Tech N9ne Calls Black Hippy "The New N.W.A."

Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul get praise from Tech N9ne, who calls them "the new N.W.A." in the game.

With the release of Jay Rock's Follow Me Home, Strange Music is able to showcase another artist who is making a name for himself. While on the road, the Strange crew stopped and discussed a few topics with Dubcnn. Among those topics was the Jay Rock signing, how Tech N9ne met the Watts emcee and how Rock feels as part of the label. 

"I heard him on the set of my 'Like Yeah' video," Tech noted of his introduction to Jay Rock. "I was sitting at home and saw a video of his and was like, 'That shit is dope! That's the nigga that was at my video shoot!' I think my publicist Richie had given me like a mixtape or something and I heard niggas on there."

Tech went on to praise Jay Rock for his work, but also added that his group, Black Hippy, is "the new N.W.A." to him.

"I remember I ran into Jay Rock and was like 'Who is that dude on there rapping with you?' I think that was how I met Kendrick Lamar. But seeing Jay Rock's video was enough for me, I knew he was a MC and that he rolled with MC's like Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar - Black Hippy. That's the new N.W.A. to me. I'm trying to get my money up so I can get them all over here!"

For Jay Rock, the Strange Music signing was "the right move," as he put it. 

"Yeah, I knew this was the right move to make, because what I learned by signing to Strange Music is that it's all about the fans. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about and we've been stressing that since day one. That's why I'm doing this music thing - the fans. And I saw how Tech was connecting with his fans and I was like 'Man, that's amazing.'"

For more from the interview, check the interview below. 

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  • Anonymous

    I don't know what y'all are saying, Tech 9 is wack, Jay Rock is so much better than fucking strange music, I don't even consider Tech 9 a rapper, he's just ridiculous. I'm glad the resta black hippy ain't down with that crap, they are too dope for that.

  • Anonymous

    as far as the juggalos go, the biggest tech n9ne fan i know and the guy who turned me onto him is also a big ICP fan, but thats cool

  • Anonymous

    Jay Rock is nice. Tech N9ne got ear for talent if you feelin that air it out on my video in the comments jus say some real shit

  • ErrorFile

    Tech N9ne sure did a right move when he signed Jay Rock. Listen to that album they released, god damn!

  • Anonymous

    "Black Hippy. That's the new N.W.A. to me. I'm trying to get my money up so I can get them all over here." Tech's label grossed tens of Millions of dollars in the past couple of years. How the hell can he not have enough funds to sign that Black Hippy group? Seriously, he must give out a helluva big cut to his label mates, in which case, more power to him and hopefully Tech signs Black Hippy.

  • Red P

    Damn do you imagine if Black Hippy all sign with Tech N9ne ? That would be sick ! Strange Music would be an all-star roster, Tech, Kaliko, Brotha Lynch Hung, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, fuck yeah !

  • Mark

    A lot of people don't realize how many pure hip-hop fans that Tech has people just assume his fan base is mostly juggalos and that's not true. It would be a absolute blessing if tech could sign all of black hippy strange is already building one of the strongest rosters in the game.

  • jason

    What does Tech N9ne know about N.W.A? This faggot hangs with juggalos and white trash, plus his music sucks. That's why Wayne murdered him on his OWN SHIT! Fuck his broke ass. Keep real hip-hop out of your mouth pussy.

    • Anonymous

      bahaha some idiot said ''the streets bump tech 9'' GTFOH with dat shit ain't no one bumping tech 9 xcept wack ass lil wayne fans with his wack ass, I don't gov a fuck how much he makes, the dude is wack

    • Anonymous

      what tha fuck is wrong with you jason? dumb ass retard! go listen to lil wayne n his same olde rapping ass shit! same beat n same flows lmao! kill yo self JASON! dont fuck with us strange music ha dumb ass!!!!

    • Octavian Johnson

      # Anonymous: "i'm sure no one on the streets is named jason. i bet your hood has a gate." LMAOO And yeah Wayne hasn't killed shit but his own career. Tech murdered him yo

    • Anonymous

      i'm sure no one on the streets is named jason. i bet your hood has a gate.

    • Mark

      Actually if you knew anything about Tech at all you would know that he was hugely influenced by N.W.A and Ice Cube especially and actually did a track with cube on his killer album.

    • Big r

      and you say quit hatin? HAHAHAHAHA, you the only one on here hatin ya lil fag.

    • Anonymous

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Like you know what goes on in the streets The only one hating is you

    • Big R

      No, @Jason, u don't know shit. The nigga made 15 million last year alone, so U should actually be sayin "my broke ass is a lil hatin ass bitch, so I'm gonna call millionaires broke." what you know about the streets? You put an app into the streets and got it back sayin access denied, phony ass hatin ass lil bitch ass fag. Go listen to your bubblegum pop/rap lil wayne, seeing as how u be ridin his dick. Real niggas bump real niggas, which is why the streets be bumpin tech n9ne. We ain't got time for jealousy, hatred, phony fuckin Wayne dick riders. Ain't no other independent rappers out there soon what tech doin, fuck he makin more $ than most niggas on major labels.

    • jason

      LOL. Look at these fags defending their man crush Tech N9ne. Who the fuck bumps his lame shit in the streets? NOBODY!You faggots don't know shit. Keep Hatin.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha, you have no idea what you are talking about. go back to your punchline rap. tech's label brings in tens of millions every year, even in the middle of a recession. real hip-hop is at strange music, check out jay rocks album as well. shit is straight west coast gangsta shit

    • Doug Nichols

      Weezy hasn't murdered anything other than killing every damn brain cell he ever had.

    • Christopher English

      Dude is hardly broke. He made a few million last year and is one of the few really doing it independently. I'm not really a fan of his but I respect his grind and since that.. that is all hip hop talks about "grinding"... I'd say he's hip hop.

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