Game Acknowledges "Tha Carter IV," But Declares "R.E.D." "Album Of The Year"

Exclusive: Game politely points out that "R.E.D." will be the most remembered LP from 2011.

Last week, HipHopDX spoke with Compton, California's Game about his sneak attack leak on Friday afternoon of "Uncle Otis" . While speaking to DX, Game was also asked about a less controversial recent song, "Pot of Gold" featuring longtime friend and collaborator, Chris Brown. "That record, that's my 'Dreams,' that's my 'Hate It Or Love It,' that's my 'My Life' for this [R.E.D. album]. It's a good record," explained Game, tracking back through singles on his previous three solo works. "Chris Brown came through and did everything that I thought he would do, and more."

The video for "Pot of Gold" released earlier this week.

Asked greater detail about his forthcoming fourth solo album, R.E.D., Game declared, "The R.E.D. album, if I can say [it] - pardon Tha Carter IV; [Lil Wayne] is my nigga and I can't wait to hear that, cop it and then check it, but the R.E.D. album is gonna be album of the year." Game respectfully acknowledged his longtime friend and collaborator's upcoming album in his statement. Lil Wayne is even an expected guest on R.E.D., as he also appeared on 2008's LAX. Game continued, "I gotta say it. I've been working on it so long, and I have anybody who's anybody on it - major players that are contributing. Shit's gonna be crazy."

R.E.D. is planned for August 23 release. The album is believed to feature contributions from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Tyler, The Creator and others.

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  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    Hes right. Carter IV might sell the most but will quickly be forgotten because of the lack luster material and forgetable lyrics. RED and Watch the Throne are debatable for album of the year. Both had good production value but besides the name dropping Game actually had meaning behind his lyrics.

  • sekon2NUN

    C.brown looking like a lil chocolate wit frosting on top.. faggot.

  • Anonymous

    My self portrait shows a man that the wealth tortured Self-absorbed with his own self-forfeit A shelf full of awards Worshiping the war ships that set sail on my sea of life When I see my old self I wonder if we still see alike We was tight seeing lights Speaking right and breathing life Now I see my demons and barely even sleep at night I don't get high. Life keep me at a decent height As the old me I predicted all my recent plights Exhausted, trying to fall asleep. Lost inside my recent fights Burdens on my shoulders now, burnin' all my motives down Inspiration drying up, motivation slowing down >>> The R.E.D. Album

  • Anonymous

    if you think wayne is a better lyricist than game check out this link and see who goes harder on this song

    • Boss

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Who the fuck are u with ur face looking my dick looking for a pussy. Get out the way you asshole lool plz God, I beg you, kill all those mofukerz doin these shit they dont deserve to have voice to sing rap

    • dockevoc

      ummm this is a song by a faggot who looks like the guy who stole my bike off my porch last week...I'm pretty mad that I checked that link

  • Anonymous

    if you tired of that pussy rap shit check out my joints i dont rap about money and cars i dont have. i jus rap about life fat bitches fried chicken weed and social issues check me out my niggas. got madd love for hiphopdx escpecially the critics i need yall to check this just tryin to get better nahmean look me out on this

  • dj nemesis

    i think its hilarious how many times game namedrops dr.dre,an then in this interview when they name the collaborators they put dres name twice lmaooo itts like game was next to the guy writing it an he said "ey put dre again in there make sure niggas cought that" hahaha

  • NY

    Neither one of those albums (based on the singles put out) should be even considered for album of the year. I'm a Wu-Tang fan but I have to give it to CunninLynguists' Onerology, it's a great concept album on the subconscious and dreams, very original and the beats are great thanks to Kno's production. If either one of those albums beat out CunninLynguists then voting is flawed going to the most popular artists which doesn't translate into best music.

  • @LostyMC

    wow that pot of Gold is DOPE!

  • Keezie

    That Pot of Gold joint was official. Game says some dumb stuff but he drops some joints. He should do a project with CB.

  • j8ailey

    Delusions of grandeur.

  • Anonymous

    hate all u like but that doesnt change the fact dat game has a solid base number of fans thats y every albm he drops go platinum, u got to respect dat. lyrically i think he has grown to be the best and da nigger is still standing alone for the west coast. no one does gangster rap like game, he has ways aroung words and i think his the best there is...

  • timmm

    ugh. more of the same. blunts, rims, and name least he always has hot beats

  • Fuck Jayceon

    SMH! his shit wont even be the best album IN THE WESTCOAST. let alone hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      ITs basically impossible for any rapper whos not insanely good to get AOTY, with watch the throne, AND section 80 (my favorite album of the year), an also to a lesser extent finally famous (better than the carter 4 an this game shit). Basically, theres NO way game gets album of the year, id be surprised if hes nominated for any awards. I also heard nas might release something later this year, so no chance.

