CyHi Da Prynce Says Beyonce Told Kanye West To Sign Him To G.O.O.D. Music

One of 'Ye's latest signees says the deal was done after Bey encouraged him to get him on the label.

CyHi Da Prynce got one of his first big looks by sneaking a guest verse onto Kanye West’s “So Appalled,” an appearance that led ‘Ye to sign him to his G.O.O.D. Music label. But what most listeners don’t know is that after playing the cut for a group of people that included Beyonce, the songstress urged him to ink a deal with CyHi.

“He called me one day like, ‘Yo,’ cause I guess he was playing the music for everybody, like Beyonce or whatever, and I guess he left the song on too long and my verse came on and he was like, ‘Congratulations, you made the album,’” he told “I was like, ‘Ya!’ Beyonce told him to sign me. People don’t know that. Beyonce was like, ‘You need to sign him.’”

Watch the rest of the interview below, where he speaks on what inspired the “I’m on One” remix and where he sees himself a year from now.

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  • Dr. Lyrical Surgeon

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  • kd

    okay now this guy suck big time...why is kanye signing a bunch of no talents ppl to goodmusic...just recently he signed a guy straight from

    • Joseph Latham

      he is just tryna add ppl that can add to his music and not ppl that can have themselfs a good career



  • Anonymous

    all i need to do is know someone famous oooohhhhh its so obvious, see ive been focusin on practicing a talent i got it all wrong i'll tell you what kanye, let me in him cyhi battle and then you sign whoever wins, we can make it pay per view then when i win i will quit your label and make my own jbird bitch

  • da1

    Beyonce stale she been getting stale and dry ever since her 3rd album. I hope cyhi succeeds he has alot of talent. I would love to cop his record if he's going to be rapping on there like he raps on his mixtapes.

  • killa bee

    everything about this guy just shouts FLOP.

  • Anonymous

    thats sick I hope he rips it on his debut

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