50 Cent Cancels New Album, Blames Interscope Records For Single Leak

Fif takes to Twitter to put Interscope in the dog house and seeks revenge by threatening to leak Dre's new single.

50 Cent has canceled his upcoming album, which was set for a November release. The G-Unit soldier took to Twitter last night to break the news after his new single "I'm on It," produced by The Cataracs, leaked to the Internet, causing him to seek retribution by threatening to release Dr. Dre's new single "Psycho" today at 2 p.m.

Man I'm not releasing a album i can't believe interscope is this f*cked up right now. I apologize to all my fans.less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

I will work with other artist on there projects but I will not put out another album. They dropped the ball with me one time to many.less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

I LOVE DRE but I'm putting his next single psycho out tomorrow at 2:00 #SKless than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

Your gonna love it its a big song I just don't think it deserves a great set up sense they can't seem to get it right when it comes to me.less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

Fif has had a checkered history with Interscope Records, making his beef public with the imprint over the past few months. In June 2011, he tweeted, "I'm sorry to announce I will not be releasing a new album this year if we don't get on the same page. [...] I would rather not launch my album with out a plan the whole system is executing. I don't know why they play with me they know how I get."

He later revealed that the album would arrive in November. HipHopDX will keep you updated.

UPDATE: 50 Cent has backpedaled from statements threatening to leak Dr. Dre's new record. Taking his Twitter podium once again, Fif explained that he would never sabotage Dre's project but that Interscope was behind the leak of his new track. In the end, he encouraged fans to check out the single.

I don't know how I can record 41 song for my album and the one song I give interscope leaks But I don't care its good musicless than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

I wouldn't leak dre's record he has done nothing but help me in my career. jimmy has always been supportive of me.less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

I hate when I can't present my music the way. I feel it should be but f*ck it check out I'm ON ITless than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

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  • Anon

    I'm No Stan.. But Have Any Of You Read 50's The 50th Law? You Are All Getting Played Like A Violin, Damn XD

  • Konerko

    After reading this, I was thinking that I don't understand this dude's actions anymore. Then again, he hasn't been "himself" for a couple years now. How is the apparent richest, most dangerous, most influentual, hottest, and most intimidating figure in hip hop having so many issues with his label. It's been over 8 years since his official debut and has only 4 albums to date. I understand his entire library is quite extensive but it's about time to stop giving this guy the benefit of a doubt. His credibility is just not enough anymore. Sorry Curtis but you gottachange up your musical path and do something exceptionable to become essential again.

  • kkjk

    truly hope 50 comes back hard with this album. Too many haters nowadays. enjoy the music & watch your own money, not fifs... shame because he cant win either way...if he sells big from a commercial record, he sold out... if he doesn't sell big with a street record, he flopped... if he raps like grodt, he hasnt progressed... if he raps new you want the old 50.. what do you all want from him??

  • Cousin

    I like the Cataracs' production. But this is one of their weakest beats. The shit they did for snoop was fire. As for 50, I think he needs to leave interscope and focus on being an exec only. Banks is solid (loved HFM 2). Focus on pushing Banks and recruiting more talent for G-Unit. (Kim and Shawty Lo won't cut it) Good luck 50!

  • Anonymous

    sorry to your fans...?? what fans?

  • haha

    He's mad cuz this song is straight trash... 41 songs recorded and this comes out? Damn.. Time to start over.. Straight trash.. Not even mixtape worthy..

  • BoBo959

    50 is great at getting his name in the news. He truly is an interesting person but he hasn't been relevant musically for a while. He should be happy his record got leaked because now he knows that it's a dud before he put money behind it. I'm a fan and hope he does bounce back but fif might've become a person that is too smart for his own good.

  • Moe Cash

    Smells like a very poorly planned publicity stunt.

  • Llloyd Tanks

    I heard that 50cents net worth is falling below standards. Two sources are giving me estimates like $150 mill to $250 mill, down from $450 mill. Time to smarten up 50cent. Live or die make your choice.