  • Anonymous

    You all are delusional if ya'll think 'Watch the throne' won't be one of top selling albums this year, that album will be great in both quality AND quantity....

  • hutch

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion but face it game is not putting out no spectacular numbers that can mess with wayne so his statement about out selling is garbage. As for most of his material its been the same stuff we seen from him just a couple diss records some name dropping and w.e other bs radio hit he is trying to push. he seems desperate in everything he does that's why he tried to start beef with jay-z again. HE is DESPERATE for attention and money face it when it the last time his shit has been on the radio. Now i dont listen to that shit on the radio now but i do know that's where the money is and he not gettin his G.O.O.D music, YMCMB and MMG all gonna get they money based on the face they own the radio.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign, the radio is where its at,idc who doesnt listen to it or not thats how you really blow up , not just the internet love, odd future were internet stars, but now that frank ocean's song is on the radio waves they might have more of a chance to blow. last time Game was poppin was "my life" but he does have alot of fans ,so we'll see how his album does(number-wise)but he still has to compete with "Carter IV" and "WTT" so...

  • crum

    like fuck all of you im gonna go get hella shitfaced

  • MCEIHTComptonsmostwantedsection8

    NIGGA PLEASE !! the game has been misinformed . and lil wayne tha carter 4 is gonna flop , nobody cares listens to lil wayne anymore . Hes a pop rapper diva . I wanna lick you like a lolli pop ?

  • Scott Yu

    hahaha everyalbum beats carter 4

  • anonymous

    RED has potential to be one of the top albums of the year... saying it'll be bigger than Carter IV isn't that bold of a statement though... Wayne's albums haven't been that strong.. a lot of the Carter 3 mixtape was better than what actually made the album... LAX > Carter 3

  • Do over

    THE GAME IS FUCKING WACK. Ghostface killah supriem clientele 2 is the best album of the year.

  • Anonymous

    Game has a lot of material. 6 discs worth of mixtapes plus the mainstream album. Who else does that? as long as the RED album has been delayed I have my doubts but Game hasn't released a brick yet so...... that uncle otis shit was dumb Game always over sells everything when his album is coming, it will get worse...

  • namedDROPPIN

    Is this guy serious? Has he forgotten that watch the throne drops this year, and that J cole is on the way...comparing to the carter IV as if that is the automatic best album, if is anything like sorry 4 the wait then its gonna be trash, game will probably mention every rapper in the game on this album, name droppin like usual

  • Marcel Robinson

    Bet this beats out the carter 4

    • anonymous

      in quality it will, not in sales... maybe in sales in the long run, but wayne is one of the few artists that can go gold in a week... maybe game will do 300k tops... his singles are never that strong and he's not a radio artist... even wayne's not a human being sold hundreds of thousands in a few weeks

  • GMaN918

    Lot of yall are haters I mean you say game is trash but he's really not.. Now i will say his new music [after LAX] Has not been great but if u heard InfaRed [released today] Its a banger. He Never dissapoint's on his albums. Documentary: Great Doctors Advocate: Great LAX: Above Average RED: Album of year?

  • Anonymous

    i wonder how many times he will name drop on this album. How many times will he mention lebron james or his reds or red sox hat this time around? Album of the year- yeah right

  • IWantOldSchoolBack

    Finally Famous, Hell: The Sequel, Cole World, Take Care, Watch The Throne, Section 80, Lasers, Self Made dang even Rolling Papers > R.E.D. Call me a hater, I could care less cause we all have opinions, but I'm just tired of Game's constant cry for attention. Going to a different label, callin out others with disses, sometimes that ish just gets old real fast!!

    • IWantOldSchoolBack

      Bottom line I'm making, any one of those albums I listed could easily pass R.E.D. because of the dick riding fan bases all those artists have. That's what my point was. But you're right, I do agree Common's and/or Nas's albums will be classic

    • Anonymous

      Roling Papers and Lasers lol

    • LOL

      Half of those albums you named were trash. Eat a dick faggot.

    • EDcali

      Have you heard RED ? So shut the fuck up. Anyone of the albums you mentioned will be better than RED in anyway possible, only Common and Nas albums can be better. B&J`s aint on RED, Red Nation too, all the wack tracks were scrapped. Game improved his lyrics and everyone saying its classic so im hyped!!!


