Consequence Fires Shots At Kanye West In New Clip

The former G.O.O.D. Music family member implies that 'Ye is a tyrant in a newly released video.

In a clip tilted “The World is Watching 2: The Puppet Masters,” Consequence continues to take jabs at Kanye West. In the clip, the message implies that his former G.O.O.D. Music cohort is “king” of his world and that Cons intends on “stopping” him.

“There are some who think they have this ability, and others who are robbed for it. But by who? The puppet masters,” reads the clip. “They are the ones who are put in place to ensure that any wizard on the horizon relinquish his power to the king. The only one who can stop the king and his court, is... the warrior. It’s been done before... And it will happen again. The world is watching.”

The video shows images of ‘Ye, Don C, Rhymefest, Fonzworth Bentley, Drake, Lupe Fiasco and more. The clip comes in anticipation of Cons’ Movies on Demand 3, releasing soon.

Watch “The World is Watching 2: The Puppet Masters” below. 

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  • RomanIntel

    Cons is slowly becoming the new Beanie Siegel. Hate Kanye all you want but he gave that nigga Cons a way bigger chance than ATCQ gave him although I LOVE those niggas. This cat was all on BET, major tours, traveling worldwide. He ghostwrote? So What? Clipse went platinum before Pusha ever met Kanye! Beanie Siegel had a huge opportunity fron Jay. Hate him all you want. You can't deny that. So Cons, you diss Pusha? Come on son. Is he even signed? A dude that's dope like that shouldn't be petty like that... Get your money up because dissing G.O.O.D. music is only gonna make these internet cats happy.

  • Blog Daddy Kane

    First and for most, Cons you suck, your never going to make it.Gave it up Dewey,if this is about music, its not kanye Fault your not where your at in your Rap career,The kids dont like you,your girl dont like you,Nobody wants to be cons when they grow up,go get another job be a chef help handcap ppl,Kanye gaves you like 3 to 4 beats on your album,he dont do that for nobody else on his team not mr hudson not big sean not cudi,only person he do that for is jay-Z go listen to @joebudden aftermath @3:42 and mute yourself #WatchTheThrone

  • Anonymous

    bees was better back in these days: "I am enclosing 2 tickets to the opening night of my play. Bring a friend... if you have one." - George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), to Winston Churchill "Cannot possibly attend first night. Will attend second... if there is one." - Winston Churchill (1874-1965), in response

  • P Floyd

    Sample snatched

  • Danny Sherard Speller

    The sample

  • Danny Sherard Speller

    What is the name of that song playing in the background smdh thats joint is crazy!!!!

  • lsn22s

    Honestly, I think Cons is pretty dope, but he doesn't have that mainstream appeal and charisma or even the looks to move lot of records...Kanye definitely saw this, so he kept Cons on the backburner doing feature verses and shit while he promoted himself and dudes like Pusha T and Big sean...Cons having been in the game for A WHILE NOW was probably sick of being on the shelf his whole career (which is understandable, he's put in work) but realistically, it's just not a smart investment for's harder to sell records these days than EVER, and pushing a dude who might be a great talent but still lacks the mainstream appeal is just a recipe to not make a profit...and profits are the name of the game, sad to say...I think Cons wants to be a star, and Kanye didn't want to take that risk... here is the problem for Cons though...labels are not checking for him and neither is mainstream once he finishes going at Kanye he will have even less options than least with Kanye he can get checks for doing shows and featuring/writing verses for G.O.O.D. Music artists.... This is one of those situations that is just have a talented guy lashing out since can't get the break he wants and probably deserves...and on the other hand his lashing out will probably cost him the opportunity to ever get that break... I don't think Cons or Kanye is actually wrong in this situation...

  • Anonymous

    What is the sample?

  • Anonymous

    check out my mixtape it's on something different

  • Brandon Pitts

    This is quite the campaign to change public opinion on YE. I will give him credit for what little flow Kanye has because Ye has always sounded like Con... Always, But oh well

  • DMenace3

    Y'all are a bunch of morons. Cons has been out since before Kanye was anybody! (See A Tribe Called Quest - Beats Rhymes and Life in 1996) He is a better lyricist than Kanye will ever be. Broke rappers are better than rich ones cuz they still Hungry!!!

  • Anonymous

    sounding like a disgruntled ass broke sure kanye gave you all the freedom to create...but you acting like a female and wanting the spotlight is what got u fucked up...learn your role dude if its not your time to shine yet then chill out

  • William Scooter Jones

    Cons, yu wasn't on until Ye put yu on!!! GTFOH!!!!

  • music1loveca

    Consequence is loosing it the throne is going to destroy shit...and con is just trying to get attention...he is biting the hand that fed him....i look at con as a desperate artist now....i aint a fan anymore

  • Anonymous

    Cons is biting the hand that fed him... Not everyone can make it but the least you can do is thank Kanye for giving you the little bit of exposure you never had. Yeah he could have dealt with you better but you can't go and make him look like the villain. Just focus on making music and quit the whole beef sh*t.

