The Roots Announce Release Date For First-Ever Concept Album "UNDUN"

UPDATE: The Philly crew is prepping the release of their thirteenth and first ever concept album.

The Roots have announced their upcoming thirteenth album Undun, releasing via Def Jam Records later this year. The group began work on the album yesterday.

Day 1 of @TheRoots 13th album: #Undun. Lord please help me not squander my gifts & put my best foot forward. than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

As we were saying, @theroots 13th album is called "UNDUN" and comes out via @DefJamRecords later this yearless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania crew is currently in the studio working on the project. Last night, ?uestlove released a video to his Twitter account showing the band in the lab and previewing a cut from the album.

[July 27]

UPDATE: The Roots has announced the release date for its first-ever concept album, UNDUN, due December 6th via Def Jam.

"UNDUN, our first ever concept album, will be released Tue December 6th, 2011 via Def Jam," wrote the band on its Facebook page. "Mark your calendars folks and stay tuned for more info, music, artwork, and more."

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  • kennyken

    man they better come with a good album this time, i'm tired of black thought with some good lyrics but the shit all together with beats and everything just don't sound good enough to play in the g-ride

    • say what

      huh? "better come with a good album this time" ??????? Name me one roots album where they didn't bring it. How I got over was not only amazing, but also received some commercial success too, winning some grammys

  • Your Mom


  • Brandon Hamm

    Interested in finding out what the concept will be.

  • Lsn22s

    Great to hear. The Roots are some of the only folks who can get me to actually go to a store and BUY their album...

  • Right On

    i dont understand why this is the number one story.. these guys are a 2 time grammy winning band i mean god damn there last album was an instant classic they are the most consistent deepest hiphop groups of all time

    • Right On

      thats so unbelievably true

    • Lsn22s

      Cosign anonymous... I tend to take it a step further though... Some people judge music based on EVERYTHING but the actual artistic merit of it...that's why garbage sells, because it's easy to dress it up as the coolest thing out there and most people are just not deep enough to analyze music for themselves...that's also because most music today is aimed at kids/teens who have no real musical opinion yet, they just go off the last cool thing. Quality be damned, if the "cool kids" listen to it, so will a bunch of other idiots... Let me put it like this, the reason great stuff like The Roots doesn't make huge waves in media is because, scary as it may be, there are more morons out there than intelligent folks. on top of that, the intelligent folks who prefer more intelligent entertainment are harder to reach. They don't listen to the radio as much, the don't watch as many videos and they are waaaaay more skeptical of the game as it currently stands, and many of them gave up on hiphop years ago and never really bothered checking in again...

    • Anonymous

      Music is all opinionated tho man, you cant get mad when other people dont like a group you like, diffrent people have diffrent tastes, just be glad the albums coming out, fuck what anyone else thinks, if you like it then thats all that matters

  • Slruim

    YES! An album I will definitly be buyin'!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Assess yeah!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    its two groups in hip hop nobody can deny one the roots two outkast they maybe the most creative ever to do it outside native tongues

  • Anonymous

    Damn this is gonna be a hot winter. All we need is Nas before the end of the year and this shit is golden

  • thecatalogissickfaggots!!!!!!!

    12/13/11 "god forgives I don't" Rick Ross the BAWSE, port of miami#classic, deeper than rap#classic, trilla#classic and the epic event that was teflon don #fuckingclassic. #mmgrunningshitspermdrinkers!!!!!!!!

  • Jeezy...

    Ross is coming out Dec 13 now the roots are coming on the 6 if they dont give Jeezy a album date for 2011 im gonna laff my azz of .

  • Real recongnize real


  • 2Da9thPwr

    No matter how many albums these guys release, I never feel overwhelmed like I do with Murs. I cant wait.

  • datNIGGAJ

    Best news of 2011 so far!!!

  • Anonymous

    wasn't they doing a orchestra album or is this it?

  • khordkutta

    The Legendary...@ it again!!!!

  • TheR

    Aaahh this made my day!

  • Mu

    After hearing "How I Got Over", how can you NOT be pumped for this shit? The Roots continue to make Philly proud!!

  • YourMom

    Definition of Consistently Amazing Music: The Roots

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