  • Anonymous

    Is dude coming out of the closet with this shit???? He was in prison for a while and HE DID COME OUT WALKING KIND OF BOWLEGGED TOO!!

  • Anonymous

    whatever you spot, you got! look at yourself in the mirror. While you see faggot. I see a person creating, traveling the world, doing what they want. YOu probably answer to a boss everyday and have to ask for a day off! So who's really the fag? Postedjust now | Reply »

  • Anonymous

    whatever you spot, you got! look at yourself in the mirror. While you see faggot. I see a person creating, traveling the world, doing what they want. YOu probably answer to a boss everyday and have to ask for a day off! So who's really the fag?

  • ark

    50 Cent is a straight up faggot. Who actually likes this whiny bitch?

  • wolfman

    LOL! I had to double-check and make sure I wasn't readin an article about Game. What's up with these bi-polar tweets, man... I'd prolly be pissed off too, but come on, what's gonna make you decide to threaten to leak your homie's (scratch that, Mentor's) record in retaliation?? Too much isolation and a computer to share your feelings with the world is not a good mix

  • Anonymous

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    50 cent is way more lyrical than the game but he just stopped trying after his debut album.

  • rick

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    First it was Def Jam aint shit now its Interscope that aint shit. If it stinks everywhere you go then maybe you need to check yourself dude!!! Real Talk!!!!

  • jburnz

    is he really trying to rap like Kreayshawn?

  • Anonymous

    this is suppose to be a big single ? this is the shittiest song i heard in my life, he needs to grow up and continue working on the album and release it on time instead of threatning to leak dres single

  • MixMasterDior

    Dam 50 cent went from "Curtis Interscope Jackson" to just a worker...Dam 50 used to be the boss, what happened???????I think that karma is playing a major role in 50's career right now...Because look how he dogged out Rick Ross? Now Rick Ross has some of the hottest songs out right now.....Rick Ross is much more hotter than 50 cent right now....That goes to show that when you are too busy worrying about other people and trying to destroy them, you tend to forget that you have you're own career to uphold....EPIC FAIL FOR 50 CENT

    • Anonymous

      And what are you? Are you a Boss or a worker. Are you making it happen or just Watching 50 Cent make it happen while you hate. YOu're a cheerleader. Design your life!

  • L

    that's his big single? fucking weak track

  • Laughing at you

    Just for that 50, im leaking another one of your tracks.....whatcha got to say to that man what a pansy....LOL

  • streetsmart

    dis nigga is fucking dumb hes sounding like a SNITCH righ now get it, learn from the best alive weezy drop non stop mixtapes not give a fuck about it being leak, 3 plaitnum albums and THE CARTER 4 IS ON THE WAY.. WHY is 50 worrying about a label hes a boss he should be running his own shit stop being a puppet and playing around on twitter and put some work in, weezy is killing the game RHODE ISLAND in da house bddat

    • Anonymous

      You computer Gangsta.. Make some noise in your own life before you start hating on others. Get off the sideline and stop cheerleading!

  • Anonymous

    Buck got to be laughing his ass off right now. Curtis bitchin about something that has to do with the label? Karma on his ass.

    • Anonymous

      What are you doing instead of defending someone who isn't aware of your existence? Every bad comment about 50 has to be like a punch in the face for you. Kill yourself, you worthless piece of shit.

    • Anonymous

      what are you doing with your life is the real question?

  • Anonymous

    He did us all favor by saying that

  • rushhour3

    he's not going to leak dres record, but a dre record has got to leak and there is going to be another leak record remember Detox,unless they know for sure its going to be another in da club i doubt it

  • phadiga

    ROZAY'S VOICE.......HUH????????????....LOL

  • DJ@DJ.com

    I'm On It is embarrassingly terrible.

  • mario

    too be honest i respect fifty as a business man and he pays his artist well...but i did like the fact you said you love dre but your going to leak his shit???????????what does that got to do with love...thats fake as hell

  • Anonymous

    add up his album sales and divide them with 1mil= 1 album he will go plat for the next 20 to 30 years lol

  • Anonymous

    this would be bad if he needed record sales to make money. isnt get rich still selling? didnt it just reach 8mil in the U.S alone? not sure

  • Anonymous

    a 50 cent article made y'all day didn't it?

