely a critically acclaimed product. He even had beats from Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Timbaland, Eminem, JR Rotem and the list goes on, just only those names would have been a guarantee to his debut's mainstream success. I never understood why he wasn't realised that. Pap always was and will be and underground cat, but with verses like his on Busta's Touch It remix (which is his most "mainstream friendly" work, I think) Nacirema Dream would be satisfying thing for almost everybody. Most likely not his core fans, who wants rawness and hardness, but they can listen to Pap's mixtapes. You just can't please everybody. In the new era almost nobody buy records anmyore, and this is especially true to lyrically wise rap with street content. Who went Gold back in the day nowadys barely sells a few ten thousand copies, be in a major laberl or independent. So I think Papoose's buzz and chance to make something financially big are gone, but at least don't let down the fans by dropping a mediocore Nacirema Dream. Just look at Stat Quo's Statlanta: it just wasn't the same we expected, mostly because the lack of the Eminem and Dr. Dre. In original form, it most likely has the potential to be something real dope, but the way it finally came out, well, I think was just a cheap gimmick.

  • t

    the question i wanna know is will it be the original version of the album that was gonna come out on jive cus from what it sounded it could of been a classic but now we will never know idoubt its the original album we was sposd to get

  • 4real

    Damn, hhdx posted a pic with Pap still with the Gino Green Global on, lol. Dude need another photo shoot quick!

  • Damian Pete

    i love pappoose but damn homey you waited to long.your buzz was 6 years ago.

  • h1

    I respect the dued papoose and what he brought to the game as far as on the mix tape and street level, where rap lives in it's unadulterated state. Keep with the independent hustle and it will pay off, there no one thats official in the mainstream or having success on a major label. Hip Hop is totally in our own hands and our own destiny, the corporate world are pushing their own cheap fast marketable product.

  • kevin smith

    papoose needs to call it a day he had his chance and he blew it he had no busniess signing with jive from the jump jive is a commercial label pap was a street cat so hes done hes been putting out bullshit ever since come on papoose if u gonna try to make a comeback get back to making joints like born in nyc and we are the streets

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Pap had the streets on fire just a few years ago but label politics screwed him. I don't know if he can regain that same momentum now that so much time has passed. However, I applaud the fact that he didn't quit on his dream.

  • Anonymous

    PLEASEEEEEE don't let those wack songs be on the album.

  • Devin Williams

    Dude just wont let that title go. Hard to believe its been 5 years tho

  • Anonymous

    acid da savage hot breakfast the ep

  • Anonymous

  • Face It

    yo pap...go work on your UPS career

  • Face It

    Neva gunna happen...pap used 2 b my mans but how he gunna drop bullshit like bucket naked(video wuz gud tho lol) nd donk jumpin ?. dis nigga dropped da ball time nd time again.even if it drops its gunna be shit. i think he should go focus on his UPS career.

  • Face It

    Neva gunna happen...pap used 2 b my mans but how he gunna drop bullshit like bucket naked(video wuz gud tho lol) nd donk jumpin ?. dis nigga dropped da ball time nd time again.even if it drops its gunna be shit. i think he should go focus on his UPS career.

  • Anonymous

    NOT AGAIN LOL HAHAHAAAAA!!! He tryna do this for pride lol this album is a punchline lol

  • bobby d

    Wait... how is this something new?

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