Big Sean Discusses Consequence Beef With Kanye West, Game's "Uncle Otis" Diss

The man with the Supa Dupa flow addresses the various beefs between his G.O.O.D. Music family and a few disgruntled rappers.

As a member of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music family, Big Sean has the potential to get roped into beefs between label mates and other rappers. But with Consequence lashing out at G.O.O.D. and ‘Ye, the Detroit, Michigan native explains that he's steering clear of the drama.

“Kanye, that situation with him and Consequence, that’s way personal. That’s not a random dude dissing. That was somebody who was part of the fam, was all in the fam together and then they had their problems,” he told Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

But he was quick to clarify, stating that G.O.O.D. Music is like family. “We all got each other’s back,” he continued. “It’s really a family business. There’s been times when we got into real arguments about like, ‘Man, this ain’t right, this ain’t family!’ There have been times where people have really crossed the line, it’s been times where we had to really check one another. But he’s respectful, just like family is.”

As for Game’s latest diss “Uncle Otis” that took shots at him and Jay-Z, the “My Last” rapper shrugged it off. “I didn’t even take it as a diss. I took it as him doing what he do. Don’t he got an album that’s about to come out?”

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  • eit

    big sean is one of the hardest in the game right now, y'all just jealous mothafuckers. game is a faggot, the reason RED album gonna be a hit because this homo collabs with top artists and producers on every track plus he calls out other rappers= mainstream shit. in the end the album will be shit there ain't no fucking concept to it.

  • Anonymous

    You know you're irrelevant when even Big Sean doesn't take you seriously and just shrugged it off.

  • jajaveve

    Wow ok so Big Sean trying to shrugg off Game's diss... that boy Game is in the business for like almost 10 years now, he has survived leaving G Unit, the hottest crew at that time and even surpassed 50 and all of the others... Sean ain't even a decent rapper.

  • Anonymous

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  • wouzi

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! DOPE INTERVIEW

  • rick

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  • Anonymous

    big sean supa dupa gay lol .. n the game is too ...

  • Caesar Cognac

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this Fabolous & DJ Clue look alike.

  • def of fuck niggaz

    fuck big sean and if you like fuck you too

  • dis nikka wack

    dis nikka wack



  • ...

    Game bout to finish Big Sean..

  • really

    When a rapper blows up everyone hates, but if they never did blow up could be considered a great rapper who didnt sell out get out of here Mainstream rappers are great not all but when people look back into hip hop history who will be remembered Mainstream get over it

  • lol

    just got a lotta respect for big sean after watching that video

  • Anonymous

    I never seen a whack mufucka get so much publicity. I guess it's true when they say it's not who you know.

  • Jesus

    LMAO. did you read what Sean said about Game? fuckin hilarious. hes right. i love Game but the nigga bipolar. shit he struggles with it thru songs hes like "" fuck Jay-Z that nigga a clown, but man that Jay-Z nigga is Down, ima blow his head off hows that sound? but we're on common ground" but Sean is doing the right shit. avoiding beef. but i hope he never becomes pussy ass wiz Khalifa. i love Kanye but how do you get checked by a dude who wears nightgowns and sandels?

  • Baranda

    U no u lame when u gotta diss Big Sean. Sean just a Humble rapper, he aint say nothing bout that dude, Maino said the same thing, he said Big Sean to cool for me to diss him.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yea an i think most you guys think hes a pussy cause he tends to avoid beef, he doesn't really have that many rappers talkin shit about him. Hes not the kind of guy to start shit or respond to shit unless its directed at him. The game never said his name so its assumed that he was actually beefing with him, besides stealing his hook. If a nigga made a song solely dissing him and kanye or something really direct, my nigga big sean would roast'em. Also, hes not really hood at all, but thats cool just cause someone wasnt raised around gangs an shit dont mean they cant get respect.

  • Anonymous

    Hes pretty skinny but some niggas just like that naturally. Im a skinny dude not that skinny cause i get in dat work an got me some muscle, but im still pretty skinny its all about genetics and bone structure. Terrible reason to hate on someone cause of the way they were made.

  • Anonymous

    He's got the right idea, ignore the bullshit and just do you....