  • mackem187

    why does he still talk about how rich he is??we know 50..we all broke and you talking about how much coin you got!!i kind of sensed you were rich after your first dr dre joint.its sad that you only have this avenue.your a good businessman leave the music alone now dude

  • smh

    why do people post negative shit when this man or any other artist really dont give a fuck about your comments they dont read this shit i guess it makes you feel like a man in front of your monitor lol

  • Lilmarcci Jones

    ah ha, dam homie. yo fif man you need to get back on that gangsta bang bang shootem up shlt. I'm tired of this barney shlt with you sounding like a fag that's high

    • Tony Yayo Is Gay

      @ Mr. Lilmarcci What do you mean "sounding like a fag thats high?" You are a man that dresses up like a fucking woman, it doesnt get any more fag than that

    • L-Boogie

      (Austin Powers voice) He's a man baby yeeeaah!!!

    • Anonymous

      he not in the hood anymore as soon as he get back to that gutter shit yall gonna say how he gonna spit about that his paper to long so he not in the hood lol so dont look for that get rich flow just be happy you got that album war angel and the massacre


    What a fucking diva

  • cmon son

    omly in rap do fans act like this but they want to be artist themselves smh

  • Anonymous

    not the first time they did this to a artist on his/her finale album

    • you know it

      pac/dpg/jurassic 5/obie trice/....to many to name at the moment haha on a side note dre dont want any of his artist reaching boss status fif your time is up just drop a greatest hits vol 1 and 2 and bounce

  • Anonymous

    after hearing i'm on it i'm VERYY happy he's not dropping this shit stain

  • Anonymous

    i'm on it has to be one of the GAYYYYYYEEEEESSSSTTTTTT songs i've ever heard in my life. wow this is just some sad ass shit. ppl will say anything for money

  • Lincoln Baker

    What a fucking baby. Plus, he can't even spell right. 50's such an ass hat, I hope he just goes away forever.

  • Anonymous

    check out my video its got chicks with fat asses and beer i kid you not. like the video or diss it but click it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e42iKGVcPQ

  • phadiga

    The only thing that makes me laugh is when he said "they knw hw i get" We dnt fucking knw hw u get u muscle pussy!


      Miss Skilo Vagina, wood face has neva left his house not to talk more of approaching those he beefed with so am nt scared. Maybe he is too ahead with dat single huh? ur a slimmy piece of cunt u juvenile! What about ur own stacks sheep? We dnt still knw hw he get...example 5-0 (rick ross voice..huh? huh? huh?) lol..lil rat!!!

    • SKilo V

      50 slaps bitch niggas like you with stacks. Execs know 50 gets heated when he can't hustle his way...and up to this point he has always been ahead of the game...thisis50.com, vitamin watch, movies, all that branding. you lame....

  • Fish

    OH NO!!! If 50 cent isnt gonna release his album, that's pretty much hip hop dead! I refuse to listen to a genre where 50 cent isnt able to spend roughly 8 months trying to go gold with lyrics like "I love you like a fat kid loves cake".... FUCK 50, ITS STILL G-UNOT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn, 50. Honestly, he should stop acting like that. He has everything to make critically and commercially successfull albums, but it seems like the weakest point in that chain is 50 himself. From production side, just look around inhouse. Besides Dr. Dre, Aftermath has DJ Khalil, Mike Elizondo, Dawaun Parker, Mark Batson - I know they mostly working with (or instead of?) the good old' Doc, but c'mon, there are some serious skils involved right here. Same goes for Shady Records, Eminem is tight on the boards, and Mr. Porter and Alchemist already proved enough. Plus don't forget that he has a few cat out there, who is or was affiliated to G-Unit: Jake One, The Bizness, Havoc from Mobb Deep, Ty Fyffe (*), recently Cardiak. All of them could provide some fire when it comes to the beats. Not mentioning the fact that with his money, 50 could afford anybody else in the industry. Timbaland, The Neptunes, Alex Da Kid, Just Blaze, Danja, Polow Da Don - none of them should be a problem, just to name a few. BOOM, quality music means half success. To make a long story shorter, same goes for the features, guest artists. Point is this album will be probably last chance to get back on the track. Then WHY DON'T YOU USE WHAT YOU HAVE? Why don't you put 110% to that project, instead of talking BS time after time just to get attention? It seems like 50 can't find his place in that new era of hip-hop, where gangsta rap is not selling anymore. The root of the problem - respectively, 50 Cent himself - would be still exist if it is covered by dope beats and high profile guest verses, but at least he could put a succesfully project. At the end of the day, the situation is the same: 50 Cent should be honest to himself, and start to figuring out how he'll find his own voice, and through that, be relevant again. (*) - By the way, Ty Fyffe has a BISD listening session uploaded at YouTube, basically showing 5 dope beats to Sha Money XL. Listen them, you won't be dissapointed.

