Snoop Dogg Recalls First Time Getting High, Origin Of His Rap Name

In a free-associative interview with Esquire, Tha Doggfather recalls a few key moments in his life.

Snoop Dogg recently chopped it up with Esquire magazine, speaking on a random assortment of topics including performing at a bar mitzvah, saying goodbye to the streets and coaching his son's football team. During the interview, Tha Doggfather touched on how he got the rap nickname "Snoop Dogg," explaining that his mother is the one who bestowed him with the moniker.

"My momma gave me the name. I used to love Peanuts and Charlie Brown -- Snoopy was my favorite cartoon character growing up. I watched so much, I started to look like him," he explained.

The Los Angeles, California native also touched on the first time he got high, which occurred before he hit double digits. "The first time I got high off marijuana was in the seventies, with one of my uncles. They had these little roaches on the table -- these part-way-smoked marijuana cigarettes -- and there was some Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull. I went in there and sipped the Schlitz, and my uncle asked me did I wanna hit that roach. And I was like, 'Yeah.' He put it on the roach clip for me and lit it up, and I hit that motherfucker. I was about eight or nine years old."

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  • Suksito

    And they shouldnt watch his videos but maybe they are, so

  • Info

    Here the problem i have with this BS story, i dont think kids need to know when Snoop start getting high, send the wrong messages here to these kid that look up too him or wanta be like, i bet some stupid kid now is going to try and get high at 8 or 9 years old, stuff like this should just not be printed when you know kids read it

  • Anonymous

    a bullshit news!!!!!!!! is this important dumbasses

  • East Up

    damn, i was 14 whe i first got high, and that shit fucked me up!!! probably wouldve died at 9 up Uncle Snoop! Realist OG in da game.

  • KieranYMCMB

    Ok Being A Teenager, and growing up in this era of Hip-Hop, No Offense But I'm more of A Wayne Fan Than A Snoop Fan... BUT... Wayne Doesn't Gangbang! Hes Got Other Shit to do! So What if He Wears Red Bandannas and says hes a blood, even if he is, hes not "GangBanging" In The Hood and Shit! And Snoop Isn't A Faggot Pussy! So WHat if he makes pop songs! I'm Sure 2 of his last singles sold more than Dr. Dre's two singles! (No Disrespect) So Fuck Jason

  • Anonymous

    that jason fool just tryin to get under everyone's skin cause any sane person knows snoop is an OG and lil wayne well just isnt half as dope or real as snoop

  • Duke

    and people say weed is bad for you. it aint fucked snoop up that much.

  • Anonymous

    and to thiis idiot jason. listen WAYNE is the fake nigga. he aint really blood hes jus playin his role. snoop was really crippin nigga go look up old videos on youtube like this one fuckin idiot. lmao wayne is a real blood lmao lmao lmao lmao. niggas in jerzee wud kill you for sayin that shit in they face

  • Anonymous

    lmao this is cool i like shit like this if you feelin that air it out on my video in the comments jus say some real shit

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Jason obviously had consensual sex with a man before and later had the fact divulged to him that homosexual sex is indeed not cool and not normal. So Wayne is a real gangsta? He claims blood yet isn't from LA where the bloods actually were started? Ok. You got a response for trolling. (shaking my head laughing) You probably search Wayne's garbage cans for his used condoms. "There's some still in here!!!" ass nigga.

  • jason's a douche

    if snoop is a 'fake faggot' i can't imagine what that makes wayne. any self respecting lover of hip hop has to give it up to snoop regardless of his gang affiliations real or imagined... cmon player.

  • jason

    Snoop Dogg is the most fake faggot in the game. Reppin crip and shit when he has no gang affiliation whatsoever. You pop star bitch. Lil Wayne is a real gangbanger repping suwhoop all day. Snoop is about as crip as my fucking grandmother.

    • Anonymous

      snoop caught a murder charge? weezy just had the gun to act hard

    • Mu

      I gotta co-sign Saad... If you think Lil Wayne is really gangbanging, you really are a fucking idiot. And you gotta be under 20 disrespecting Uncle Snoop as a "pop star". Nigga, Snoop is on some of the hardest records in hip-hop history. Do your fucking homework

    • jason

      Fuck you Saad. The army is for pussies. I bet you know all about cunts right bitch? Weezy would murder you if he saw you in the streets. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL HATER!

    • Saad Rajabali

      "Lil Wayne is a real gangbanger". You're an idiotic fucking cunt.

  • Kendall Walters

    Snoop Dogg is the real bawse!

  • Anonymous

    what a nice fucked up family !

  • HomieDaClown

    Awww... What a touching story of bad parenting.



  • Anonymous

    this guy dont remember the first time he got high

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