    Game is the best too many haters on here

  • crum

    all you motherfuckers are radio gangsta who like cole and drake and all those fake ass wanna be

  • crum

    shup the f**** up all you damn nig nogs

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ dont play no games

  • likeIdied

    easy Game, All 6's and 7's has that locked.

  • tdubwilcocks dr dre gonna be on there twice?? cuz according to this article it says Dre is featured twice. Crazzyy shitt DX craazzy shit

  • illmaticbridge

    Not a chance this album will be better than Lamar's Section80, Watch the Throne, or Cole's Cole World: The Sideline Story. Hell I bet I'll like Finally Famous and Take Care over this.

    • 50 CENT

      Dont give a fuck about albums sales ! Who cares ? To be honnest, what was the last album you bought ?? Plz take a look at DL rates!

    • lol

      hahaha...section all the hype, that shit was weak!!! much has it sold so far???...about is gonna shit all over Kendrick Lamar Odom.

  • nykallday

    Shut up and put the damn album out. Dude thinks he's a legend with 3 albums when he doesn't bring anything new to hip hop. What's unique about him seriously?

    • Anonymous

      Whats unique about him??? serious?'ll tell you whats unique about him, hes the only "him" in the entire world. Every human is unique you dipshit...except for you, you fall into the human category called HATERS.

  • Eli Abdallah

    Detox will be album of the yr

  • Deezy

    Who give a fuck if y'all don't like game or not whatever happen to just listening to some good music I know Game does his thing when it come to his albums so I know R.E.D. goin be dope but everone should just stop bitchin & listen & support all artist instead of being biasis over some Beef that happend 5 years ago! Let That Shit GO!!! It's Dead.. anyway "The R.E.D Album" 08/23/11 Support GOOD Music!

  • 50 cent

    WTF is he talking about looooooool ayo mofukin dre's sucker did u forget DETOX & WATCH THE THRONE were about to come the same year that ur mofukin shit ???? LOOOOL GAYME GGGGGG UNIT lol

    • 50 Cent da BAWSE

      lool come on man "dr dre". Recession wont end. But you know, I think people will buy your CD at the moment you made pub for 10 years!! It'll be a classic so real people will buy it. And he knows it. Even me, i'm french, i'm ready to buy a vinyl ! Even I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THEIR CDs ANYMORE DOWNLOAD 'EM GUYS!! @lol ayo bad meets evil should be called shit meets my dick nobody gave a fuck about their album only royce did it, em' was like a shit looking for a dick. You know what i'm sayin lol Well, lets be serious, RED wont be the album of the year, yall know it!! GGGGGGGG UNIT

    • lol

      Detox, you serious????? too scared to drop! As for watch the throne, or should i say (the fake bad meets evil), judging by otis, FLOP!!!

    • dr dre

      Dude Detox won't come out until the recession is over. There's gonna be a double dip recession at the end of this year. Dr. Dre wants plaques, an album that sells well to finish on - he wants something that lives up to the hype. When albums aren't selling (right now in the recession) he sure as hell isn't going to live up to it. He's going to wait a few more years dude. He already had a top 5 billboard hit with "I Need a Doctor" and a HUGE buzz with it, and he didn't take advantage of it. He's gonna wait a while before he builds up more steam although it may never top the success of "I Need a Doctor." Also when he releases the album the rest of these rappers are going to suffer. 50 was going to leak a Dre record because Dre's the best. He was bluffing for publicity. Game made a FUCKING ALBUM for Dr. Dre. The day the Doc drops Detox, he's not making another album, and other rappers can't talk about it. Snoop, Kendrick Lamar, 50, Game, Lloyd Banks... all these rappers use Dre as a way to gain financial success and you better believe Dre is making bank off of them somehow or another, whether it's selling tracks or just staying relevant! Give Detox another couple of years.

  • Anonymous

    to be honest i dont thin red wil drop this year and possibly ever!! he flopped on singles with features like justin timberlake, chris brown and lil wayne.. as gay as those features r if u cant get spins or chart with those names u r officially done!!!

  • rage

    to be honest, im surprised that Game is still relevant with his mediocre music.

  • ccccc

    this nigga is such a punk stop dick pulling your future owner shut the f up.. you could have been one of the best but your bitch made personality fucks that up..

  • Brandon

    this washed up nigga forgot about cole world? please.

  • Anonymous

    "The album is believed to feature contributions from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Tyler, The Creator and others." Oh shit nigga! Dr. Dre AND Dr. Dre!??!?!? I gotta cop that shit now. Seriously, do you ever read these shits before you release them?