  • Anonymous

    smh at comments he has a point all the people shown in vid are all gay ... but hey he use to run wit most of them so idk industry is for werid weak minded fools .. independent

  • Suggatee

    This beef brought to you by Playtex tampons.

  • RomanIntel

    *Mad Producer Voice* Tell 'em why you mad, son! Seriously though, Cons is dope. Kanye, although most niggas say otherwise, is dope. So is Pusha T. So instead of them working together to make money, Cons is dissin'. I can't deny he might have done something messed up, but internet disses aren't gonna hurt him. Or Pusha T for that matter. Make better music and you'll win. Simple as that. All this other stuff (dissin Bentley, and comparing Kanye to Lupe and Drake) makes you look real emotional and soft. "Watch The Throne" is gonna sell, that's an inevitability. So make something that sounds better. Movies On Demand 3 will be dope, maybe doper than WTT... but only Cons can prove that. Maybe you and Game can get together and compare hurts and pains lol.

  • Right On

    i understand all your point of views on this thing, but i think its pretty sick. i mean he's playin off this "watch the throne" bullshit and hes trying to have a counterpart to the direction that ye and all these industry cats are brining hip hop which ultamitely puts hip hop in a good place where industry and creativity are one (consequence/ ye). i think this shit is nothing but love and he's only trying to get people excited about the future of hip hop and hip hop in general, it's a healthy and more mature way to compete

  • omg becky

    gayest video i ever watched omg becky,bout to go watch city of god with my bitch never watched it they say its gangsta got my oj mayo kush rolled up nikkaz n my mini oreos,pringles ranch,2 liter sprite mixed with that purp..oh shiii

  • delusion

    All the Kanye loving Dragg Queens - fuck off!!

  • Simon Magus

    This is the wrong way to go about things Cons. You are correct some people have the magic to control the masses through self expression or at the very least communicate with them. But some folks are great speech writers and not very interesting speakers like say you for instance. You have always had some dope lines and even songs but you have never been a very interesting emcee. Meaning you lack character(i.e. what is your story oh yeah the average to better rapping ass rapper),your cadance is awkward and it was your choice to ghost write for ye this dude did not go in and put a gun to your head and say write songs or hooks for me. He brought you in for a task you saw a oppurtunity and took it. now you are mad because you don't really have that it to be a soloist. Heck in my opinion ye has always had awkward lyrics but he had the type of personality and charisma to carry it(make sense that cons was ghosting now or tutoring or whatever). If you want vengance make good music and save the disses for once you are established even if you do them at all. I think you work better in a group setting because your charisma/see swag isn't strong enough to carry a solo album that is financially viable. This has been a real hiphop intervention LOL

    • Real Talk

      Cons already dissed. At least he is gaining momentum, and getting publicity. If he wants to survive, he has to capitalize on that.

    • Maurice D. Randle

      You hit the fuckin' nail on the head! I find it ridiculous that this guy has been affiliated with sooo many legendary artists yet can't make his own career pop off. Q-Tip is his COUSIN for crying out loud! Like you said, he just doesn't have the talent to do it, so he shouldn't be surprised that nobody gives a fuck about him. He needs to stop with the cryin' like a bitch shit, man up and take the reigns on his own career w/o havin' to start whack imaginary beefs just to get attention. Isn't this nigga pushin' 40? lol

  • Jesus

    why cant this salty ass faggot do what other disgruntld employees do? stfu and get hired by the competition just payed less like most Wal-Mart workers


    Bull.shit. I don't even listen to Don C or Rhymefest, Fonz doesn't really make music very often and lately Drake is shit but he doesn't even deserve to be mentioned with Kanye or Lupe. Kanye maybe an asshole at times but he makes good music (mostly). And come on, Lupe made a mainstream album which was average at best, for fucks sake this guy gave you two classic, mindblowing albums get over it. He's a little popular now, but as far as we've seen his beliefs and ideals haven't changed. He's still the same old Lupe, so I call bullshit.

  • Jeff Mason




  • SutterKane

    LOL, this guy is hilarious, all his Kings and Wizards and Warriors talk, dude sounds like a World of Warcraft nerd Go play Dungeons & Dragons or summin, dont nobody care about you being Butthurt about Kanye not turning you into a star

  • dc burner guy

    all this stuff is believe.

  • rell

    Consequence need to take his lame ass movie and his fat ass head somewhere and sit the hell down. This nigga head bigger than his career could EVER be.