    • Cousin

      Wow. Everything you said is true. The funny thing is Lloyd Banks just proved your point with HFM 2. There's no excuse for 50

    • ready to die ?

      u r 100% right or he could revive G-unit records with signing dope artists but he chooses kidkid? and shawty lo, but theres always a chance of discovering an artist from the South with that 10mill someone good rather

    • Mark

      Yeah I agree 50 is to concerned with reinventing himself to fit in with sound that's popular right now and it doesn't fit him. At the end of the day dope beat lyrics and good features are what makes a great album. Personally I think if he made a album that is similar to Curtis it would be really successful

  • The biz

    HAHAH 50 karma is a bitch, your whole career is based on trying to sabotage other people AND now its your time... Clown

  • Anonymous

    what a winy little bitch

  • 50 Cent's English Teacher

    See me after class, Curtis Jackson. It's about your grammar and punctuation. - Your English Teacher, Mr. Smith

  • Anonymous

    Pyscho DOESN'T EVEN EXIST! DETOX DOESN'T EXIST! NOBODY that raps other than Eminem comes out on Interscope. The whole fucking label is ass, including Eminem's wack shit. So you're not alone 50.

  • Anonymous

    50 may just have to come to terms and admit that his time is up. I do believe he can still sell records but not to the extent that he did at the height of his popularity. I'm not sure of his contract obligations but I think he should drop the album regardless and take a loss. If this would end his obligations to Interscope he should then go indy, take full control over any releases and recoup. He still has a fan base that'll allow him bring in loads of dough. He just may have to restructure his financial plans so he can keep his career in music going.

  • Zuber Duber

    Just put out the record and stop talking you bitch ass nigga.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    And not a single f*** was given on this day...

  • ac

    lol what a faggot. that song was garbage, hes been done. he just needs an excuse not to release a terrible album. but forreal, im one it is one of the worst songs i heard all year. thank god hes finished



  • Anonymous

    By the time Kanye outsold him, everybody should've known it was going the fuck down. 50, hang it up. You have enough money and should move on to do better things. All the songs you've released for this project have been whack as fuck, you can't generate your buzz, even your hardest fans aren't interested in your music, everybody's waiting on your downfall. Now you're going to blame the label that made you big for not being relevant. Only you can change that by making music people like, but you can't do it no more. Times have changed, it ain't 2005, where everybody was on that gangsta shit, it's played out and your music just fitted your declining sales. Gimmicks never stood the test of time.

  • Ali

    I'm not feeling this.. Outlaw was a much better single for fifty.

  • Anonymous

    pussy ass nigga talks shit and dont even back it up fuck you 50

  • Anonymous

    album would have sucked anyway

  • Anonymous

    50 needs to chil out, maybe he & Game can get back together & start some wack ish

  • nucca

    this nigga still alive?.....dat nigga gay

  • James Lauletta

    Record 41 tracks, one leaks, cancel the entire project...I totally see the logic behind that, and besides we all know the entire thing would leak a week or two early. Fif must be on his period.

  • Kendall Walters

    I'm sure this is more ways to bring attention to Detox by the whole company. Im on it isn't even album material.

