Jay Rock Says New Black Hippy Album Will Arrive In 2012

The Left Coast spitter also speaks on gangs and what their intentions should be.

Jay Rock released his debut album Follow Me Home on July 26th, via Strange Music, and KarmaLoop TV caught up with the Los Angeles, California native to talk about his current projects, including his work with Black Hippy.

Rock revealed that he and fellow group members Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q plan to release a new album after securing their individual projects. “My insight on Black Hippy is that we’re up next man, we’re just four talented young brothers that’s doing this good music,” he said, adding that fans should expect a new project from the collective in the beginning of 2012. 

The West Coat rapper also touched on the subject of gangs, explaining what he felt were the benefits of having a close-knit crew. “With gangs, there could be a positive outlook because it takes the older guys to come school these younger guys on the right roles,” he explained. “I’ve got big homies that done been through the same thing I’ve been through and they made it out, changed their life and they come back and snatch young cats up and lecture them and let them know right way to do it.”

“We just need more father figures and more older people to come and school these youth, because there will be a lost generation,” he continued. “And that’s what a gang’s supposed to be, protecting family and doing what you’ve got to do for your loved ones.”

During a recent studio session, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg praised Jay Rock's new album and commended him for representing the West Coast.

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  • Anonymous

    jay rock sucks. nigga sounds like he records on the shitter. no charisma whatsoever. he sounds like SHYNE post prison. and gangbangers rock flat top fades and skinny jeans now? HAHAHAHAHAHAH rap fucking SUCKS NOW man! underground, mainstream, whatevrer. CLOWNS RUN IT!

    • Anonymous

      jay rock is ill and way better than shyne so gone with that dumb comparision

    • Anonymous

      GTFO! with that retarded comment about hip hop sucking with as many dope artists that are out. U are either sleeping or a dumbass to believe all rap is crap.

  • @craig_itsFriday

    ya good album...worth getting no doubt

  • Kenzo

    Hell yeah nigga his album is straight fire go cop it and support West Coast music

  • Anonymous

    Still havent had the time to check out his album yet Anybody out there, is the Jay Rock CD any good??

    • Everett Da Amin Rucker

      Kayaman is right Its worth the buy. I got it for $10 on amazon

    • kayaman

      Picked that up yesterday homie....pretty dope...just a couple of tracks that I didn't like....like the one with Chris Brown..that;s just me though..but overall pretty strong album from Jay Rock....TDE putting it down for the West

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