  • Anonymous

    i really dont give a shit about this. good for him not gettin roped into a fued that wont benefit him smart business move click this shit for fried chicken and chicks wit nice butts

  • though dog

    Good music needs to start giving this Big Sean character some Good food. Hes got the body development of an 8 yr old.

  • bkstylz

    Dude is smart to steer clear of the bs. He need to just do him....and he right, Game is dropping an album and he learned from 50 about how to promote an album.

  • Jealousy

    Damn. so much hate man, its crazy because 76% of you are probably artist trying to be noticed like he is. More than half of the comments are irrelevant and immature. The internet is truly a gift and a curse..

  • Hip Hop Head

    People who are callin' Sean whack are probably all underground Hip Hop. Dont get it twisted underground Hip Hop will always be dope. But just because a nigga is mainstream doesnt mean hes whack. Cmon now.

  • marcus

    Why u losers click on the page to hate. Get a life and get your paper UP.

  • thinkRED

    lil nicca lil sean you gotta take them punches from a nicca like Game

  • lol

    Wack, radio personalities too a bunch of fakes. Quality died after 1997.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is extremly corny. And he is NOT nice. So-called "witty metaphors" or punchlines seem to be equate ot being nice these days. And he has no damn flow. His "witty metaphors" are really "corny similies" They used to call him Big Head Sean, so he just dropped the Head. Besides he couldn't take Lil Sean since that was already taken (you youngens don't know so check Party and Bullsh*t by Biggie)

  • Anonymous

    cant believe this nigga said he wouldnt suck a fart out of kelly rowlands ass in that interview

  • Mr Flamboyant

    The comment about Game was very suttle and funny. Nonetheless...this nigga is still forever wack.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Why does this guys head look way too big for his body,, and he looks as though he's suffering from something as a result.... Anyway I've never listened to any of his songs and was wondering if any of his ish is even worth a listen..... So is he wack and not worth wasting any minutes of my life listening to or is he aight and I should check his stuff out??...

  • HA,HA

    lol, at game fans on here getting mad at Sean,Big ups to Charlamang for telling the truth about Game. Game fans, Big Sean is Relavant, Game, not really.

    • Anonymous

      they both wack. fuck em;)

    • Anonymous

      And Game's music is for the hard street bangers? Or should I say keyboard warriors? Game makes some of the softest soundest music I've ever heard coming from a ''gangsta rapper''. His beats don't match the content.

    • Anonymous

      Game will sell way more copies of red album than finally famous did, that pussy ass album for little girls and closest homosexuals

  • @NoMedication

    big sean is wack

  • Thats A Fagget ass shirt

    that nigga got on! That shirt is flakey as his corny ass raps. This duded SUCKS. I hate that Kanye is actually with this cat. I am really about to just hang it up on believing that this new generation of rappers are about anything! I thought Drake might save it, but this nigga on some lovey dovey shit now! Like WTF??? Hope Drakes new album is not bullshit like these cats coming out now. Rick False, Lil' Gayne (only because this nigga dont be saying SHIT, if he would have content, I might would like his fagget ass), Fag Sean, Miss Khalifa, all these cats are FUCKIN WACK!!!! I admit, they might have one or two cuts that I listen too, but its only because production and its fuckin shoved down my damn throat all the damn time.

    • Anonymous

      New generation, future greats as of now: J. Cole, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz, Kendrick Lamar.... Just when ya thought the new gen was all about bitch ass Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Drake, and them other wack rappers...

    • Anonymous

      homie dont give up, theres still some good music out there but you gotta dig real deep to find it, probably wont see too much of it on this website

  • Anonymous

    "Dont he got a album coming out?" HAHA

  • Cool

    He's the Sammy Davis of our era... They have to be related somehow. The album is 3.5 Star...

  • joi

    GOOD music is the gayest label ever assembled. pusha t in his hot pink suits. kanygay getting his salad tossed by diddy's butler. common hugging up on latifah in romantic comedies. big sean beefing with femcee drake. consequence got sick of the gay initiations. consequence wrote some of kangay's best songs, don't let a stan tell you otherwise. consequence also has classics with tribe. and big sean needs a new rap name. you got a pencil neck. your arms are string beans. you weigh 113 pounds in a rain storm. thin sean, twig sean, sick sean, bitch sean, anything but BIG sean.