  • aarontodavis

    50 seems to stay complaining lately..Ofcourse they're gonna care more about Dre than u, his albulm has the hype already and it's way past due. Stop crying, we all kno Detox will smash ur next cd anyway

  • Nico 3

    HA HA It's lonely at the bottom huh Fif? He wasted so much time dissing other rappers for having poor sales, and now look. He has to cancel projects. Quite a fall.

  • el feo

    somebody give fif a diaper.

  • Sergiz

    damn that single sucks, for real.. no wonder theyr not giving him space . fifty is bugging out. he's not saying anything original.play this next to a khalifa track and wiz sounds like a boss. and yeah im talkin wiz cus this is a real shitty version of his flow.

  • andreyoung

    so fifty is all talk haha making threats and not going through with them

  • Soul

    Damn shame. I'm not a big 50 fan, but i did want to see if he was going to top GRODT with all the hype. I guess even so called titans feel the wrath of the hiphop corporate world...Lesson in learning, don't sign to interscope, badboy or def jam...

  • Anonymous

    how many rappers can have a song called Psycho?

  • daFan4real

    I like 50 most of the time, when he aint messing over his artists , i dont really care for tony yayo, cuz hes lame as Fu** Llyod banks is aight, but overall G-unit is a Wrap......Y'all had a nice run made some good money, not its time to sit yo ass down somewhere, the game is contantly moving, i dont really understand the politics, but i do understand the music, go sit yo ass down somewhere 50 you cashed out already, u did enuf, let somebody else shine

  • ka-as

    i would love to hear what dre has to say about how 50 is acting these days, he has probably had enough 50 isnt putting money in his pockets anymore

  • payup

    50 is a crab in the inter scope button. it is 2012 bro, not 2004 when you were hot. Go in the studio with great producers and step your bars up. You are not a producer or creative person. You don't listen to the people who got you hot. Pride is your problem.

  • yourdaddy

    Damn all fif has to do is speak his mind and the haters will come out in droves. Lol its so funny reading these comments, hes washed up hes wack hes a bitch i guarentee most niggas saying this shit are rappers themselves who still rapping in they closet studio lol. Fif i support youu homie cause im a fan for life not some following ass nigga who jumps from artist to artist when a niggas career slow down.

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    50 yo time is over nigga. None of ur singles were hot and ur last album flopped. Rozay done ethered ur career. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      first two??? all of that fat cops albums put together havent sold a quarter of what 50's first album sold, yall dont even gotta bring up all the other albums, cause 50 will always sell more records

    • Anonymous

      all ross' albums together didn't sell as each of 50's first two alone... and 50's the reason why everybody laughs at ross today

    • fiddy

      suck my dick nigga

  • ka-as

    i wonder if 50 thinks about what he does before he does it, or does he just act like a baby anyway

    • insanemacbeth

      i kind of agree with you, bro. i cannot believe that 50 CENT has a massed a US$500 million fortune...by being so EMOTIONAL. maybe i NEED to be MORE emotional. s.m.h.

  • Scientific

    Fif is dope, new single is tight...

  • Anonymous

    He's pissed cuz this so-called single is ass!!! This song is on some Gucci/Wakka bullshit rap. Garbage!!

  • walehopsin

    truly hope 50 comes back hard with this album. Too many haters nowadays. enjoy the music & watch your own money, not fifs... shame because he cant win either way...if he sells big from a commercial record, he sold out... if he doesn't sell big with a street record, he flopped... if he raps like grodt, he hasnt progressed... if he raps new you want the old 50.. what do you all want from him???

    • 9M

      you don't get it. do you? i don't expect you to get it. you must be 13-15 years old. you decided to name yourself WALEHOPSIN, 2 rappers that have never, could never, and will never, be topics of conversation like a 50 cent. what I want from 50 cent? GOOD MUSIC. HOT BEATS, FUN RHYMES. this track? wack beat, boring rhymes. contrary to popular belief, everybody with criticism is NOT a "hater". it's actually the opposite. a hater would be happy 50 dropped this. i'm not happy about it. this shit sucks, and it has 50 looking WEAK. look around. who LOVES this record? 50 is in real trouble, his music is not generating any excitement and he's beefing with his label on twitter AGAIN. i want this nigga to drop a dope album, but after this... i just want him to guard what he's built. i don't wanna see jordan struggle to get 20, and i dont wanna see 50 cent flopping commercially, and artistically. this guy really needs BIG PRODUCTION. look at ross, he gets by on having dope beats. fifty needs to get a clue, before its too late.