  • Souls

    If I had a grill like that, Id be mad as hell too

  • Anonymous

    this is a dope way to promote consequences shit. if you fucks with good music check out this new shit if you feelin that air out on my video in the comments jus say some real shit

  • Anonymous

    Ok...consequence should be mad at kanye if he was trying to limit him...but consequence is NOWHERE at kanye's level..kanye west is a hip hop legend..not the greatest lyricist but production wise he makes up for it..all his projects are just quit it man...your better than the radio rotation...but only decent at best

  • SUPB


    • Anonymous

      4 real, they are marketing masters. And this illuminati bullshit as well. Best beleive they are playing off that shit as well.

    • Suuuuuhhhhh!

      DING DING DING!!! We have a winner... In the words of S. Carter "It's all marketing and nothing surprises me at this point" Nothing surprises me either...

  • Sadr22

    Yah fools don't recognize some good new shit when you see it. Why wouldn't you want someone to stop kanye and his elitist team of pop pussies...need an example? Who the fuck out there kicks it with fools like fonsworth bentley? I'll tell you who....people from the real housewives of beverly hills. These fools think that only the finest toilet paper shall clean their ass, and you people, broke as fuck with no job (hence the comments and time wasted reading this shit, like me) are fucking defending these fucks who wouldn't piss in our mouths if we were thirsty, unless they could remix it somehow and get jay z to rap on it and call the album "watch us use your mouth as the porcelin throne". You dicks who wouldn't want these assholes to come back to earth sicken me. Go get em, cons. Fuck pop ass kanye n crew. Would YOU kick it with fonsworth while his lips glow from the grease with him twirling his fucking umbrella? Fuck the rich who don't look out. Nah, they don't gotta help me, but stop supporting those who already got everything. But you punks (commenters) live in a fantasy world where this wacked out ass music and it's purveyors fill your soul with ecstasy. Fucking fags.....

    • Sadr22

      Yah, you so busy hustling that you have time to read and then comment on what i could listen to whatever the fuck you want, no matter how pussy they are...or how pussy you are.....and what the fuck is wrong with the dollar menu, punk? I aint rich like you are (yah, right) plus i aint spoiled....i aint got shit and i still break the homeless off with change or a dollar, every time, bitch. I aint gonna fake it like you and say i got chips, but what i do have, i'll break off. And if i did get rich, i know i'll stay in south central cause it would keep me knowing what the fuck reality really is. Imagine me chilling with rich folk, golfing and wearing sandals and chilling with actors that talk shit about this me, the same muthaphucking broke "nikka" he is now cool with cause i got some chips...."get with the real nigga", you don't know shit, punk. Acting like you balling....what the fuck, were you on break from slanging when you wrote your barely legible comment? I think you should get an education before you go posting some embarassing ass shit.....nikka.....

    • get with da real niiggaa

      nigga u need to come out da closet,since you broke down that bentley fagg down u a homo and fuck your bloggin bitch azz im'a support who da fuck i want cuz i got money and get money on da daily not a broke biytch nikka like that eat dollar menu erry day to survive fuck boy sadr

    • KillaRas

      Well said! Well said!

    • cole world

      Would YOU kick it with fonsworth while his lips glow from the grease with him twirling his fucking umbrella? hhahahaha high me i listen to jays old shit cuz i like the MUSIC and i listen to new and old kanye (not 808's) cuz i like the MUSIC..... niggas reading into this music shit 2 much, its music enjoy it or dont, its up2 you

    • Anonymous

      watch us use your mouth as the porcelain throne is brilliant man

    • Anonymous

      ahahahaha that is the best comment OF ALL TIME

    • shane

      I hate how people try to say see how you'd act if you had that money. theres plenty of good and bad examples. I mean wu tang rolls like sixty deep. they practicaly tour with their block. Then you see jay z who's turnt his back on mad of his old friends(not saying i know alot about him). Or tupac even if he changed because of his money he always had a heart and would throw charity concerts when he wasn't getting shot. Comparing him to most main stream rappers today isn't even fair.

    • Suuuuhhhhh!

      REALEST COMMENT I'VE EVER READ!!!!! I never understood why so many people want to support someone who got it all either...Must be hypnotized...

    • crit

      if i was making kanye and jay money i wouldnt want to come back to earth, and nigga neither would you. You don't know until you had that money so you cant say that shit. money DOES change you, and there's nothing you can do about it.

  • loloft

    Cons coming across desperate in this one, it makes me sad especially when im bumping Spaceship and Good, Bad, and the Ugly on the regular too. Potential for dope colabs that we'll never hear again, which is sad. Kanye did bite off cons style back in the college dropout days and you'd be lieing if you said otherwise, but any artist who's spending a lot of time in the studio with another artist is going to bounce off each others styles. Kanye has developed into one of this generations greats on his own and developed his own brand. Cons needs to back off cuz this aint gonna help his record sales, eat off your own food homie.