  • Nathan

    that consequence shit is wack quit talking about shit and drop movies on demand 3 like why the fuck is there no release date what does consequence do? Im going to cop that shit I like cons but god damn and fuck I hate these faggot ass dr.pepper ads

  • t

    its funny they even ask him about any type of beef this nigga aint gonna engage in a batttle with game cons or anyone,thats my problem with the new generation of rappers they wanna jus be "coo" when at the end of the day battling is apart of the sport and its to show how dope u really are!! thats why i lost alot of repsect for wayne cus he was afraid to battle people who called him out! if u cant battle u aint a true rapper i dont care if u tryna sell records or not!

    • Hmm

      With the exception of a few songs, most disses in hip hop history have been wack and haven't stood the test of time anyway. Beef in rap is pointless, not because of possible violence, but because it's fabricated. If you want to watch gangsters kill each other, put on a Tarantino flick. Rappers were never great actors anyway.

    • Isa Dalwai

      ^Co-sign. Beef is not necessary to prove one's mettle. Plus, no single individual's actually calling you out.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but it should make no diffence whether or not a rapper engages in beef. Its waste of time and energy. What would that prove? You can be a good rapper without beef. Get over yourself.

  • ur gay

    why you guys hating on a dude because he's skinny? What? you only listen to rappers who are ripped? Faggots...smh

    • Anonymous

      LMAO @ these faggots caring so much about another man's appearance.

    • wilz

      big l is a lil different...big sean is pop music compared to what big l put out

    • saint

      Ever heard of Big L??? probably not so let me tell you about him: HE WASN'T BIG EITHER MOTHERFUCKAS!

    • Anonymous

      so hes got big swag???? okay LOL should just called himself Hairdresser sean

    • niggaz stupid nowadays

      ^^^big as in personality, swag, ambition, etc....that's why this generation is so fucking stupid...gotta be right in front you all for you to understand smh

    • Anonymous

      he calls himself BIG sean, cmon, you dont find it ironic that a little scrawny nigga calls himself BIG he shoulda went with Lil Sean

    • Anonymous

      naw he just talks, raps and acts like he plays for the other team if you know what im saying....

  • Anonymous

    he called my last a soft song like he makes hard music, his whole album is soft like cottonelle

  • Anonymous

    i know its summmer but does this guy ever wear sleeves? thin sean should at least hit up the gym if he gonna wear these lil tank tops for the rest of his career looks like something a gay hairdresser might wear

  • unclesam

    Lmao @ "Don't he got an album that's about to come out?"

  • Anonymous

    Hahah hes a chill dudee

  • rkywryw

    boy does he look gay in that picture.

  • Los

    Big Sean aint gay nigga... he from the D... he run street lord juan and Dusty from Brightmo... that nigga could have you off'd all off of who he run wit... quit talkin that dumb shit online its gone catch one of yall... and sidenote: in the D, the skinny niggas is the killas...

    • Hmm

      He lowers his head and flares out his arms and...well, it's almost as stupid as his "Really?" shtick ^^ "Real street dudes" don't even listen to "real" rap anymore. Go blast some Waka Flaka Flame or Gucci Mane. I don't even listen to this cat Big Sean, but I don't take any 'street dude's' opinion on rap seriously. Fuck, they were blasting that pussy auto-tune garbage but bought it because the industry fooled 'em into thinking it was 'hood'. Read a book.

    • Anonymous

      4%?? i thought we already established that 0% of big seans fans are real street dudes or real niggas

    • ??

      good thing "street niggas" dont make up even 4% of the market for Sean lol

    • Van Dyke

      Streets niggas never have and never will fuck with Sean

    • Anonymous

      real niggas dont listen to lil sean

    • r.c.

      dude u sound extra lame postin that bs. i'm from the D and everybody and they mama, daddy, cousin, uncle no dusty is not no real street nigga. he just a rapper. him or sean is not about that life. juan maybe. if u was real and really in these streets u would know. loser.

  • bigblackbob

    big sean is the gayest dude I have ever seen in my life. 'Hiphop is dead' - Nas

  • lol

    My Uncle is named Otis

  • wtf?

    Fuck Big Sean. What does this pansy ass nigga with arms the size of toothpicks know about beef? Just keep sucking Kanye's dick you lame.

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