    • Anonymous

      nice whip paul, i didnt know you could get something even smaller than a smart car

    • Paul McDonald

      i want him to fuck off and die ! waste of space

  • Eyes


  • Lsn22s

    I understand if 50 is mad at the label...but how is he gonna threaten to do some shit like leak Dre's music??? Dre doesn't even run Interscope like that, 50 sounding like a teenager throwing a tantrum right now... Also...50 should realize that if he has no buzz, no hot singles, dramatically shrinking album sales, petty beefs with almost EVERY hot artist in the game that could help him AND he talks shit about folks at his own label like Jimmy and Dre....there is not much reason for folks at his label to show him love...they probably can't wait to be done with him truthfully, and I wouldn't blame them...

  • luke

    the industry are punks, 50 should just go underground....he'd probably get more respect.

  • damn homie

    50 is a boss. that being said, i can see why interscope is slow to push the button on this project. the singles are awful, where is the 50 cent that made dope ass records? i'm such a fan of this guy, how he's handeled his fame and fortune on top of his business. but as an artist, he's not getting the job done. also, it wouldn't hurt to really have a heavy eminem presence. i haven't seen 50 and em together in a long while. 50 has so much pride, but he wants to sell records. call em, he'll help you sell records big dog. fif needs to approach his singles like mixtape joints, let loose, have fun, niggas love that 50.

    • Cousin

      Good point. 9M had an excellent response to some monkey's question as well. 50's pride and massive ego is a serious problem. Em can definitely help. I wouldn't fuck with Dre though(sorry). Bad Meets Evil is sick shit. 50 has to humble himself.

    • WishDr

      That fif was a Dre product as you can see without Dre or a touch of Dre IE Eim or Snoop he flops all his stuff should be labeled R@B repeated bullshit! Aslo f**k tatu aka tony yaho!

  • Timber

    This page is wrong. Interscope actually isn't letting 50 release his new album. So he's threatening to release Dre's music cause it's valuable to them. It's not a bitch move. He has to do something or they'll walk all over him.

  • Dont Hate Articulate

    Interscope is fucked up. Ask Stat Quo, Bobby Creek, Cashis, Spider Loc and hell when Buss was there I don't think he released an album either. All these guys never even released an album on interscope.

    • beatrixkid

      "the big bang"- one of the most underrated albums of the last 10 years. I still bang that Sh*t

    • Lsn22ss

      Busta put out an album on Interscope and it had possibly the highest opening of his career...everyone else though, yeah that's true...

  • tresdemayo

    My friends were calling me a hater back in 01 when I was already saying that Fitty was overrated. Get Rich is a classic though imo but dude has never been nothing more than a good rapper and a great stunt man. 50's never got no respect for the game (not talking about the rapper) and the atr form, dude is a gold digger and doesn't seem to get wise as he gets old. Man, you're 36, stop that childish bitching

  • Scott Yu

    hahahahah 50 cent is a such a g

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha know one cares about your ass sucker

  • OopsICrappedMyPants

    What a fucking cunt!!! Who acts like a bitch and tries to sabotage someone else's album, just because little princess didn't get his way??

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    ahahahaha, get em Fif. 30 million records sold and Interscope's attitude is what have you done for me lately eh?

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I admit I was hoping he was gonna come out with some good ish that would be the quality of GRODT, but this is a bitch move.... 50 is being a whiney lil bitch by saying he'll release someone else's shit.. No loyalty, even though he likes talk about it.. I understand there are the label issues, but that doesn't mean you do dumb ish... If he does end up doing it then fuck 50...and fuck interscope....