  • Maxwell Harkness


  • Javier Martinez

    Consequence, please just stop.

  • boom-chaka-laka your mom is a fat whore

    loving the kanye-esque levels of arrogance

  • Anonymous

    Another rapper complaining some else is stopping them EVEN THOUGH they have WAAAAYYYYY more exposure than the typical underground MC trying to get on. Nigga you suck.

  • Anonymous

    Look Cons has had a rough time trying to get his stuff out but this... this is too extreme. Yeah you could have been handled better but in an industry like this, only a handful can be successful. And I think Cons should quit trying to make Ye look like the villain and should just focus on making good music (no pun intended).

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    ahahahahaha. This clown cracks me up I think Consequence just surpassed Canibus as the biggest jerk off in the hip hop industry

  • Benny 'TeamWethebest Ragland

    #yugh! I wonder how long he will keep this up!

  • Anonymous

    Cons is so lame. "If you had invented Facebook. You would've invented Facebook."

  • Richard bonds

    this guy is delirious, self consumed, and really has an inflated ego. First of all pusha t did not bite you! Weve all listened, and nobody calls that biting..! Second of all, you have been around since tribe.. And still havent blown up. You cant make it on your own, you have to be attatched to an established name to even be heard? Piggybacker. And instead of spending money on louis vuitton like you claim, you should have fixed your teeth.. Thats what your legacy will be, the biggest teeth in hip hop, you look so stupid when you talk with your chicklets... You just wont let up with this will you? Im about to make a song and finish your piggybacking half career... Robb jewelz is the name and you dont want to see me.

  • iddle

    video is dope! Down with the king!

  • Andrew J. Brisport

    and im now removing your music from my itunes

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Well...this could get a tad bit interesting. LOL!!! (shaking my head at Drake with the tea cup... guess that's a toronto thing. tough break, toronto) I think this is a start of a better move to go about this "exposure" of Mr. West. I'm only saying this because I know personally of some of the things he's done. But when it's all said and done, this is weak simply because you're doing Kanye a favor by giving him the light and time of day and by putting your energies towards him that you're wasting energy that can be utilized someone else. Everyone perceives that you are a bitter bitch. It might not even be the case...but that is indeed the perception. Also the fact of the matter is simple: Who the f cares? Everyone knows, and can assume from perception alone, that Kanye is a tyrant or a fraud or this narcissistic, delusion of grandeur having, egomaniacal, ass nigga who's damn near a sissy. We don't need you to tell us this again. The simple fact that Common is the latest to dip from dude and strictly go back to NO ID should tell everyone something besides the fact that he realized NO ID gave him arguably his best work...and we can't get him with Dilla Dawg anymore due to Dilla's untimely passing. Make quality and just let it be.

    • Anonymous

      cmon man, drake aint really from toronto like dat, so dont be saying toronto on that tea cup shit, drake a child actor turned metrosexual pop star, that why he sippin out tea cups

    • Anonymous

      commons still apart of good music...he just switched labels from universal to warner n no-id(who is kanyes mentor) is just doing all of the production on his next album

  • Mu

    Note to Cons: If you came out during the 90's with a group like A Tribe Called Quest and you're STILL trying to get a buzz, it ain't Kanye or Pusha's fault, it's your music. I ain't sayin Cons is totally wack, but he's just not good enough to stand out in this hip-hop shit

    • E.J.

      I agree. Cons has been out for a minute. Maybe his career is cursed. He was introduced to the world on one of Tribe's worst albums (IMO) but that's neither here or there. Just hurry up and release an album before even your biggest fans stop caring.

  • Anonymous

    About time somebody calls kanye out for something. Hip hop fans act like that man is god in the flesh or some shit.

  • Anonymous

    damn someone get cons a tampon n some pants...his bleeding vaginas showing

  • Anonymous

    Tea cup SWAG!!!

  • haha

    someone's about to end their own career by being a dumbass, fuck off with this beef, Cons and release your fucking album already

  • Dick B.

    LOL @ Drake with a tea cup, what a fag.

  • curry

    looks like son is hurt. lol. I know he got a story to tell, but nobody really cares. right now, best thing cons can do is try to become the king. you dont get there by whining and shit.

  • Shane 'Cashmere Brown' Johnson

    That's funny he disabled the comment setting for this video on his youtube page



    • Anonymous

      i dont understand how he still has a job after countless errors, mistakes and printing straight up lies and confusing the readers of this website i miss the hhdx

  • designerdrug

    Sooo.... he definitely looks like a villain in that pic. Anyways, Dudes a square. He's talking too much. He's been in the game longer than I've been alive. Cons, u know the rules of engagement. You're begging them to fire back so you can sell cd's. Truth is, nobody sells like that anymore and 2nd truth is nobody cares about you. Why I even wasted my time writing this, idk. -_-

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