  • Alexander Foes

    Everyone in here who liked Game at one point is not loyal. 1. You love him when he's in G-Unit.....2. Then he leaves and there's drama so yall download his 2nd and 3rd album, riding on G UNITs dick. Now GUnit aint hot anymore, so you become a bunch of Jay dickriders.

    • haha

      you're such a dumbfuck, obviously you don't remember when his 2nd album came out, the only people he had beef with were 50 and G-unit, even then he kind of stopped it before the album came out. He acted way more humble and didn't seem like an arrogant piece of shit, like how he's acting now. I liked him after he left G-Unit, but now he's just a bi-polar piece of shit, who the fuck tries to reconcile with 50 and Lloyd Banks over twitter then a day or two later starts a "Fuck 50/G-Unit" chant, and talks shit to Banks about his album sales?

  • vlad

    if monsters in my head rough red nation infrared didnt make the album then think what kind of tracks are there

  • .....

    i've decided not to buy this thing. In no way is this song close to "Dremas" or "Hate or Love It" and i wouldn't even put that piece of shit "My Life" on those songs' level. Starting to hate you, Game, you keep fucking up left and right.

  • HipH0p

    Game with album of the year? Lmao I know a lot of people hate on Drake, but in reality Take Care has a good chance of being album of the year over R.E.D. :P

  • Fado

    why come every moder hiphop fan feels they have to pick a side?, either they are on the nutz of the Kanye,Jay Z roc nation good music side of things or they are on the young money cah money side of things, or thee gucci wacka so icey shit, and the final big legion is the shady crew with aftermath. I judge every album individually and although some legions of rappers are so undeniably wack beyond the point where its even reasonable to have an open mind towards them (so iccey, gucci). Music is Music don't get caught up in all the labels of mainstream and underground and this and that, FUCK the hype. Music that sounds good > Music that sounds bad.

  • Mandy Sandy

    fuck da G.A.Y. album and gay carter 4! album of da year will belong 2 jay-z! and kanye west wit watch da throne. runner-upz will b cole world, finally famouz and fear of god 2. real hip hop, wut bitchez! RNGMB BITCH!

    • crum

      jayz is a gay ass nigga who sucks kanye dick

    • Irv

      Fado I couldn't agree with you more with everything u said cept the wayne part only good song he drop this year was johb but yeah son this guy's a hater

    • Fado

      changing the name of the album too "da G.A.Y. album" doesn't make your opinion come off as being any cooler, it just makes you come off as a hater. especially seeing as how you are talking about 2 albums that haven't even came out yet. Im not a Game fan but some leaked R.E.D. album songs are really good(monsters in my head), also im looking forward to hearing the song he did with Tyler. All the C4 songs I have heard have been wack except for 6foot7foot. However I am definitely more so looking forward too the albums you listed (except Finaly famous wasn't that good too me I think even you can admit some of the similes Big Sean uses are straight up wack), im especially looking forward too that J.Cole debut.

  • Tony Viera

    Of Course!!! I prefer RED a Million times!!!

  • Eric Smith

    I mean, I get where he's coming from with the self promotion and all...but NOPE! Regardless of record sales, radio play, and BS award shows. J Cole - "Cole World: The Sideline Story" or Big K.R.I.T. - "Live From The Underground" will be Album Of The Year.

  • Anonymous

    you fgt to put dr dre again...

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      actually, each individual has the right to choose their own album of the year, and if game picks himself, thats his decision.

  • Jase Cook

    that is until PTSD drop...HUSTLE UP PTSD coming soon Hustlemann/Affluent

  • Joe

    Album of the year? Don't think so, i think Hell: The Sequel, Success is Certain, and the Slaughterhouse album will a lot to say about that. This year belongs to Shady 2.0

  • Shit

    This will be hes weakest album ! I bet all the money in the world !

  • Kendall Walters

    LoL Game don't live in the hood. He isn't a blood either. Rap is like WWF these days.

    • lol

      game dont live in the hood???...lololol...little white boys, stfu!!!!...As for being a blood, its official you silly little boys. DOnt comment on something you obviously know nothing at all about bitches!!! Why you even on this page? You should be on Lady gagas page u white fags

    • lol

      that maybe true, but you both are still white boys.