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    lol stop crying 50

  • phadiga

    I wish u would release dre's ish joke and the label will tap ur phone jus like u did young buck and sue ur ass...Fake gangster!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    what does #SK mean??? seriously someone please tell me

  • phadiga

    Talking about "they knw how i get," nigga u fake!!! Pac actually approached those he had issues with but i hav never seen 5-0 approach anybody he beefs, he only stay home acting like kingkong in his house... I refuse to be decieved again..."Once beating, twice shy"

    • phadiga

      Fool said pac was pop..lmao!!!!!! it shows ur a baby panting to suck some breast. Sorry, ur fake gangster is wack....!!!!!!!!!!!!! wacko jacko!!!!

    • phadiga

      ask nas how it was for himn. enough said! woodface will not even fuck with pac at all lil sheep. Ur generation sucks!!! full of cowards

    • Anonymous

      pac was a bisexual dancer. kids are fucking hilarious. pac was a pussy ass bitch. straight up pop star. 50 would mash that little lame.

  • phadiga



    LOL..... so thats loyalty these days.

  • Anonymous

    #%$% Dr. Dre. Nigga ain't doin nothin for 50, game or snoop. he deserves no loyalty. he did'n give 50 any beats for his last album. dude just uses artists until he is done with them. you a producer, how hard is it to make some beats?

  • The90s

    good promo 50 a smart guy but a clown in da rap game i mean wtf is "im on it" shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit i mean wtf is

  • 2pmwesee

    that song would of been of hit had it of went to radio. i'am just hoping he doesn't go back on what he said and release the dr dre single at 2 pm. either way i getting the feeling his career is over because dr dre won't produce for him any more because he will feel like he can't trust him and you know how people are they will say that he just ain't the same without dr dre whether thats true or not.

  • Devin Williams

    50 a clown

  • Jumpoff Joe

    i dont know why this dude acts like he does, big baby..and im a big fif fan but threatin to leak dres track the man thats responsible for his biggest hits and def the best album of his career. this track sucks too outlaw was money but this is weak. Stop wiggin out its not like Dre leaked his music, but i will say this is probably just another publicity stunt for him to build hype and he is an expert at that. but beef with ur own crew? i guess any attention is better then none..

  • Derp

    600k first week and 2 grammys is underperforming?

  • karthik

    im totally with 50.. interscope gives importance to people who sell a lot, 50 needs justice. i say drop dre's tract... it'll awesome if em responds to this.... :D

  • Tappajon

    50 get wacker and wacker

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, and you are gonna retire when kanye outsells you too

  • lilman837

    I cant believe he is mad because this shitty ass track leaked to the internet. This shit sucks.

  • dc burner guy

    the lupe fiasco/atlantic playbook will not work sir. they fooled the ppl once with that scam already...it was genius though but hey

  • Thomas Curry Curré

    Fif should be forgiving Game, while saying God forgives everyone so he does forgive Game, and then maybe 50 is gonna be back...

  • Anonymous

    50 has just realized ppl don't wanna see him promote his album by beefing w/ other artists so he's now beefin w/ the label. smh. no wonder him and game don't like each other. they are just alike

  • rakim maan


  • C-Lo duut bai

    See, I liked 50, he put out a long track record of solid music. But, yoooo o! I aint feeling this Im on it track. Or this juvenile way of putting behind the scenes politics on blast. His tracks from the beginning of '11 were dope though. youtube.com/clodubai

  • LeftHook

    I don't really care about this, but why does he even need a record label? The amount of money he must have why not just start his own?

  • Anonymous

    anything to get attention 50 cent is a joke and so is his music


    man aint that good news

  • Anonymous

    50 is wack now anyway. Ain't done nothing really dope since his first album just like Ja Rule, and dude I think lady Gaga has sold a ton more records than 50. I wouldn't say her music is trash, dumbass.

  • Stone

    I have the fags that post their music on shit like this but if you want some real melodies and lyricism checkout "The Essence" mixtape by Nick Stone at www.soundlick.com/nickstone

  • Top Dog

    50 should go to Def Jam,he is right about Interscope, since 05 they let him slowly fall.Now they are interested to promote lady gaga trash

    • Thomas Curry Curré

      50 doesnt need a big label

    • Rodrick

      LMAO!!! 50 Cant go to Def Jam, just 2 weeks ago he insulted them and said they were $80 Million dollars in the hole. 50 has made to many enemies over the years, lol, he probably cant even go to Koch because he shitted on them back in the day

  • Anonymous

    watch 50 still make the albumn all this is for publicity and it's still gonna suck dick like all his other solo's fuck 50

  • Controverse

    I think the song is tight.

  • Anonymous

    That's right leak that shit. Interscope is really full of it. Still aint dropped Detox yet either.



  • Frasyzer

    hes only doin it to promote the album seeing as interscope wont makes him look like a fuckin crybaby but itll keep niggas interested

  • Arealus Pough

    His flow sound like Nicki Minaj's.....

  • SutterKane

    So, Interscopes about to lose 50 & Game huh?? Jimmy Iovine will probably have a party the day there are both off his label All they do is complain about shit and point fingers when things dont go there way, and there not even profitable anymore Say what you want about Eminem but when "Relapse" came out and Under-performed, he didnt point fingers and blame nobody, he accepted responsibility and fixed the problem himself.....These dudes on that self pity 'Its everyones fault but my own' shit

  • Je

    Fif talks a lot of bs, remember when he said he closed down World Star Hip-Hop?

  • Anonymous

    we dont need your new wack album with fake lyrics how you walking around in the hood selling coke and shooting with guns. grow up 50.

  • SutterKane

    Thats some Lame shit to do, 50's gonna leak Dre's shit because he's mad at Jimmy Iovine Wouldnt expect nothin less from this crybaby tho He cant accept the fact that his fanbase is about 10% of what it use to be so he looks around to place the blame on anyone else he can...... Its not Interscopes fault your new music gets negatve reviews everywhere and isnt generating any intrest or hype for your album, only you can fix that.

  • Anonymous

    what a dumbass! 50 you are a slave of interscope and cant leak shit!

  • Anonymous

    nah i think he still gna come with the album we need it even you haters want it

  • Brandon Pitts

    What a Bitch move if he does. I'm not gonna shit on my man just becasue a mutual friend isnt doing something I want them to do. I still like 50 but that's a BITCH MOVE

  • cole world

    if he does actually leak that dre track, i fukin hope eminem isnt onit, im sik of his new flow, he shoulda retired after his 3rd album

    • cole world

      i listen to fuk loads of music, defferent genres and rappers, j. cole, kendrick, dre, eminem (infinate to eminem show) WU TANG, ludacris, immortal technique, pharoahe monch, i love hiphop, but no1 can say that recovery was a hiphop album, it was just serious pop shit, relapse had good beats but that accent was weak as fuk

    • Anonymous

      Recovery gayest album?? Somebody hasn't heard Encore, I'm a huge Em fan but that was trash. And by his 3rd album are you including Infinite? Cause if you are then you're crazy.. Em show = near classic. Recovery and Relapse were decent albums aswell, and Hell the Sequel is a near classic. All you guys complained about Relapse so he completely switched up his delivery/flow and subject matter, then complained about Recovery so he made Hell the Sequel which had a slightly different flow and subject matter and was less mainstream, what more do you want?

    • J-Dawg918

      And who do you listen to cole world?

    • Anonymous

      Blah Blah Blah Done arguing with you

    • cole world

      lets be honest u sad fuk, theres a dre track, and the title of the track is psycho, then who do u think will be onit? i said hopefully he wont be on it as dre and eminem havnt made a decent track together for years, even the track on relapse was gash.... face it, your a bitch ass white boy who listens to eminems recovery on repeat, easily ems gayest album

    • Anonymous

      Me?? Your the one who see's a story about Dr Dre & 50 cent, and the first name out your mouth is Eminem...... SMH I'll repeat myself Shut the fuck up

    • cole world

      hahahaha get ur tongue out of eminems ass, bitch nigga

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up

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