    • Dan Ruben Nilsen Lindseth

      I AGREE

  • ItsTheTruth

    Yo whats crackin yall, its the truth here, yall want the truth? Alright, here it is. Both these albums is overhyped and most niggas gna buy these albums cuz of the name, not the substance. Both these albums is what I like to call entertainment albums. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks that game and weezy are bloods, or for anyone who thinks they still gangbang and deal drugs. So for anyone who bumpin Red Nation, I hope you are able to distinguish entertainment for real life, these rappers are entertainers, not real niggas. Weezy, game, rick ross, 50 cent, none of these niggas is doin what they rappin bout, maybe they used to but now they rich and out the hood. Weezy been rappin with cash money when he was 11, he had it made since before puberty, so when was he bloodin or dealin drugs? Come on yall. "Rappers dont practice what they preach, they tell u hit the trap while they relaxin on the beach." On a further note, yall should look forward to royce da 59 'Success Is Certain', that's real hip hop no gimmicks for u young niggas out there that look up to these rappers as idols. Truth signing out...

  • DeShawn Griffin

    all yall trippin if ya'll dont think thug motivation 103 goin be the album of the decade

  • Mu

    This is Game's last chance to keep me as a fan. His albums have been getting worst with each release. Documentary was really good, Doctor's Advocate was aiight, then that LAX shit was like, WTF??

    • Anonymous

      im totally with you son, game seems to be everybodys used to be favorite rapper. But how can this album be album of the year when the tracks he has released are not even close to replay value.

  • jason

    Game is a PUSSY. Stop talking shit about Wayne you fucking faggot. Wayne will get his REAL blood crew and fuck you up Game. Game is the fakest Blood ever. He just bit Weezy's whole style and is now trying to talk shit? Fuck ouuta here.

    • Irv

      lmfaoooooo boy u dumb as hell game actually blood while wayne the fake when have you ever heard a song on how wayne became a blood NEVER game more than 1 and plus hes way better than that sellout faggot

    • Anonymous

      wayne copied game w/ the blood shit... game's from Compton u dumb son of a bitch lil wayne is the fakest of all thinkRED faggot

    • JayElectronica

      why u defending wayne like hes ur bf fagget!lol u talking like u knw wat really goes on

  • King

    My beautiful dark twisted fantasy or watch the throne will win album of the year.

    • wellwisher

      I loved MBDTF but that came out in 2010, unless it counts for the 2011 music award season in which case it deserves a nod for best album or best rap album. watch the throne, cole's cole world, lamar's section80, and hell even take care will all too be better than game's red

  • tupac


    • queens_militia

      if its as good or better than his mixtapes, cosign. as for right now i have to give album of the year (hiphop) to kendrick lamar's section80

  • RICKY ROZAY !!!!!

    no one is looking out for games album I doubt he will push more than 120K in his 1st week


      joe6 at work geting money. how about you?

    • Joe6pack is a hoe

      Joe6pack's Christmas wish list 1. Tha Carter album variety pack. The one that comes with Wayne butt naked with a lolipop in his mouth 2. A strand of Drake's pubic hair. 3. A Birdman mask so that hopefully Wayne will mistake him for Baby and kiss him on the lips 4. A red flag so that he could wear on the wrong side like Wayne does 5. A Tatoo artist starter kit for copying all of Weezy's gay tats.

  • anon

    what a stupid faggot.

  • thinkRED

    Game #1 rapper alive, jayz dont want it

  • Wa-Gwan Uk

    Its gonna smack it! And even if every track isn't amazing, between the good tracks that are on it and the good tracks from the mixtape he's bringing out, there'll be enough Game material to satisfy his real fans...

  • uhh

    Beating Carter 4 isn't saying much in terms of quality, none of Lil Waynes album have really been anything special, yeah sure they knock in the trunk but has ever wowed you. Kendrick Lamars Section 80 are albums that rappers should try to top, not an album by some druged up talentless retard.

    • queens_militia

      glad to see a couple other people pointing out lamar's latest album. section80 so far this year is the best rap album of 2011 in my opinion

    • Mu

      I was gonna defend Wayne by bringing up Tha Carter 2, but then you mentioned Section.80. Point taken good sir... HiiiPower all day

  • Devin Williams

    Game need to get back wit 50 cus they both clowns

    • Fado

      Whats your definition of a clown?, has all the recent music 50 released been wack and sound like it was made in 2003 (except for outlaw which was actually descent)?, yes. Has all the recent music Game has released been wack? No, in fact some of his songs are dope. Is the fact Game dissed Kanye big sean and Jay just to get buzz a wack characteristic? yes.

  • Eyes

    Its gonna have a million features...

  • Nico 3

    Game claimed his last album was going to be the one and look where that went. Too much time in between albums.

  • Ryan MacQueston

    Honkey Kong will be album of the year

  • Helmut Smith

    Why be modest and humble if you can act a ass and shit on your own product like Game does. Idiot!

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